New video and details emerge from Parkland shooting

  • Published on Dec 29, 2018
  • Surveillance video of Nikolas Cruz inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the massacre was released along with a report highlighting security failures.

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  • Kyle J
    Kyle J 7 hours ago

    Many similarities to Columbine

  • starxzz clipzz
    starxzz clipzz 8 hours ago

    When the person sitting next to you doesnt lend you a pencil

  • Trinity Livingston
    Trinity Livingston 12 hours ago

    The kid in blue must have been so scared and probably feels guilty now. I know I would've felt that way.

  • DeathSpammz
    DeathSpammz 14 hours ago

    **schools getting shot up**
    Random kid: hmm let me put this on snapchat

  • GhostlyBeast
    GhostlyBeast Day ago

    This guys is a fucking monster Disgusting

  • lisah
    lisah Day ago

    imagine how the guy in blue feels and how bad. that memory will be with him forever

  • Ryan Snipes
    Ryan Snipes Day ago

    It is sad it is now almost normal to see this stuff on the news

  • Kawzik
    Kawzik 2 days ago

    if i’m the kid in the blue shirt i’m putting that fucker in a headlock and choking him the fuck out and screaming bloody murder for help

  • Kylar Lee
    Kylar Lee 2 days ago

    Resource officer wanted the paycheck and cushy job. But didn’t want to step up when it’s time to do your fucking job.

  • THA MARK 2
    THA MARK 2 2 days ago

    Kid in the blue really could’ve stopped it Could I join gives him a gun then you shoot the shooter

  • Josh M
    Josh M 3 days ago

    1 question how far would a shooter get into a prison before he was dispatched or questioned/searched?
    Dont tell me we need gun control!
    What we need is the state and federal government providing proper security in establishments they require us to send our children to.
    The military has proper security, Whitehouse, CIA, basically all of Washington DC, every prison, state or federal has proper security. I bet 1/100th of the military budget would fund proper security to every school across the country. Barb wire, razor wire and 15ft fencing.
    People say I dont want to see that in front of my children school. REALLY? I'd rather see razor wire and armed guards every damn day of the week than to see my child shot to death once. GET REAL!

  • Martin Petrovski
    Martin Petrovski 3 days ago

    He looks like he don't fuck

  • NFL Tubby
    NFL Tubby 3 days ago

    When he dropped his bag I would’ve beat the living shi outta him

    • Troy
      Troy 2 days ago

      Sure you would Mr.Keyboard Warrior no need further humiliating yourself lol.

  • Alaskan Savage
    Alaskan Savage 4 days ago

    RIP to Aaron Feis,37, Peter Wang, 15, Nicholas Dworet,17, Luke Hoyer,15, Alaina Petty,14, Jaime Guttenburg,14, Alex Shcatcher,14, Martin Duque Anguaino,14,Alyssa Alhadeff, 14, Helena Ramsey,17, Joaquin Oliver,17, Cara Loughran,14, Carmen Schentrup,16, Meadow Pollack, 18, Gina Montalto, 14, Scott Beigel, 35, and Christoper Hixon, 49

    • Alaskan Savage
      Alaskan Savage 4 days ago

      This should not be the number one cause of teenage death. These people will never ever be forgotten. These people were innocent! That makes me furious. We need to stand

  • Alaskan Savage
    Alaskan Savage 4 days ago

    RIP to all the victims of the Parkland shooting. My love and prayers to you all. And you Aaron Feis, you will not go unoticed for your incredible bravery that saved multiple lives.

  • Victoria Valdovinos
    Victoria Valdovinos 4 days ago

    When you remember wen that one kid lent you his pen

  • Ryan Bonner
    Ryan Bonner 4 days ago +1

    selling guns to everyone is obviously gonna allow this to happen. there's a school shooting nearly every day in the states. it's obvious what needs to be changed.

  • Panzerfaust 991
    Panzerfaust 991 5 days ago

    what the fuck is freshman? how many other words I've never heard of has english language?? I'm getting tired of it really..

  • Russell Reddy
    Russell Reddy 5 days ago

    The resource officer that stood there and did NOTHING he should’ve been killed but now he faces charges for not taking action

  • 876RED PIGY876
    876RED PIGY876 6 days ago

    Rest in peace to all the kids that lost heir lives

  • Kim Honkaniemi
    Kim Honkaniemi 6 days ago

    what guncontrol problem?

  • Little K
    Little K 7 days ago

    Who remembers x making a song dedicated to the victims from this

  • Disposable Human
    Disposable Human 7 days ago

    Nik's school shooter uniform was pretty badass, you have to give him some credit for being a dedicated spree shooter. 17 kills too, I've never tried but that sounds like a good score to me. And plus he took the lives of teenage kids, their parents and are devastated. That is what society gets for their relentless hate they inflect upon humanity.

  • Shoot a Opp
    Shoot a Opp 7 days ago

    Here’s an idea how bout u put metal detectors in the front doors of schools smh

  • Trey N
    Trey N 8 days ago

    The only reason he didn't kill the kid in blue was because he didn't have the clip in the gun yet.

    ZAKAI SKY 9 days ago


  • Rico Baca
    Rico Baca 9 days ago

    How did he walk away untouched? Yet a Black boy sleeping in his car, minding his own business, gets 20 bullets in his ass.

  • Sim with a Whim
    Sim with a Whim 9 days ago

    He's a Pussy, Fuck you, Scot Peterson.

  • Mohammed Alghamdi
    Mohammed Alghamdi 9 days ago

    Mr beast

  • JJ Said
    JJ Said 10 days ago

    That kid in the blue shirt probably had a fucking hearts attack

  • BellyUpFish
    BellyUpFish 11 days ago

    Why did that kid let him go in? Wow...

    • Troy
      Troy 6 days ago

      @BellyUpFish I'm an adult you special ED's retard. No adult in his right mind would expect a 15 year old kid to risk his life to take down a mass shooter. The parents of the victims never blamed the kids but the Deputy who never went in. If you read through the comments it's only dumb kids like you who are blaming the 15 year old. You've never been in a fight, saved anyone from anything or stood up to a bully but now you are going high and beyond to engage with a mass shooter. LOL You have a better chance losing your virginity than that happening.

    • BellyUpFish
      BellyUpFish 6 days ago

      Troy 16? Maybe 17?

    • Troy
      Troy 6 days ago

      @BellyUpFish You have never stopped an attacker and now are ready to stop one lol. If you can't stop an unsuspected drug dealer how are you even prepared to take on a crazed mass shooter. You really put your foot in your mouth on that one.

    • BellyUpFish
      BellyUpFish 6 days ago

      Troy How old are you? You’ve got to be pretty young, right?
      If you can’t see the difference between stopping an attacker where you are vs. playing vigilante against the random neighborhood drug dealers, I can’t help you.
      I carry a gun and a knife most of the time as well...

    • Troy
      Troy 6 days ago

      @BellyUpFish Plenty of drug dealers who sell poison to kids you can take down. Every school has one, take an unexpected dealer down and you'll be a hero but you won't do it because dealers carry either a gun or a knife so you don't want to get hurt. Not that easy now is it.

  • U4_Y
    U4_Y 11 days ago

    1:50 ok explain me this. He could’ve arrested him more than 5 months from this security camera.

  • Bo Firstenberger
    Bo Firstenberger 12 days ago

    all for ratings you should be sued

  • Bo Firstenberger
    Bo Firstenberger 12 days ago

    seams like a great fucking idea to have this posted for every kid thinking of doing this to see

  • Kms Sad
    Kms Sad 12 days ago

    I’m kinda happy he let that kid go

  • Gozirra Ff
    Gozirra Ff 12 days ago

    Well that security guy was an idiot and that cop

  • Samuel
    Samuel 12 days ago

    0:40 Nicolas Cruz looks like a cgi hybrid version Jackie Earle Haley and some kid.

  • Just Sienna
    Just Sienna 12 days ago

    That shooter should die in hell🤬

  • Prophet Ascending
    Prophet Ascending 13 days ago

    Such a cowardly piece of shit.

  • Phil Newhouse
    Phil Newhouse 13 days ago

    Anyone criticizing the security guard, it’s easy to speculate on an event that you didn’t experience in real time. If you are alone and only armed with a 9mm and hear high powered rifle shots coming from inside a building, are your instincts going to tell you to rush inside where you have no idea where the bullets are coming from or how many active shooters there are? You could take a shot to head instantly upon entering and then there would be no one to report the incident or to call for backup. Show me one mass shooting in history where the police or swat teams blindly charged into the place and bum rushed the shooter. We like to try to put the blame on things that we think were in our control when a tragedy happens but the reality is that the guy who shot those people is the only one to blame.

    • Phil Newhouse
      Phil Newhouse 2 days ago

      Trailer Mashup Production I get what you’re saying. I just don’t think the guy deserves jail time. Hindsights 20/20 right? To speculate on what could have been done is just ridiculous cause you weren’t there and have no idea what your natural survival instinct would have made you do. I get that he’s a trained officer but it’s not like he was hiding and saw the shooter but failed to act he had no idea what he was walking into there could have been rigged explosives like at Colombine. In a perfect world he would have rushed the school and risked his life but that’s not how real life works. He’s already fired and won’t be getting retirement benefits for the career he spent most of his life at I just don’t think he should be locked away in jail. This is a touchy subject.

    • Trailer Mashup Production
      Trailer Mashup Production 2 days ago

      scott Peterson could have gone in there, risking his life to save those students on the 3rd floor and some on the first, and try to stop the shooter. What if Peterson was successful and he killed Cruz? All those kids and teachers who died on the 3rd floor are alive today, he could of prevented that. Ya he maybe was terrified that he could of died in the process if he acted apon and went inside the school, but when you're a resource officer or security guard, your job is to keep students safe and put yourself in harm's way before the students and staff. You're right on some points, Cruz is definitely at fault, but Peterson most likely could of prevented more casualties on that day.

  • poopidi goop
    poopidi goop 13 days ago +1

    that freshman that walked passed the shooter doesn't know how lucky he is DX

  • Mida Multi Tool
    Mida Multi Tool 13 days ago

    I hope he fucking suffers

  • Rose
    Rose 13 days ago

    God. When is the government gonna actually do something? They keep saying shit like, this day was a tragedy; many people lost their lives bc of guns; when will the massacre stop? When you get off your fucking high chair and actually do something. This fucking government acts all sad but then doesn't do anything.

    • Rose
      Rose 9 days ago

      @Aukusti Liikanen Agree. But no one does anything. Schools continue to get shot up, more people are dying, yet people care more about their possessions than the lives of others. Idk what to say, this world is beyond fixable.

    • Aukusti Liikanen
      Aukusti Liikanen 10 days ago +1

      Rose i cant understand why we cant just give up the semi automatic rifles and pistols i think the lives of innocent pepole are lot more valuable than some guy getting a ar 15 fast

    • Rose
      Rose 11 days ago

      @Spedinator Production Well, I guess you're right, let's just try not to do anything, it's useless. That's good to know that this whole world is fucked up. I'll just be on the sidelines waiting to get shot. Peace.

    • Spedinator Production
      Spedinator Production 13 days ago

      Rose well what stricter laws do you want bc it will only make it harder for law abiding citizens to buy a gun because a criminal is going to break the law and if he wants a gun he is going to get one legally or not criminals break the law that’s just how it is

    • Rose
      Rose 13 days ago

      @Spedinator Production Idk anything. They're the ones that make the laws. Well, first they have to get the President's approval, which probably won't be anytime soon bc he's also ignoring climate change. So, nothings going to happen and more people are going to die. Yipee.

  • Jaycee Santos Cordova
    Jaycee Santos Cordova 13 days ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong but why dont we station police or other armed security to every school in the states?

  • m a r c o
    m a r c o 13 days ago

    How the f do you just have access to an AR-15? Its called KEEP YOUR GUNS LOCKED AND IN A SAFE!

  • Matt Rayku
    Matt Rayku 14 days ago

    What happened to the shooter? Is he dead or what?

  • Oscar Zamora
    Oscar Zamora 14 days ago

    Explain the cops running out and throwing something in the back of a truck. Something still doesn't add up about this! Was it Cruz they put in the back of the truck or their own weapons that were used to do the killing?

  • Duh its Abner
    Duh its Abner 14 days ago

    Wow... 😑 I (we) better teach my (our) own how to help in case of situations like the "lucky blue shirt" that crosses the nut bag. Yikes! 😬

  • RadioGnome
    RadioGnome 14 days ago

    this is such horseshit. school needs security? here's a thought. let's fucking call off school if it's that dangerous it needs security. it's not like kids these days give a fuck anyway. they're far more interested in getting facebook "likes" than actually becoming intellectual, rounded people.

  • D. Levy
    D. Levy 14 days ago

    Demon Spawn kills its own kind . Truly whites are inherently evil..... Don't be mad I speaka the truth..The thirst for death and destruction is SICK......And y'all act as if it is NORMAL..Never acknowledging the TRUTH. BLOOD THIRSTY SAVAGES.......

  • Mike Frazier
    Mike Frazier 14 days ago

    This is a lie , there is a teacher witness

  • Jenny Kristiansson
    Jenny Kristiansson 14 days ago +2

    We have had one "schoolshooting" in Sweden and since guns are really hard to get just like that he came to the school with a sword and killed three people.

  • Lyingfies Ooo
    Lyingfies Ooo 14 days ago

    People already dead..... why wasting time to chase the suspect,? why shouldn’t the government spend more money on Americans safety and security?!? We’re not animals, consider to our people for god sakes... I hate seeing people die by shooting, if I can do anything to protect those people and I would

  • Rob Hud
    Rob Hud 14 days ago

    Scot Peterson wore the badge for decades, probably got his discounted meals during the whole time under the appreciation if shit hit the fan, he'd be the one there to fight it face to face. He made a career of soaking up the valor, however, when the rubber met the road, he chose himself over his duty. It's easy for me to criticize him, never being faced with evil. I did not make this my 9 to 5 though. Parkland needed the likes of Kendrick Castillo, Blaine Gaskill or Stephen Willeford on that day.

  • Cee Jay
    Cee Jay 14 days ago

    What makes people think this school policeman should have died that day and not go home to his family??? Self preservation!!!

  • Антон Борис
    Антон Борис 14 days ago +12

    Anything new today, Bob?
    No, John. Just another day and another school shooting. Nothing new.

  • xFall x
    xFall x 14 days ago +2

    XXXTENTACION HOPE (official song)
    First sentence is
    “Rest in peace to all the kids who died in the parkland shooter”
    Yes and rest in peace u x 😭

    • parallelsnxpers
      parallelsnxpers 9 days ago

      xFall x on my way to gekyumes circumsision

    • xFall x
      xFall x 11 days ago

      Jesus Christ shut up brat

    • Icjm 07
      Icjm 07 14 days ago

      Jesus Christ a lot of people were saddened by xxxtentacions death so I care and so did a lot of people

    • Evan Czimback
      Evan Czimback 14 days ago


    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ 14 days ago

      No one cares.

  • The gardener
    The gardener 15 days ago

    Bullcrap!!! Cruz was another false flag patsy. That poor boy was a MK Ultra stooge. He shouldn't even be in prison. What about all the other shooters that were seen. And how come there is always some sort of military-like exercise going on just prior or even during the attack. Oh yeah innocent kids died, again. But Cruz is not to blame.

  • dawn marie
    dawn marie 15 days ago +1

    Kid in blue should have beat his ass!!? And took that gun wtf...choke hold from behind?? Had plenty time!!

    • Troy
      Troy 13 days ago

      @dawn marie Have you ever put anyone in a choke hold. I'm guessing not. This isn't the movies you dumbass.

    • dawn marie
      dawn marie 14 days ago

      Troy na... sorry choke hold! He'd been done..

    • KarmakaZe
      KarmakaZe 14 days ago

      Do you know what could've happened to him

    • Troy
      Troy 14 days ago

      Here we go again another keyboard warrior in the comment section who has never been in a fight in his life. The only thing you would've done was piss buckets in your pants. No need further humiliating yourself.

  • Piece Of Garbish
    Piece Of Garbish 15 days ago

    If I was the kid in the blue I would have floored the shooter there and then when he was off guard

    • Troy
      Troy 14 days ago

      Here we go again another keyboard warrior in the comment section who has never been in a fight in his life. The only thing you would've done was piss buckets in your pants. No need further humiliating yourself.

  • Lewis T.
    Lewis T. 15 days ago

    Keep bullying other kids ...

  • Louis Villafranca
    Louis Villafranca 15 days ago

    Bout to leave the country this is ridiculous

  • Nichole Jara
    Nichole Jara 15 days ago +1

    Man Adam Tyler experienced this😕 unbelievable people have to deal with this

  • Vincent Vega
    Vincent Vega 15 days ago +1

    Cant believe that dumass in the blue shirt didnt try to stop him

    • D. Levy
      D. Levy 14 days ago +1

      Really a 14/15 year old boy. Guess you'd be the hero ..huh.....yeah RIGHT your ass would run too

    • Troy
      Troy 14 days ago +1

      Here we go again another keyboard warrior in the comment section who has never been in a fight in his life. The only thing you would've done was piss buckets in your pants. No need further humiliating yourself.

  • MoistBreadcrumb
    MoistBreadcrumb 15 days ago

    Fuck Peterson!

  • Dios Sea Contigo
    Dios Sea Contigo 15 days ago

    It amazes me how smart the police become AFTER the fact!

  • Nate H
    Nate H 15 days ago +2

    When Eugene reaches into his backpack its time to run

    • I'm a little retarded
      I'm a little retarded 6 days ago

      Keep making jokes buddy. Little shits like you are the reason this is happening all the time now. "Lets make fun of the weird kid because he wont do anything about it"

  • adrenaline
    adrenaline 15 days ago +1

    That kid would have been the ultimate hero if he took Cruz down right there.

    • Troy
      Troy 14 days ago +4

      Or today he would've been a corpse.

  • Echelon
    Echelon 15 days ago

    Kid in blue is so lucky that the AR wasn’t already loaded. But yeah, those security personnel suck.

  • PwnishR
    PwnishR 15 days ago

    In the military in most countries in the World, the penalty for cowards is immediate execution.Ex-school cop Scot Peterson fired, should be tried in court and found guilty of his cowardice and letting 17 children and teachers die that day. He should be found guilty on all those felony charges and executed by lethal injection with no mercy like he did with his failure to act and protect children from getting murdered!

    • Troy
      Troy 14 days ago

      You are speaking out of your ass you made that up trying to sound smart.

  • Spedinator Production
    Spedinator Production 16 days ago

    That kid in the blue is a faggot and could’ve saved everyone that died that day

    • Troy
      Troy 15 days ago

      Calm down Mr. Keyboard Warrior we both know you wouldn't have done anything but piss in your pants. No need further humiliating yourself.

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy 16 days ago

    That fucking kid in the blue shirt could have alerted someone I'm sure he had an I phone fucking pussy

    • Troy
      Troy 15 days ago

      He notified his teacher you walking retard.

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy 16 days ago

    The fucking millenials fucking man buns I phones would say that would be wrong that piece of shit needs a needle in his arm quickly he knew what he was doing end his ass or let some big black dude put some big black pipe in his ass and just end him

    • Troy
      Troy 2 days ago

      @Sean Murphy Sure you would more likely you would run.

    • Sean Murphy
      Sean Murphy 16 days ago

      I know someone that was affected from that asshole that fucking cop should have ended him that day

    • Sean Murphy
      Sean Murphy 16 days ago

      Just looking at that fucking douchebag I would make him eat those oversized glasses they gave him glasses r u fucking kidding me

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy 16 days ago

    That cop could have ended that shit real quick I'm sure he had a nice Glock fucking coward

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy 16 days ago

    I would love to put one in the back of his pussy fucking head

    • Troy
      Troy 15 days ago

      Calm down Mr. Keyboard Warrior we both know you wouldn't have done anything but piss in your pants. No need further humiliating yourself.

  • sir nicholas
    sir nicholas 16 days ago

    I bet the only reason why they said it was an AR15 is because the media absolutely hates those! I love guns banning them will not stop mass killings!

    • Troy
      Troy 15 days ago

      The AR15 jammed it's a POS.

  • Conor Mcgregor
    Conor Mcgregor 16 days ago

    Kid had a chance to be a hero and failed

    • Troy
      Troy 15 days ago

      Calm down Mr. Keyboard Warrior we both know you wouldn't have done anything but piss in your pants. No need further humiliating yourself.

  • T Qui
    T Qui 16 days ago

    Kid in the blue could’ve stopped it

    • Troy
      Troy 15 days ago

      Calm down Mr. Keyboard Warrior we both know you wouldn't have done anything but piss in your pants. No need further humiliating yourself.

  • boui aaae
    boui aaae 16 days ago

    He should get a death penalty becuase he killed 17 persons and injured 14 persons

  • Berkuh
    Berkuh 16 days ago

    Tired of fucking hate

  • Karlie & Riley’s Channel

    I feel bad for the kid in blue . I’m sure he regrets not stoping the shooter . Very sad situation. I’m sure he didn’t know what to do.

    • Troy
      Troy 16 days ago

      He's 15 you idiot what was he going to do.

  • Butter Scotch
    Butter Scotch 17 days ago

    Wow he didnt even have the rifle loaded yet when the kid passed. I wish he would’ve reacted before he loaded the rifle. I bet he feels like the shittiest person

    • Troy
      Troy 16 days ago

      You wouldn't have done anything stop trying to be a hero you sound stupid.

  • All Day Son
    All Day Son 17 days ago +1

    Man the dude in the blue should have did something

    • Troy
      Troy 14 days ago

      @All Day Son So you won't touch an expected drug dealer or an unarmed child molester because you are not the police and you're not Batman but you will take a mass shooter down at the blink of an eye. LOL Haven't you humiliated yourself enough today.

    • All Day Son
      All Day Son 14 days ago

      Troy and no I’m not a police officer. I’m not Batman. I’m not going out there and taking drug dealers down haha you’re such an idiot

    • All Day Son
      All Day Son 14 days ago

      Troy dude you’re an idiot lol I can tell you have a low iq. Now you’re talking about child molesters lol get the fuck out of here this is my last comment to you. You’re not worth the time and energy

    • Troy
      Troy 14 days ago

      @All Day Son This is your original comment *"Man the dude in the blue should have did something"* . . Right there you are blaming the kid. What heroic thing have you done in your lifetime. I'm guessing nothing. You won't take a drug dealer down because they have to sell drugs? LOL. OK what about a child molester, plenty of them and they are registered so they are easy to find, take one out so there won't be any potential victims. What's your argument now? They need to have sex. Figures another coward in the comment section just making excuses to hide his cowardice.

    • All Day Son
      All Day Son 14 days ago

      Troy also I am ccw holder and proud member of the nra. So I always have my pistol. I’m not going to commit a crime and start taking out drug dealers lol what kind of example is that??? Also, if someone chooses to do drugs that’s their prerogative. Who am I to tell people what to do?? Someone has to sell the drugs Bc if a person wants drugs they will get them. What’s so different from a person selling drugs or a pharmaceutical company seeking them. Your point on that was really stupid.

  • Ellie May robson
    Ellie May robson 17 days ago +8

    That dude was literally on snapchat when the shooting was happening. Thats BS

  • Steven Martinek
    Steven Martinek 17 days ago

    It's about to get messy.

  • dqbetts05 gaming
    dqbetts05 gaming 18 days ago

    Idk why but i feel like since the gun wasnt loaded he should of put him in a chokehold

    • Troy
      Troy 17 days ago

      All you cowards say the same thing. Do you all go to the same school.

  • Idk
    Idk 18 days ago +1

    they just said it🤣 its not a problem about guns its a security problem

  • GoldForzaClips
    GoldForzaClips 18 days ago +1

    1:12 *You can’t protect anyone if you don’t have gun laws,.* how *dumb* is America? Make gun laws and things will change, how does Australia do it?? I’m Australian and I can tell you no one is caring a gun in their car, for *”safety”* or not.

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams 18 days ago

    don't ever fuck with someone or it will cost you your life

  • Tayveon Washington
    Tayveon Washington 18 days ago

    This snapchat guy really said let me name this story fuck it. He took his time to name the story.

  • Bosnian Gamer
    Bosnian Gamer 19 days ago

    Omg inagine as a survivor you get out of your hiding spot and see all theChildred dead on the floor with blood on their chest that Would i wouldn’t take

  • Rayray Maakca
    Rayray Maakca 19 days ago

    Either have armed security guards at school (at all times) and have armed teachers. This is literally the most logical response to school shootings (also get rid of gun free zones)

  • lil Zike
    lil Zike 19 days ago

    Bruh that kid should have choke him from the back.

    • lil Zike
      lil Zike 17 days ago

      @Troy what do mean cowards you know what cowards are school shooters there cowards.

    • Troy
      Troy 17 days ago

      All you cowards say the same thing but none of you are capable of fighting.

  • BeyondBr1aNn88 YT
    BeyondBr1aNn88 YT 19 days ago

    0:16 why didn’t this kid in blue tell a teacher

    • Troy
      Troy 17 days ago

      He did.

  • oG_ THIEVS
    oG_ THIEVS 20 days ago

    The blue shirt guy should've just knocked him out and take his gun.

    • Troy
      Troy 17 days ago

      All you cowards say the same thing but none of you are capable of fighting.

  • Brennan Shimic
    Brennan Shimic 20 days ago

    If the kid in blue knew how put him in a chokehold and take him down, lives would have been saved. Can't teach that in schools though.🙄

    • Troy
      Troy 17 days ago

      All you cowards say the same thing but none of you are capable of fighting.

  • Horacio Ferreyra
    Horacio Ferreyra 20 days ago

    Pongan la masacre completa hijos de puta

  • Andrew Pike
    Andrew Pike 21 day ago

    Thank God that kid in the blue is alive

  • Snuffy Knows
    Snuffy Knows 21 day ago

    Also in thr hall way video the shooter has a blue backpack on. Then in the hallway still shots he only has a black vest on. Where is the back pack now?
    Is Nicholas right or left handed? Because in the hallway video the shootervis left handed.

    • krose
      krose 21 day ago

      Snuffy Knows i see what you’re getting at

  • Snuffy Knows
    Snuffy Knows 21 day ago

    Where is the cast from the arm fracture shown in previously recorded cell phone "confession?" Bad lip sycing video if you ask me. No positive ID on this video. Cmon people open your eyes and really dig into the conflicting eye witness reports.