Angelina Jolie on divorce, film and Cambodia- BBC News

Angelina Jolie on her new film First They Killed My Father - based on the genocide in Cambodia - politics and her family. She was speaking in an exclusive interview with the BBC's Yalda Hakim.

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Автор 24 savage ( назад)
is no one gonna make a BBC PUN ?

Автор Sahar ( назад)
Why do Americans put all the blame on women? It was Brad Pitt who left his wife for Angelina. Period!

Автор Xemnas ( назад)
Wurde sie schon mal gewählt als sexiest women? Ich finde, sie sieht super aus! :)

Автор Teresa B ( назад)
May she forever be blessed with light and love continuing to live her life purpose with peace, joy, happiness, for her family, herself and all she shines her light on.

Автор -Safae- ( назад)
She's very inspiring❤️

Автор pauly keo ( назад)
Love her compassion. She is so kind. Bless you Angelina.

Автор AllamallaAquamalla Spielgut ( назад)
The older she gets the more she looks like her father. It's amazing. Especially her eyes.

Автор SuperAsh64 ( назад)
i think she's amazing, but where does her the accent come from...or is it a "put on" accent......wasn't she born in Cali?

Автор Kimmi Talks ( назад)
Aw her voice sounds a lot older. But she's still emoting compassion in every word and looks just as beautiful.

Автор Rebecca Joshi ( назад)
she is beautiful..

Автор Jenny Smith ( назад)
im from cambodia😍❤

Автор moraine labandero ( назад)
she not just only beautiful but wise too with a big big heart.

Автор Nikki Clarice Baldemor ( назад)
I love and adore Angelina. She's stunningly beautiful inside as she is on the outside.

Автор Genisisartist36 ( назад)
Angelina is so strong!!! What I like about her is that she does not go backwards. When you know something is done you know it's done and you move on. No matter how heartbreaking she feels she knows what needs to be done to heal. She put her kids first before a man. Yes, she is an actress we all know, but still a human.

Автор Angela Franco Boaglio ( назад)
Ah!!! esqueci-me de colocar que ela é interesseira, inescrupulosa e usa a adoção de crianças para se parecer "boazinha".

Автор Angela Franco Boaglio ( назад)
Angelina Jolie é MENTIROSA, esnobe, falsa, louca, neurótica, anoréxica, viciada em drogas, mandona e insuportável. Não tem nada de bom nela a não ser que é boa atriz e bonita. É péssima diretora e péssima roteirista. o filme À Beira Mar foi a prova da incapacidade dela, onde ela deixou-se mostrar horrível.

Автор jm Petersen ( назад)
She talks about how caring she is about people, yet she tells vicious lies about her husband. How can any one believe what she says. She's a trouble causing lying person.

Автор René Ligier ( назад)
D'accord Brad Pitt est un beau gosse mais son nouveau mec le rosbeef bon d'accord lenglish bordel de merde à un démonte pneus dans le sleebard et il lui gonfle ses nichons en plastoque à l'hélium à cette putains de ricaine 😭😭😭😭

Автор Tiffany plunkett ( назад)
She is the ultimate woman, she's the full package,

- Amazingly beautiful
- A caring loving person
- Cares & helps humanity
- Unlike most in her position actually cares about the world around her, its not all about her own world/life
- Good mother

I think she still gets a hard time over how she got with Brad but its not like it was just a fling & it wasn't her in that relationship so why is she held responsible for his actions she was just a girl who fell in love.
I will admit I was on Brad's side when they split but I didn't know why that was just the media pushing bad stories about her but u can see there she's no bad petson

Автор Jakub Sikora ( назад)

Автор Tanya B ( назад)
she is goddess

Автор Mr s ( назад)
hi subscribe me

Автор Ratana Van ( назад)
Im from cambodia

Автор Mariel Agent ( назад)
The Unauthorized Biography of Angelina Jolie states, an old boyfriend of her mother's was in question but was never confirmed or denied. Either way, in my opinion, do you consider it "safe" or morally correct to let a child underage to have a boyfriend or girlfriend stay over? I have a 17 year old and I would not allow that.

Автор Marija Juric ( назад)
I love how humble and graceful she is. She is using her fame to raise awareness about things that people don't know about like war in countries on other continents and about victims of war. That is truly amazing. I feel like there is a stereotype that Americans don't know anything about war because it is constantly happening outside their borders. I feel like they don't truly understand casualties of war, because they never lived through the war, they never had death this close to them. This is why I love Angie; she proves us wrong, she proves that there is people who know about horrible things happening all around the globe like in Cambodia and recently in Syria.

Автор free spirit ( назад)
The only actress i respect

Автор Aline Zonta ( назад)
Angelina, you are so lovely, but maybe try to be also solidary with Brad as well, if you believe on forgiveness and compassion.

Автор Naveen Hinduja ( назад)
Love u Angel... A big fan of yours from India......

Автор Famous Celebrities ( назад)

Автор Angelica Kitali ( назад)

Автор Joe Smith ( назад)
Angelina, hiya cutie :) glad to see you returned to the place where you first felt truly at peace. Know that you are never alone, that you are always cherished, appreciated, needed and loved woman..always. (Big hugs /kisses) Now dry those beautiful eye's, go kick some butt and be that amazingly indefinable, heart stopping once in a million life times kinda epic..you always were and always will be.

Автор Joe Smith ( назад)
Angelina, hiya cutie :) glad to see you returned to the place where you first felt truly at peace. Know that you are never alone, that you are always cherished, appreciated, needed and loved woman..always. (Big hugs /kisses) Now dry those beautiful eye's, go kick some butt and be that amazingly indefinable, heart stopping once in a million life times kinda epic..you always were and always will be.

Автор Katie Campbell ( назад)
It's real funny seeing her on BBC like a good UN Nazi.

Автор Suni Díaz Miranda ( назад)

Автор Dilia Ortiz ( назад)
I love Angie, I wish her the best , I know right now she is going through a lot but she'll get over it and soon Brad Pitt will be her past. She is a great person and so humble too. My dream is to meet her in person and give her a big hug .

Автор Joanna Baila ( назад)
I'm breathless..

Автор Andrew smith ( назад)

Автор วันเฉลิม พูนแสง ( назад)
an apsara on earth.

Автор Patti CAKES ( назад)

Автор Tú Lê ( назад)
Good news

Автор bookbunny70 ( назад)
She always carries herself with strength and love. Her compassion and her children have always brought smiles to many.

Автор courtney green ( назад)
is confused by Cambodia and rest of the world, it was aweful looking at Vietnam..?

Автор ame ib ( назад)
anglina plz adopt me too

Автор Shelly Rose ( назад)
Love you Angie, you are a soldier, brave, kind! xo

Автор Tina ( назад)
Maann white people age like bananas 🍌

Автор jedijones ( назад)
The idea that Islam is "just as good" or "equal to" any other mainstream religion is utterly preposterous. It is a sick, sexist, hate-filled, supremacist, murderous cult.

Автор mercedes cavani ( назад)
As sincere and open as I haven't seen her in awhile. Best of luck to her and the family.

Автор Elizabeth St Bernard ( назад)
she's a nut job....a home wrecker...a user and fake!!

Автор Roman Darius ( назад)
Angelia Jolie is a fake!!!   Has she cried for the White Women that have been raped---and even murdered by the refugees she helped bring in Europe?   She cares as much for those white European women in Europe  as she did for the white women whose husbands she stole.   By the way,  notice all that weight she lost?   Karma,  Baby!   She now knows what it feels like to have her husband stole from her.  Brad was cheating on her.

Автор BB BB ( назад)
I can feel in her speech that she was the victum in her marriage to Bratt? When she had to remove her 2 breast she became depressed and lost her confidence. Her ex husband also kissed another woman in a movie, not good for her pride. She was always a manipulator and she fakes allot, like he is the monster. But, she is very beautiful, she cares about children, she is a very good actress and a very scarry woman!! Feeding your children insects!!

Автор mythbuster ( назад)
To value human life is to value all life. To know that the life of animals and the planet itself is not separate from ours very own.

Автор andythefork ( назад)
Ugh, this bitch host. "Yeah yeah yeah, value of humanity, sure... let's talk Brangelina celebrity gossip!"

Автор jo ma ( назад)
Horror woman

why is she famous at all?

Автор goon Rison ( назад)
Friends Who wants to add Snapchat give me your name

Автор den a ( назад)
Love the ending 😊

Автор Skylion ( назад)
I still love Angelina but what she did to Brad was manipulative and terrible. I also don't know why people make such a big deal out of their divorce thought like it's unheard of? They've actually been together quite a long time for a Hollywood couple. Looking at this video, I wish she'd gain a few pounds back and take some time out for herself, her face looks worn.

Автор Ellen ms ( назад)
I'm sorry she is so self involved .. she loses it for me cuz strong families make a strong societies and she can even make her family work.. I'm no longer instreasted in her .. peace with her

Автор doc25phd ( назад)
with exception of 1 or 2...... stars who marry stars never lasts.. so why do they do it....this is no reflection on angelina and brad now what i am saying next .i had a shock when i read up young stars getting married almost 70% never got past year 2 ....many of them never got past 4 months its pathetic ....what is it they think marriage is..... a joke or a publicity stunt or something . i met my wife when we were both 14yrs old from school got married when we were 20 im now 32 .she broke my heart 4 years ago i am not with here anymore not from separation or divorce but from cancer .but she did leave me with the most beautiful gift ..3 beautiful girls .rip JJ.... LOVE YOU ALWAYS

Автор Vishal Ranjan ( назад)
Angelina Mam. Is a God Of my life.....

Автор Katya_L ( назад)
Ok, so first she accuse her husband of being abusive with her children and he has to pass even FBI investigation, and now she's going with "we are a family, we will forever be" crap. SO fake.

Автор Bianca Hotca ( назад)
She looks like she's had some work on her face, some injections, fillers. What's all that junk on her back, arms, all that tatooing?!! She has a very scary liberal worldview, a lot of junk mixed in with some good. She's lost, but can indeed change for the better she wanted to.

Автор Elke ( назад)
She is still adorable

Автор sahar hasanpour ( назад)
l love her, her beauty, her attitude..

Автор Joan Corpuz ( назад)
this the real ambassador of the world!!!! a woman with humility and sense.

Автор ta hoe ( назад)
Cambodia people love you too

Автор TruGamer ( назад)
What a beautiful soul.

Автор Joachim Playz ( назад)
You are Tigres from Kung Fu Panda!😨

Автор SmashinBeauty ( назад)
So well said, how she described her divorce..

Автор michellel9595 ( назад)
at least the interviewer was polite, 'would you like to talk about it' 'how are you coping' not TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON WHAT HAPPENED!!!. she treated her like a person

Автор 英理柿子 lmr2234 ( назад)
Love you angelina supported from China

Автор GoatBoy 45/70 ( назад)
The questions directed at her about herself were hard for her to answer because she has to share while she is in pain, the thing about unconditional love is some times you pay a heavy price and suffer for that kind of commitment.

Автор TBear300 ( назад)
The incident lol....what incident...Brad disciplining his children and Angelina hiring a nanny to do what she should be doing.

Автор TBear300 ( назад)
Take away her money and her freedom to use that money to just travel back and forth and see how interested she is then. Money always makes things easy to do these types of things....but take away that money and see where you are then.....the real believers and people interested would be striving to make things better no matter what. Fake!

Автор ramana ( назад)
love u angel... my childhood crush.... even for now

Автор Mariano Felan ( назад)
Everyone is talking about Angie being a home wrecker but don't think about Brads' longer history of hooking up with all his Co-stars

Автор Ahem2002 ( назад)
I really think its not fair for her kids to go through all of that in court. If it is really about the family, then why can't she work out something with Brad with the arrangements - Brad was part of the family and she tried to take many steps to completely cut him out. Whether he was a good father, or a bad one, he is part of the family. Same with her as well. I am not mixing this with all the humanitarian work that she has done, but the way the divorce case was initiated by her and dragging all her kids through that hell, doesn't seem to put her family first. Maybe in this interview she finally faced the truth and hence we are always a family. I hope she really stands by those words.

Автор Judy Florescu ( назад)
love her soul and mind forever!

Автор Maryam Hamid ( назад)
Love love her

Автор Adnezal ( назад)
She did a very horrible job, a disservice and chose an unjust, biased approach when she decided to tell the story or war in my country. She got the sympathy vote for using "war" as the tear jerking theme, but she disrespected and took the voice away from many women and men, on all sides, who experienced a loss she could never relate to. Hopefully she did better with this one.

Автор ngbaby0303 ( назад)
Gosh, I respect this lady!

Автор sound of hope صوت الأمل ( назад)
Please I need help https://www.gofundme.com/sing-to-god?pc=fm_co_dashboard_a&rcid=57a0b71bb8fa4c6a96082da60a8223e6

Автор JenMisha VP GypsyJen ( назад)
Im on the fence with Angie🎭Dont know What's Fact or False? Sometimes my instincts tell me she is being as genuine as "they" will allow her to be and other times I know for certain it's for the cameras. But that's the price you pay being in Hellywood💁. There are so many lost souls all over this world most definitely and even more so and Hollywood. They promote duality make you change your name put you through certain classes that can confuse the heck out of you then you're given a Handler who is usually allowed to abused you mentally emotionally physically and sexually and if you don't play by their rules you can get knocked off ... all and all is it really worth it?? I think as a lot of these actresses get older they realize like Joan Rivers realized before it was too late that they were coming after her but she went out with the truth or as most agree JOAN WAS DEAD SERIOUS in the video clip here on YouTube when she leaked about Michelle Obama being transgender. I know Joan is a comic but she was dead on dead serious. Anyone who knows Joan watch that video and no she is not joking at all it's like she knew it was coming so she wanted to go out with some kind of Truth and InStyle and I say.. good for you Joan Hallelujah amen for the truth. she just got to a point where she got sick of the lies period but they came after her and she knew they eventually were especially in the interviews with the private talks with her and Melissa her daughter. I don't know if he can still find them here on YouTube a lot of them were deleted but she had talked with her daughter saying he'll what a crazy business it is and how it's not worth it and she said everything is being left to you Melissa and guaranteeing her daughter that when they take her out she is going to be just fine referring to her daughter and to not worry about me meaning Rivers and that she had a good life. It was a very sincere and tearful video clip with the two of them at home it wasn't anything you can see on TV it was something that someone close to them record it and post it on YouTube a few years ago right before she died and then it was taken off quickly you can try to Google Melissa and Joan Rivers conversation video before she died but I've tried to find it and I can't find it anymore since she had that so-called emergency throat surgery. What a fiasco and a bunch of b******* and lies. My prayers go up for June and all those who have been taken out by Hollywood handlers way too early like especially Robin Williams River Phoenix Philip Seymour Hoffman Aaliyah Brittany Murphy and many others. Hollywood is diabolical. It would be nice really nice if the world could make a radical move and just stopped going to the movies for just one day and watching TV for one day 24 hours... But we just can't seem to do it can we? yeah if we could stop the media watching for one full day no movies no TV no news no internet nothing do you know how much control the people would have? I'm ready to jump on that bandwagon and I've tried to get other people but we need the whole world to stop for one full day period it would change things immensely period but we keep putting praise and worship on these Stars that do not deserve it. Yes they may work hard as an actress but the average everyday person works even harder just to make ends meet while they put in a few hours a day and live like kings and queens. anyway got to go eat my rice and beans lol scraping pennies over here but I'm happier than a pig in s*** because of my faith. that's what keeps me going and I wouldn't have it any other way. God bless everyone peace love and happiness to all :-)

Автор lilfayfay ( назад)
I feel so bad for the children who are going through this divorce.

Автор Yana Petran ( назад)
beautiful woman

Автор xc5647321 xc5647321 ( назад)
Nobody cares...

Автор P wow Cwow ( назад)
absolutely fake

Автор Sara N ( назад)
I'm seriously in love with this woman. She's a true rolemodel. After all she's been through and now she is here. I salute her.

Автор Goldfish Girl ( назад)
I love you Anjelina <3

Автор Alexandra Tembi Robertshaw ( назад)
"we know that an incident occured that lead to you separation". what was the incident???

Автор Marlene Holley ( назад)
She is beautiful!!!! Kind spirit 🌹

Автор Stephanie Beattie ( назад)
Terrible actress who is an example of nepotism gone wrong. She ruined her face with nose jobs and fillers and botox and she is too old for that dark long hair. She cant hold a candle to Laura Derns talent.

Автор sunshine day ( назад)
love angie forever ❤❤❤❤❤

Автор Exchange Light ( назад)
Oriental means second hands by white poeple that's why they fancy my light instead of blue moon.

Автор ivan Testycle ( назад)

Автор Jess Northway ( назад)
Having made so much tattoos one can distinctly state that she has substantial issues with her mind... But I do feel sorry for her...

Автор Claudia Mendez ( назад)
she's always been a very complex person...some people just like simple,am one of those,no drama for me☺

Автор L12 Al ( назад)
wow! shes more often known for her beauty but damn.. this woman is wise! what she said regarding racism and diversity was magnificent!

Автор kim miller ( назад)
shes ugly! i wander if brad looks at jennifer now and says what was i thinking

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