Nike - "Fastest Ever"

  • Published on Sep 15, 2018
  • Don't just be the fastest marathon runner in the world. Be the fastest in history. #justdoit
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  • David Whyman
    David Whyman Month ago +1

    probably not the best thing to have printed on a road lol

    • ItsFlanaman
      ItsFlanaman 7 days ago

      Drivers trying to read the ground like, "Honey, I, I can't see what it says, I thin-"

  • Samuel Velasco
    Samuel Velasco Month ago

    Saben, como se llama la canción de fondo?

  • Paul Rogers
    Paul Rogers Month ago

    look at me, I am the captain now!

  • Donut Lover
    Donut Lover Month ago

    You’re asking too much from me

  • gustavo garcia
    gustavo garcia Month ago


  • Lucas Corea
    Lucas Corea 2 months ago


  • Mike Malone
    Mike Malone 2 months ago +1

    I am kneeling in Boycott of Racist Company Nike! Superbowl used to be a great event until the players tried making racist political statements using their jobs. And NFL let them so, no I don't watch any more NFL anything, boycott the advertisers where I can, and after the horrible, anti-law enforcement halftime show by Beyonce', I don't follow or purchase anything from the performers on the Halftime shows. All the racist in America can follow them if they want to, but I refuse to! This last elections, Texas voted that no tax dollars can be used to build professional sports facilities, so from now on NFL will have to pay for their own facilities used for their racial demonstrations. And when Nike signed on Collin K as their "ideal" they lost me forever!

  • Edge
    Edge 2 months ago +1

    Made in slave sweat shops by kids and used by slaves

  • Kris Romillo
    Kris Romillo 3 months ago

    Awesome ! ! !

  • Beatrice Julius
    Beatrice Julius 3 months ago


  • Anthony Miller
    Anthony Miller 3 months ago +1

    Kenya Baby ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

    JOKA JOK 3 months ago

    Eliud Kipchoge flying our country's flag high.

  • Diallodjibril Diallo
    Diallodjibril Diallo 4 months ago

    bonne chance à vous

  • Relatable Gamer
    Relatable Gamer 4 months ago +6

    running has got to be the loneliest/hardest sport to practice

  • elevate 103
    elevate 103 4 months ago

    Check it out niketown video ig @fxw441

  • Steve Fleck
    Steve Fleck 4 months ago

    While Nike is now a massive sporting goods behemoth and one of the most recognizable brands in the world, it's important to remember, they started off as runners, making running shoes for runners. That was their original passion. That's why they have over there years, some of their most powerful marketing, and some of their simplest, has been about and for running! This is another winner!

  • Leon Larregui
    Leon Larregui 4 months ago

    Traducción please ?

  • Cody Cherrington
    Cody Cherrington 5 months ago +1

    This might be my favorite video on the internet

  • george roberts
    george roberts 5 months ago

    No pre is fastest ever

  • ใหม่ ใหม่

  • Allen Newbauer
    Allen Newbauer 6 months ago

    Love this !!!!

  • PT-79
    PT-79 6 months ago +2

    best runner of the world

  • Nevermore
    Nevermore 6 months ago

    Kaepernick looks like Osama bin Laden.
    I don't think Nike thought this through. Michael Jordon was a good choice because he was a handsome, trustworthy guy... he was the father every young fatherless black kid wishes he had. But I don't think they see that in Kaepernick, I think on a subconscious level, he reminds everyone of Osama bin Laden... making us not trust Nike by association.

    • saurabh dargula
      saurabh dargula 2 months ago

      This is a farther reach than Odell's famous catch against the cowboys.

  • lwm xeem lauj
    lwm xeem lauj 6 months ago


  • First Pint Refreshment
    First Pint Refreshment 6 months ago


  • jaro 3
    jaro 3 6 months ago

    Adidas lepszy

  • Stronkor
    Stronkor 6 months ago

    Hello friend, I'm here because I wanted to tell you that I want a sponsor as I can find a sponsor of my RUclip videos. Is this channel, please.

  • Race car dude Aidan
    Race car dude Aidan 6 months ago

    never wearing Nike ever again ill wear under armor Collin Kaepernick is awfull

  • Akram The Great
    Akram The Great 7 months ago

    fuckin love this guy. Eliud the legend.

  • Erick Rodrigues
    Erick Rodrigues 7 months ago

    🚨*VÍDEO NOVO*🚨
    📽️*LINK DO VÍDEO*: 🎬

  • UniversalChat Chat
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  • Dillon Britt
    Dillon Britt 7 months ago +2

    I don't know who did the music in this but I would like the request a full version. It's heavenly.

  • Benjamin Luta
    Benjamin Luta 7 months ago +1

    Super inspiring... crazy until you do it 😊

  • playWZRD
    playWZRD 7 months ago

    Kaepernick ad was a fail. But this is great.

  • My name is Del See Oh
    My name is Del See Oh 7 months ago +4

    Trigger warning to American conservatives: There's a black in the video... Don't burn your shoes.

  • Ramon Notz
    Ramon Notz 7 months ago

    Please a video about Nyjah Huston

  • Dillon Britt
    Dillon Britt 7 months ago +3

    Everyone talking about the political stuff. I'm here not for a brand, but for what may be the world's greatest ever marathon runner, and thankful for how lucky I am to experience his records in my lifetime.

  • Cate Mb
    Cate Mb 7 months ago

    Nike you should do a volleyball based commercial!!

  • AndrewFerrer3d
    AndrewFerrer3d 7 months ago

    Nike actually makes inspiring commercials. I appreciate them. I think this is how it should be, if you're looking to be world renowned, do it to inspire others.

  • Midnight Mermaid
    Midnight Mermaid 7 months ago


  • George Kimutai
    George Kimutai 7 months ago +1

    I hope you are paying Eliud millions

  • Penis Rodman
    Penis Rodman 7 months ago

    Tbh Outside the USA nobody don't give a fuck about knee thing issue like USA thought cause american sports is doesn't exist around the world

  • Hell Yes Inc.
    Hell Yes Inc. 7 months ago +21

    Americans This is not american Brand. This is A Global Brand

    • Hell Yes Inc.
      Hell Yes Inc. 6 months ago

      +Nevermore that thing is even the american not buy nike
      Nike will sirvive the rest of the world can buy but the way adidas pay to fidel is Fact.

    • Nevermore
      Nevermore 6 months ago

      Hell Yes Inc.
      Nike is endorsing a Fidel Castro sympathizer, Kaepernick.
      Adidas isn't endorsing any Fidel Castro sympathizers than I'm aware of. Nor did they ever support Fidel Castro. Just because Castro himself liked Adidas doesn't mean they ever supported Castro's mass murder of 144,000 people.
      Just saying, Nike clearly didn't do a thorough background check on Kaepernick.

    • Hell Yes Inc.
      Hell Yes Inc. 6 months ago

      +Nevermore you say this brand ensorse fidel castro and you was wrong is adidas

    • Nevermore
      Nevermore 6 months ago

      +Hell Yes Inc.
      So what?

    • Hell Yes Inc.
      Hell Yes Inc. 6 months ago

      +Nevermore fidel castro always wear adidas

  • zim zum
    zim zum 7 months ago +2

    Fastest ever, fastest what? Decline in sales?

  • James Jenia
    James Jenia 7 months ago +1

    When did Nike decide to only sell their crapy shoes to stupid people?
    ANSWER; WHEN WHITE people became Too SMART to buy the crap.

  • da grizzla
    da grizzla 7 months ago +6

    I'll be honest. It surprises me that Eliud Kipchoge isn't more known that Kaepernick. He truly did suffer in his early years yet was moulded in a positive way. His insight on life and his philosophical take on it falls on deaf ears. This man has my utmost respect.

  • George Blisson
    George Blisson 7 months ago +2


  • Joel Castro
    Joel Castro 7 months ago +8

    I love nike and i always will, and just because i dont agree with the kap thing doesnt mean im gonna stop buying nike, but nike has to think this over, kap is a washed up has been who has done nothing to help minorities and has made no sacrifices in his life

    • Joel Castro
      Joel Castro 7 months ago

      +J M Well im a democrat and didnt vote for trump, what im trying to show is that kaepernick is entirely unworthy of his nike contract, and you seem very un educated if youre trying to attack me on that

    • Joel Castro
      Joel Castro 7 months ago

      +Puma722 try harder next time kap is jobless because he didnt want to play for less money in denver

    • Joel Castro
      Joel Castro 7 months ago

      +Puma722 How about you do your reasearch m8, that article you put is about donating suits wow, and thats not kaps charity also about trump donating to charity
      And second of all kap lost his "job" because he was a mediocre qb who was find out fast, and also turned down a multi million dollar contract with the broncos over wage

    • Puma722
      Puma722 7 months ago

      Have you been hiding under a rock? Kap has done more for minorities than this current sitting president. No sacrifices in his life? He lost his career because of what he is standing up for.
      Do some research friend...

  • Jimbo Slice
    Jimbo Slice 7 months ago +1

    Sorry nike you done fucked up lol

  • Mehedi Islam
    Mehedi Islam 7 months ago

    Slightly disappointing considering the recent campaigns has been great.

  • billucf96
    billucf96 7 months ago +1

    CK started kneeling when he got benched. Only then did he make up the BS reason to support people shot by cops. If he admitted to kneeling because he was benched, then he would have lost his game checks each week. This whole situation is BS and Nike bought into it.

    • saurabh dargula
      saurabh dargula 2 months ago

      Why can't CK do that? Why can't he show his support for the people that have been hurt or killed by the cops? Why can't athletes share their opinion? Why can politicians share their opinions and not athletes? Especially since the line between politician and citizen is as blurred as ever with people like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald Trump entering into public office. Why can some public figures share their opinion and not others?

    • Anita Sutar
      Anita Sutar 7 months ago

      I am

  • Mounish Ramachandran
    Mounish Ramachandran 7 months ago

    The fastest I know, as the world knows, wears puma. Is this a joke?

  • Izaiah Truss
    Izaiah Truss 7 months ago

  • Izaiah Truss
    Izaiah Truss 7 months ago

  • Paul Charles
    Paul Charles 7 months ago

    Eluid Kipchoge broke the world record last weekend!!

  • thesybril
    thesybril 7 months ago +1

    Eliud Kipchoge representing Team Kenya! It's only crazy until you do it!!! Next we are #breaking2 for real! Go dreamers go! JUST DO IT!

  • Fredrik Davidsson
    Fredrik Davidsson 7 months ago +2

    Eliud Kipchoge, you smashed the world record! Excellent and inspiring.

  • Andrew Nyström
    Andrew Nyström 7 months ago

    I like ads with no words.

  • AltR Sang
    AltR Sang 7 months ago


  • Justin Susan
    Justin Susan 7 months ago

    Anyone know the song being used??? Thank you

  • Luke Knudsen
    Luke Knudsen 7 months ago


  • Midnight Mermaid
    Midnight Mermaid 7 months ago +2


  • Gamer Guy
    Gamer Guy 7 months ago

    Until we are the Best Ever

  • 唐小开Bill
    唐小开Bill 7 months ago

    Just did it.
    Now... Just do it, again.

  • fraum fraum
    fraum fraum 7 months ago

    OK Nike I like the new add but your gay and bye...OK bye your gay and I'm not add... fuk you I'm an athelete fuk you I'm not terrez...fuk

  • fraum fraum
    fraum fraum 7 months ago

    OK. faster than me? Then your are skinny and a slender man beast bastard

  • antoine lequevre
    antoine lequevre 7 months ago +6

    Music please?

  • Peturf
    Peturf 7 months ago +1

    And then he did it...

  • George Leontiev
    George Leontiev 7 months ago

    He did it!

  • Enrique Cruz
    Enrique Cruz 7 months ago +1

    Eluid Kipchoge 2h01'39'' WR Congratulations

  • thehornetnest
    thehornetnest 7 months ago

    So is this dude faster than usain bolt

    • Reggi W.
      Reggi W. 7 months ago

      Comparing apples to roses. Usain is superhuman fast at short distances. He would not be able to maintain his top speed over 26.2.miles. Kipchoge is superhuman fast at loooong distances. His fastest clocked mile time is 3:50 (at last check). Put in perspective: he can run 4x around the track in under 4 minutes!! That is hella fast!

  • itweety21
    itweety21 7 months ago

    Great record breaking sale the machine can't be stop. Tremendous numbers

  • mzee wakaya
    mzee wakaya 7 months ago

    Did it 🇰🇪

  • skang
    skang 7 months ago +5

    music ?

  • theex7
    theex7 7 months ago

    He did it

  • Don Givani
    Don Givani 7 months ago +58

    He Did It !!!!!!! Congratulations Kipchoge!! 2:01:40 , new official World Record !!!

    • Don Givani
      Don Givani 7 months ago +1

      Thanks Reggi, you're right!!!

    • Reggi W.
      Reggi W. 7 months ago +4

      Official time was actual 2:01:39!!

  • Jamie Pang
    Jamie Pang 7 months ago +2

    2:01.39. All hail the new king!

  • Scott Watanuki
    Scott Watanuki 7 months ago +1

    #World Record
    Congratulations Eliud!
    Hard work really does pay off.

  • Scott Watanuki
    Scott Watanuki 7 months ago +1

    #Eliud Kipchoge
    #Nike Vaporfly 4% Flyknit

  • Oka Mohammad
    Oka Mohammad 7 months ago

    Nike is on fire

  • Ариан Назаров
    Ариан Назаров 7 months ago +1


  • Fadillah Ramadhan
    Fadillah Ramadhan 7 months ago +1

    you fire my spirit

  • Alexander Baca
    Alexander Baca 7 months ago +1

    Love u man❤️ get out there and wreak some frickin havoc

  • Jazz1587
    Jazz1587 7 months ago


  • James Jenia
    James Jenia 7 months ago +4

    "Fastest Destruction of a Brand in modern History"! Ha Ha Ha NIKE Just did it! Ha Ha Ha

  • Wood By Wright
    Wood By Wright 7 months ago

    total skin orgasm! so cool!

  • Christian Prieto
    Christian Prieto 7 months ago


  • Ruben Da Rocha
    Ruben Da Rocha 7 months ago +1

    Love this man

  • Dimitris Ionas
    Dimitris Ionas 7 months ago +70

    I stand with Nike, and kneel with Kaepernick.

    • Andrew Tse
      Andrew Tse 7 months ago

      Kaepernick, yes..

    • George Blisson
      George Blisson 7 months ago

      Still black boy, call a spade what it is.

    • Clickz
      Clickz 7 months ago

      +NPC 123457898 Let me guess a white kid playing too much fortnite and watching too much memes? Judging by your profile picture

    • Clickz
      Clickz 7 months ago

      +George Blisson Why do you have the need to say black. He is even light skinned.

    • Jessica Moore
      Jessica Moore 7 months ago

      it's cawk meat sandwhich time.....get on your kneees and say AWWWWW

  • Suleiman Solz
    Suleiman Solz 7 months ago

    The fucking GOAT

  • Marie Richmond
    Marie Richmond 7 months ago


  • Hanson Ma
    Hanson Ma 7 months ago


  • fraum fraum
    fraum fraum 7 months ago

    do you know what I mean. killie are sponsored by Nike. ...what do I got to go by....I love indi cowie...I'm mad I hate you?

  • Mario De Rossi
    Mario De Rossi 7 months ago +1

    Kipchoge runs about a 4:35 a mile for a marathon... let that sink in

  • fraum fraum
    fraum fraum 7 months ago

    ddnt watch the video. ..still weighting you and how killie lost today...I'm mad...all day long but I feel that was a pay off...maybe I'm wrong even madder

  • iStolethisVideojustforYou
    iStolethisVideojustforYou 7 months ago +49

    "Believe in something even it means sacrificing everything "
    -Adolf Hitler -1939

    • An IlU-Yahweh
      An IlU-Yahweh 6 months ago

      Adolf had a great nation of people behind him. Just by looking at their inventions you can see their power.

    • DAX Miner
      DAX Miner 7 months ago +1

      Jee hu Yeah, I’m Colombian and I understand what you mean by Venezuela, it went to shit pretty quickly, a good evidence of the failure of a strongly socialist country.

    • DAX Miner
      DAX Miner 7 months ago +1

      He sacrificed his image, his country and his life.
      I don’t agree with anything he did (some of the things he believed in did make lots of sense) however you can’t believe he didn’t make sacrifices, he was an exceptional leader, even if he was a monster, you can’t pretend he wasn’t a genius in a sense.

    • NPC 123457898
      NPC 123457898 7 months ago +4

      Nike = Nazi 🇩🇪

    • Kahlil The Clown Hayles
      Kahlil The Clown Hayles 7 months ago +5

      Dilaisy Rodriguez Himself, not to mention around sixty million Jews.

  • Paul Charles
    Paul Charles 7 months ago +1

    Nike school!!

  • Jose Osal
    Jose Osal 7 months ago

    Man, this type of advices makes me want to destroy the world beacuse it only crazy until i do it