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21 Savage and Joe La Puma go sneaker shopping at Stadium Goods in New York City and talk about his dream Air Jordan collaboration, hustling for sneakers back in the day, and Drake sending him sneakers.

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Автор Damien Garcia ( назад)
anyone know what shoes he is wearing

Автор James Robinson ( назад)
Walking around with that cash though. ..that's a no no

Автор Imsirwavy ;-] ( назад)
Do sneaker shopping with young thug

Автор jaden gniatkiewicz ( назад)
Issa knife

Автор _BaTm AnAs_ ( назад)
iza knife

Автор Bryan Lopez ( назад)
dude did you see the retards 5 on that wall boii they look fresh

Автор Hello from the Other side ( назад)
I learned two things about 21 savage today
1:he is a father
2: he loves knives Like a lot

Автор Elias Chacon ( назад)
Her face when he took out the money🤣🤣🤣🤣

Автор Yael Martinez ( назад)
What shoes was savage wearing?

Автор Enoch Andeberhan ( назад)
It looks gangster😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Rasheed H ( назад)
I appreciate how he actually called out the ugly shoes unlike most people in this series

Автор Arthur Sanchez ( назад)
That nigga Mom put Knives in his Easter Basket when he was 4!!!!

Автор Ariff Hassan ( назад)
He doesn't know about Eminem's AJ? More like 21 disgrace. Pfft.

Автор Jessethatjumpman ( назад)
hes size 6 hahaha

Автор Andreaa R ( назад)
this dude and his damn knifes 😂

Автор Lyon King ( назад)
Issa Knife

Автор SR. Natsu ( назад)
21 at the final part looks like he think: "common nigga,help me with this shit or imma put you a knife in your stomach til' we end the video".

Автор Parkour Kids ( назад)

Автор Arianna Twoshoes ( назад)
I appreciate 21's Wayan's Bros. reference 😂

Автор Here's MIKEY ( назад)
issa knife

Автор yvhgize ( назад)
The knife effects😂😂

Автор scarlett dunn ( назад)
Now you can get fame on youtube just with the site *(AUTHENTIC HITS DOT COM)* and become popular all over youtube...

Автор @visual.evan ( назад)
"Eminem the rapper?"

Автор raT_Ttat ( назад)
lmfao this guy is fcking jokes

Автор mono mono ( назад)
Honestly, those slaughter gang 5s would be hard af

Автор DERPZ_FOREVER ( назад)
salesman:look out for a new tour and some new music too

21 savage:gang shit bitch

that shit was funny as hell

Автор Gamaliel Nieto ( назад)
Fucking 21 Savage gang shit bitch

Автор Lenashia West ( назад)
21 savage got me joked😂 every 5 seconds these ugly😂

Автор Hello Stream ( назад)
When you need to pay 2k but you pull out 10k in cash

Автор साला चूतिया ( назад)
"they didn't approach me. They approached the manager"

Автор Adam Carere ( назад)

Автор The Truth ( назад)
Who tf fuck pronounces adidas adeedus 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор RWsquared ( назад)
dude - these beats in the beginning of these COMPLEX videos are always fire as hell - someone should try to get on one of them and put out a song !!

Автор noah mukono ( назад)
Gaaadaam! Dude why you so boring? Show you happy to be breathing man.

Автор Michelle Zhong ( назад)
"dee ugly as hell" 😂 LMAOOOOO

Автор Tony ( назад)
This guy is fucking up 🔥🔥🔥

Автор Emre Kartal ( назад)
6:34 first time I see him smile

Автор Armando Rodriguez ( назад)
21 Looking like he don't give a shit all the time

Автор zain cannoth ( назад)
"bought some for his kids too"

Автор Ish Igga ( назад)
He basically said the shoes his mom gave him was ugly lol

Автор Ethan Storm ( назад)
Big knife on every shoe 😂

Автор Justin K ( назад)
watching this after the desiigner one....

Автор Electric Grizzley ( назад)
oh Eminem the rapper

Автор Electric Grizzley ( назад)
he scares me. desiigner is alot more entertaining

Автор HAWK coolkids423 ( назад)
Man that make me said about 21 savage that he try from picking up trash to earn the Jordan. I cried about that story

Автор Windows Settings ( назад)
Slaughter gang shoes would sell out

Автор IDUBBBZ RAPED ME ( назад)
why 21 look like if desiigner actually got clean and started school again tho?

Автор SaskunOmoshiroi ( назад)
I laughed my ass off when he just whipped out all that money

Автор Senior Fwop ( назад)
those 5's he called ugly he wore in the red opps video?

Автор Unstoppable 18 ( назад)
As soon he found out how much the Eminem 4s are worth he put them back on the shelf with extra care

Автор Tony Collesso ( назад)
Issa shoe

Автор ItzTrezorBoyz Just A Kid ( назад)

Автор ItzTrezorBoyz Just A Kid ( назад)

Автор FAAHKK YOUU MEAN??! ( назад)

Автор Lily Taylor ( назад)
Do you know ??? your popularity on youtube is just at the distance of the site *(AUTHENTIC HITS DOT COM)*

Автор Lamont Wilson ( назад)
that clerk Jawn was choosing up

Автор SOSA BANDZ ( назад)
Man he da realist ever bra I fuck with bra

Автор Brandon Dunkin ( назад)
What's that on the back of your shoe? Issa Knife

Автор joonekim2004 ( назад)
"Dem Ugly as hell"
"they look gangsta"
😂😂Im dead😂😂

Автор Exposed Gaming ( назад)
he was clueless

Автор ExSnipes1 ( назад)
He always trying to get some pussy, even with the cashier....

Автор Sebastian Sanchez ( назад)
Why this nigga caving so hard?

Автор Rafael Cervantes ( назад)
Knife shopping with 21 savage

Автор ny waves ( назад)
this dude funny

Автор Chris Sisnados ( назад)
sour patch shoes

Автор MINDRAPE 420 ( назад)
How old are his kids

Автор HOTSAUCE ( назад)
Shoulda went knife shopping. Just saying

Автор Gamer Plush ( назад)
At the beginning u saw him holding his clip in his pants

Автор Pimp DaddyChrissyyy._ ( назад)
anyone notice how 21 said eleven 💀💀

Автор Shaquan Porter ( назад)
what type of shoes is he wearing?

Автор Shaquan Porter ( назад)
What type of shoes does 21 have on, first person to respond gets a cookie

Автор Itz Lunarrr ( назад)
issa knife

Автор JJ Stalker ( назад)
21 looking like he's malnourished talking bout knocking niggas out like Holyfield

Автор Whiplash99 TGA ltn commander ( назад)
21 a savage

Автор Kyle J. ( назад)
Am I the only one that found this extra funny. Why was I laughing all the way through? 21 is savage as hell!

Автор Official Young King ( назад)
gang shit bish

Автор Harambe ( назад)
"taking out peoples trash"
who are you fooling, we all know you where hittin stains at 11

Автор Zane ( назад)
He rich as fuck.

Автор Connor Buckley ( назад)
why 21 look like bart simpson lol

Автор Lexuss Correa ( назад)
Yo I would definitely buy those Jordan's with Jason on the side

Автор Lily Taylor ( назад)
Now a days all are getting fame on youtube just by taking advantages from the site *(AUTHENTIC HITS DOT COM)*

Автор james colt ( назад)
Joe looks scared af 😂

Автор Matthew Conde ( назад)
bruh them 5s gonna be ugly

Автор For that reason Im out ( назад)
Cashier ig? Come on internet

Автор Malle ( назад)
He is like the opposite of designer

Автор Chapped CC ( назад)
He sound bored as hell

Автор Nathaniel Rios ( назад)
"These ugly as hell," he really is a savage.

Автор chayohombre ( назад)
Jordan x M&M's

Автор Jeremiah Gonzalez ( назад)
at 2:22 21 said the Space Jam 5's were ugly but he still wore them in his Red Opps music video

Автор john ( назад)
sneaker shopping with xxxtentacion please

Автор Mohamed Sultan ( назад)
"now how would your own car look like?"

"a knife...just a giant knife...."

Автор Cameron Alston ( назад)
he drilled that cashier after he copped the kicks.

Автор Misho Amoli ( назад)
21 issa knife reseller! #RamboGvng

Автор Derrin Toshiro ( назад)
1:02 'lemm

Автор Александр Сариев ( назад)
intro song?

Автор Ben ( назад)
he look like a shy kid

Автор Lisandro Martinez ( назад)
They look like some sour patches or some shit😂😂😂

Автор Dylan Schultze ( назад)
Did he just call a 4 a 3?

Автор Divotic ( назад)
21! 21!

Автор meech wright ( назад)
issa knife

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