The Fairly OddParents: Abra Catastrophe


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  • Pete Grandjambe
    Pete Grandjambe 21 day ago

    Imagine if Timmy didn’t have Cosmo and wanda or fairy god parents wouldn’t exist if they didn’t exist Timmy would be bullied all the time and Vicky would Bully and Crocker would be miserable or he would save timmys dad and have the best life at least

  • Sal Gaita
    Sal Gaita Year ago

    We need some poof episodes

  • peyton AR
    peyton AR Year ago +3

    The kid with orange hair is Spongebob

  • Stormshadow Productions

    All hail the muffin and the muffin Queen Derpy.

  • The Prime Reason
    The Prime Reason Year ago +5

    Are shrimp puffs really that bad?

  • Joseph Guaman
    Joseph Guaman Year ago +7

    My man crocker can stop thanos

  • The Prime Reason
    The Prime Reason Year ago +32

    19:29 sailors that eat Spinach? Definitely a Popeye reference!

  • Andrea Umba
    Andrea Umba Year ago +3

    Fairly Odd Parents was my childhood ever❤❤❤

  • Nickelodeon Promos
    Nickelodeon Promos Year ago +5

    47:52 favorite part

  • Xander -jailbreak & more

    ( *-*)

  • Xander -jailbreak & more

    Its god not odd

  • Frrixy
    Frrixy Year ago

    omg uploads

  • Anonymous Unknown

    Is it me or does the video skip when the cursor touch's the yellow lines in the video player?

  • Cpt.Jon
    Cpt.Jon Year ago +17

    Glad they tossed Jar Jar.
    The amazingly unsue-able arachnid kid. Lol.

  • timothy alexander
    timothy alexander Year ago +2

    Gah great what am I suppose to do with this?! 24:03

  • BEAST_ 1996
    BEAST_ 1996 Year ago +5

    2:40 Timmy you were the one that let go lmfao 😂😂😂

  • Kenshin Robles
    Kenshin Robles Year ago

    Your a ripoff of johnny test

  • fro-yo -momma
    fro-yo -momma Year ago +1

    Papi seed!!!

  • bubbles the Inkling
    bubbles the Inkling Year ago +9

    12:14 that kid sounds like spongebob

  • JakoborRazor
    JakoborRazor Year ago +6

    Ha, nice, try to get Jimmy Timmy Power Hour next, good luck with that XD...

  • •SupartaDrawz&MoreYT•

    So glad u posted this....This was my childhood :3 !

  • Reckno64
    Reckno64 Year ago +1

    Wonderful memories of this. I think I still have the DVD in fact! ❤

  • ClassyRoyalty'
    ClassyRoyalty' Year ago +7

    29:05 better than the original

  • jesus de nazaret :v
    jesus de nazaret :v Year ago +2

    51:30 epic

  • The boy with the Hoodie

    Racist brown nose im all brown

  • Duusu Fan MLB
    Duusu Fan MLB Year ago +3

    My childhood sniff I miss this show so much!

  • Nathan Ludwig
    Nathan Ludwig Year ago +1

    Did this just come out?

  • Bashar Alnajjarpyj
    Bashar Alnajjarpyj Year ago +1

    I love it

  • Sherley Germain
    Sherley Germain Year ago +27

    31:23 No wonder he gets so many F's.

  • Babyluther73
    Babyluther73 Year ago +4


  • Charles Bailey
    Charles Bailey Year ago +5

    Timmy used to have bars on his legs at 39:40, but then their gone at 39:42

  • Nickelodeon Promos
    Nickelodeon Promos Year ago +1

    2:48 Timmy changes voices

  • YoshiboyGaming3200
    YoshiboyGaming3200 Year ago +3

    Oh so Viacom can’t take this down

  • ElliottCravesJelly


  • Ray St.Onge
    Ray St.Onge Year ago +4

    10:20 the hell did kalamazoo do to you hartman?

  • S. ennaire
    S. ennaire Year ago +4

    this is so awsome!! really great!! taking me out from reality and bringin' me to fantasy and i cant believe they still making vids,movies of this till now 2018!!! i love this cartoon and really glad having this movie !! wish to make more!!

  • Aaron slocon
    Aaron slocon Year ago +1

    Butt web cool

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover Year ago +38

    And Back When the Fairly oddparents was an amazing show in nickelodeon

  • I am Fluffeh
    I am Fluffeh Year ago +43

    all the fairly oddparents live streams have poof, that dog, or that other chick that timmy had to share cosmo and wanda with


  • no u slug
    no u slug Year ago +1

    oh the rules...

  • no u slug
    no u slug Year ago

    Why dosent timmy wish for whats her name........ Uhb that girl he likes to like him back

  • SupermarketSweep777
    SupermarketSweep777 Year ago +6

    Mr. Crocker, may I go to the Sanjay?

  • Angelo Cudiamat
    Angelo Cudiamat Year ago +1

    wow Forget-Me-Knob it always works all the time like jorgen Von strangle that forget about the reasing.

  • Evil Kitsune
    Evil Kitsune Year ago +1

    man, no wonder timmy gets that attitude from, his mom and dad are like worst parents of the year.

  • Evil Kitsune
    Evil Kitsune Year ago

    i wasn't sure i was going to like this movie, but now i think i might. i really loved the movie references.

  • Evil Kitsune
    Evil Kitsune Year ago +7

    i kind of had a idea that Cosmo was in the darth vader suit before he pulled his helmet off. the green wandsaber was a giveaway.

  • Robert Arden AC
    Robert Arden AC Year ago +6

    12:13 random Tom Kenny

  • Smash Broken
    Smash Broken Year ago


  • Christoper Fleming
    Christoper Fleming Year ago +4

    2:54 Spider boy!?

  • Planet Pihl
    Planet Pihl Year ago +4

    parody is empire strikes back spider-man 1 and jurassic park

  • Officer Scar
    Officer Scar Year ago +43

    1:00:49 hey look it's Butch!

  • Et Blog RCF!
    Et Blog RCF! Year ago

    Any suggestions that we want to watch in this channel?

  • Minorka Correa
    Minorka Correa Year ago +1

    Does Timmy mean Spider-Man

  • Scottie Robinson
    Scottie Robinson Year ago +177

    Has the power to have the cure for cancer, wishes for :
    Rubber goose
    Green moose
    Guava juice
    Giant snake
    Birthday cake
    Large fri
    Chocolate shake

  • Katieghost3
    Katieghost3 Year ago

    yay I can see this in my country! :D could you please make the rest of the episodes available everywhere? I want to binge watch them...

  • MeLaNie azucena
    MeLaNie azucena Year ago +1

    Great movie!

  • Dallas&Trooper
    Dallas&Trooper Year ago +1

    Tom Kenny was there

  • Super Elijah Cruhigger Deluxe

    Thanks so much!!😀👍

  • Sopha Jordan
    Sopha Jordan Year ago +2

    Thank u for making these videos!!:)