How To Make Fire With A LEMON.

In this video I show you how to make fire with a lemon. This is an awesome survival tip that you don´t want to miss.
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"Mechanolith" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Автор Sandosh Creative ( назад)
Vow, great idea...!!

Автор francisco gil ( назад)
You forgot to mention how to find a lemon in the middle of the of the frozen forest...

Автор Face Gamer ( назад)
Kinda copied crazyrussianhacker with the intro

Автор Daniel Cox ( назад)
Sink nails? Possibly Zinc?

Автор woofbiteme ( назад)
if its Russia, youd have a better chance of starting a fire by just driving a Yugo., I did think its pretty cool that you can start a fire like that tho

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
When life gives you lemons

Автор Super Cousins ( назад)
asdf10: have you seen my lemons?

me: watch this

Автор Callum Coyne ( назад)
and you're going to have a lemon nails etc when you stuck in the middle of no where 😂

Автор ECO WORLD ( назад)

Автор Crow ( назад)
This is the proof that Russia are behind other well-developed countries.

Автор KWIZ DOT ( назад)
1) You won't find lemons anywhere where there is a 'survival situation'. (2) If you have a lemon out in the wilderness, something went entirely wrong (3) Zinc nails? Oh yes, right next to my platinum buttons

Автор Anon Anon ( назад)
Can you cure cancer?

Автор Felix Nyareki ( назад)
Fake accent

Автор Heyou-Get Offa My Cloud999 ( назад)
Yes idiot, and what are the chances of either your matches and/or your fuel being too wet to light?

Автор ksm95 ( назад)

Автор Joe Foster ( назад)
0:13 #russianlifehacker

Автор Horrific Game211 ( назад)

Автор Cody Vandergraaf ( назад)
russian hacker copier

Автор Jeremy Tharaldson ( назад)
Wouldn't work. All the pins and nails that aren't connected to the wires are pointless.

Автор Dave Gill ( назад)
NorthSurvival this video would be more useful if you told people how to find things that are already IN the NORTH and always carry 2 dissimilar metals when hiking or camping that can easily be transformed into 2 electrodes both (+) and (-). For example, there are videos how to make a mineral battery by taking different types of stream bed rocks and pebbles, crushing them and adding some type of acid electrolyte. Most people dont carry lemons backcountry but lemon is a good way to get electrolytes so maybe a good idea to carry citrus with you lol?

Автор Elisa Canonica ( назад)
Anche con kiwi ? =)

Автор Zaksamhol Studios ( назад)
Have you seen my lemons?
I want my lemons..

Автор Bunky Don ( назад)
Ples upload ow do mak atom bomb wit da lemon. **@(&#!x!&#*&@(*$

Автор Ryan Lozano ( назад)
Yes do it in the Forest that is smart the trees won't get on fire

Автор sajmir tershalla ( назад)
that's cheaper than external charger for my phone

Автор Oscar Rodriguez ( назад)
Great video. Thank you for sharing.

Автор Andrew De Freitas ( назад)
when life gives you lemons, make a grenade

Автор So Cal Bee Guy ( назад)
I don't understand why you would make such a real-looking video to lie to people. This is bunk!

Автор my mind is digital ( назад)
i hope u die to

Автор METHOD ONE ( назад)
I don't know how Patreon can be any realistic alternative for Youtubers. People previously watched videos...and the Ads paid for that pleasure...NOW what Youtubers are saying is they want people (who are just as strapped for cash as them!) to suddenly donate/PAY to continue to watch all of their favourite channels??!! That's like me saying to them....."All of us have watched you and given you millions of views FOR FREE but from now on, you have to pay EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US for watching you...what would they say?"

Автор Purix ( назад)
Have you seen my lemons? I want my lemons.

Автор Ryan Roberson ( назад)
now you can cook a lemon with itself! yay.

Автор Skidoosh Layman ( назад)
MacGyver School of Survival.

Автор sandy moonstone ( назад)
. 🍊 + ⚡ = 🔥 😊 👌

Автор Nathan Ryweck ( назад)
Can anyone explain how this works? Something to do with the acid in the lemon reacting with the metal?

Автор Corey Grandmaison Archive ( назад)
woah its real

Автор Nadim Ali ( назад)
you wannabe tryna be taras kul(crazy russian hacker)

Автор Blacksquareable ( назад)
I had no idea fruit could be so dangerous.

Автор Sush!playZ ( назад)
I tried it...it worked...

Автор ali arshad ( назад)

Автор Hula Shack ( назад)
Why did you have to copy the Crazy Russian Hacker??? I would think you should have been honest and come up with your own intro. Hacking an into is not cool.

Автор Johnny Kronaz ( назад)
Automatic thumbs down for reminding me of the CrazyRussianHacker.

Автор Lokesh Chandra ( назад)
what is the reason

Автор LR Munoz ( назад)
that was really cool.

Автор Don Desnoo ( назад)
you have to charge the lemon with a lemon charger first or use pre charged Russian lemons.😚

Автор buttenutz ( назад)
Scam. C'mon people.

Автор Hope Is Blind ( назад)

Автор mozart0042 ( назад)

Автор Epic Tv ( назад)
Please Subscribe Me I am poor Guy from india Your One Subscribe Will change My Life Please I Need

Hope You Like

Автор Leblanc Leblanc ( назад)
instead of lemon I suggest you can use water

Автор Phuck Hugh ( назад)
Could one make a stun gun out of lemons?

Автор chris martin ( назад)
completely impractical ... but good to know one the less :D

Автор VladimirDuckTrump RBLX ( назад)
So, in the wild, who is going to JUST HAPPEN TO HAVE a lemon, 6 steel rods, 6 metal nails, 2 wires, and shit loads of paper with them.

Автор AtomicBogator ( назад)
stop acting Russian

Автор Rich Soracco ( назад)
Those "copper" clips are NOT COPPER at all, but BRASS!

Автор Scott Howie ( назад)
nice one mate

Автор David Starr ( назад)
How many hours will that lemon keep producing electricity? Also Will that work with a grapefruit? Larger fruit would mean more nails and maybe higher electric output.

Автор Russell Anderson ( назад)
That was a cool FYI

Автор CrazyCookies ( назад)
Cave Johnson​ would be proud...

Автор _GLITCH _HUNTERS_ ( назад)
I subbed!

Автор PKMN Trainer ( назад)

Автор Dan ( назад)
I remember when I was climbing Half Dome on the north face, in the Grand Tetons, when a storm took me by surprise. Lucky for me, there set into the granite, a whippoorwill (that's a bird) had built his nest out of steel wool and toiletpaper. Since I believe everything happens for a reason, fate must have brought me and the nest and the storm together. Well, I didn't have a lemon or even any nails, but I knew one thing and that's that I couldn't squander the moment. Suddenly from out of nowhere my head was attacked by the owner of the nest. With my free hand, I grabbed the fearsome bird by the neck and pinned him against the rock wall. I told him to calm down and that he needed to listen to me! In a voice appropriately stern for this occasion, I said "Do you know how dangerous it is to build a nest out of steel wool and toilet paper? It's a fire just waiting to happen!" Rhetorically, I asked "Do you like poached eggs?" Then I continued sarcastically "Cause that's how you get poached eggs!"

Автор James Baer ( назад)
Steel wool and a battery would do the same thing.

Автор In Cognito ( назад)
bic lighter .79 cents

Автор Jeff M ( назад)
Thanks man, that was very interesting.

Автор punkrockefeller ( назад)
What happens when you run out of toilet paper?

Автор MTSINAI-JabalAl-Lawz-28°39′15″N 35°18′21″E ( назад)
Lemons grow in semi-arid climates, how would you find one at the Northern part of the Arctic Circle lol

Автор SpAceman_ M_Lang ( назад)
Instructions unclear dick got caught in fan

Автор #37 District Deputy ( назад)
AMAZING.... he has everything except a book of matches or a lighter... REALLY PREPARED...

Автор Ben Wetzel ( назад)
"Do you know who I am, I'm the man who's gonna burn your house down... with the lemons!" -Cave Johnson

Автор john phone booth ( назад)
why cant safety be number one priority with russian DRIVERS

Автор Dylan Nichols ( назад)
this dude stole his hole intro from crazy Russian hacker wow. that's just sad

Автор Bill Rocco ( назад)

Автор D45137Gaming4022 ( назад)
Enjoyed /Pronunciation: Enyoyed Lol spanish style

Автор Addersfazelane Sanchez ( назад)
That's a avatar miner paintball song

Автор RispyCrispy ( назад)
It's 2 AM in the morning right now why the fuck am I here

Автор Smoke Trujillo ( назад)
STFU YOU WANNABE Crazy Russian Hacker, make up your own dam intro fool

Автор mike mcewen ( назад)
amazing !

Автор Absolute Legend ( назад)
Where do I start??Crazy Russian hacker intro,Just take a spare fucking lighter or six instead of packing a lemon, copper fittings and wire.And does it charge an iPhone? 👍

Автор Frostaholic ( назад)
this shit is fake the guy is fake and the video is fake. lemons don't produce enough volts

Автор oNNN1 - ( назад)
XD wow cool vids dude

Автор ThatGuyLemonade ( назад)
I never knew that I was capable of such power.

Автор rotas5s5 ( назад)
people stop saying he is Russian...

Автор Ryoji Martinez ( назад)

Автор Smasher Blaster Crasher Basher ( назад)
right, because you can find a lemon in the wild in the north..

Автор johnson4A7 Gaming ( назад)
when you coy word for word crazy Russian hacker intro

Автор pokeconn ( назад)
portal fans...portal fans everywhere.

Автор isaiah logsdon ( назад)
Fagot intro stealer

Автор Mickey Bitsko ( назад)
Well, if I'm ever in a survival situation and I have a lemon I'll remember this.  But wouldn't it be easier to take matches?

Автор PatanjaliVonNeumann ( назад)
This video displays every known markers for "fakery". We even are delighted with the final video cut, just before the "ignition"!

Автор professorjordan ( назад)
"When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade! Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don't want your damn lemons! What am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life's manager!
Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I'm the man whose gonna burn your house down - with the lemons!"
_~Cave Johnson_

Автор Des M. ( назад)
I was in the South pole last year, it was -35* and I was freezing to death, but thanks to your video...it saved my life.I got really warm running about trying to find a Lemon, Nails, Toilet paper and some Wire wool.

Автор Robert Taylor ( назад)
9 volt battery and steel wool will do the exact same thing and easy to transport

Автор TheTimmyd54 ( назад)
Lying scamming cheater! Had a battery inside the lemon.

Автор TheTimmyd54 ( назад)
Not only impractical, also impossible! Check other youtube vids to see this exposed

Автор T38 Talon ( назад)
Only the last two unconnected pins matter. The rest are shorted and aren't doing anything. It'd be easier to bring a 9V battery.

Автор koen d ( назад)
this is clearly a scam

Автор Bliss_KweebZ ( назад)
Have you seen ma lemons?

I want ma lemons.

Автор Spetsop ( назад)
Oh look, another bullshit "viral" video for gullible morons! What else is new?! 😒

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