Bill Maher: Trump is winning. I'm sick of winning

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • Bill Maher, the host of HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher," tells CNN's Chris Cuomo that he is ready for President Donald Trump to face impeachment. #CNN #News

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  • KNUX 96
    KNUX 96 Day ago

    Everyone who’s a Trump supporter and buys every shit he says is a fucking moron..And that’s everyone.

  • OOTurok
    OOTurok 7 days ago

    News flash CNN... windmills are dependent on the wind in order to function. That's why they are called ... WINDmills.

  • Cindy Rogers
    Cindy Rogers 9 days ago


  • Alveen Casimiro
    Alveen Casimiro 10 days ago

    Ok, u may hate trump, but look at what he'a done so far. A lot of people are benefitting. Democrats hasn't even lowered meds yet, but they call trump lazy. Stop the politics and serve the people. From a neutral voter who votes based on policy and not by party. With what democrats have done lately, i am now sure to vote for trump 2020.

  • Devin L
    Devin L 10 days ago

    Benghazi was a nothing burger. Tell that to the families of the people who were murdered. Unbelievable. Hilary Clinton is a horrible person. That's why she lost

  • Jake Capko
    Jake Capko 10 days ago

    Trump sides with countries that aren’t his own?? Ask that to China, Mexico, Iran, and North Korea.. you’re all loony Maher.

  • Worldwide Manifestations For Everyone

    FUCK YOU 2 !

  • Daniel James Eyewear
    Daniel James Eyewear 12 days ago

    Bill Maher. Sick of winning. Complains about everything. Does nothing.

  • Frank Castellano
    Frank Castellano 13 days ago

    These two idiots actually believe than own bullshit. Little wonder the leftiists keep losing. TRUMP IN 2020.

  • mike becker
    mike becker 13 days ago

    Why cant cnn talk about the economy. Isn't there 4 million job openings. Trump 2020.

  • Peter Ruffu
    Peter Ruffu 13 days ago

    The wind , ACTUALLY, does not blow all the time. And the one witness , under oath, exonerated Trump.(Sondland). Both Presidents, Trump and Zelensky, said no quid pro-quo, repeatedly. The funding was delivered, no investigation was announced or done. The crime is non existent.

  • JOB1925
    JOB1925 14 days ago

    He's a complete buffoon!!!

  • Jeff Ambrosia
    Jeff Ambrosia 15 days ago

    Zucker,talk about how you have to pay two hundred and fifty million for lying about a kid

  • Michael Tarnell
    Michael Tarnell 15 days ago

    Are you kidding me Cuomo. In regards to bengasi. People got killed an that was bad. That's what you say!!?? Are you kidding me. Tell the families that. That was a disgrace under Clinton. Wake up!!!

  • Elvin Santiago
    Elvin Santiago 16 days ago

    BIll your are another blind ,but what I like is that you are a lot more honest than most of the liberals.

  • Christopher Langton
    Christopher Langton 19 days ago

    10:30 Mahr admitting that Biden is going to be a good boy and that trump is a bad boy. Also
    Most Hollywood Suicides Are Murders

  • Christopher Langton
    Christopher Langton 19 days ago


  • Christopher Langton
    Christopher Langton 19 days ago

    9:12 Who cares if you frequently do weird stuff on camera with women and children as a U.S. Senator? Who Cares!

  • Christopher Langton
    Christopher Langton 19 days ago

    8:49 What Existential state Mahr? Are you into pizza or pasta?

  • Christopher Langton
    Christopher Langton 19 days ago

    7:30 Getting scared that he called out your objective Fredo?

  • Gus McCrae
    Gus McCrae 22 days ago

    Trump is outstanding. The economy is great for anyone willing to work. MAGA

  • Ryan Stanley
    Ryan Stanley 24 days ago

    Tax cuts are for everyone. Including the rich and poor alike. Why do people always say "tax cut for the rich" as if the rich are the only people who participate in the economy?

  • Michael Burke
    Michael Burke 24 days ago

    Of course the republicans were being political towards Clinton. No doubt there. But truth is she messed up big time and people died. Clinton was and still is a hack. She will never be as good as her husband. Period end of story. Trump2020!!!!

  • Aaron
    Aaron 25 days ago +1

    3:40 Allowing people to keep more of what they earn is now 'giving' people money, as if the government has ownership off all our productivity.

  • mcheartw
    mcheartw 26 days ago +1

    Maher: let me correct you. The Dems are the cult not republican. I like winning and you are losing. I am not rich but I am winning!

  • victoria383
    victoria383 29 days ago

    Shut up Fredo

  • judy williams
    judy williams 29 days ago

    Came here to give CNN a chance and not just listen to one side. REALLY disappointed... I'm not rich and I got a tax brake that really helped me. I have friends that now have jobs. Some are entry level jobs... that's bad? At least they have an income and a start they didn't have before. I'm going to check some more but this seems to confirm what people have been saying about CNN. Didn't look good at all.

  • real really
    real really Month ago +1

    Smarten up bill....ur an idiot

  • bhauger1
    bhauger1 Month ago +2

    Sorry, that's hardly a nothing burger.

  • Jared Adams
    Jared Adams Month ago +1

    Bill and Cuomo are liars and apart of the elite pedo ring

  • Denise Fraser
    Denise Fraser Month ago

    Thank God Bill Maher is giving us all the answers to our problems FOR FREE!

  • J T
    J T Month ago +2

    CNN is bias bs and bizarre, Trump 2020. America needed him to take control & maga.

  • Brian Neal
    Brian Neal Month ago +4

    I was a Democrat . But not anymore. I'll vote republican from now on . Dems have went completely crazy. Trump 2020!!!!!!

  • Dave Johnson
    Dave Johnson Month ago +1

    Two ass holes that dont know shit

  • Arthur Heidt
    Arthur Heidt Month ago

    i could easily answer this questions but cnn and the democrats can't hear it, its the hard reality of socioeconomics and life

  • James Pierce
    James Pierce Month ago +1

    Trump 2020!!

  • Jon Myers
    Jon Myers Month ago

    Godless fool

  • Jimbo B.
    Jimbo B. Month ago

    Gawd that boy is a mouth without a clue. He just spouts crap out of his mouth with opinion only and no real facts behind it. Only half truths about crap that has nothing to do with Presidency. Sheesh.

  • Ken G
    Ken G Month ago

    drop dead maherrrr

  • John Casey
    John Casey Month ago +1

    Yea Trump thinks he is being spied on... oh turns out it was true. Trump thinks the Mueller report was a witch hunt... turns out that was true too. Trump thinks the FISA process was abused to target him... turns out that was true too. Who wants to bet in a couple years we are going to find concrete proof the impeachment process was abused to get Trump out for political reasons... not any crime.

  • John Casey
    John Casey Month ago

    You won't align to Liberal beliefs of what the facts are, therefore we can't even agree on a set of facts.

  • Kyle Larson
    Kyle Larson Month ago

    Man I expected to see a bunch of trump bashing.i think Trump's fantastic.remember the issues? ISIS?gone
    The wars..China was set to take our more.then we got these idiots...climate change a shit
    Internal combustion engines a thing of the past in 100 years the problem will be the way I got 15 pct more back last not rich

  • Nicolas La Torre
    Nicolas La Torre Month ago +1

    Egocentric hypocrite. He's lost his compass.

  • piczo cards
    piczo cards Month ago

    I always thought that bill Maher is clever
    , sorry , he just one more comedian,nothing MORE . Rubbish, RUBBISH......

    • C O
      C O Month ago

      Bill Maher is full of himself, clever? NO.

  • wiez757
    wiez757 Month ago

    This is the new dumb and dumber.

  • Gus McCrae
    Gus McCrae Month ago

    One of the best reasons to vote for Trump is to upset these naive people.

  • Nickleonard Juma
    Nickleonard Juma Month ago

    Dems couldn't create even the low paying jobs they now claim that Trump has created, fake news

  • Jerry Joseph
    Jerry Joseph Month ago

    Frodo & and this food who says there's no God, why don't both of you go take a walk in the park holding each other's hands.

  • Daniel Robitaille
    Daniel Robitaille Month ago

    The worst is maher believe what he is saying ......that condescendant twitt definitaly think he is on a higher ground

  • Jedi Greg
    Jedi Greg Month ago

    Maher believes what he believes but I respect him for it even thought I disagree with almost every position he has. He also admits when he was wayyyyy wrong. IE when he had Coulter on and she predicted Trump winning 2016 and they all mocked her for it.

  • Stac Master
    Stac Master Month ago

    Is this idiot actually saying Obama was
    treated harshly by the media. Are you kidding me

  • Xalgucennia
    Xalgucennia Month ago +1

    This is where a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and Bill shows his smug ignorance.
    Wind power DOES only work when the wind blows, especially since storage capacity is limited.
    Right now it isn't a problem because the wind power is only a tiny percent of energy generation and coal plants can vary it's output to compensate for the variable output, but if all of it is wind power, then yes, there will be power shortages when the wind doesn't blow

  • Joe Zyzyx
    Joe Zyzyx Month ago

    Bill Maher needs to go back and remember just how much extra debt Obama put on this country. He alone doubled the debt of all former presidents since Washington in America. He even gave a billion or more to an enemy, Iran. Bill can only see out of his Left Eye.

  • bugged all over
    bugged all over Month ago

    Bill Maher is disowning Israel's safety,,,, his nationalities country...

  • Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat

    Trump 2020🇺🇸 no Fredos full of emotion

  • Brent Shehorn
    Brent Shehorn Month ago

    Bill Maher you are such a low life My hemorrhoid has more humor than you

  • Jack Braddell
    Jack Braddell Month ago

    CNN isn't credible news. It's a corporation with their own agenda.

  • MyXxx77
    MyXxx77 Month ago

    Trump is winning and America is winning behind Trump. Dems can't stand it. Losers by nature I guess. As the saying goes, "I haven't seen Democrats this angry since we took their slaves away." So true!

  • John Woodgate
    John Woodgate Month ago

    Trump didnt trust the deep state advice for foreign policy because their policies fail.

  • John Woodgate
    John Woodgate Month ago

    Trump is right about Wind power. No wind no power. Wind turbines operate between 6 mph and max speed of 55 mph. Turbine shuts down winds above 55 mph.