Cool Tools from GearWrench At SEMA 2018

  • Published on Nov 5, 2018
  • We take a look at the GearWrench booth at SEMA 2018. They showed off some of their innovative latest tools and accessories. Designed, engineered and built for the pro.
    Hosted by Dan Maxey
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Comments • 223

  • MadMetalManiac74
    MadMetalManiac74 10 months ago +27

    When I bought my first gear wrench set it was at home depot about 12 years ago and I think they were new on the block then. Glad I bought them because they're a great company and those wrenches I bought 12 years ago are still in service 😉👍

    • Nathan S
      Nathan S 10 months ago

      Where were they made? (your original wrenches..) I have one of the rare USA made MATCO 10mm reversible combo ratcheting wrenches. 72T count if I remember right. Then Mitt Romney shut down the plant and packed up the tooling and sent it to Taiwan. (yes, the very same tooling and equipment Gearwrench/APEX used here to make the wrenches for MATCO and Craftsman were shipped to Taiwan because Taiwan couldn't get the tooling right on their end... so they just fired Americans making the same stuff here and shipped the tooling over there where they pay their workers $10/day..)
      Its sad that Apex/Gearwrench has given up on US Government contracts though. Guess that means more money for SK, Wright and Matco/AJ Manufacturing. Thankfully, MATCO has stuck to Made in USA for their hand-tools though.. I can get a rebuild kit for my Craftsman Premium 84T ratchet from them for $30ish.

  • victor gonzalez
    victor gonzalez 12 days ago


  • Sal O
    Sal O 3 months ago

    I started my diesel tech career about 9 months ago. My instructor told me to not get into the whole snap on tool truck. Seeing my craftsman ratchets weren’t holding up I decided to give gearwrench a try. Love the products they been holding up great

  • Gen Z Productions
    Gen Z Productions 4 months ago

    How tall are the wrench racks?! i hate when people put out videos of products coming out but they never give us dimensions. how are we suppose to know if we can fit these things in our box if no dimension are given?

  • David Livings
    David Livings 4 months ago

    I have some of these crappy tools... a set of them. The so-called lifetime warranty is worthless. Took them to Advanced Auto whom sells them. They ask for a receipt, as if anyone saves reciepts. Then they acted like I shoplifted them (even though they are behind the counter) How do I exchange these so I can complete the set and sell them to some sucker? Oh hey yeah the plastic case doesn't hold them, you have to arrange them every time you use the case as intended by the handle, half the tools are all over the place. Plastic hinges bent and broken., Sheese!

  • xx_xx /
    xx_xx / 6 months ago

    You got something on your nose bud

  • Raul Rubalcava
    Raul Rubalcava 6 months ago +2

    Snap on and Matco, need to step up their game.

    RICH REVIEWS 6 months ago

    This is the most action you guys have had in one of your

  • dave carroll
    dave carroll 7 months ago

    Can't find anyone carrying big box stores...??

  • Jason N
    Jason N 8 months ago

    Snap On ftw

  • MrCubflyer
    MrCubflyer 8 months ago

    Do you guys sell tools in action Tee shirts?

  • 213gixxer
    213gixxer 8 months ago

    JBL provides the same thing

  • Azz Pizz
    Azz Pizz 8 months ago

    Life time warranty whos...? life time mines or gearwrench..??

  • gary jacques
    gary jacques 8 months ago +2

    Who's filming? Micheal j fox?

  • Victor Franco
    Victor Franco 8 months ago

    Seriously thinking of buying some GearWrench Their New Stuff is Awesome!!

  • Chalks October
    Chalks October 8 months ago

    When are those extractors avaliable?

  • Joachim Johan
    Joachim Johan 8 months ago +1

    I SMELL BULLSHIT!!!! is this the "NOOB HOUR" poor vid and weak performance from this guy!
    A MICROMTR TORQ WRENCH NEEDS CALIBRATION!!!!!! if any the digital requires less calibrating from my point of view! "WOW i thought gearwrench was only ratcheting wrenches" WAKE THE FOKK UP GUY! GW has been making shit now for years! (still owned by APEX/Matco) ??

  • Mad mechanic
    Mad mechanic 8 months ago

    Why do t tool trucks carry gear wrench? Fucking irritating.

  • Alice A
    Alice A 8 months ago

    Go like -

  • Woot Exclusive
    Woot Exclusive 9 months ago +1

    Organization = efficiency
    Efficiency = Production
    Production = $$$$

  • Bert Feuerbach
    Bert Feuerbach 9 months ago +1

    I recently purchased a deep well 20mm socket online as a fill in. When the socket arrived I was shocked to find that it was made in china. I had previously purchased a complete 3/8 drive socket set as well as a complete set of 84tooth ratchets in 1/4, 3/8 & 1/2" drive. All of them being made in Taiwan. The fit & finish on all Taiwan made tools are nothing short superb with very smooth action. However, the chinese made socket fit and finish is very sup-par and cought my eye instantly. Honestly, I would have never checked the country of origin had the quality of the finish not been so stark. I have Mac, blue point, SK and old school craftsman usa tools as well. The Taiwan made gearwrench are on par with my Mac tools dare I say nicer. But, the chinese made gearwrench is no nicer than home depot husky brand and more expensive. Maybe of lesser quality in appearace. So glad it was just one socket.
    Buyer Beware !
    Also, the harbor freight pittsburgh PRO sockets are made in Taiwan and much nicer and cheaper than gearwrench's chinese tools.
    I do however believe gearwrench Taiwan made wrenches, ratchets and sockets to be by far the best tools for the money. They are true pro grade tools and much nicer than the craftsman usa tools that I have piles and piles of.

  • Kavin Truong
    Kavin Truong 9 months ago +1

    Literally stopped watching when they both agreed that gearwrench is the first to create the ratcheting wrench "the creator of the category" oh my god. where did he get his education at.

  • Aodh Macraynall
    Aodh Macraynall 9 months ago

    "3 degree swing, baby." Yeah, bout the swing of his dick!

  • JOHN
    JOHN 9 months ago

    Looks like it pays off to be a camera man if u look at his hands

  • crzy11000
    crzy11000 9 months ago

    I bought a set about 13 yrs ago that I put under the seat in my truck. It has gear wrenches and socket adapters. I love it but the extension broke a while back (only used it a couple of times)and I can't get warranty because I don't have the bill of sale. Who has a bill after 13 yrs??? My father gave me a set for xmas that now I know has no warranty. Don't pay extra for the warranty because they won't honour it. I'm in Canada and I called gear wrench and they sent me to Fastenal.

  • Marko Poko
    Marko Poko 9 months ago +3

    I think I'm quitting on snap on

  • ryan dussel
    ryan dussel 9 months ago

    I need those pin-less impact sockets and that torque wrench is definitely one of the nicest looking click types but I’ll stick to my snap on atech2fr100b and 250b I have a 120xp ratchet and the snap on dual 80 is a lot nicer

  • tim walk
    tim walk 9 months ago

    I love gear wrench. They never fail me I'm done with snap on send me a gear wrench tool truck I need that box

  • NoNoLabs
    NoNoLabs 9 months ago

    I wish gearwrench made a 4.5mm socket. It would make the socket set complete.

  • Samuel Molloy
    Samuel Molloy 9 months ago

    I worked at a conveyor manufacturer. They had very good tools and I was shocked to see Gearwrench open end wrenches, because I had only seen them at Pep Boys and therefore thought they were junk.
    They absolutely are not junk, you cannot break them in normal use.

    Ryan CHRISTOPHER 9 months ago +1

    snap who

  • Neoteric World
    Neoteric World 9 months ago

    Can't find these on amazon or home depot. They have the old color and all

  • Lupică
    Lupică 9 months ago +3

    Snap-on Is traaaash. GearWrench for the win.

  • Yota Doug's Tool Collecting Channel

    What about the SNAP ON FDX SOCKETS? Same principle

  • Brian Ermelin
    Brian Ermelin 9 months ago +1

    Highly impressed Highly!!! Great innovation from the mechanics mind too reality. Awesome product!

    MGTOW SWORD 9 months ago

    I have JC Penny rachet wrenches from the 70s. Rachet wrenches are the original, not "gear wrench".

  • Ed O'Neill
    Ed O'Neill 10 months ago +1

    Here at the Gearwrench booth today we have salesmen that don't actually work on cars, trying to talk up tools, and sound like idiots. Shouldn't they be watching sportzball and making their fat wives go yell at the kids to stfu cause he can't concentrate on the slo-mo replay with all that damn noise!

  • Tomas Valdez
    Tomas Valdez 10 months ago +7

    While my coworkers got into debt buying snap on tools and filling a drawer with them, I filled my tool box with gearwrench tools. Never looked back

    • imgone
      imgone 3 months ago

      Smart man you are👍

  • Josh Locke
    Josh Locke 10 months ago +2

    As a mechanic I can easily say that the quality between snap on and gear wrench is really close the ratcheting mechanism feels really similar again saying this with experience and owning sets of both brands

    • Richie Pomeroy
      Richie Pomeroy 8 months ago +1

      Josh Locke appreciate your time and your thoughts. I'm an aspiring tech n going with gearwrench for what i need...

  • Stacie Stringfield
    Stacie Stringfield 10 months ago +1

    Maybe cheaper but have to mail to gearwrench for warranty that sucks when you're a mechanic and have to wait for them to ship you new tool and have to pay for shopping

  • B Patel
    B Patel 10 months ago +1

    Those wrench trays are nice. I may have to get some for my 120xp wrenches.

  • janis vogel
    janis vogel 10 months ago

    shit can the noise.

  • JeremyDelinela
    JeremyDelinela 10 months ago

    Im sorry but the camera needs to FOCUS on his work. But really getting a focused shot should be the #1 priority, then mess around with camera angles.

  • 2002SLPSS1991
    2002SLPSS1991 10 months ago

    Exeteme tool boxes, makes those tool boxes for GE, goodluck buying one still not available, just get extreme toolbox, the locking drawers is much improved over detent

  • Jim Huggins
    Jim Huggins 10 months ago

    Been trying to get part numbers to order some specific wrenches and sockets but their website isn’t great

  • Aaron Howard
    Aaron Howard 10 months ago

    I came to see a GearWrench commercial, only saw 20 seconds of cool. And come on, monetizing a commercial? I have to watch a commercial to watch a commercial? Boo! The impact sockets, Apex Tool Group re-branding? These impact sockets have been around a few years, 2004 or earlier. FYI I love my "pin-less" swivel impact sockets but mine are Craftsman and few Armstrong because all the sizes I needed/wanted were not available branded Craftsman (of course, Craftsman was less expensive than Armstrong). I think Matco Tools also sells them I always thought they were made by Armstrong and licensed?

  • Brandon Brown
    Brandon Brown 10 months ago

    Love my gearwrench sets. I have a straight non flex 10mm I used on a caliper bolt. Had to put a cheater on it while the truck was up on the rack. I hung and bounced on the cheater until the bolt broke free since no impact would reach. The 10mm is now somewhat U shaped but works just the same as always. Tough tools

  • Trucker88
    Trucker88 10 months ago +8

    Just want to put this out there to all those guys banging their chests touting made in the USA and all the Chinese junk blah blah blah!!! Your beloved tool manufacturer more than likely has tools made in foreign countries as well or imports their materials globally and assembles them in the US to stick that proud “Made in the USA” sticker on the box. And many of these “Chinese junk” brands employ many, many Americans and produce very high quality products that carry a lifetime guarantee at a fraction of the cost to consumers. Not to beat up on Snap-on but just as an example, they thrive off your drive to buy USA tools and take advantage of that blind loyalty. Do you really believe it costs them $800 to make a 30 piece torx set in the USA? If Snap-On cared about the average American they would price their tools accordingly and reach a much larger audience and in return employ more Americans to peddle their beloved shiny metal tid bits. Just my 2¢

    • Frank Dee
      Frank Dee 18 days ago

      Well said and true.👍

    • Blaze Psi
      Blaze Psi 8 months ago

      Exactly my thought... Made in USA Hype...

  • Brad Lombardo
    Brad Lombardo 10 months ago


  • Brandon Ward
    Brandon Ward 10 months ago

    Come on man, why the f am I having to watch commercials while watching a commercial??

  • James Montoya
    James Montoya 10 months ago

    Stanley the cameraman sucks balls. The guy cannot stay still to save his life. Great onfo but get rid of the guy behind the camera.

  • qcn_ cummins
    qcn_ cummins 10 months ago

    I love tools but he is a little extra

  • Grape Ape
    Grape Ape 10 months ago

    I couldn’t watch the video, I was getting dizzy, did you get a 5 year old to run the camera, the picture was in people’s faces, half a second was on a tool is it was zooming across the display, C’mon man.

    SNOOF AYY 10 months ago +3

    i was skeptical when he said "the coolest torque wrench ever" but i admittedly went "ooooooo" when he opened the case LOL

  • BustedWalletGarage
    BustedWalletGarage 10 months ago

    Partsmaster had made those for awhile but you’d have to be actually working on high end equipment to know about it.

  • BustedWalletGarage
    BustedWalletGarage 10 months ago +1

    Tongue those sphincters for free crappy tools

  • Mister BTC
    Mister BTC 10 months ago +4

    i like gearwrench. I don't like having to deal with their warranty. Its not easy or fast to warranty a GearWrnech tool that is not sold locally.

    • Mister BTC
      Mister BTC 3 months ago

      @imgone so what's the point of the Xtra length? I have heard that argument before, but i didn't and I don't buy tools to baby them. I believe the tools are made or should be made with the idea that people will use them, especially wrenches, ratcheting or not to break fasteners loose. I can't imagine why a company would make wrenches with extra length and expect their customers to not use that extra length for leverage. No, that's not me saying tekton tools are inferior. That's me saying that I like the set more than other sets that I have and it sees a LOT of use. Besides I'm going to use a power tool to run the bolt out after it's broken loose, i only manually wrench a bolt out if I can't get any power tool in there at all. Most of the time I can, I make sure I have many different size power tools. Lol

    • imgone
      imgone 3 months ago

      @Mister BTC you do know rathcing wrenches aren't made to break bolts right? You're suppose you use a regular box end wrench to break bolts.

    • Mister BTC
      Mister BTC 3 months ago

      @imgone I broke the extra long 19mm ratcheting wrench. I use it very often on caliper bracket bolts for Nissan rear brakes. But it's a tough tool either way.

    • imgone
      imgone 3 months ago

      @Mister BTC what do you keep breaking of Tekton? I have been using Tekton tools for many years sockets and ratchets and rathcing wrenches with no problems at all.

    • Mister BTC
      Mister BTC 9 months ago

      Wish GW warranty was like tekton, where you just upload a picture of the broken tool to them and a few days later you get a replacement in the mail... The only problem is that i keep breaking tekton tools. GW tools are more durable but if they break.......

  • Blu Rox22 Js5
    Blu Rox22 Js5 10 months ago +3

    Tool cart and the torque wrench I want that 😎

  • Justin Harris
    Justin Harris 10 months ago

    OMG the camera action is giving me a headache. Quit moving around and let us see the products. But thanks for the coverage and sharing.

  • bryce thoreson
    bryce thoreson 10 months ago +1

    "Best torque wrench ever" ever seen the snap-on tech c torque wrench? Not looking at price because it's insane