Baldi's Basics 1 Year Birthday Bash

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • It's Baldi's Birthday! Baldi's Basics has turned 1 year old and it's time to celebrate with a brand new terrifying ending!
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Comments • 7 260

  • yag mi
    yag mi 11 hours ago

    1 year? seriously? didnt this game come out just a couple months back? fuck me where did the time go!

  • Yellow Bubble
    Yellow Bubble 11 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice that the red words at 20:00 spell "You will never leave."

  • Lucky lemon 124
    Lucky lemon 124 13 hours ago

    Now or I will give you 1 baby puppie my corgi just had puppies so ya

  • Lucky lemon 124
    Lucky lemon 124 13 hours ago

    Make hell ring new game play it

    U.S.S ARIZONA 21 hour ago

    No not like THAT

  • the Rock Shotter

    Oh god oh god oh god 10:31

  • Kiolo Games
    Kiolo Games Day ago

    Please I give you squeeze

  • Not me comprehending something

    14:24 Silent (MASTURBATION NOISE)

  • Saturn Alchemyst
    Saturn Alchemyst 2 days ago +1

    It’s so sad that Mark didn’t know what big ‘ol boots do, and he died because of first prize with them in his inventory...

  • ItsLightWithABoi
    ItsLightWithABoi 2 days ago

    15:21 I need 10 Hours of this

  • Jayden N.L.
    Jayden N.L. 2 days ago

    With the tape, baldi wont know what questions you get wrong or what door you open

  • Abedur Rahman
    Abedur Rahman 2 days ago

    The END of this GAME is AWESOME!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁

  • Spring Trapped 553
    Spring Trapped 553 2 days ago

    Does this remind anyone of old Wolfenstein?

  • Starling 806
    Starling 806 2 days ago

    The boots allow you to pass through Gotta Sweep in a quicker manner, and go straight through 1st prize! It's an actual good item!

  • Psyko
    Psyko 3 days ago

    I just realized, the “ bald balloons “ are actual balloons in the normal map

  • Gd Domestic
    Gd Domestic 3 days ago

    Health class

  • _emo_tentacion_666_ _emo_so_dark_333_

    Lyuuuuuuvvv uuuu

  • Dice Dice
    Dice Dice 3 days ago

    This is just asking for a shmoyoho remix

  • Wiiuverse34 Games
    Wiiuverse34 Games 3 days ago

    Looked like a hangry golfball

  • Dan Phillips
    Dan Phillips 3 days ago

    Who is your favorite baldis basics character

  • Anne Kristine Fidelino - Buag

    Me:(sees so many pink errored Baldis)
    Mark:Oh Shit Oh Shit
    Mark.2.0: That is
    Future Mark:That Really Is

  • Kendall's Kinz
    Kendall's Kinz 3 days ago

    Big Ol' Boots makes 1st Prize stop pushing you once

  • Noah Paquin
    Noah Paquin 4 days ago

    ik that I'm late but big ol boots make you able to walk through sweep sweep sweep and 1st prize with no slow down or anything like normal so pretty OP

  • Bruce Meza
    Bruce Meza 4 days ago


  • Moldy
    Moldy 4 days ago

    *when you comment on a markiplier video*

  • Mekhi Srey music
    Mekhi Srey music 4 days ago +1

    9:30 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lyce Mason
    Lyce Mason 4 days ago

    this game scares me so much

  • CanerTheSpartan
    CanerTheSpartan 4 days ago

    If the Sweeper comes, than "Big ol Boots" can be help you

  • Dj Skydre
    Dj Skydre 5 days ago +1

    Markipler it’s not it there’s a secret ending with that too you have to use the teleportation teleporter to the end there’s a character you knew he told you to destroy the game and stuff blah blah yea yea but there’s a secret ending maybe you should check it out love you

  • Jimmy Neutron
    Jimmy Neutron 5 days ago

    Big ol boots stop 1st prize and (maybe) playtime

  • Issy Brown
    Issy Brown 5 days ago +1

    Me: starts video
    Me: checks how long it is “oh good it isn’t more than an hour long!”

  • Scarlett AnimePeaceLove

    0:00 Helicoptiplier

  • Popeyes _worker
    Popeyes _worker 5 days ago

    *Whips out gum*
    Everyone: 24:24

  • CJ Rosenthal
    CJ Rosenthal 5 days ago

    Put 6:27 at 0.25x speed. Weird mechanic in the game that makes the screen black...

  • GD Dasheerr
    GD Dasheerr 5 days ago

    13:40 to 13:46 though 😂😂😂😂

  • Norms *
    Norms * 5 days ago

    4:27 0-0 THE FACE 😂

  • nitro gamer7743
    nitro gamer7743 5 days ago

    One of those times when you gotta..... *S W E E P S W E E P S W E E*

  • Hat the Kat animates and stuff

    0:25 he's having fnaf 2 flashbacks

  • Wolf-plays Horribly
    Wolf-plays Horribly 6 days ago

    The big ol boot make you heavy
    So this means (only on this character) the sweeping broom he can’t get you if you use them it’s only for a shirt amount of time but when he’s sweeping you then use them an you’ll get free from him

  • PaedinDoesStuff
    PaedinDoesStuff 6 days ago


  • Ms. Valdez
    Ms. Valdez 6 days ago

    No running in the hallways yet you can jump rope...smh

  • The Death Loom
    The Death Loom 6 days ago

    where do I get this game

  • The Warrior
    The Warrior 6 days ago

    Cant believe he still wants to play this 50% impossible game

  • Gacha Emily
    Gacha Emily 6 days ago

    Mark *gets in coner
    Baldi:*is next to mark
    *mark opens eyes
    Baldi:*is still slaping
    Mark:um hi..hehehe
    Baldi*is slapping Mark*moves and gets slapped xd

  • Amy Osorio
    Amy Osorio 6 days ago

    bro pls make ur vids shorter

  • Victoria Zylka
    Victoria Zylka 6 days ago

    To think it's already been a year! Time flies

  • Phoenix Borealis
    Phoenix Borealis 7 days ago

    I'd love an endless maze screensaver with the Baldi walls. Would be a lot of fun.

  • Cancerous
    Cancerous 7 days ago

    7:54 when theres a chair in another country and you stub your toe on it

  • Extras Trace's
    Extras Trace's 7 days ago

    if u back away from door it says "69" xd

  • Dale Harden
    Dale Harden 7 days ago

    I've got some ideas.

    _LoOkS liKE it'S SWEEpiNg TiME_

    *That's not part of my idea.*

  • Soltha
    Soltha 7 days ago

    7:25 Maybe I won't get caught this TIME!
    *gets time*

  • Noob
    Noob 7 days ago +2

    When I played it

    I didn't play it

  • Alien Kiddo
    Alien Kiddo 7 days ago

    lol i was jumprope kid for halloween last year

  • Crimson Dragon
    Crimson Dragon 7 days ago

    Hey go back and do the ending to this and 50/20 mode because your crown is in another castle

  • finna hut
    finna hut 7 days ago

    ''Please,I'll give you squee''

  • Dheng Casalme
    Dheng Casalme 7 days ago

    Happy birthday baldi's basics

  • mitten cat
    mitten cat 8 days ago

    wow it has been a year for the game

  • hhhjhgh jhh
    hhhjhgh jhh 8 days ago +1

    Faz vai se

  • Noob
    Noob 8 days ago

    No bullying in the halls

    Do you mean no being an orange in the halls

  • Pizza Panda
    Pizza Panda 8 days ago

    This game is a 9+ its my bday tomorrow ):

  • lily gamer love mimi

    You made this in my BIRTHDAY!!!!😲😲😆😆😆

  • AssFace Mcduckerson
    AssFace Mcduckerson 9 days ago

    17:47 didn't you just slap my as about 18 times?

  • Ralph Balisalisa
    Ralph Balisalisa 9 days ago +1

    Jump rope girl is boobs McKenzie

  • ItsDanielRC
    ItsDanielRC 9 days ago

    *This Was Unexpected...*

  • Park The__Anonymous__Player

    Is it just me, or have Markiplier AND Jacksepticeye stopped swearing now?
    If so, then YES! I can finally watch some youtube without the constant fear of my parents.

  • Ball Temperature
    Ball Temperature 9 days ago

    16:45 that means a door gets unsqee

  • KarmaGeinZ
    KarmaGeinZ 9 days ago +1

    I won't get caught this time
    *Gets time*

  • Adam Guldenpfennig
    Adam Guldenpfennig 10 days ago

    Radical Larry? 24:37

  • Trisha Merritt
    Trisha Merritt 10 days ago

    14:18 who else though "ITS UR CHANCE GOOOooohhh Kay nvrm...well...hehe k.."

  • Georgie Ippolito
    Georgie Ippolito 10 days ago

    add this to the baldies basics playlist

  • Jacob Kugley
    Jacob Kugley 10 days ago


  • DarkBlocklandGuard A1
    DarkBlocklandGuard A1 10 days ago

    1st Prize just wanted to give you a Sur"Prize"...

  • DZNUTZ 2003
    DZNUTZ 2003 10 days ago


  • COMICSANS12345
    COMICSANS12345 10 days ago

    Whatch dis

  • Mincent Cooper
    Mincent Cooper 10 days ago

    Ok I just thought of this,
    *Baladi Knows about marks B to Blow skill* XD

  • Kevin Snijders
    Kevin Snijders 10 days ago

    0:03 When I Start Royal Day On The 27th Of April In The Netherlands!

  • Burning spider 303
    Burning spider 303 10 days ago +1

    Hhhwwwaaatttt thheee ffuuucckk

  • Ender Dynamo
    Ender Dynamo 10 days ago


  • Daniel Lesniak
    Daniel Lesniak 10 days ago

    Roses are red violets are blue we breaking up because I never loved you. Say it to ur girl

  • Mia Dreemurr
    Mia Dreemurr 10 days ago

    16:43 (Mark hears weird noise)

  • jay moreto
    jay moreto 11 days ago

    the awnser is x=6

  • vivi_ etc
    vivi_ etc 11 days ago

    imagine being in this game in real life, i would've freaked tf out hell nope nope😂

  • Teh Cat CAT :3
    Teh Cat CAT :3 11 days ago

    18:00 blow it mark

  • RoadkillbricksYT 64
    RoadkillbricksYT 64 11 days ago


  • foxgaming3560 :P
    foxgaming3560 :P 11 days ago

    Wait is that why he is bald? Because he is 1

  • AmazingNintendoNerd
    AmazingNintendoNerd 11 days ago

    Oh cool

  • hi im oof hai
    hi im oof hai 11 days ago

    Baldi: quiet and have a Bash

  • XxDatatypexX XD
    XxDatatypexX XD 11 days ago

    Did he really just pass up the chance to say "B to blow"?

  • Noah Needs Help
    Noah Needs Help 11 days ago

    if you only read the red it says you will never leave

  • Waluigi Flame
    Waluigi Flame 11 days ago

    Here we are again

  • euphoricflower
    euphoricflower 11 days ago

    24:34 what is this, raspy hills all over again?

  • Aaron Williams
    Aaron Williams 11 days ago

    Bald's carzy glitch 23:13---24:37

  • Stupid Shiba
    Stupid Shiba 11 days ago

    Came here after Damion

  • Breonna Ray
    Breonna Ray 11 days ago

    Haha your face at 3:40

  • maxntesa ;/
    maxntesa ;/ 11 days ago

    try 31718 for the 3rd question. new ending i think??

  • vaesbtf3q4rw
    vaesbtf3q4rw 11 days ago

    I’m sorry but this game sucks

  • Gaming With Sam
    Gaming With Sam 11 days ago +1

    His voice is normal on .75 speed but the game is a little slower its cool for some reason.

  • UnsaltedChip
    UnsaltedChip 11 days ago

    23:48 the boy version of momo