Prescribed Burning & Trump's Social Media Summit: VICE News Tonight Full Episode

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • This is the July 12, 2019, FULL FREE EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.
    2:30 We talked to Rep Escobar, whose bill would establish oversight commission, create a system to track children and it'll severely limit family separations.
    6:30 NRA's home state is historically a pretty easy place to lobby for the 2nd amendment, until a gunman opened fire at a Virginia Beach building, killing 12 people. We talked to Kristi Horton, a gun-rights activist from Fairfax County, Virginia.
    12:10 Until now, it’s been nearly impossible for researchers to get close enough to big burns to effectively study them. Researchers are setting up cameras and heat sensors to measure how far away from a blaze firefighters need to be to stay safe
    19:10 Trump's Social Media Summit included right-wing provocateurs, fake news peddlers and political meme artists. But who was missing? All the major social media companies
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Comments • 436

  • jobje Rabbeljee
    jobje Rabbeljee 2 days ago

    Machiavellian war tactic propaganda

  • Bob L
    Bob L Month ago

    I came for the Fire

  • B D
    B D Month ago

    Coke subs are so cool. Not the drug part put the human ingenuity part. Its crazy that a non government can build subs . I wanted to san non government organization lol cocaine charity

  • Louis ii
    Louis ii Month ago +1

    Vice news is fake news.

  • Louis ii
    Louis ii Month ago +1

    Vice use provide quality content but this is bs ..justvkoke everything that does from the leftist bs

  • user 9429450
    user 9429450 Month ago

    Listen, mix 12 oz orange flavored seltzer with 36 oz cranberry juice, and a half teaspoon of sugar or a sugar/stevia mix. You can add a shit lode of ice cubes and vodka too.

  • manish thapa
    manish thapa Month ago

    Just make trump out from president

    ADAM WAITE Month ago

    Lies, lies, lies. Why can't the news just report the facts without trying to put their biased agenda on it?

  • Savii
    Savii 2 months ago +1

    I literally read "Burning of Trumps Social Media" and I was thinking 'Thank God, the stuff he says is beyond dangerous to the world... " cries in hope 🤦🏿‍♂️

    • Ronnie Ronson
      Ronnie Ronson Month ago

      Lol write a pandering comment on a liberal channel and get zero likes, this is a good sign

    • Todd Egeline
      Todd Egeline Month ago +1

      Dumb ass!

  • X X
    X X 2 months ago

    They better collect a shitload of useful data out of that fire because so many creatures just fucking died...

  • RoseCo
    RoseCo 2 months ago

    Poor segment on Immigration, which is a long standing and complex issue, was misleading, inaccurate and biased.. Seriously leading us to believe that this is a Trump problem when it started a decades ago and directly related to Obama and Clinton policies.

    The segment on Fire also a bit weak. Indians have been burning for millennium, any one with a farm, esp timber or hunting burns routinely. To think this is some novel idea is retarded.The fact California hasnt been doing this routinely is criminal

    And the social media summit was about highlighting the media and social media restricting conservative speech, pretty much what the soyboy is typifying

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 2 months ago

    build the wall already. surely it has to start before 2020 or trump's chances of re elections are gonna go down considerably

  • billy kobilca
    billy kobilca 2 months ago

    The outright arrogance of this law of usa, automatically requires economic sanctions on a country buying military hardware from russia defence Industry. Idiocracy... of these neoliberal globalist neocons.

  • TheJudge01
    TheJudge01 2 months ago

    Damn that ladys right. We do need a civilian source handeling the crisis at the border. We need human resources, counselors, attorney's, and doctors to oversee the conditions and the management at these places. The border patrol has to do all this work while understaffed and overworked with some shit they're not trained for. We all can use the help. Those at the border and us who are not can use a break from the chaos.

  • Raoul Fleckman
    Raoul Fleckman 2 months ago +2

    People that are willing to be firefighters really have a completely different brain than I do. Fire freaks me out! RUN AWAY! lol

    • Raoul Fleckman
      Raoul Fleckman 2 months ago

      @RoseCo. . . Really?? So when people ask these guys what they do for a living, you think they say "We're Firemakers"? You take a lot of drugs, don't you?

    • RoseCo
      RoseCo 2 months ago

      Those arent firefighters, they are fire makers. Prescribed burns is the best way to prevent forest fires... ugh

  • Daniel Pati
    Daniel Pati 2 months ago +1


  • smeggyhead1
    smeggyhead1 2 months ago +3

    The USA can humanely reduce their immigration by preventing their legally purchased guns falling into criminal hands; the only way to do that is to not sell them in the first place.
    None of my (UK) friends, colleagues or family have been shot or shot at - ever!
    I love our gun laws, they work - really well!
    As for the 2nd: guns have done nothing to ensure the US "government remains accountable to the people"; in fact the opposite has happened. Only the US has: crippling healthcare costs (yet the actual healthcare is crap, paying for surgical treatment even when insured and bankruptcy if not insured), civil asset forfeiture, disproportionate and intrusive quality-of-life ordinance fines for non-matching blinds or flaking paint on homes or even sagging pants, private prisons (need to be kept full, look at 'cash for kids'), debtor's prisons and private probation companies, very high incarceration rate, unusually bad drug problems, no unions or workers rights (sometimes not even any paid holidays or sick days), wage theft, very trigger-happy police, rampant homelessness such as "Skid Row", cults such as Scientology (lol), Comcast (lol), curfews (wtf), Flint Water (still so after 4 years), massive bank bailouts devaluing your savings, *legalised bribery of congress by private companies amending laws to their advantage - regardless of the will of the populous* .

  • Claire
    Claire 2 months ago

    @8:27 surely she is exactly the type of person who would always be able to get a gun...

  • Daniel Nicholas
    Daniel Nicholas 2 months ago

    Need to build a wall so the jails would get a smaller population most of the people crossed the border without letting us know just like someone getting in a cockpit but in 911 he let everyone know we need better protection plain and simple

  • Cuddly Cactus
    Cuddly Cactus 2 months ago +1

    So how much $ went into making & buying the tools & equipment that they burned (on purpose) in California? (And how much of that was taxpayer funds?) It just seems like there is a better way to investigate fires, than literally burning stuff.
    And So any1 think it's a good thing that this country has a much greater number of gun related injuries & deaths than other civilized countries (such as Canada)?
    It's really not that complicated, CA has much stricter laws on guns, yet ordinary citizens are legally allowed to own guns. (And they have a much better national healthcare system as well!) To me it seems that moving to CA is a better idea more & more each day.

    • Cuddly Cactus
      Cuddly Cactus 2 months ago +2

      @Raoul Fleckman Um, ok, so BTW I am an American, born & still live in CT (as in Connecticut, 1 of the 13 colonies, which later became the 5th state, and English is my 1st language.) I've learned some French, a bit of Spanish, and a little German too, so using CA for both California & Canada just saves me some time on typing, that's all! (Plus I always make sure to write in a way that let's the reader know which place I am referring to and I am a stickler for the proper usage of both grammar & spelling, and I think I am the only person in my age group to do this too! LOL!) Have a nice day!!

    • Raoul Fleckman
      Raoul Fleckman 2 months ago +1

      Cuddly . . . . In English, CA stands for California, always.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 months ago

    that ending was great, funny guy, funny script

  • Bobby the Wedge
    Bobby the Wedge 2 months ago +1

    "My daughter was shot, all her friends were shot, my Dad, mom, brothers, sisters, cousins, grandma and grandpa, and I got shot, like, a hundred times." lol, yeah right lying ass libtard

  • Jonathan Linkous
    Jonathan Linkous 2 months ago

    Sounds like a culture problem not a gun problem...

  • Baby central
    Baby central 2 months ago +2

    if all those people in your family were shot you got issues outside of gun control

  • jason murph
    jason murph 2 months ago

    Q at the WH.

  • Liberum Arbitrium
    Liberum Arbitrium 2 months ago +2

    „For protecting myself“, what a bullshit way to justify Murican patriarchial and violence-centralized culture.
    Guns have no place in a civilized world. Well, the US isn‘t civilized anyways so that doesn‘t really matter I guess.

    • Ronnie Ronson
      Ronnie Ronson Month ago

      Lol wow what a strong argument you libtard

    • Shay Wike
      Shay Wike 2 months ago +1

      You think this is a civilized world

  • Fat Hobbit
    Fat Hobbit 2 months ago

    Wanna cut gun violence in half overnight? Get them out of the hands of urban blacks. 8% of the population commits 60% of the nations homicides.

  • Zachary White
    Zachary White 2 months ago +1

    18:46 😍🤩 hearing how he talks about his work is pure inspiration for my career goals

  • Cat Purez
    Cat Purez 2 months ago +11

    Pretending guns keep our government honest is just silly. Worst talking point ever

      ADAM WAITE Month ago +1

      Pretending gun reform does any good is just silly. Worst talking point ever. - Fixed it.

    • Nathan Brame
      Nathan Brame 2 months ago

      yeah, its far beyond anything we could do to help.
      if you raise a gun its just a reason for the government to dub you an enemy of the state.

    • RoseCo
      RoseCo 2 months ago +1

      When the gov fears the people, there is freedom, when the people fear the gov there is tyranny. But you may have a point, that we are too far gone, and too weak to be a threat

  • CraftyF0X
    CraftyF0X 2 months ago +13

    You gotta love rednecks. " We need our guns to protect ourself from state over reach" Lovely idea, too bad the state has literally the biggest and most advance military in human history at its disposal. Maybe you'd just better of shepherding more effectively that who is in charge of said millitary might, Idk like through strenghtening democracy and better informed voting ...

    • Som Keshav
      Som Keshav 2 months ago

      @CraftyF0X cool

    • CraftyF0X
      CraftyF0X 2 months ago

      @Som Keshav Then it seems we mostly agree.

    • Som Keshav
      Som Keshav 2 months ago +1

      @CraftyF0X Well don't get me wrong but I support regulation of guns actually. I don't want people who are criminals, mentally ill, etc, unless that person is fully capable of having a gun. As for the size of the gun, well that's a different case but I don't want to prohibit guns to the public. And I support regulations like mental health checks, safe storage checks, and responsible use checks, and the place where they live in. Machine guns may be needed in certain neighborhoods depending on its level of crime but most people are sensible enough to get a gun they need.

    • CraftyF0X
      CraftyF0X 2 months ago

      @Som Keshav But thats not the question. That is the wrong framing. The real question is which is better, to be armed but so everyone else - with high caliber rifles and high capacty mags - including the stupid, the recless, the unhinged, the criminal and the mentally ill or it is more sensible to allow only a few presumably mature and cool headed responsible adult to have something like a pistol and not a damn machine gun.

    • CraftyF0X
      CraftyF0X 2 months ago +1

      @The Tayterminator You might noticed that times changed quite a bit lately so trust me if your goverment want you dead they just send a drone and you'll be dead before you could reach for your gun. Self deffense against criminals is an entirely different argument. Notice that I never said no one should have a gun, all Im saying that it's certeanly less safer if everyone has one. If gun ownership would be highly regulated , there were be presumably less gun around an then when you have to pull your gun on an intruder you wouldn't have to afraid that he has one to shoot you with too. I think its quite obvious that if you have to assume that everyone has a weapon you have to be much more "preventive" with your weapon use which leads to a wild west like enviroment. If you don't wish to live with your family on the wild west you need less gun, and more importantly firmly vetted and qualified owners.

  • melfoks
    melfoks 2 months ago +1

    Go Trump! Dont let these trolls take you down.

  • antagonizerr
    antagonizerr 2 months ago

    That blatantly biased twat, at the end, is NOT a journalist. He's a sophistical troll that's better suited to harassing cops at Starbucks.

  • TheSniperDude
    TheSniperDude 2 months ago +4

    Yea sure... everything is safer with everybody caring guns yeah sure absolutely

    • Raoul Fleckman
      Raoul Fleckman 2 months ago

      @Alex Martins . . . . .. . Is there a wall around Chicago? That's a tired and easily debunked talking point. You better brush up on your propaganda debate skills because that elementary school shit ain't gonna fly with anyone over the age of 15!

    • Alex Martins
      Alex Martins 2 months ago

      @TheSniperDude yeah that's why the gun murder capital of the USA is Chicago which has some of the toughest gun laws in the country.

  • Futilizer
    Futilizer 2 months ago +3

    Gun laws. We all know criminals follow the law amiright?

  • Joe Cramp
    Joe Cramp 2 months ago +1

    10:20 I don't really care about guns, but I wonder how many of the people who had been shot, had been shot by legally owned guns? I doubt any, surely if you wanted to stop that, it'd be more about police reform and not gun reform

  • Kathy S
    Kathy S 2 months ago +8

    I'm 5'2" 118 lbs 62 yrs old live alone and feel no need to own a gun. Why are all these people so afraid?

    • Ronnie Ronson
      Ronnie Ronson Month ago

      Good for you, you don’t think anything bad can happen to you and probably live in a wealthy area.What would you do if someone did break in and wanted to hurt you? Kill them with kindness? It’s not about being afraid it’s about being prepared taking a canteen and a fire starter on a long hike doesn’t mean you’re afraid of the woods it just means you’re smarter and more prepared than someone who doesn’t.

    • Raoul Fleckman
      Raoul Fleckman 2 months ago +1

      The media makes people afraid. They can't handle the constant blaring of real crime and Hollywood crime information flow into their brains. All gun nuts dream of a confrontation in which they get to use their toy. That's how you know it's all bullshit.

  • Robert Martin
    Robert Martin 2 months ago +2

    Vice propaganda again.

  • Robin L
    Robin L 2 months ago +7

    I don’t get why the gun debate are so toxic in the U.S, on both sides. I don’t think the right thing to do is to ban weapons completely, weapons are after all a big part of the american lifestyle. The main arguement is that people need a weapon for protection, fine, i get that. But do you need 20 different weapons, military grade assault rifles etc. for that? People who are against fire arms would probably have a lot more success if they focused on limiting what kind of weapon and how many you are allowed to own instead of an outright ban

    • Raoul Fleckman
      Raoul Fleckman 2 months ago +2

      @The Tayterminator. . . . . It has never been about Americans giving up what they already own, that has been a huge lie propagated by gun-nuts and the NRA. The only proposed laws have been limiting the sale of certain weapons. AR-15's should be banned because there are many assholes out there that offer a quick fix of the trigger mechanism and TADA! You got an M-16. But statistically, you're right in that most deaths are from handguns. But they shouldn't be sold like candy, they should be sold like other countries that allow people to buy concealed weapons, registration, training that goes far beyond what people get in the US. At the end, when enough parents decide that the 2nd amendment was not worth the life of their child, they may decide that it's just an amendment and can be re-interpreted or reversed.

    • Raoul Fleckman
      Raoul Fleckman 2 months ago +1

      Robin L. . . . . The ONLY people who have ever spoken about an outright ban are the Pro-Gun-Nuts. Currently, there is not a single Democratic politician who has even suggested it. It is an outright lie by the far-right to gaslight regular Americans.

    • The Tayterminator
      The Tayterminator 2 months ago +1

      Its a lot more nuanced and complicated than it seems… in order to even track that kind of information like which guns a person owns & how many a person has there would have to be a registry and a state registry wouldnt be affective so it would have to be a federal registry and some people say that a registry is reasonable because… hey the dmv has a registry of every person that wants to own a vehicle and all of their information… .but then the other side would say that owning & driving a vehicle is a privilege..but owning a firearm is a constitutional right & it even says in the constitution "shall not be infringed".
      imagine if you had to put yourself on a government list & get a federal i.d. number in order to be a journalist, we would probably not have as many brave journalists as we do.
      Btw there is already a federal assault weapons ban, guns like the AR-15 can be dangerous sure but so can a potato cannon, and AR-15 are often made to look like military weapons but I can promise you military weapons are far more deadly.
      Plus people often get caught up on ar-15s but the amount of deaths caused by rifles are nowhere near even close to the amount caused by hand guns
      even if by some crazy act of God Americans agree to give up their rifles (which wont happen), I can assure you americans will never give up their handguns and they shouldn't, because law abiding citizens should never be at a disadvantage to criminals who could care less about gun laws, a law abiding citizen should never have to defend themselves with a baseball bat against a gun, ya know? Women stop potential rapes and sexual assaults all the time by owning handguns and usually never even have to use it, but women get hurt & killed all the time when theyre only armed with pepper spray or Tasers.

      And you hear all the time of laws to restrict certain types of weapons but in order to be able to do that, the laws have to define the weapon and when they do that, gun manufacturers just build workarounds and it takes a long time to get a gun law passed so the Gun manufacturers easily work circles around the lawmakers.
      Its a very complicated subject, more than it seems

    • c b
      c b 2 months ago

      Hard to be objective when we're burying our loved ones shot dead and fear the same done to us. Both sides. But objectivity can prevail over trauma in public discourse with enough effort and we have to keep trying

  • Adrian Bryan
    Adrian Bryan 2 months ago +1

    Let me translate for the lady crying about all the shot people in the ghetto. “The people in my community can’t govern themselves so we’d like for the government to be our parents.” Taking guns away from law abiding people does not help those that are being harmed by the illegal use of a weapon. Drugs are illegal and yet this country has a steady black market for them. Try fixing the source of the problem and not don’t blame an inanimate object for the problem.

    • COKE
      COKE 2 months ago


  • Adrian Ramirez
    Adrian Ramirez 2 months ago +1

    Y'all translated the Coast Guard guy's Spanish wrong. He wasn't saying "Stop your boat," he was saying "Open your door."

    Actually, he was saying "open your port," because he was saying "puerto," which means port, when he should have been saying "puerta," which is "door."

    • Irie Lion
      Irie Lion 2 months ago +1

      Adrian Ramirez he said alto su barco

  • And-yS
    And-yS 2 months ago +6

    Americans and their guns...
    How many people has Second Amendment killed? Do people want the for gun to defence, or they just want to shoot people?
    Why would you need gun if the criminals don’t have guns anymore?

    • Winston Doharty
      Winston Doharty Month ago +1

      Andy sun are u saying that criminals will obey government buy back??? Y would criminals who have guns turn them in? Especially since criminals usually already have illegal guns

    • Todd Egeline
      Todd Egeline Month ago +1

      @Yorick Bosch Thanks Demtards!!!

    • DeplorableKitten
      DeplorableKitten 2 months ago +3

      The second amendment hasn't killed anyone. People have killed people. The second amendment allows citizens to lawfully protect their family, property, and if need be, to resist the government should it turn tyrannical. Meth is illegal, people still buy and use it. Making guns illegal doesn't solve gun violence.

    • And-yS
      And-yS 2 months ago

      Yorick Bosch a third world country normally doesn’t have an army that beat every other country up :/

    • Yorick Bosch
      Yorick Bosch 2 months ago

      @Therowinn USA is a third world country, look up poverty numbers. The inequality is staggering.

  • betu bru
    betu bru 2 months ago

    Donald trump he is a loser for the next election 👎!

  • Mike b babe
    Mike b babe 2 months ago +5

    Orange man bad!

    • Mike b babe
      Mike b babe Month ago

      Ronnie Ronson u clearly are 12 and don’t know anything about sarcasm.

    • Ronnie Ronson
      Ronnie Ronson Month ago

      Raoul Fleckman well I hope you enjoy seeing him for another four years loser haha

    • Raoul Fleckman
      Raoul Fleckman 2 months ago

      Mike . . . .. . No doubt dude!, This lying, cheating, creepy, greasy old mafia don wannabe motherfucker of a President* is a bad man!

  • souvik dey
    souvik dey 2 months ago +1

    19:28 the narrator said people who thinks are banned, I say you don't need to think just look above the comment section the warning dispayed by RUclip. That frightens me out.

    • Barrett
      Barrett Month ago

      Hell yeah, when someone tells me to keep it respectful, I say, "GO F×CK YOURSELF SH!TTARD HOMO sapien!", and I have a right to.

  • Kevin Tate
    Kevin Tate 2 months ago +1

    Also like I said I really enjoyed vice and now they did their stories. They went from objective informative journalism to yet another anti trump Chanel and because of it the show has been canceled. They are laying people off as well. It is sad because they were awesome at one time.

    • Nusaiba Alsaidi
      Nusaiba Alsaidi 2 months ago

      Kevin Tate . I think it's impossible to not find anything wrong/funny with Trump, almost everything Trump does is unprofessional(which makes him a prime target for jokes because it's ridiculous that he's even a president in the first place). Trump and Bush Jr. were just outwardly plain dumb in lots of their answers/speeches(plus Bush Jr. was also a drunkard too). Don't get me wrong here, past presidents including Obama were wrong/bad too as most presidents of the United States of Israel just take orders from the Devil/Demons who want to bully the rest of world and worship the devil by doing unfair/evil atrocities like wars and haram money dealings like fake paper money and interest(which keep the greedy literally filthy rich and the poor to stay poor and oppressed). Open your eyes to the truth look at what they did to John F. Kennedy who was against their evil new world order of wrong evil money standards prohibited by God and taking devil worshipping orders of doing evil oppressions/murders to the innocents. Most current presidents these days even worldwide just take orders from the devil. The last prophet of God; Muhammad s.a.w.s. has warned us of these times of such evil near end times, trials/tribulations, but only the ones who truly worship God will be saved from being blinded of the truth and falling into traps that lead to hell. May God bless us to be united amongst his guided path in order that we may earn the blessing of abiding in beautiful blissful heaven for eternity in the afterlife.

  • Kevin Tate
    Kevin Tate 2 months ago

    Santoro it would be nice if you were objective when reporting. I used to enjoy watching vice but they have become one sided. The house democrats that just came in for months has said there is no crisis. This is all manufactured. There is no issues at the border. Really? Escobar and her staff have been crossing into Mexico and telling people what to do when you get in the states. Yeah her husband is a immigration judge so she knows better than everyone how to skirt the laws. The end of June Cortez is telling people to not buy beds from the company making them and sending them to the centers. A week later she is down at the border screaming that there are not enough beds. The only reason that they went down there was because the people were finding out what was going on. Now it is a big problem and now it is all Trump's fault. Because of the left denying the problem how many people have died? Cortez does not give a dam about anyone except herself and America better wake up and look what they are actually trying to do. If I am driving down the road in my car with my child and get arrested for something my child gets separated from me. If you break the law you get separated from your children. When people come into this country and break the law then they would get separated from their children. Don't break the law! The squad voted no 17 times to get resources down to the centers but vice did not mention that. In 2006 the secure fence was overwhelmingly passed by both parties for 700 miles of barriers but they stopped after 50 miles. All the people that voted for it back then are now boring against it. In the meantime they finally got the $4.6 billion for the centers approved. I saw video for one center with a group of children watching cartoons in a air conditioned day room with a nice big flat screen tv. They are fed, have medical, and a nice place to live for free. They got there 4.6 billion but the homeless in California are living out in the streets, they have no food, no medicine, mountains of trash, rats are taking over and now people are getting typhus from the rats. In California they are now giving free medical to illegals which will cost California 100 mil a year. That money could be used to help Americans to get food, medicine, and a place to sleep. 4.6 bil to take care of people that broke the law is ok though. That 4.6 bil could have done so much good for all the American people that are suffering but instead it takes care of lawbreakers. The child separation policy came into play during the Obama years and congress should have stopped it 5 years ago when they started to implement it. How can you blame Trump for that law when he has been saying since he took office that the laws need to be fixed? For decades presidents have said time and time again the laws need to be fixed and nothing has been done. Year after year both sides have pushed off fixing the laws and today there is a president that will not play along and blow things off so now they attack him. For these members of congress that are blaming Trump now it is because of them not doing their jobs and they gotta blame someone. Pelosi, schummer, the squad and others should be ashamed of themselves for denying the issues from the border because they hate someone. They are wrong for what they did. They were playing with the lives of these immigrants, border agents, and the people that live down by the border. All because they hate Trump. Also the tweets that Trump made last week was horrible and he had no right to do that. I try to be objective and have voted for both parties in the past so don't give me the you are a Trump supporter junk.

  • AC
    AC 2 months ago +5

    Virginia will never give up its arms. It's a military state. The biggest naval base in the world is in Norfolk, VA. Military and weapons are a industry, biggest employer in the state. Good luck dissipating weapons.

  • James B
    James B 2 months ago +2

    We will show them what gun violence looks like if they try banning guns, just watch.

  • Bwandinn
    Bwandinn 2 months ago +2

    Just wanted to stop by and say Vice News sucks now. All the people I watch, hear, and see reporting are just like people I see on every news show and website.

  • Jordan Kelemen
    Jordan Kelemen 2 months ago

    White trash as far as the eye can see.

    • Proud Dutchman
      Proud Dutchman 2 months ago

      Without "white trash" you'd be living in a mud hut.

  • xFourTwenty MOB
    xFourTwenty MOB 2 months ago +6

    Trump 2020!!MAGA

  • Michael Mills
    Michael Mills 2 months ago +1

    Shadow banning. )?). What they don’t realize at this point and I’m the only one out here that does his Facebook is going to die soon literally you can’t sustain it in Twitter I’ve only ever used Twitter about seven times because everybody else goes to RUclip or Reddit it all places that fuel real physically online not fake ass place like Facebook ! We should call it fake book!

    • COKE
      COKE 2 months ago

      when Zuckerberg put Facebook together with the CIA in 2004; they called it Lifelog. I've got nothing to hide. I care because it's a crime against the American people and our Constitution.

  • Michael Mills
    Michael Mills 2 months ago +2

    Why can’t we see any of the data from the fire!?? 🔥 🌲 🔥

    • John Doe
      John Doe 2 months ago +1

      If you watched it you did. The videos that they record is indeed data. It tells about how wind carries fires, how intensely/how fast, what direction and also what parts of the forest the fire goes threw the fastest and slowest. I'm sure there is also temperature data but that probably has to be processed and likely cut if Vice thought it would be boring.

  • Fausto Arce
    Fausto Arce 2 months ago +7

    that was much better than ending with some random artist talking about something even more random

  • wegder
    wegder 2 months ago +27

    The wall will stop submarines

    • Raoul Fleckman
      Raoul Fleckman 5 days ago

      wegder . . If he builds it underwater, Mexican fish will turn around and go home.

    • zap rowsdower
      zap rowsdower 2 months ago

      Made me lol.

  • Michael Mills
    Michael Mills 2 months ago +2

    She said armed resistance! My new hero!!

  • Michael Mills
    Michael Mills 2 months ago

    It’s not their job to protect us idiot! You have the God-given right to protect yourself! I will never ask somebody for protection! Hey please protect me because I’m too pushy to protect myself! That is a fucking lame excuse! Would you ask for security what you get is your freedom taken away !!!

  • Michael Mills
    Michael Mills 2 months ago

    Do United States immigration laws are not hate filled! They are the law and every politician is forest whether they like it or not to enforce the law!! Fucking deal with it we don’t want you here

  • Alexander Hetherington
    Alexander Hetherington 2 months ago +6

    Classic immensely fat woman defending gun rights.. lol rip gun rights in 10-15 years, heart disease will see to it

    • Tiziano L.
      Tiziano L. 2 months ago

      I wanna see her run from a forest fire

    • J G
      J G 2 months ago +1

      Your mom is fat.

  • Clay Goodwin
    Clay Goodwin 2 months ago +2

    Once The British tried to ban guns in this country and we know how that went