50 INSANE DETAILS in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
  • 50 INSANE DETAILS and easter eggs in the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order trailer.
    For more Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Gameplay, be sure to stay bombastic!
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Comments • 394

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker Day ago

    My theory is. Because cal is young I think he was one of the younglings who survived(not the younglings that Anakin killed)

  • Sneaky
    Sneaky 4 days ago +1

    how magical would it be if it opens up with you playing as a clone trooper/ sith hunting jedi during order 66 at the beginning and you have to try and hunt cal
    like the beginning of force unleashed as vader slaying wookie

    • SgCy
      SgCy Day ago

      That's not gonna happen.

  • Ice Dragon
    Ice Dragon 4 days ago

    The Game is Made by Respawn so it needs!!!! To be an good Game btw. Buy Titanfall2 :)

  • Stormtrooper TS429
    Stormtrooper TS429 6 days ago

    Well star the vid by getting his name right works wonders its cal kestis not cal gestis

  • The Jihadi Mun
    The Jihadi Mun 7 days ago

    Cal "kestis" and he mispronounced Monaghan

  • Kristian Hodges
    Kristian Hodges 7 days ago +1

    1:49 that starfighter is purple not blue why does everyone keep saying its blue you all r color blind or something

  • Riley Bachman
    Riley Bachman 7 days ago

    I think it’s cal’s ship

  • Shane o Flaherty
    Shane o Flaherty 7 days ago

    Wow man I have seen alot of videos on this game and hands down you are the best .thank you

  • Diego Negrete
    Diego Negrete 8 days ago

    As always, it’s only 49 details.

  • Elijah Ayala
    Elijah Ayala 9 days ago

    Lol everyone's complaining about some details being bullshit, I'm just sitting here like oh first time huh?

  • JustCallMeJohn
    JustCallMeJohn 10 days ago +1

    I was never a big star wars fan, I enjoyed the prequels as a kid and played the ps2 games, but.
    This game.
    I will drop anything and everything to play this game.

  • Mr KuntFace
    Mr KuntFace 19 days ago

    Kamino? Tatooine? Or Felusia?

  • Barrythe Speedster
    Barrythe Speedster 22 days ago +1

    I'm definitely gonna make my lightsaber green

  • Kyfig 43
    Kyfig 43 22 days ago

    Literally the first fact is wrong, hisname is cal kestis, not cal gestis

  • Felipe Rezende
    Felipe Rezende 27 days ago

    cal jestis wow

  • Paul Clark
    Paul Clark 28 days ago

    It's cal kestis not cal jestis

  • CXS productions
    CXS productions Month ago +2

    The second sister is in the comic Darth Vader issue 19

  • Ale C.
    Ale C. Month ago

    The dead clone trooper was most likely in Kashyyyk, because Yoda and his legion (that wore green armor) fought in Kashyyyk near the end of the war, in Revenge of the Sith.

  • Ale C.
    Ale C. Month ago +2

    3:53 Trailer: "Don't reach within"
    Bombastic: *Cal reaches within*

  • Eli Byerley
    Eli Byerley Month ago

    Welp my bo3 an cod infinit warfare flashbacks are back

  • anubis jones
    anubis jones Month ago

    Plo kloon and his ship were destroyed on Naboo during order 66

  • David Soto
    David Soto Month ago

    How his fighting style is that of a sith?

  • JBS 123
    JBS 123 Month ago

    Plo kloon got shot down in Revenge of the sith

  • RamonThe HaloGod
    RamonThe HaloGod Month ago


  • Donkey Slong
    Donkey Slong Month ago

    Nah not gonna get it just gonna stick with tye new battlefront

  • sulfuric hydra42
    sulfuric hydra42 Month ago

    The glowing object looks like a jedi holocron, like the one in force unleashed that contain Crystal's and outfits.

  • Psyco Sabre177
    Psyco Sabre177 Month ago

    Its Cal Kestis

  • Potato Frosty
    Potato Frosty 2 months ago

    I agree with Knapp and if they do I want to play as a clone of the 212th attack battlion and shoot obi wan with the cannon

  • Fjk Reaper
    Fjk Reaper 2 months ago

    That guy had a tachanka helmet the guy who was with those 2 boys had a tachanka helmet from rainbow six seige maybe tachanka in star wars

  • Jamo High V
    Jamo High V 2 months ago

    For 35 it looks like a massive dead monster in the background please look at this

  • Jackson Spainhour
    Jackson Spainhour 2 months ago

    I think the pilot on the ship is a Jerni

  • skylar brown
    skylar brown 2 months ago

    And you see the problem is its during the empire instead of the clone wars it's just we all have seen a number of campaigns for the empire era but not the clone wars which is what a good chunk of us want

  • JoeG YT / Vlogs, Gaming and more!

    5:08 isn't that Commander gree as he was the only one who had phase 2 armour on the battle of Kashyyyk (Only if it was Kashyyyk)

  • DL2
    DL2 3 months ago +3

    I noticed that the lightsaber seems to look similar to Darth Malak's and the Short Lightsaber from the KOTOR games. Am I the only one that noticed that?

  • Galaxy Hunter
    Galaxy Hunter 3 months ago

    3:40 That's why it's good to turn on the subtitles. He says "Prauf"

  • Mune
    Mune 3 months ago

    The clone was from 41st so I am almost sure it was kashyyyk

  • HyperNinja ZX
    HyperNinja ZX 3 months ago

    I have that Lego set! It was my favorite and I didn't even know what star wars was.

  • The Hub
    The Hub 3 months ago

    You said cal jestis, it’s cal kestis

  • Grahamm Motherwell
    Grahamm Motherwell 4 months ago

    Ok so someone more versed in this area more than me please help. In the demo gameplay, cal meets up with the resistance fighters when trying to free the wookies. He shows his sabre to one of the resistance fighters who then asks "you earn that? Or steal it off a corpse?" To which Cal replies, "no, my master gave it to me." Now my question, is the lightsaber his masters saber? Or one his master got from her master when he died? Or is it just a lightsaber found in a jedi temple they come across? Please any ideas to this would be awesome. Also who else out there think cal kestis is actually Cannan Jeerus? Forgive me if I got that name wrong.

  • Hanz
    Hanz 4 months ago +5

    (Super late)
    There’s green on the dead clone’s Armor at the beginning, (and number 32) if my theory is correct, then that dead clone is a soldier of the 442nd Siege Battalion and that would be their first on-screen appearance.

  • Mason Clark
    Mason Clark 4 months ago

    it’s kestis

  • TheGamingGeek
    TheGamingGeek 4 months ago

    It’s cal cestus, stupid and his friends name is Prauf, it’s shown in the captions of the trailer

  • DeadToMe
    DeadToMe 4 months ago

    wait did you say kal ‘jestus’?

  • Long John Will
    Long John Will 4 months ago

    What if he runs into obi-wan on tatoine

  • Liamation Spice
    Liamation Spice 4 months ago

    The alien you were wondering about is an ardinian the same species as rio in solo

  • Arc 5555
    Arc 5555 4 months ago +1

    I’ve got another one the ship is actually the twilight from the clone wars or the same model?

  • BenjaBeb
    BenjaBeb 4 months ago

    he has cool hair

  • Calum Mayberry
    Calum Mayberry 4 months ago +2

    The creature where you don’t know the species was that little creature from rogue one.

  • Alex TK
    Alex TK 5 months ago

    as long it won't be just 6 hours long. EA: Its no longer in my list.

  • Jack Rutledge Goembel
    Jack Rutledge Goembel 5 months ago

    1) Most of these aren't really "details."
    2)They seriously aren't insane.
    3) You actually managed to get many of the real details wrong.

    • Chicken Keestee
      Chicken Keestee 7 days ago +1

      Wait , Rutledge, I found the real life roadhog

  • elmer navarro
    elmer navarro 5 months ago

    That blue box looks like a jedi holocron

  • Punk Funk Yeah Studios
    Punk Funk Yeah Studios 5 months ago

    5:12 you mean a 442nd Siege Battalion Clone Trooper?

  • Maegga Tce
    Maegga Tce 5 months ago

    1:14 in the window of the train you can see the Bridge of a venator so it is the same planet.

  • Paul Clark
    Paul Clark 5 months ago

    Iam anticipating cals mentor guiding him to do the right things or scold him like kreia when he loghtsabers wookies ewoks and jawwas lol

  • Paul Clark
    Paul Clark 5 months ago +1

    I pre ordered this already cause Cameron's gonna do amazing as a jedi

  • Paul Clark
    Paul Clark 5 months ago

    Lmfao his name is qwok like ewok

  • Ethan Eads
    Ethan Eads 5 months ago

    2nd sister is probably barris offie

  • Casey W.
    Casey W. 5 months ago

    Hmmmmm this video was a link from another video and in the other video you said you hated new movie spoilers and said insane details etc were spoilers (or i just took it to serious)

  • Luke Haave
    Luke Haave 5 months ago

    I only clicked on this video to dislike it because the thumbnail points at a hairline
    Seriously. A Hairline.

  • longhorne1096
    longhorne1096 5 months ago

    Im just excited!!!