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  • meu sonho é chegar a 1 milhõn de incritos

    I juo Rey huy ser nlo

  • Eddielyn Pantonial
    Eddielyn Pantonial 3 days ago

    May I know Karin Full name?cu'z I didn't know it like Wtf?So funny ahh!

  • JulesTDD
    JulesTDD 4 days ago

    I feel like its weird when guys kiss. But it is oddly satisfying when girls kiss.

  • Samanta Sparnauskaite


  • pikipiki wurp
    pikipiki wurp 11 days ago

    4:53 I lost it HAHAHHA

  • first last
    first last 11 days ago +1

    so cute😝😻

  • Angela Isabel Valencia

    you both are my favorite couples💖💖💖

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 15 days ago

    Nobody is going to mention the dog licking Karin's lips then kissing

  • Natasha Grant
    Natasha Grant 16 days ago

    OMG!!!! Karin's face when she ate the warheads, after she kissed Skyler and when Skyler didn't get the name of the candy right made me lit LMAO! The edit was: the of, the o didn't show up, lol

  • It's ABIGAIL
    It's ABIGAIL 27 days ago

    When I first saw this channel and decided to watch one of their videos I was like *bro is that Justin Bieber's lesbian sister or it's a lesbian version of Justin Bieber

  • Mythal Draco
    Mythal Draco Month ago +1

    We all know that we just came here to see Karin and Skylar kiss maybe a little to see the actual thing but......WE ALL KNOW THAT FACTS PEOPLE

  • Alorah Baca
    Alorah Baca Month ago

    I love the end LOL 😂❤️

  • Alorah Baca
    Alorah Baca Month ago

    💖hot tomolies

  • Poja Mangimiseks
    Poja Mangimiseks Month ago +1

    Kas te olete lespid

  • layne hess
    layne hess Month ago

    is enty one going to tack about how junior mints are her fav their descusting

  • Yui Mukami
    Yui Mukami Month ago

    You guys should’ve done the marshmallow challenge

  • Mohamed Ahnaf
    Mohamed Ahnaf Month ago +1

    Like me baby

  • Why dont we Lover
    Why dont we Lover Month ago

    I’m a lesbian and this is my new favorite video on RUclip 😂😂

  • memish mascher I always wish good things for others

    U want a relationship like this

  • en direct
    en direct Month ago

    4:53 😂😂😂😂

    AVLU VİDEOS Month ago

    Keşke ingilizce bilsem

  • Foxy Amy
    Foxy Amy Month ago

    My first time watching all vids that lesbian girls post, karin and skyler guys you've won my heart

  • Valarie Anderson
    Valarie Anderson Month ago


  • Farheen Masoom
    Farheen Masoom Month ago

    Girls are born kissers!!!!💏

  • Lisalizz_ PlayzGacha
    Lisalizz_ PlayzGacha 2 months ago

    I love the way when Karin gives sour candy to skyler and omg skylers facee!! You guys are together

  • Hodhan Abdi
    Hodhan Abdi 2 months ago

    Jeez idk how I'm so obsessed with Karin and skyler

  • IITian Varsh loves Jennie*Tzuyu and kpop

    Itni kiss Kaun karta hain bhai??? Hamare Emraan Hashmi ko sharam aawa be..... Usne Sayeed puri career me itni bar kiss nehi Kiya bahen log🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Emo dragon
    Emo dragon 2 months ago +1

    Karin: "give me a freaking gummy bear!" *Spits it at skyler*
    Skyler: "Babe! That was so mean!!"
    Oh my god I love you guys 😂

  • Marian Jade
    Marian Jade 2 months ago

    You must cut the hair of the man as you look

  • pcjockey
    pcjockey 2 months ago

    You two are so friggin cute.

  • eysi 0192
    eysi 0192 2 months ago +1

    I love you

  • poopy cup
    poopy cup 2 months ago


  • الملكه.زينب. المالكي

    ويععع كبر أي والله

  • jowzey jowzey
    jowzey jowzey 2 months ago +1

    Who watching this in 2020❣️

  • jowzey jowzey
    jowzey jowzey 2 months ago

    Who watching this in 2020❣️

  • Gaston 564
    Gaston 564 2 months ago +1

    Hagan sexo desnudas para que nos guste

  • Greninjai
    Greninjai 2 months ago +1

    I’m lesbian to
    But I’m not old enough to kiss my crush D:
    My crushes name is Lucy Camille

  • LPS Cookie dough
    LPS Cookie dough 2 months ago

    9:20 to like 9:37 is HILARIOUS

  • LPS Cookie dough
    LPS Cookie dough 2 months ago +2

    4:43 is one of my favorite parts of this video😂

  • LPS Cookie dough
    LPS Cookie dough 2 months ago

    4:37 is funny!!! She knew she f up

  • LPS Cookie dough
    LPS Cookie dough 2 months ago

    3:12 THAT was funny!!! She gave it to Skyler!😂😂😂

  • Leaf Wing
    Leaf Wing 2 months ago +1

    To all those closeted/discovering themselves lesbians just find these guys and u won’t have 2 worry about ur mum seeing ‘girls kissing’ on ur search history *awkward gay thumbs up*

  • AshenDarkWolf0915
    AshenDarkWolf0915 2 months ago

    im obsessed with swedish fish fr i buy like a box every two days

  • vegan burritos
    vegan burritos 2 months ago

    my mouth started to water when they put all 5 war heads in there mouth

  • Charell romano
    Charell romano 2 months ago

    Now i need a gf 😅😅

  • Grace Wilson
    Grace Wilson 3 months ago +1

    I feel like Karin was only in it for the kissing 😂

  • Giana Demorato
    Giana Demorato 3 months ago

    Bandit is so cute he's just a puppy

  • Mysterious Thing
    Mysterious Thing 3 months ago

    Question can u guys do a video where u French kiss ??

  • Mysterious Thing
    Mysterious Thing 3 months ago

    This is so gross xDD

  • ohitzjustrylie
    ohitzjustrylie 3 months ago

    *this is so*

    *god damn*


  • Charlene Delfino 3wu
    Charlene Delfino 3wu 3 months ago

    You are so cute together

  • jeffrey dhaiti
    jeffrey dhaiti 3 months ago

    ples stop it

  • cookie pop
    cookie pop 3 months ago

    Do a cheap vs expensive video

  • μαργαριτα κυραννου

    You are the worst channel I was see ever

  • Bianca Que
    Bianca Que 3 months ago

    Searously a Girl and a Girl kissing?

  • Haileigh Bowen
    Haileigh Bowen 3 months ago

    The slime is so good.

  • Christine Morrison
    Christine Morrison 3 months ago +1

    This is how many times she said they were her favorite

  • Madison Curran
    Madison Curran 3 months ago

    Me to😨😨😨😨😨😖😖😖

  • Nea
    Nea 3 months ago

    You gay

  • Milandi Volgs
    Milandi Volgs 3 months ago

    You guys sould do a video how y’all make out and touch the body parts 😱🤩💞

    ALEXIS PRESSLEY 3 months ago

    i love watchin yall kiss yall are so freaking cute toghther

  • Username Username
    Username Username 3 months ago

    Bruh this game is good for like a party or a friends nigh out games like that game called king

  • Da'Miya Young
    Da'Miya Young 3 months ago

    Like if they kiss to much⬇️

  • Hanna Pratt
    Hanna Pratt 4 months ago

    I hate you Karin but I love you sky

  • Hanna Pratt
    Hanna Pratt 4 months ago

    You guys are weird and to much kissing I hare you guys

  • Bella Romero
    Bella Romero 4 months ago

    Not trying to be rude but is the blonde a boy 👦🏽 or a 👧🏽

  • cactus queen
    cactus queen 4 months ago

    At 4:42 to 4:45 it is soooooooo funny

  • Virus
    Virus 4 months ago


  • Peppy416 :3
    Peppy416 :3 4 months ago

    I’m lesbian! Who else is?

  • Mohadeseh H
    Mohadeseh H 4 months ago

    I love u guys

  • Lindsey Gibson
    Lindsey Gibson 4 months ago

    I love y’all. Y’all my favorite RUclips

  • cola2729 franke
    cola2729 franke 4 months ago

    They have werthers original and i live in werther 😂

  • danna reynoso
    danna reynoso 4 months ago

    I Love moment 4:42

  • Milena Kers
    Milena Kers 4 months ago

    Your dog 😍 zo cutie 😍😍😍

  • Douglas Cochran
    Douglas Cochran 4 months ago

    You guys are lesbians

  • Lori Byfield
    Lori Byfield 4 months ago

    Are you gu6 gay

  • Solara Kant
    Solara Kant 4 months ago

    Haha!! "Swedish Fish" I'm from Sweden so why have I never tasted that?? :)

  • Victoria Martinez
    Victoria Martinez 5 months ago

    Bandit was so small😂😂❤️

  • Nerdy Mermaid
    Nerdy Mermaid 5 months ago

    Their dog is like "Ooohhh... Whatcha got there?" When it sees the candy (I don't know the dog's gender)! XD

  • Lexie Caulfield
    Lexie Caulfield 5 months ago +3

    4:48 omg this was so cute karin:" oooooh yummy 🤮 haha