Stranger Things' Gaten Matarazzo Goes Undercover on Reddit, YouTube and Twitter | GQ

  • Published on Jul 1, 2019
  • On this episode of "Actually Me," 'Stranger Things' star Gaten Matarazzo goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from Twitter, Reddit, Quora, RUclip and more. What happened to Barbara in Stranger Things? Does Gaten play an instrument?
    Watch season 3 of Stranger Things on Netflix on July 4.

    Check out Gaten's profiles here:
    Twitter: actuallygatenm1
    Instagram: actuallygatenmatarazzo
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    Stranger Things' Gaten Matarazzo Goes Undercover on Reddit, RUclip and Twitter | GQ
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Comments • 2 945

  • Cohen Carpenter
    Cohen Carpenter 2 hours ago

    Gates is SUCH A NERD

  • TastyCookie45
    TastyCookie45 5 hours ago

    The ET one, r/woooosh gaten

  • Tyler Tapia
    Tyler Tapia 9 hours ago

    Me:I’m on s3
    Dustin:NO Kids
    Me: I don’t care I already completed it lol

  • c1rcu1tn3rd
    c1rcu1tn3rd 21 hour ago

    Gaten is that friend we all want but don't deserve.

  • Tim3 L3SS
    Tim3 L3SS Day ago

    Dustin’s gonna die.....

    *Insert Crying Face Emoji*

  • jayJava GGdev
    jayJava GGdev Day ago

    random guy:Dustin is gonna die gaten:uhhhh yeah

  • jayJava GGdev
    jayJava GGdev Day ago

    this is how many times he said uh

  • Wanted Outlaw AM

    Please bring finn wolfhard

  • _pinkrxse _
    _pinkrxse _ Day ago +1

    wait, is el turning evil in season 4..................................?

  • Binger the Charmander.

    Dustin is gonna die... ok.. IM NOT OKAY.

  • AdaliaNL
    AdaliaNL 3 days ago

    i like how he ruined the joke :(

  • Gehn
    Gehn 3 days ago

    Good on you for saying "y'all".

  • sweetname
    sweetname 3 days ago

    I'm an idiot, but will gatens front teeth grow? Cuz I like his voice like this

  • Messy_jesse08
    Messy_jesse08 3 days ago

    Spoilers without context

  • scarlett eversole
    scarlett eversole 4 days ago

    Demogorgon be a gemini

  • Zachary Parrish
    Zachary Parrish 4 days ago +1

    Hopper is not dead because you don’t see his body in the end when the Portal closed and I think that he is in the upside down

  • Airasia001
    Airasia001 4 days ago

    Me and the boys watching stranger things 3 chapter 1 when we were kids:

    *s o m i k e a n d e l e v e n a r e l o v e n o w*

  • Pedront Teiron
    Pedront Teiron 5 days ago

    I have 10 years and love strangers things

  • Caitie Louise
    Caitie Louise 5 days ago

    why is Gaten so perfect?😍

  • Caitie Louise
    Caitie Louise 5 days ago

    I freaking love Gaten!❤️💞

  • Hamza
    Hamza 7 days ago

    I am not a big redditor, but I am pretty sure you can't reply to a 2 year old comment because the thread is archived...

  • Cameron Boyce
    Cameron Boyce 7 days ago

    Happy birthday Gaten Matarazzo

  • Jay Jay Langford
    Jay Jay Langford 8 days ago

    Where is that man teeth

  • Noah Rodrigues
    Noah Rodrigues 9 days ago

    What if I’m 10

  • diediediediedie
    diediediediedie 10 days ago

    4:38 r/woooosh

  • m
    m 10 days ago

    dusty bun?

  • Maya Helene
    Maya Helene 10 days ago

    Gaten: Hi
    My thoughts: *iM dUstiN*

  • barzin 1123
    barzin 1123 11 days ago

    Cutest hi ever

  • George Neg
    George Neg 11 days ago

    1:34 spoiler alert

  • Raghav Gaba
    Raghav Gaba 11 days ago

    Demogorgon, demo means 2 and gorgon means headed monster?

  • Dorothy Causier
    Dorothy Causier 12 days ago +1

    Gaten is my favourite on S T lovely young man in interviews down to earth love him xx

  • matteo carbini
    matteo carbini 12 days ago

    I, Gaten my guy, for the ET one, R/whoosh

  • Ruby Lofton
    Ruby Lofton 13 days ago

    i am 9 and i watched the whole show!!i hope there is season 4

  • Fvtbol Magic
    Fvtbol Magic 14 days ago

    Uglyass mf

  • TheDragonMaster
    TheDragonMaster 14 days ago

    Wait u live in New Jersey

  • Zehra Atila
    Zehra Atila 14 days ago


  • Paluczak Vlogs
    Paluczak Vlogs 16 days ago

    2:14 heh.. I’m just gonna pretend the 0 in my age is a 5

  • ricky games
    ricky games 16 days ago

    “goes undercover”
    *names himself Gaten Matarazzo*

  • 231231 131231
    231231 131231 16 days ago

    4:37 you didn’t get the joke 😂

  • Mollie Wilson123
    Mollie Wilson123 17 days ago


  • DevWolf59
    DevWolf59 18 days ago

    4:40 oh Gaten noo, thats a jokeee. i dont wanna r/woooosh you but... no

  • R.e.O- sPeEdWaGoN
    R.e.O- sPeEdWaGoN 18 days ago +1

    Above Steve, Hopper and Robbin- Dustin has been my favorite character for quite a while.
    Even before Steve was a likable person and before Robbin was introduced Gaten has definitely completed this show for me.
    Stranger things wouldn’t be the same without good ol’ Dustin

  • Val Rein
    Val Rein 18 days ago

    I watched Stanger things

  • Ava Reiherzer
    Ava Reiherzer 18 days ago

    Can't get the song out of my head

  • Ava Reiherzer
    Ava Reiherzer 18 days ago

    My fave parts of the character Dustin is when he says "grrrrrr" and Steve says"yeah don't do that okay?" And the part where he sings

  • Jada Gammon
    Jada Gammon 18 days ago

    ok but he goes to school in nj , I LIVE IN NJ

  • Marissa Crafty Unicorn

    Guys I did not make this but
    *who else is watching stranger things videos because they are done with it?*

  • Anaya Adam
    Anaya Adam 19 days ago

    Dusty bun makes the show complete.

  • alex beasley
    alex beasley 19 days ago

    MOoOoOoOoOom I don't say that I'm cool now

  • Hannah Who?
    Hannah Who? 19 days ago

    i want to adopt him

  • I don't Know
    I don't Know 19 days ago

    These some kissing 😳

  • MustSleep
    MustSleep 19 days ago

    Suzie poo

  • ginger the HUGE teen wolf fan

    Can you do a video on the stranger things cast teaching us on Greek mythology pls

  • bro whyy?
    bro whyy? 19 days ago +1

    omg the part when he said "IT'S FACE OPENED UP AND ATE MY CAT!" I died and I forgot about it until I watched this video😂😂💀

  • Kirbeggs
    Kirbeggs 20 days ago +2

    gaten got r/wooooshed in that last question

  • Gio's fun Adventure
    Gio's fun Adventure 20 days ago

    I soo happy you were born in New Jersey cuz I was born here too

  • Layan Mohamed
    Layan Mohamed 20 days ago

    I'm 11 and I've watched all 3 seasons

  • Tofia Tavui
    Tofia Tavui 20 days ago

    am i the only one that thought that the typing was satisfying😂😂🤣🤣

  • Maria Tripodi
    Maria Tripodi 20 days ago


  • Minecraft Kiddo
    Minecraft Kiddo 20 days ago

    At least he doesnt go on tiktok