Tom Holland, Zendaya & Jacob Batalon Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

  • Published on Jun 25, 2019
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home stars Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jacob Batalon answer the web's most searched questions about Spider-Man and themselves. Is Spider-Man an Avenger? Does Tom Holland do his own stunts? What does Zendaya's name mean? Does Jacob Batalon have a Twitter account?

    Spider-Man: Far From Home is in theaters everywhere July 2
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    Tom Holland, Zendaya & Jacob Batalon Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED
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Comments • 21 694

  • Aiden G
    Aiden G 13 minutes ago

    What’s zendaya and Jacob even famous for

  • Carolina Miles
    Carolina Miles 30 minutes ago

    Zendaya and Tom Holland are literally THE BEST POWER COUPLE EVER. Even though they’re not together, I’m happy that they’re at least good friends. ( But please become a couple )

  • MCGirl126
    MCGirl126 39 minutes ago

    I've got the same weird paper texture issue as Tom Holland 😂

  • Raz Almaraz
    Raz Almaraz Hour ago

    Jacob what happened to your hair bro

  • Nathalie marri
    Nathalie marri Hour ago

    "Did you see that coming" Zendaya or howkeye

  • Shamar Berry
    Shamar Berry 2 hours ago

    I don't like how quick Zendaya rips off the paper

  • MrSupertrician
    MrSupertrician 2 hours ago +1

    My favorite superhero is spiderman

  • Hope Elser
    Hope Elser 2 hours ago

    I'm a virgo too😁😁😁😁😁❤❤❤❤❤

  • Jeremy Holsti
    Jeremy Holsti 3 hours ago

    10:57 using his american voice 😂😂😂😂😂

  • shelly_ Nieves
    shelly_ Nieves 3 hours ago

    “Who is zendayas best friend”
    Tom: hahahahhaha

  • JackieDJ
    JackieDJ 3 hours ago


  • Hikaru Studios
    Hikaru Studios 3 hours ago +1

    "What is Zendaya's Zodiac Sign?"
    Z: I'm a Virgin!
    **Akward Silence**
    Tom: I can fix that.

  • The Creator Lair
    The Creator Lair 3 hours ago

    Is Spider-man Jewish?
    Unsolved Mysteries

  • Initial 1890
    Initial 1890 4 hours ago

    My nails are uncomfortable just thinking about scratching the google questions

  • Juni Malia
    Juni Malia 4 hours ago

    I love how Tom reacted when Jacob pocked him

  • mabr07’s Mischievous adventures

    Tom:I got a little bit T H I C K E R

  • Alexis Wagner
    Alexis Wagner 5 hours ago

    but tommm!!! we love the lip sync battle!!

  • Xesthan
    Xesthan 5 hours ago

    "That's how I got jacked". xD

  • Jaime Nadorozny
    Jaime Nadorozny 5 hours ago

    you do VANILLER and chocolate

  • Isabella Teets
    Isabella Teets 6 hours ago

    Virgo squad
    ⬇Like if your a Virgo!

  • Olivia Bragdon
    Olivia Bragdon 7 hours ago

    of course tom's brother's name is harry......

  • parzival
    parzival 7 hours ago

    Where can I find Tom Holland's watch?

  • Ghostrik Media
    Ghostrik Media 7 hours ago

    Zendaya's 5'10"? =O

  • Ibz AA
    Ibz AA 7 hours ago

    Humpty Dumpty

  • Syaz Wany
    Syaz Wany 7 hours ago

    Can Tom Holland shot a web...maybe he can but not a web😉

  • Isaac Cole
    Isaac Cole 7 hours ago

    3:40: it's not death if it's Traumatic brain injury

  • SplashZ YT
    SplashZ YT 8 hours ago

    10:25 That was so clean i can watch this the whole day

  • Aiden Singing alan walker and gaming

    im a type of tom holland when hes nails dont feel good on cardboard i flinch XD

  • Jochem Bonarius
    Jochem Bonarius 8 hours ago +1

    Zendaya likes ice cream? IMHO she looks like she doesn't eat at all...

  • Kiki Style
    Kiki Style 9 hours ago +1

    best interview :DDDD I LOVE THEEEM

  • KimJoon2
    KimJoon2 9 hours ago

    Alright so he knows we’re too much into his Lip synch battle vid🤠 actually nothing beats spidey, not even this legendary performance 🕷🕸 stay sticky my dudes

  • LayDIY
    LayDIY 9 hours ago

    That’s how I got jacked haha

  • Libby Netterville
    Libby Netterville 9 hours ago

    I was born and raised in Louisiana but I’m part Philipeno

  • LayDIY
    LayDIY 9 hours ago

    Get out of here fake a

  • LayDIY
    LayDIY 9 hours ago

    Tom said magic and they said a lot of wires U GUYS RUINED TOMS DREAMS and ya I didn’t hahaaaaaa

  • LayDIY
    LayDIY 9 hours ago

    Zendaya is like uh uh (thinking, uh hu) 😏

  • LayDIY
    LayDIY 9 hours ago

    I was a bit thicker

  • LayDIY
    LayDIY 9 hours ago

    Can zendaya drive Tom: noooo haha

  • LayDIY
    LayDIY 9 hours ago

    Tom: me, oh ahah

    Edit: Tom: me zendaya: my parents Tom: oh 😔 haha

  • LayDIY
    LayDIY 9 hours ago

    He’s like yup I wear shoes and oh darn hahaa
    Edit: nah darn

  • LayDIY
    LayDIY 9 hours ago

    How didn’t Jacob know if he was in infinity war

  • LayDIY
    LayDIY 10 hours ago

    Spider sense
    Edit: spidey sense 🥋 hi YA

  • LayDIY
    LayDIY 10 hours ago

    U just said doo doo

  • LayDIY
    LayDIY 10 hours ago

    His American accent is so cute AHHH

  • LayDIY
    LayDIY 10 hours ago

    The way Tom said his name haha

  • Panda girl
    Panda girl 10 hours ago

    6:39 and I oop

  • Blue Green
    Blue Green 10 hours ago

    I’ve been replaying 3:26 for the last twenty minutes-

  • sunnyky
    sunnyky 11 hours ago +1

    i want someone to look at me the same way tom looks at zendaya

  • Disha Prakash
    Disha Prakash 11 hours ago


  • Lilly Zavala
    Lilly Zavala 12 hours ago

    I loved the spiderman movie and I love tom hoolland.

  • GachaScarletRBLX
    GachaScarletRBLX 12 hours ago +1


  • Yashasvini Barodia
    Yashasvini Barodia 13 hours ago

    Spider-Man can fite the worlds most dangerous criminals but ant peel a sticker

  • Yashasvini Barodia
    Yashasvini Barodia 13 hours ago +1

    Do do

  • Oliviamae Gemmen
    Oliviamae Gemmen 13 hours ago

    zendaya was rushing through this interview

  • Jaina Linton
    Jaina Linton 13 hours ago +2

    Am I the only one who liked the ripple effect 'AAAHHHHHhhhh' starting at 3:04?

    Just me? Oh okay😓

    YEEAAHH 13 hours ago

    Check out very young Tom Holland in “billy Eliot”

  • Maryam Malik
    Maryam Malik 14 hours ago +4

    At 8:14 Jacob and Z r like wires and batteries and Tom being the adorable baby he is is like "MAGIC!"

  • bansari patel
    bansari patel 14 hours ago

    Tom we both have the same anima movie as fav.

  • LUNA
    LUNA 15 hours ago

    Didnt know Jacob's a Filipino! Wow 😍

  • yourlocalvlogger !!
    yourlocalvlogger !! 15 hours ago +1


  • Gabby Kearse
    Gabby Kearse 15 hours ago

    me and zendaya are both virgos!
    Virgos UNITE

  • Lunalovegood101 potato123

    Why does Tom sound like Daniel Radcliffe

  • XoX creeperking
    XoX creeperking 15 hours ago


  • Elite_ Dash
    Elite_ Dash 16 hours ago +2

    Zendayas sign is Virgo

    ♍️ Virgo gang

    ARMY IN YO AREA 16 hours ago +1

    "i'M SoO bRAvEee!"

  • Stacy 0101
    Stacy 0101 17 hours ago

    Tom Holland has such a thick english accent. It really takes a great actor to fake a great American accent. Wow.

  • Rania Raza
    Rania Raza 17 hours ago

    Your the best tom

  • Marie Gizmo
    Marie Gizmo 17 hours ago

    4:33 Literally everybody who doesn't live in Canada, talks only about Toronto

    Any Canadian out here? 🙋

  • abemamiranda
    abemamiranda 18 hours ago

    These questions are NOT right!!!
    They're supposed to be...

    WhY dOeS tOm HoLlAnD sAy QuAcKsOn?!?!?

  • Gaming by Starlight
    Gaming by Starlight 18 hours ago

    2:07 Virgo's unite!

  • Colbintration
    Colbintration 19 hours ago

    Q U A S A N T

  • Tyler chhangte
    Tyler chhangte 19 hours ago

    you talk too much Tom. we need more of zendaya . youre boring tom.

  • Maximo Foeh-Pierce
    Maximo Foeh-Pierce 19 hours ago

    " *ANIME* "

  • pauline Labadens d'Arc
    pauline Labadens d'Arc 20 hours ago

    At 7:10 as a french i laughed so hard

  • Rainbowdrepy TWO good
    Rainbowdrepy TWO good 20 hours ago

    Tom Holland stops the French voice at 10:52🤔

  • Lily Toll
    Lily Toll 20 hours ago +2

    ‘I think in this film, I got *thiccer* ‘

    Me: **dies**

  • rxkuz rekiyue
    rxkuz rekiyue 20 hours ago

    anD i oOp

  • Maddie Holmes
    Maddie Holmes 21 hour ago +2

    Legend says that it is still unknown.. is Spider-Man really Jewish?

  • Anya Smith
    Anya Smith 21 hour ago

    I have the same birthday as Zendaya 😁

  • BlazingGhost
    BlazingGhost 21 hour ago

    Tangent time- Tom and Jacob were talking about spiderman as if he had built-in webshooters, but in both movies of Tom being spiderman it is heavily implied that he built his own web shooters. His only real superpowers are super strength, faster healing, and reflexes (aka spidey sense).
    So were they talking about Tobey Maguire's spiderman (or older/comic book spidermen), or have they not watched their own movies?

  • Ps4 Gaming
    Ps4 Gaming 22 hours ago

    Adds adds

  • DabbingFerrets 09
    DabbingFerrets 09 23 hours ago

    What is Tom wearing

  • Gabby 5
    Gabby 5 23 hours ago +2

    I love their dynamic 😂 such siblings

  • Donye Henry
    Donye Henry 23 hours ago

    Quason 😂

  • Andrew Jagers
    Andrew Jagers 23 hours ago


  • Betty James
    Betty James Day ago

    Is Tom halland the only one that can rock that outfit

  • ZID the sauce god
    ZID the sauce god Day ago +1

    10:25 I-

  • Mia C
    Mia C Day ago +19

    Jacob: “Can Tom Holland sing?”
    Zendaya: “Yes he can-“
    Tom: *”YeEeEeEeEssSS.”*
    Also Zendaya: **sh00keth**

  • DY Ray Aka Idiot Boy

    I aint gonna lie my boy Jacob looking like Fat Joe

  • Arianna Rose
    Arianna Rose Day ago

    I'm virgo too

  • Emma Keefner
    Emma Keefner Day ago

    “that’s how i got jacked” in his american accent, i lost it

  • Lil Fadzzz
    Lil Fadzzz Day ago +5

    2:05 Who else thought she was gonna say “I am a virgin”😂😂

  • Kris Rueb
    Kris Rueb Day ago +1

    Wait..Jacob is now a egg?

  • Wanto
    Wanto Day ago +2

    I love at the end when tom said "thats how i got jacked" 😂😂😂

  • Pink diamond
    Pink diamond Day ago

    Tom Holland: they went to Canada
    Me:I live in Canada why didn’t I see you

  • Sheila Ok
    Sheila Ok Day ago

    I'd say yeah. Tom Holland plays video games. Even like marvel Spider-Man game and I play that game. And Jacksepticeye does as well. Plus Jacksepticeye should be in this video too him answering the web's most searched questions about video games movies everything he can talk about. 😂

  • Jay Starr
    Jay Starr Day ago +1

    Everybody in comments: *Kinda feel bad for Jacob. He only got -33 questions.*

  • Hxwaiian
    Hxwaiian Day ago +1


  • Sadie Mascaro
    Sadie Mascaro Day ago

    Zendaya:”has she been drinking enough water” IM DEAD😂😂😂😂

  • Thylane
    Thylane Day ago

    5:16 his little smirk I-