10 Real Places On Earth That Seem Scientifically Impossible

  • There is a certain enjoyment in being completely confused. It's a reason some of us travel: to be baffled, to be surprised, to be shocked. To look around at our foreign surroundings and have absolutely no idea what's going on.
    This weirdness that you notice while on the road comes in different guises. It can be quirks of culture, or it can be unique attractions; it can be natural, or it can be man-made; in some cases it can be a complete mystery to even those who claim it as their own. These places are really weird - and they're definitely worth seeing for yourself.
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    I am from Kerala alappuzha anyone from kerala

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    Samsung McKone 4 hours ago

    The original Magnetic Hill is in Moncton NB Canada. Been there many times, very strange place.

  • Sinikiwe Simpamba
    Sinikiwe Simpamba 4 hours ago

    In the beginning God created the Heavens And the Earth.. You don't have to scienctificly understand nature.. All you have to know is that with God Any this possible.

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    2:51 is Istanbul-Turkey man not India :D

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    Njagade Ponnani huhahah

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    It is not mythology.

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    What you called mythology is actually ancient history

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    In short visit whole India in life and u r well come :-)

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    God made it almighty God who made heaven and earth yes he can work in mysterious ways

  • Jim Griffin
    Jim Griffin 9 hours ago

    So-called "Magnetic Hills"' are everywhere, including one just over the New Hampshire-Quebec border, about 130 miles form where I live. All they are is optical illusions. Your car is really rolling downhill, but the topography makes it appear it's rollling uphill. No mystery at all.

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    King of the ravana one day wake up his not die

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    Sigiriya, example

  • world forget history
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    I'm from Sri Lanka rava is the world best technology one day we need ravana help

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    Did you really say "taking the lives of thousands of people and making them homeless" ?

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    Its impossible for science. But not for the Lord and Savior!God can do anything. In the bible he parted the red sea. And covered it up on pharoah and his men. Everyone read the Holy Bible. These things want seem strange. 🙏🙌❤Happy Resurrection! Jesus Rose!🀄

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    the earth is not a globe, oh my gosh ,, this video is to tell lies to everyone,

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    The world is a bad place, a bad place
    A terrible place to live
    Oh, but I don't wanna die
    All my sorrows, sad tomorrow
    Take me back to my own home

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    I think they should build a canal through the bridge to save on shipping fuel

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    No way

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    Considering man didn't create Earth there are lots of unexplainable things science will never figure out about Earth!

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    in korea we have sand strip on the sea and you can see and experience it over the year especially when the tide is low.

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    Someone take me to India🤗I wanna see all this features

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    i heard you named my former president jakaya kikwete oyoooooo

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    WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE🙏🏾Praise the creator and not science

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      +Susan Nghinongelwa I'm witness to cancer in people and wars, hunger, starvation and suffering. God doing wonders for mankind.

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      Are you a witness?

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      Praise my dick it's gonna fuck god almighty in the ass until he's dead.

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    Was great to hear "India"❤🙏... likes ❤to this video! 😍

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    Is it just me or 1:20 looks like a piece of cheesecake

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    Nammade ponnani...

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    You can tell the first place inspired the movie Up

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    Nice vdo

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    Am from Kerala, India

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    Jai Balayya😂😂

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    Ponnanikkaar undo🤩🤩

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    Nice dude ....

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    Genisis 1:1 - In the beginning.. God created the heaven and the earth. 😃 I don't need any scientific ideas about the nature. I do believe where it came from. 😊

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    #6: Sea Splits into two.. Moses days.. Char! 😅

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    తెలుగు వాళ్ళు ఎవరైనా ఉన్నారా? 2:14 దగ్గర మన బాలయ్య ఫ్యూటజ్.😜

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    Jai balayya

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    ram setu is true

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    Like the sea Moses seperated

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    God is the REASON WHY

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      +Finn Hansen God's name is Jehovah. Jesus is his son.

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      Wan't sky daddy to come ?. Yes plz come Jesus. Come inside me. I love you long time Jesus

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    As soon you said “2 billion years old” I knew this video was bullshit. The earth isn’t billions of years old. At most, it’s around 10 thousand years old

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    Ha....... Nothing is billions or even millions of years old. **Keep it in the thousands**

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    8.07 seems to be Uros floating island in Peru? You can even se the Peruvian flag seconds later...

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    @5:44 how else u think moses split the sea for the people to walk to the other side

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    IMPROVE YOUR CHANNEL #entireinternet

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    Moses visited kerala... And the sea split... Let his people free...

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    Ooowwwx .

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    Am I the only one noticed that he spelled split wrong?

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    Its true the rama bridge

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    You forgot about Jatinga bird mystery

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    3:11 its made by adam Judaism, christanity and great and real relogion islam said adam was on srikanka

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    sun bhai angrej, muje nai pata tera dyaan kitna hai, par jab bhi shri ram ki baat aati hai, to hamare badan ka baal bhi rongte maar ke khada ho jata hai, or sun prabhu shri ram ji ka setu ek misaal hai tum logo ke liye is par vishwas karo tabhi kuch sikh paoge is ke baare me. jay shree Ram

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    What about mt kailash

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    No. 7 ...magnetic hill is found in Machakos Kenya as well

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    Jai Sri Ram

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    Jai shree raam
    Love Kerala wow nice place
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    Bro it's Kerala...not corolla.... anyhow tq for sharing some wonderful places of india

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    Monkeys army 🤣🤣🤣🤣🙉🙉🙉🙉

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    All the way from Tanzania

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      Dada sema nyumbani vipu

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    No. 6 would be a miracle

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    india is full of mysteries

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    Cant we build powerhouse ...that depends on heat of hell's gate.

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    Any Tamilan is here?????

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    It didnt really split into 2

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    Does RUclip put impeach Trump ads in front of science videos just to ruin my day?

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    Anyone else find these dumbass reactions mid scene obnoxious?

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    Wow I wish I could of see that . But that is wonders of god

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    there's a spot in northern Ireland similar to magnetic hill

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    Hey I think why mountain moves cause of tectonic plates

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      Please tell me you are joking. Jesus Christ people, please tell me that is a joke. Tectonic plates are huge, some as large as continents. Tectonic Plates? What has happened to the educational system? That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard and I saw a video about flat earth today. Cripes.

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      they said the sand even moved while in his hands though

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    Is it Moise things here!!?

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    4:57 Instead of "SEA SPLITS INTO TWO" its "SEA SLIPTS INTO TWO... The SPLITS is misspelled....did you guys see?

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    Pretty lame video is I do say so myself

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    From Tanzania.
    This video is fantastic

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    Cool video but it would if you showed on a map where all these places are during the video.

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    Ramsethu bridge on its rocks have name Rama on its so Ramayanam is reall

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    I am happy to watch it because of name of rama thankyou sir

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    If lord hanuma can life a hill, can't he take all army and Rama to srilanka in the same way instead of such hard work of constructing a bridge?

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    Number 3: they are a grave bechuse in 800 miljon years ago People put dead People in the ground and makes a shape and it was a storm so water came up to land

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    it's a plateau

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    I'm from Tanzania...but the way he pronounced jakaya kikwete killed me🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    can you legit do some research about pronunciation of names and places before you make a video about it? it enrages and infuriates me HOW WRONG you pronounce names that aren't english. like come on!