How To Make Fire With A LEMON.

In this video I show you how to make fire with a lemon. This is an awesome survival tip that you don´t want to miss.
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"Mechanolith" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Автор Bogy Wan Kenobi ( назад)
How does this video have 21.6 million views in a year? Clearly all but the first and last nails are meaningless if not short circuiting and wasting electrical potential. I guess gullible clueless people love this sort of hocus pocus. But I will give him this - he is probably making a good living from YouTube publishing this bullshit.

Автор Zyzyzx Zyzer ( назад)

Автор Jun Sunga ( назад)

Автор Adrian Troalic ( назад)
I have to admit, his accent got me within about 3/4 seconds, terrible Russianesque thing, and then it started to round off like a north American/Canadian, weird. Anyway, so has been revealed, total scam! It doesn't and wouldn't possibly work, and who happens to be walking around with all these things anyway, survival kit my ass, a box of matches or perhaps even a lighter, bought for 20p in the shops would be much more space saving, better still, a Zippo, that can light in the wind, or an electric one that you can pick up for peanuts too...this is total draconian non sense!

Автор William Earl Jarrett ( назад)
The Egyptians made a battery called the Bagdad battery using citrus

Автор Richard Birkett ( назад)
You kept saying they were copper clips. But they really look like brass clips.

Автор Isaac Westawski ( назад)
im gonna get my engineers to invent a COMBUSTABLE lemon that BURNS YOUR HOUSE DOWN!!!

Автор Trynathinka Suttencul ( назад)
Yeah everyone carries these materials with them right?

Автор all guru tech ( назад)
copy crazy Russian hacker first line 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😤😤😤😤

Автор Kevin Kitterman ( назад)
"i'm gonna get my top engineers, to invent a COMBUSTIBLE lemon, to BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN!

Автор John Doe ( назад)
Fake. Completely fake.

Автор Irene Veronica ( назад)
The clips look like brass rather than copper.

Автор Bob o ( назад)
fake as hell I promise , look into it people. electronics and more guy proves it

Автор Hardtop Harry ( назад)
After reading a lot of comments it seems that the consensus of opinion is that this will not work. I don't know much about electronics, so, for the sake of argument, could someone just assume that the lemon is capable of producing the necessary power, so how would you wire it?

(I do know that you don't require a lot of voltage; when I was a kid I had a 1.5 volt battery, a big one, the size one uses in a Dolphin torch only mine was 1.5 v, not 6. I I see to run a wire across the terminals and light cigarettes from it. I couldn't get it to work on a cylindrical battery like a AAA right up to a D size. So I know there is more afoot than voltage. That's about all I know)

Автор John J. Bluvas ( назад)
Interesting but who back packs toting a lemon?

Автор Vahe Yepremyan ( назад)
can you make cum from banana next time?

Автор Salty Dog889 ( назад)

Автор Christopher Thomas ( назад)
100% FAKE

Автор i.see.mancos ( назад)
flint i easier and reusable for a longer period of time

Автор 森魁 侯 ( назад)

Автор Fred ( назад)
very good , but I think I will take a lighter with me

Автор YoloGamer Plays ( назад)

Автор TheRealJavahead ( назад)
He has made a battery with a lemon! Then he used the electric potential to generate enough current in the steel wool to heat it to the ignition point of the paper. Come on people let's have some intellectual rigour in our YouTube video titles.

Автор Alexander Barrera ( назад)
this is fucking awsome.

Автор Sherri Hardwick ( назад)
awesome video!! thank you for sharing practical knowledge!! :)

Автор james broussard ( назад)

Автор giavanti0003 ( назад)

Автор Cherry Patterson ( назад)
hi hi hi hi hi hi!!!!!!!!

Автор Cherry Patterson ( назад)

Автор Yasser H. ( назад)
100% fake ... shame on u !!

Автор SideWayz ( назад)
This guy is the Kmart version of Crazyrussianhacker

Автор ridge evan ( назад)
wtf man this is fake one needs multiple lemons, this is misleading

Автор IronyIsGood ( назад)
Ah, but can you burn down a house with your combustible lemon? That's the real question.

Автор Jeremy Worthen ( назад)
McGyver would slap you across the head for this

Автор Anthony Saponaro ( назад)
A Lemon ?
Think about it
There aint an ice balls chance in hell a single lemon will produce 5 volts.

Автор Absterge ( назад)
What is your accent?

Автор Liva Bosse ( назад)
We actually tried that at school, and while it is true that you can produce about 5 V with the lemon, the resistance is so high that you get only something like 200μA. But to actually light something, you probably need 2A. This can't be true.

Автор Michael ( назад)
I call BS.  You did not even wire that correctly for any voltage.  You have shorted each clip and nail and did not even hook the last 2 up.  So I call complete BS.

Автор havingfun1968 ( назад)

Автор Theon Greyjoy ( назад)
If you can't find a lemon and nails in the wild then a cigarette lighter works too.

Автор Jason S ( назад)
Well done, Sir.   Classic anode/cathode battery from acid in a lemon.  Awesome!  Hell...if we put a few of these in series we could make a 12V battery and power a lot of common electronics.  Pretty incredible.  I wonder if vinegar would work as a battery acid.  If one were not fortunate enough to have a lemon in cold country...

Автор Chris Coldwater-Canada ( назад)
Where the hell you will find lemon from on Siberia and those cooper and zinc clips, nails in total wilderness ? Beside this , the project is nice.

Автор al m ( назад)
Nigga kill urself... you sound like a straight up fag

Автор Circular Dolphin ( назад)
RIP Cave Johnson

Автор asdwergzcx ( назад)

Автор Dallas Powell-Cox ( назад)
You know what works 99999× easier.??? A LIGHTER!!!

Автор Umar Sun ( назад)

Автор X SpinneR- ( назад)
gtfo here fcking faggot! you are not crazyrussianhacker

Автор Mountain Mike ( назад)
I used all my copper pennies to buy lemons...and a magnifying glass

Автор MrPaulsf ( назад)

Автор Brandon Sebastian ( назад)
You're better off just using an actual battery... which is more likely to be on hand than a lemon in the frozen tundra... all you have to do is touch steel wool with a 9-volt battery and it lights right up.

Автор Team Red ( назад)
Instructions unclear: amputated leg

Автор Loyd Pye ( назад)
over here in Canada we call people like you McGiver. Thanks bud. peace

Автор truthsout ( назад)
Thanks, you're a sweetheart.

Автор ProArthur1738 remy ( назад)
In russia Leon push nail in you

Автор Mark G ( назад)
FAKE! You have a car battery in the cement cylinder.

Автор Apliance Guru Eric ( назад)
Total BS. You'd need 40+ lemons to get any kind of reaction. You really only need 2 pins in a lemon then connect the said 40+ lemons in series to maybe get the reaction we saw. This CRH knockoff is a scammer just trying to get views.

Автор Kazeem Khan ( назад)
wicked bro awsome ,didnt know that lol ..

Автор The Mighty Oreaxe ( назад)

Автор Joshua Schmidtke ( назад)
love this

Автор legitamigo 308 ( назад)
fuck you dude that was a scam he had a battery thing IN THE LEMON and proof that he does not show the lemon to show that theres nothing

Автор Frank Morano ( назад)
I use matches

Автор Love music ( назад)
So you don`t have matches, but you have a lemon!

Автор Hinyu EX ( назад)
It is honestly more likely to have a battery than a lemon + copper + zink nails.

Автор ktm 300 ( назад)
dus va dunya comrades

Автор Satya Sharma ( назад)
Hammer those nails in his balls and see if his prick stands up. 5 volts of power in one lemon. So all Russian cars have 2 lemons instead of a car battery...ingenious.

Автор Gahel Guerrero ( назад)
do you really think we are going to have any of this in the wild

Автор Michael Bear ( назад)
He looks tasty, and comes with his own lemon. I think I"ll eat him next time he is in my woods. But seriously just buy a lighter when you're in the hardware store looking for copper and zinc nails.

Автор Ashu Kumar ( назад)
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Автор StINK Productions ( назад)
Aren't those BRASS clips???

Автор MUNCH PLAYS ( назад)
he just stole crazy Russian hackers intro lol

Автор Anthony Wayne Daniell ( назад)
that is very good, thank you for sharing.

Автор VJ SWORD ( назад)
Will it charge my cell phone? lmao That's quite some "ancient art" you've discovered there pal..."metalurgency"...

Автор Scott Hamilton ( назад)
Read this (Starting Fires With A LEMON! (EXPOSED)) scammer

Автор Advait Powdwal ( назад)
OMG that thick Accent though!!!!

Автор iac4357 ( назад)
Irony- n.,
A video showing how to start an emergency fire, in a snowey forest winter scene, using a tropically grown,,,, lemon !

Автор MahirpatelVlogs ( назад)
little crazyrussianhacker

Автор Jerome Absalon ( назад)
its not for SURVIVAL 😑 .

Автор Noel Janda ( назад)
Just in case you need to build a fire

Автор Lisa Smith ( назад)
i no right

Автор Inferno Gaming ( назад)
his intro is exactly like crazy russian haccker

Автор roy sandi ( назад)
very cool side

Автор Justin Morrow ( назад)
who the fuck has this shit in there bug out?

Автор MIA Micro-FLIGHT ( назад)

Автор ScorpioX ( назад)
he isn't a russian, calm down

Автор Candycat1120 ( назад)
I feel like he's doing too much to do one thing

Автор Candycat1120 ( назад)
Sink nail?

Автор Candycat1120 ( назад)
You stole crazy Russian hackers pickup line

Автор CRAZedLaMa ( назад)
That accent sounds fake as fuck

Автор Byron Noack ( назад)
Cave johnsons dream is complete and he shall now burn your house down

Автор dylan fox ( назад)
Cabe Johnson would be proud.

Автор Khouri AS ( назад)
You're a wizard, Harry.

Автор Marcin Niedzielski ( назад)
cool story but you can light steel wool with just about anything ... better to touch it to a 5v battery which is probably what was in the lemon

Автор umar 28204 ( назад)
he copies crazyrussianhacker

Автор multiminecraftguy23 ( назад)

Автор davie didgood ( назад)
squeezing the citrus oil from a lemon skin into a fire is more fun.

Автор davie didgood ( назад)
Yep ... when I'm in survival mode I usually carry all this equipment and seek out citrus trees in the snow instead of carrying matches, lighter or simple flint. Lets take the Chem lab camping!

Автор Brendan Stanford ( назад)
9 volt battery in the lemon

Автор Donald Howser ( назад)
2 words>>> Bic Lighter

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