Experience Seattle

  • Whether you're hiking to alpine lakes, sailing amongst whales, flying high above the cityscape, or simply taking a trip to the picturesque Pike Place Market, this city is sure to amaze. Experience Seattle's iconic destinations on a journey that spans from the the Cascades to the Sound, and everything in between.
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    Music: A Moment Apart by Odesza

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  • Lilly Kurtz
    Lilly Kurtz 8 hours ago

    Love this! Seattle is my hometown and you captured it so beautifully!

  • Cat the Catherine
    Cat the Catherine 17 days ago

    You even got the elephant car wash sign. :') I remember my dad always pointing it out whenever I went to go stay at his house in Seattle (he passed in 2013). Thank you for this amazing and lovely video!

    • Morgan Stilp
      Morgan Stilp  2 days ago

      Yea that car wash is pretty historic! I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m glad I was able to bring back some memories! Thank you!

  • 킴지금TV - 김주임의 은밀한 사생활

    It’s super outstanding video!

  • Wesley Davies
    Wesley Davies Month ago

    Visited for 10 days and was smitten!

  • MarkyBoy TV
    MarkyBoy TV Month ago

    Great video! You now have me as a sub! Keep producing!

  • n8sartain drones
    n8sartain drones 2 months ago

    Wow man! that was awesome.

  • Deandra Aviles
    Deandra Aviles 2 months ago +4

    I want to live the rest of my life in Seattle and die there. It’s so beautiful, I can’t wait to live there.

  • Christopher O’Rourke
    Christopher O’Rourke 2 months ago

    I just seen your great video of the city of Seattle, great video of Seattle & the Puget Sound are? I spen December 20 to December 28,2019 in Bremerton, WA with my niece, nephew in law, grand niece, seen my grandson for the first time in over 15 years. My youngest son works in downtown Seattle, he rides the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle, then walks a few blocks. I enjoyed my stay there. I’m very anxious to move there to Bremerton and be there by the beginning of June.

  • Shadow Zaron
    Shadow Zaron 2 months ago +2

    I'm 45 minutes south and I couldn't be happier being in this area. Thank you showing the beauty of this region

  • Leo Alex
    Leo Alex 2 months ago

    I rarely comment, but your work is spectacular! Keep it up.

  • Ozakii hudson
    Ozakii hudson 2 months ago +6

    i am from montréaI i went to seattle this summer to visit kurt cobain memorials and i still cant believe how beautiful this city is. The people i met in Seattle the bus drivers, the cops, the civilians were incredibly kind and helpfull to me. The food was great and i cant wait to come back to this beautiful city and beautiful community

  • Dean West
    Dean West 2 months ago

    amazing filming and editing, you can really see the creativity in your shots, inspired to shoot more travel movies.

  • Ben Foshager
    Ben Foshager 3 months ago

    Nice job.

  • Peace and Equality
    Peace and Equality 3 months ago

    This was amazing! I can't wait to visit!

  • mizofan
    mizofan 3 months ago +1

    Lovely :) Go, Seahawks, from Wales, UK.

  • wafflesnfalafel1
    wafflesnfalafel1 3 months ago

    It is even better in person...

  • nuttymilk haha
    nuttymilk haha 4 months ago +7

    I'm moving out there one day to Seattle first then somewhere else in the state like maybe Mercer Island

  • Daniel Kim
    Daniel Kim 4 months ago

    Good job!!! Love your cuts and orientation!

  • Lea Aphrodite
    Lea Aphrodite 4 months ago

    Top-notch editing. This is so much better than any commercial tourism ads I've ever seen!

  • brownthunder
    brownthunder 5 months ago


  • Joaquin Flores
    Joaquin Flores 6 months ago

    Anyone know what the name of that waterfall is?

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson 6 months ago

    I started a Making Friends in Seattle! group on Facebook, and am planning to organize some meetups. Would be great to hangout with others on here!

  • Enrique Sotomayor
    Enrique Sotomayor 6 months ago

    I wish I could hire you to travel with me and make montage / travel summary films

  • Anton Babadjanov
    Anton Babadjanov 6 months ago

    Hey, this is the most awesome Seattle-themed video I have seen so far. Any chance you can upload it in the original 21:9 format? I have a 21:9 display (5120x2160) but I get black bars on all sides in full screen mode as it seems this was uploaded in 16:9. It seems RUclip does support 21:9 based on this trailer: ruclip.com/video/Ns-NO9_Nj3k/video.html but if not, then Vimeo definitely supports 21:9 video. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Ali Jafar
    Ali Jafar 6 months ago

    Seattle is a breathtaking for adventures around the corner

  • Alex Mercer the [PROTOTYPE]

    inFAMOUS Second Son made me interested in visiting Seattle, Washington one day

  • Ruben Martinez
    Ruben Martinez 6 months ago

    I will love this place for ever!!!!!

  • Jedi lykos
    Jedi lykos 7 months ago

    The song to the video is awesome. The song starlight by Jai wolf on another Seattle video made me fall in love with Seattle even more

  • Zack Gonzalez
    Zack Gonzalez 8 months ago

    Hey! Amazing work! May I use your video as a background for my website?

  • Raymond Woo
    Raymond Woo 8 months ago +1

    Beautiful video! It is more than a video, it is a lovely art piece! The music is cool also!

  • Luiza Cavalcanti
    Luiza Cavalcanti 9 months ago

    Amazing video! 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Kevin Bui
    Kevin Bui 9 months ago +1

    amazing job man! what locations were used for shots 1:45 and 2:06?

    • Morgan Stilp
      Morgan Stilp  9 months ago

      Kevin Bui haha no problem Puget* Sound

    • Kevin Bui
      Kevin Bui 9 months ago

      @Morgan Stilp thank you! what do you mean on the sound? lol

    • Morgan Stilp
      Morgan Stilp  9 months ago

      Kevin Bui thanks mate! 1:45 is on the sound and 2:06 is snoqualmie falls

  • Seattle Dreams
    Seattle Dreams 11 months ago

    I feel the same about the eastcoast/Florida. I miss the west. 😪

  • MrMrnebula88
    MrMrnebula88 11 months ago +8

    I need to go back home. New York/New Jersey is not for me. 😭

  • Roham Akashe
    Roham Akashe Year ago

    The best clip I've ever seen. that was perfect. good luck.

  • Scott Horning
    Scott Horning Year ago

    Great video!

  • bns pavan
    bns pavan Year ago

    Seattle is love 😍♥️ can't describe in words and your videography Is amazing .....

  • Jedi lykos
    Jedi lykos Year ago

    I really want to move to Seattle. You make me wanna move even more

    • Jedi lykos
      Jedi lykos Year ago

      It can't all be that bad

    • Jen Jen
      Jen Jen Year ago

      Jedi Knight lykos don’t I’m born and raised it’s overcrowded expensive and overrated

  • AndrpwFilms
    AndrpwFilms Year ago

    cliche. cliche. cliche. make something new.

  • Eleven Studio
    Eleven Studio Year ago

    Wow nice edit and shots! Congratulations, Seattle looks really impressive. I have a feeling that Seattle is one of the most underrated cities in US ! Best Regards if you like it you can check my videos :)

  • Izzy
    Izzy Year ago +7

    My home town I'm so happy someone captured it's true beauty I wish it would be more of a recognized city❤ but amazing video!

    • Red Divinity
      Red Divinity 5 months ago


  • neonrain
    neonrain Year ago

    I am so homesick when i look at my home, but i live in CO, i honestly dont think you could get more opposite except arizona or utah

  • Miles Tucker
    Miles Tucker Year ago

    This video is dope! Great transition and cuts to the song!

  • folina
    folina Year ago +1


  • Randi Behrends
    Randi Behrends Year ago +1

    Truly enjoyed it. :D

  • Sebastian Körner
    Sebastian Körner Year ago +2

    What better way is there to celebrate Seattle with music other then Oodesza? Great video!

  • Keith Kumpa
    Keith Kumpa Year ago

    How I like Seahawk city

  • Cathryn H.
    Cathryn H. Year ago

    You have captured the Emerald city the freaking right way, I know your going to have more subscribers coming your way good job!

  • paula
    paula Year ago +1

    beautiful video man!! I don't know why you have only 900 subs you deserve so so much more!😍 So I am definitely gonna sub!🤪

  • Hahahahahah hahahhahahaha j

    love my hometown

  • Master of 4 Strings


  • Tasmar
    Tasmar Year ago +1

    I am moving to Everett WA soon... Any tips on living there?

    • Aaron Golesch
      Aaron Golesch Year ago

      Avoid casino road and broadway. Downtown Everett is cool and grand Ave has beautiful houses and a nice park

    • Morgan Stilp
      Morgan Stilp  Year ago

      Tasmar I haven’t spent much time in Everett tbh. I have a couple of friends who grew up there though and they love the area. I’d recommend taking some ferry trips to the San Juans when you get a chance. The terminal in Anacortes isn’t too far.

  • Ingris Herrera
    Ingris Herrera Year ago +1


  • Алтай Савруков

    Thanx! 👍

  • Daisy Vlogs
    Daisy Vlogs Year ago

    Wow your editing 👌🏼

  • qwerty301
    qwerty301 Year ago +1

    holy, this is beautiful

  • Latoya Brown
    Latoya Brown Year ago +1

    Where in Seattle is that waterfall located?

    • Latoya Brown
      Latoya Brown Year ago

      Thank you planning a trip in September and I will definitely put this on the list.

    • Morgan Stilp
      Morgan Stilp  Year ago +1

      L Complex snoqualmie falls is about 30 min east of the city. Def worth the trip though.

  • pine cone
    pine cone Year ago

    Doesn't show all of the drug bums and homeless tents. Also the feces smears on the sidewalk. You can't smell the stink of weed through a video either like you do almost every other block of the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area. It used to be a beautiful city, now it reminds me more of the hell holes in California. It used to have this amazing feel to it every time I went, like the video portrays, urban, but natural. On the edge of the wilderness. It is sad how thing change.

  • Michael Bryant
    Michael Bryant Year ago

    Nice video ... beautiful !!! Edit and add in "The Fremont Troll " I really enjoyed seeing that when I was in Seattle ... it would put the icing on the cake ...

  • Emma Combo
    Emma Combo Year ago

    What a great talent of editing video. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Janice Kim
    Janice Kim Year ago

    This is sooooooo good~~~

  • Ryan Hurley
    Ryan Hurley Year ago

    Amazing! It’s great to see Snoqualmie featured in the video as well.

  • MJT
    MJT Year ago

    I wish your video ran for a full hour. That is awesome!

  • Barranco George
    Barranco George Year ago

    I just to live in Seattle back in 2008 and I really miss it!!!

  • Donald Dewar
    Donald Dewar Year ago +1

    This is quality. Every video like this I watch gets me hungrier and hungrier for a Seattle trip. We have a lot of picturesque towns and countryside here in northern Germany but Seattle and the surrounding area are in a class of their own.

    • Morgan Stilp
      Morgan Stilp  Year ago

      Thank you! Yea there's def no shortage of natural beauty around here! I'm dying to make it to Germany one of these days though!

  • Rocio Medina Jimenez


  • TheDowers206
    TheDowers206 Year ago +1

    City to Nature explains this city perfectly... Great vid

  • Sean Hayes
    Sean Hayes Year ago +1

    This is honestly one of the most well-made videos I have ever seen on the site.
    I have been recently trying to make my videos more cinematic and it's been working okay but this is a whole other level.
    Still can't believe you only have 747 subscribers. Keep up the good work!

  • ElFamoso Art
    ElFamoso Art Year ago

    Do you guys happen to think renting a car visiting Seattle for the first time is better than just using a Lyft? For 4 days

    • Morgan Stilp
      Morgan Stilp  Year ago

      awesome! yea I'd suggest just using ride share and bike share services. Driving downtown stresses me out lol

    • ElFamoso Art
      ElFamoso Art Year ago

      Staying in the city

    • Morgan Stilp
      Morgan Stilp  Year ago

      What sights outside the city are you planning on visiting? If you're staying in city the majority of the time, I'd definitely skip the rental car. Parking is a pain haha

  • Julian B
    Julian B Year ago

    I don't know what it is but something is calling me to Seattle. currently in the process of saving money for a potential move.

  • Dino Linsao
    Dino Linsao Year ago

    Beautiful video! Any idea how much time it took altogether just shooting all of your footage for this project? Being from Seattle, it looks like you covered A TON!

  • bodi
    bodi Year ago

    Nice vid, soundtrack even from a Seattle based artist

  • Duong Le
    Duong Le Year ago

    Wow that's amazing. I've seen many of those videos of Seattle but this video is one of the greatest I've watched. Keep it up, hope to see your next video soon cuz I am your follower now

  • Adam Schuster
    Adam Schuster Year ago

    Holy crap this is bananas!

  • Peter Brici
    Peter Brici Year ago

    good job on the video.Etc.

  • Steve Reeves
    Steve Reeves Year ago +1

    This four-minute RUclip video had better cinematography, editing and heart than 87% of all movies I've seen. THIS was AWESOME.

    • Morgan Stilp
      Morgan Stilp  Year ago

      Steve Reeves Thanks you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it! : )

  • Sanath Kumar B S
    Sanath Kumar B S Year ago +1

    Such a great video and cinematography. Love every bit of it. The background music, the sound of the ocean, waterfalls, the helicopter makes you feel you're at those places. And, you have captured the essence of Seattle so well :) This will be the video what I'll point to if anyone asks me about Seattle.

    • Morgan Stilp
      Morgan Stilp  Year ago

      Sanath Kumar B S Oh fantastic! UW is an amazing school! Definitely dude! Always keep at it

    • Sanath Kumar B S
      Sanath Kumar B S Year ago +1

      That's great to hear. I never took a Photography class, but, someday I wish to take a few classes in Photography, Cinematography.
      And, no, I am not at a student at Western Washington. I saw that on your website. I went to UW, graduated last year but hoping to take some phography classes in future.

    • Morgan Stilp
      Morgan Stilp  Year ago

      Sanath Kumar B S Yea I graduated with a degree in Visual Journalism! I didn’t take any fine arts classes though. It’s a fantastic school and a great program. Are you a student there?

    • Sanath Kumar B S
      Sanath Kumar B S Year ago +1

      You're welcome, Morgan! Did you take Photography at Western Washington?

    • Morgan Stilp
      Morgan Stilp  Year ago

      Sanath Kumar B S Thank you! It means a lot! : )

  • Mathias Ravn
    Mathias Ravn Year ago

    Which editing program do you use?

  • Living Walks
    Living Walks Year ago

    Hi there, we've been enjoying your channel, especially as we do natural sound and sight youtube videos too (in soulful cities). It's good to be in contact, thank you we've subscribed.

  • Carson Chiem
    Carson Chiem Year ago +1

    This is a very well done video. Have you ever considered making videos sort of like in the style of Watchtower of Turkey? I only know like one or two youtubers that edit that way, including Gabe Conte. I would like to see how other filmmakers use that and incorporate it into their own personal styles. Great vid nonetheless. UW is my dream school and this just made it better.

    • Morgan Stilp
      Morgan Stilp  Year ago

      Carson Chiem that video def set introduced a new feel to travel edits. I love that quick hitting style! I def try to incorporate the fast paced feel at the right moments in my editing. Thanks so much mate! Really appreciate it! Ah yea UW is a great school! Lots of my friends went there. Beautiful campus as well!