Bright And Colorful Cardboard Desktop Organizer For All Your Stationary

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • One day slime Sam and his friend Sue couldn't find stationary they needed - like scissors, markers and paper clips. After a long search they decided that their stationary needed a home. If every piece of stationary was in one place, then they would never have to look for it all over the house again!
    You can make this bright and colorful desktop organizer yourself. You'll need cardboard, colored paper, hot glue, wooden sticks, Velcro, craft foam, small pins and a few other items you probably already have at home. You can use any colors and decorate this organizer in any way you want.
    This organizer has one main big compartment for pens and markers, as well as notepads and paper. There are three drawers with sections in them to hold all kinds of small stuff like erasers, paper clips and pins. There are convenient cabinets on one side - for washi tape and glue. And there's a rainbow accordion folder to keep all sorts of flat things, like stickers, drawings and craft paper. There's even a place for a daily planner and boards to write memos.
    If you like keeping things neat and tidy in your room, as well as pretty and bright, this organizer is for you!
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