Super Smash Bros - Trailer Analysis

  • Опубликовано: 10 мар 2018
  • Dunkey takes a closer look at the new Smash Bros trailer to reveal some juicy new info about the upcoming game.
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  • Sasuke-kun
    Sasuke-kun 17 минут назад +1

    Tony the Tiger from *CEREAL*

  • Mike Carminati
    Mike Carminati 47 минут назад

    Troupple King main or gtfo

  • gumballguy34
    gumballguy34 49 минут назад

    Freddie Freaker for smash

  • Professor Ditto
    Professor Ditto 55 минут назад +1

    Sam and wingding
    Me: ‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼

  • The Hall of the Mountain Gadget
    The Hall of the Mountain Gadget 57 минут назад

    That can't be Jack Skellington when it's obviously Bill Nye the Science Guy

  • Isaac Stottlemyer
    Isaac Stottlemyer Час назад

    Can we actually get Knack, that would be nice

  • raylewis60
    raylewis60 2 часа назад +1


  • Ruben Olguin
    Ruben Olguin 2 часа назад


  • Cameron Zornes
    Cameron Zornes 3 часа назад

    "I'm fishing for a fight" am I right boys or am I right.

  • Pokedummy 3000
    Pokedummy 3000 3 часа назад

    Jimy for smash babyyyyyyyyyyy final smash will be his dad making the donut boy dance and players jump off

  • Potato nugget Bun face
    Potato nugget Bun face 3 часа назад +1

    Tony the Tiger from cereal.

  • Holly Kaye
    Holly Kaye 3 часа назад

    Those are The forgotten players from smash wii u

  • honorguard88
    honorguard88 3 часа назад

    This was amazing dunk. Screw all those guys that make 10 minute video with 2 frames of content.

  • Max Phan
    Max Phan 4 часа назад

    I lost my shit when he 100 % confirmed jimmy neutron 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Elijah Kraskov
    Elijah Kraskov 4 часа назад

    Dude I'm totally gonna main boss baby

  • Joshua Alvarez
    Joshua Alvarez 5 часов назад

    nope nope nope all those theories are on all those characters are monsters are the characters we have already except for the Sans and Papyrus when I really want that and Splatoon

  • Zay Gamer Marquez
    Zay Gamer Marquez 5 часов назад

    Totally gonna be Sam and Wingding

    ETHAN PAUL 6 часов назад +1

    Actually, jimmy neutron is E. Gadd from obscure game "Luigi's Mansion". Not that popular no one really knows about it.

  • PaperBort
    PaperBort 6 часов назад

    You may have missed it but one of the shadows is actually Rango the chameleon

  • Deceptionous
    Deceptionous 6 часов назад

    I'm fishing for a fight, brother.

  • Primus C
    Primus C 7 часов назад

    I hope jimmys assist is carl asking for a crosaint

  • Emre İhsan Ermiş
    Emre İhsan Ermiş 7 часов назад

    Actually, Bert and Ernie would be cool.

  • marino style
    marino style 8 часов назад


  • Ethan and Mack: The Dream Team
    Ethan and Mack: The Dream Team 8 часов назад

    But what people don’t realize is that in the lower right corner, if you look really close, you can actually see Ratatouille from the 2007 Pixar film Remy

  • Emuzeek
    Emuzeek 9 часов назад

    I thouth that was that girl from super seducer

  • JakeTheLego25
    JakeTheLego25 10 часов назад +1

    I *NEED* Knack!

  • Inspired Blue
    Inspired Blue 10 часов назад

    Gonna main Jack Skellington

  • Magikarp Will Survive!
    Magikarp Will Survive! 10 часов назад


  • Matthew Wright
    Matthew Wright 10 часов назад

    You’re my new favorite youtuber

  • Maria Helena Fernandez de Fiore
    Maria Helena Fernandez de Fiore 10 часов назад

    This... is amazing

  • noah alcoser
    noah alcoser 10 часов назад +1

    B O S S B A B Y

  • Winston
    Winston 11 часов назад

    I just realized that the thumbnail is Macho Man riding on a Sun and the sun is wearing sunglasses and the sun looks like he's about to say "I'm fishing for a fight brother"

  • I and L
    I and L 11 часов назад

    Cmon man don't hate on splatoon

  • XXDrew MXX
    XXDrew MXX 11 часов назад

    Thats a nice Macho man riding the sun with a fishing pole thumbnail "I'm fishing for a fight"the sun-2014

  • Windows 98 SE
    Windows 98 SE 12 часов назад

    Should've released on April 1st

  • Fuccboi
    Fuccboi 13 часов назад

    man I was hoping for Tracer from CS 1.6 to be part of the brawl

  • KidPianist
    KidPianist 14 часов назад

    That’s it I am gone main ma boi jimm neutro

  • camilo
    camilo 14 часов назад


  • J_Double_D
    J_Double_D 14 часов назад

    Top 10 overpowered anime characters

  • Ashki_ Gaming
    Ashki_ Gaming 15 часов назад

    Oh im in there😍😊😞😞😞

  • WatAngelin
    WatAngelin 15 часов назад +1

    Cant wait to play as jimmy newtron from undertale.

  • Carl Sandal
    Carl Sandal 16 часов назад +1

    Can’t wait to main the boss baby

  • man with a top hat
    man with a top hat 17 часов назад

    "Sam and wingding"

    13 SKELETONS WOKE 17 часов назад

    Idk but you guys but i'm hoping for the dancing pumpkin man

  • ᴏxᴇʏ ɴɪᴍʀᴏᴅ
    ᴏxᴇʏ ɴɪᴍʀᴏᴅ 19 часов назад

    Can't wait to play as Bert & Ernie, especially Tony The Tiger!

  • zigdug
    zigdug 20 часов назад

    It’s been confirmed that there knacks final smash will be ice knack. It’s true my dad is nintendo

  • zigdug
    zigdug 20 часов назад

    I think my favorite joke out of this video is when he says the tall figure isn’t zero suit samus cause Nintendo doesn’t have the rights to Metroid, but says that it’s jack skelington instead even though Nintendo doesn’t have the rights to that character either.

  • Dirtier and Danier
    Dirtier and Danier 20 часов назад

    If you look at the rocks on the side closely, you can make out Steve from Minecraft.

  • Fawxx1O7 ™
    Fawxx1O7 ™ 20 часов назад

    I’m kind of upset that dunkey called Link Zelda.

  • WeabooPie
    WeabooPie 21 час назад

    I will be very disappointed if Jimmy Neutron isn't in the game

  • kumayl kuvawala
    kumayl kuvawala 21 час назад

    This is the best

  • ilikchez
    ilikchez 21 час назад +1

    Im a boss baby main now

  • TOBI Edits
    TOBI Edits 21 час назад

    Boss baby main

  • TOBI Edits
    TOBI Edits 21 час назад +1

    I’m becoming an Ernie main

  • SonicTheGamerUltra 1234588
    SonicTheGamerUltra 1234588 21 час назад

    your wrong that is Mario not Tony the Tiger and you just all wrong on them Characters

  • Rowe Varsity FOOTBALL
    Rowe Varsity FOOTBALL 22 часа назад


  • Yee Haw
    Yee Haw 22 часа назад

    Yo the thumbnail has a good dunkey callback

  • Rush Master
    Rush Master День назад

    Tony would do well in smash

  • Acheay
    Acheay День назад

    whom i beat in smash

  • Ethan Villegas
    Ethan Villegas День назад

    Funniest video I Sean

  • Brotastic
    Brotastic День назад

    I burst out laughing as soon as me mentioned jimmy neutron... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Silley Doggo
    Silley Doggo День назад

    Really! I'm furious! Why isn't Shrek in Smash. We've been waiting for so long and still no Shrek?!

  • SaucyFloridian
    SaucyFloridian День назад

    ffs dunkey. It's not troo-ple, it's trow-ple. I thought you were a real gamers

  • Argentina Diaz
    Argentina Diaz День назад

    Can't wait to play with Tony the tiger

  • TheThunderWalrus
    TheThunderWalrus День назад

    im sorry but i cant like this

  • onyour left
    onyour left День назад

    Fam you got on the trend recommended page 10 million subs baby!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aidanana
    Aidanana День назад


  • Andre Diaz
    Andre Diaz День назад

    Gamedunkey forgot the spoiler alert

  • EllemEyyoh
    EllemEyyoh День назад

    Boss Baby's Final Smash is confirmed to be sending the opponents to the abortion slide.

  • TheLyonKing5
    TheLyonKing5 День назад

    Dunkey please give the boss baby the respect he deserves. The proper title is “The boss baby, titular character of the Oscar nominee movie The Boss Baby”. Thanks

  • David Holguin
    David Holguin День назад

    Love the call back from all the way from 5 years ago

  • James Poe
    James Poe День назад

    Absolutely gonna wreck shit with Jack Skelington and Jimmy Neutron

  • Agent_Duck Quack
    Agent_Duck Quack День назад

    Why are all these facts so triggering

    XIXTHRASHER День назад

    I've never laughed harder to a dunkey video until now. The parody is uncanning xD

  • Virtual Zoo
    Virtual Zoo День назад

    Flat floor in image = Flat Earth
    Irrefutable proof!

  • Monsoon toosoon
    Monsoon toosoon День назад

    Solid that this has more views than the game trailer itself

  • Kick Nrompton
    Kick Nrompton День назад


  • teamLMG
    teamLMG День назад

    i love you

  • roblox- tyer
    roblox- tyer День назад

    So only Marth is being re added

  • Parker Universe
    Parker Universe День назад


  • Кекisтаиi Яоvея
    Кекisтаиi Яоvея День назад

    Haha!! well done nice thorough breakdown bre

  • Gage Campbell
    Gage Campbell День назад

    It's clearly Zelda. Show link on screen.

  • Meesta Meesta
    Meesta Meesta День назад

    No way. Tony the Tiger?????

  • stpattyy11
    stpattyy11 День назад

    When you try to analyze something, but your drunk as shit.
    0% reason \ 100% quality.

  • Jabawaski
    Jabawaski День назад

    Omg i hate you lmaooooooo

  • VenomSilver Is Awesome
    VenomSilver Is Awesome День назад

    What no CJ from gta san andreas with his train final smash?

  • thekoseng
    thekoseng День назад

    that is actually not jimmy neutron because it is majin boo from dragonballs

  • Jc Gutierrez
    Jc Gutierrez День назад

    that is mario :(

  • DanTDM Fan
    DanTDM Fan День назад

    Mario was the close up

    • Snowhue
      Snowhue День назад

      Whoa really?

  • Omega Jacob
    Omega Jacob День назад


  • Pacc Mman
    Pacc Mman День назад +1

    Wait a second....Undertale was not even out since Mario 64. This video is suspicious.

    • Snowhue
      Snowhue День назад

      Undertale came out in 2015 tho

  • Jason Pancho
    Jason Pancho День назад

    April fools

  • The Juan Pablo Show
    The Juan Pablo Show День назад

    Worst analysis ever

  • Fakhri Ramadhan
    Fakhri Ramadhan День назад

    I thought that second guy was that clown from that Twisted Metal thing lol

  • Issaiah Starr
    Issaiah Starr День назад

    Why does that bert and ernie picture exist lol

  • Ethan Harris
    Ethan Harris День назад

    This guy is retarded those aren’t Nintendo characters

    • man with a top hat
      man with a top hat 15 часов назад

      Let me say this, who is the retarded one?
      A:the guy who made a joke about the new super smash bros trailer
      B:the guy who doesn't get the joke

      Wich one is retarded?

    • whyareyoureadingthiswholeprofilename
      whyareyoureadingthiswholeprofilename День назад +1

      Ethan Harris it's a JOKE

  • Goku Zack
    Goku Zack День назад

    You are a dumass

    • Snowhue
      Snowhue День назад +1


  • W.O.A.T
    W.O.A.T День назад

    Yes they but boss baby

    THETOOT День назад

    Finally another duo character like the Ice Climbers to play as, Bert and Ernie is going to be my main!

  • Sodiumpo
    Sodiumpo День назад

    I use to kick ass with toon link