Trey Gowdy Tells an Incredible Story About Evidence Found in the Page of A Bible!

  • Опубликовано: 23 апр 2017
  • Trey Gowdy Tells an Incredible Story About Evidence Found in the Page of A Bible!

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  • Charlie Gallina
    Charlie Gallina 13 дней назад


  • James Royal
    James Royal 14 дней назад

    I realize it is irrelevant, just wonder what the verse said where the finger lay , so sad how this to often has happened to people who tell the truth to make amends for our sins ,I hope GOD takes this into consideration when the judgement is swiftly given to us before God and vengeance to those uncivilized, cold, heartless , cowards who never admit there sins ,and pray forgiveness, thank you trey gowdy for your service GOD bless

  • The Chad
    The Chad 16 дней назад

    Would it happen to be on Ezekiel 25:17? That’s some straight pulp fiction shit. At least be more original if you’re a contract killer.

  • Sally Schonberg
    Sally Schonberg 21 день назад +1

    Trey Gooey you are precious.

  • Anna Vajda
    Anna Vajda 25 дней назад

    Real True Detective. God bless him.

  • barry mcdougal
    barry mcdougal 2 месяца назад


  • Jacob Myers
    Jacob Myers 2 месяца назад

    I have a need to see the perpetrators of breaking the law in prison , Hilary Obama and Commie .

  • TheMattiePoo
    TheMattiePoo 3 месяца назад

    Not sure what context was left out.... But you cannot send someone to prison for a fingerprint in a book. Giving someone a book is not a crime.

  • isaac mcdaniel
    isaac mcdaniel 3 месяца назад

    Too bad he quit being a congressman

  • conspiracies are just great stories
    conspiracies are just great stories 4 месяца назад +1

    Perfect example of why Mr Gowdy is such an amazing congressman as well as a prosecutor. Yes, he's a conservative. Yes he's a teaparty guy as well. But he's also far more interested in finding the facts that lead to truth regardless of the subject he's looking into to. That's true bipartisan support. The Dems as well as some Republicans should look to be more like him. It would make government a much better and less twisted system to protect and serve the people if this amazing nation

  • elsa helgason
    elsa helgason 4 месяца назад

    Thank you xoxoxo 🙏🙏🙏

  • bayani delacruz
    bayani delacruz 4 месяца назад

    I want him 2b u.s. president

  • Mhao Yeager
    Mhao Yeager 4 месяца назад


  • Leslie Nail
    Leslie Nail 5 месяцев назад

    Yes please

  • Jack Spratt
    Jack Spratt 5 месяцев назад

    Are Americans really this superstitious and gullible?

  • Sunshine Baker
    Sunshine Baker 5 месяцев назад

    So the criminal's lawyers are guilty of killing a young man is my view on this---Thank goodness for Trey Gowdy, a smart, law abiding young man who fights for justice in the corrupt Washington DC--Wish he could stay and finish the job, going to take years to clean the foxes out of the hen house.

  • Andrew Jensen
    Andrew Jensen 5 месяцев назад

    How is this even up for debate when they have finger print evidence? I can only say holy ****. I'm guessing this is Hillary related based on her past, but even if it wasn't I would be calling for an investigation.

  • Aunt Peppy
    Aunt Peppy 5 месяцев назад +5

    Look up Trey Gowdy speech a a Methodist church in Texas. I believe his wife’s family church. It will bring you to your knees. The world should see it.

  • sam cullen
    sam cullen 5 месяцев назад +1

    you could tell that hurt him telling the story but a story that needed to be told......he is a white knight that will be missed if he leaves

  • Michael Adams
    Michael Adams 5 месяцев назад

    this guy is bies

  • Karen Otte
    Karen Otte 5 месяцев назад

    Fear the Lord Trey Fear thy Lord it is the first thing you do when you build a relationship with All mighty God!! You will become strong in your faith

  • James Smith
    James Smith 5 месяцев назад

    So was that like a signature calling card of the killer? Why would there be one fingerprint in the whole bible on that specific page? Why would you even think to look for a fingerprint on ever page of the Bible? The story doesn’t add up.

  • Bill Rozner
    Bill Rozner 5 месяцев назад

    Trey Gowdy lets hit the 🔨nail on its head and drive this corruption home to its proper prison place

  • renegade1644
    renegade1644 5 месяцев назад

    This is a man desperately needed in politics!!!!

  • Sue Poch
    Sue Poch 6 месяцев назад

    Trey Gowdy, not sure the reason your leaving Washington D.C. You will be missed. However, God is going to use you in much bigger ways! God bless you and your family! 👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸👍❤️❤️

  • Jared Snider
    Jared Snider 6 месяцев назад


  • George Lihi
    George Lihi 7 месяцев назад


  • George Lihi
    George Lihi 7 месяцев назад


    YO MAMA 8 месяцев назад

    He has a preacher tone; I think.

  • Jan Land
    Jan Land 9 месяцев назад

    Which Ezekiel passage I wonder

  • Luke Trotter
    Luke Trotter 10 месяцев назад

    "Evidence" HAH

    HE WHICH IS Год назад

    Fuck science

  • Dan Turner
    Dan Turner Год назад

    I pray that trey is holding out for the supreme court and not a lesser post.

  • sponge head
    sponge head Год назад

    The prosecutor that impressed Mr. Gowdy so much sounds like a man that should be AG!

  • Tasos Papanastasiou
    Tasos Papanastasiou Год назад +4

    God moves in mysterious ways Trey! God bless you brother!

  • Rebecca Hopkins
    Rebecca Hopkins Год назад

    God Bless Mr.Trey Gowdy We Just Love You Sir

  • Trish Craig
    Trish Craig Год назад

    wish we had a million men like him!

  • terracer
    terracer Год назад

    I bet you that the contract killer had seen the movie Pulp Fiction and was attempting to emulate Samuel L Jackson's character who recited (misquoted actually) a bible passage purportedly from Ezekiel..

    • Kelly Spencer
      Kelly Spencer 5 месяцев назад

      Ricky was a young boy, he had a heart of stone...

    • terracer
      terracer Год назад

      He couldn't remember the words so he opened the bible to Ezekiel to refresh his memory. He was in for a shock because those words are not in there...

  • Jon Morgan
    Jon Morgan Год назад

    This guy is just awesome.

  • Gary Miller
    Gary Miller Год назад

    Thank science. Not God. Which was kind of his point, even though I know he is a Christian.

  • Ivan tau
    Ivan tau Год назад

    I find it utterly ironic and I am puzzled to the core that you bring God and Jesus in this, this case saw justice bcs of science, and only bcs of that, get the hell out with your beard man bullshit! Heil science and human intelect!!!

  • Vasto Lorde
    Vasto Lorde Год назад

    The world needs a lot more people like Mr. Trey Gowdy.

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez Год назад +1

    In other words someone use science to remove a finger print from a book. It kind of feels like someone is reaching to make tray Gowdy seem more religious than he is. He's not a preacher. he's a congressman. And I'm pretty sure he thanks science at the end.

  • Sabita Krishna
    Sabita Krishna Год назад


    KENNETH KLUGE Год назад

    Trey Gowdy for President !!!!!!!!

  • MrJoe64
    MrJoe64 Год назад

    I like Trey Gowdy!!

  • Good Samaritan
    Good Samaritan Год назад

    Trey Gowdy is a Super Star and a true born leader.

  • LibertyOrDeath
    LibertyOrDeath Год назад

    Mr. Gowdy has some of the best stories I've ever heard.

  • Buffalo Man
    Buffalo Man Год назад

    trey you're good at running stuff up the flagpole, but then nothing... perhaps if you learned some closing skills we could clean the house up a bit good grief how much evidence do you need??

  • Nick A
    Nick A Год назад

    Mr.Gowdy, we don't see men with honor any more in America, just men of crimes all over our t.v., cables, cartoons, and all around us. This is Satan's kingdom and Truth is coming. There will be no secret hid, nothing that's won't be revealed, but somebody has to stopped this continued death of people associated with the Clinton's and the DNC. They will die the deaths of every single person killed, 7 fold.

  • Michele Eastman
    Michele Eastman Год назад

    Trey Gowdy is an Awsome man!! So glad he is where he is.

  • Robert Chase
    Robert Chase Год назад +1

    after TRUMP'S 8 YEARS IN OFFICE, my vote for president is TREY GOUDY

  • Haiden
    Haiden Год назад

    The moment someone uses the Bible in this context, I stop taking them serious.

  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones Год назад

    thought he was going to go Bill Nye on us

  • Agustus Dubyah
    Agustus Dubyah Год назад

    Hats off to that lab technician.

  • Eli Jackson
    Eli Jackson Год назад

    To be honest, I'm more interested in the story and that young man's eventual fate than I am in Mr. Gowdy.
    Listen people... Don't follow People, follow Principle. Why do you like Mr. Gowdy? Because he does that sort of a thing? Okay, if that's so; Go and do likewise.

  • newcell 166
    newcell 166 Год назад

    Well...I think you can see how Mr. Gowdy was a pretty good prosecutor. That is called holding your attention.

  • Romeo Torres
    Romeo Torres Год назад

    Cowdy is God. What he says is right and everyone is wrong :)

  • Brad Harris
    Brad Harris Год назад

    four persons interested C testimony C-SPAN News RUclip Comey testifies March 3rd posted on March 7th and says it would be a big deal if it was political influence concerning a FBI investigation but he's had no experience with this this of course being after the January 27th dinner with

  • Arizona Sky
    Arizona Sky Год назад

    I'd love to know the verse his print was on.

  • SPARKY 1
    SPARKY 1 Год назад

    So that's 5 dead Witnesses, Investigated Dead?
    Don't think I would want to Witness or Investigat anything for Trey!
    Nothing against Trey, just not good Odds!

  • rob wells
    rob wells Год назад

    i wouldnt like him very much if he was a lawyer against me but since he aint then i guess i like him too

  • Jesus Hitler
    Jesus Hitler Год назад

    fucking simpleton imaginary man believing cocksucker

  • Ms. Sonshine
    Ms. Sonshine Год назад

    God works in mysterious ways.

  • Alberto Garcia
    Alberto Garcia Год назад

    With all due respect, what does the Bible have to do with anything? Keep things separate, SEPARATE CHIRCH FROM STATE

  • backspace4353
    backspace4353 Год назад

    He believes in a invisible man in the

    • Lonnie Severson
      Lonnie Severson Год назад

      Two convicted Spartanburg County drug dealers and a Taylors man have been indicted on federal murder charges after being accused of killing a man who was working undercover for authorities.
      Darrell Young, 28, and Ricky Pabellon, 28, and Bob Harry Fowler, 44, of Taylors, are accused of shooting Spartanburg native Ricky T. Samuel, 25, on May 14, 1996. Samuel’s body was found on a dirt road near Taylors, face down in a pool of blood, bullet holes in his skull. The indictment, issued Tuesday by a federal grand jury, states that the men killed Samuel in retaliation for providing law enforcement officers information about drug deals. In February, Young pleaded guilty to charges leveled against him in a federal drug sting in Spartanburg. The operation ended in December with the indictment of 29 cocaine peddlers who were accused of importing millions of dollars worth of cocaine into the Upstate over an eight-year period. On March 19, Pabellon was sentenced to 10 years in jail and five years of probation after he pleaded guilty to cocaine charges in an unrelated case. Pabellon was sentenced to a year and five days after he was released from jail on a $50,000 bond after he was found guilty on other cocaine charges, court records show. Pabellon is in jail serving his federal drug sentence. Young has been in jail since he was arrested in the drug sting last year, and Fowler is in jail on the murder charge. During Pabellon’s most recent sentencing before Judge William A. Traxler, Assistant U.S. Attorney Trey Gowdy told the court that Samuel made two undercover drug buys from Pabellon. ″Mr. Pabellon was the only person who Rick Samuel was working with on behalf of any law enforcement agency,″ Gowdy said in his testimony during the March 19 hearing. ″Mr. Samuel’s body was found with two bullet holes in the back of his head some time this summer, and one couldn’t help but apply some common sense in trying to come up with a list of who might have a motive for disposing of Mr. Samuels,″ Gowdy said. Gowdy also told the court that Pabellon failed a polygraph test when asked if he had any knowledge of Samuel’s death.

  • Ezra Poore
    Ezra Poore Год назад

    This guy is my hero.

    1STHOST Год назад


    SCHY MARK Год назад

    Trey Gowdy is a living patriot. He needs to be recognized for his work

  • Getinit 56
    Getinit 56 Год назад

    I bet he read the verse to him that samual jackson used in pulp fiction. Wasnt that the book?

    CLAUDIA RAY Год назад


  • Bobbo Morgan
    Bobbo Morgan Год назад

    Here's a good analysis of Gowdy! He it a total loon and liar. He is also an egomaniac.
    A friend of his from Spartanburg High School in the early '80s told us that Gowdy was kind of known as a dumbbell in school but was a snazzy dresser and that people thought "he'd be gay if he wasn't such a Baptist fanatic." Right now he's facing ethics charges-- brought against him by Alan Grayson after Republican Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy accidentally admitted on tape that Gowdy's Benghazi Committee is just a partisan witch hunt against Hillary Clinton and unrelated to Benghazi-- and spends his time whining about how the world is misjudging him. The hyper-partisanship has been confirmed by Republican Congressman Richard Hanna and by a GOP investigator who was fired when he refused to "get" Hillary. He may not be as brazen as Carly Fiorina but Gowdy is never shy to lie his ass off when he's protecting his absurd positions. And he's pretty pissed off right now that even some of his Republican colleagues are saying he's spending millions of tax-payer dollars on a partisan witch hunt that should be paid for by the Republican Party, not by hardworking Americans. He flipped out on Face the Nation last Sunday: "I have told my own Republican colleagues and friends, shut up talking about things that you don’t know anything about. And unless you’re on the committee, you have no idea what we have done, why we have done it and what new facts we have found."

  • Terri TarHeel
    Terri TarHeel Год назад

    God bless that CSI technician who did the very tedious work necessary to find a fingerprint that might not have been there - just in case it was and - it was.
    Trey's got to be carrying the pain of having had to release his witness's name in discovery.

  • cs292
    cs292 Год назад

    except for climate change.....fucking loser.


    Hypocrites and brood of vipers!

  • Stacy Adams Board
    Stacy Adams Board Год назад

    is Booboo still on here BooBoo Morgan guy has ZERO LIFE

  • Jeremiah
    Jeremiah Год назад

    HA! that's rich, a republican telling the truth..... They don't know what the word true means

  • Candice Bartholomew Brown
    Candice Bartholomew Brown Год назад

    Gowdy, check the facts:

  • Wayne Morgan
    Wayne Morgan Год назад

    Trey Gowdy well done love your work.bless you...

  • Keypenny53
    Keypenny53 Год назад

    Let's face it guys, with all the retard LIBTARDS that has been digging at Trumps heels, and now Treys heels , WHY NOW ???? Obama and his cronies have been going at it for eight years and nothing said, the same a$$wipes, need to back off, and let them do their jobs right !!! There has been so much corruption going on for a long time, where would you start !!! I didn't hear anyone barking at Clinton's or the Obamas, about anything, where as their damn heads should had bitten off, instead everything was kept mum !!!

  • Bonnie Major
    Bonnie Major Год назад

    You got to love this guy! Trey Gowdy love you.

  • Protect & Defend
    Protect & Defend Год назад

    If Trey Gordy was our president....need I say more! God bless you Honorable Trey Gowdy! I pray for you and the safety of your family daily!

  • Dale Joy
    Dale Joy Год назад +8

    Gowdy said it all about getting the evidence no matter how trivial it seems. Science is God in a court of law.

  • bruzrcruzr2004
    bruzrcruzr2004 Год назад

    He didn't say where the fingerprint was at exactly in Ezekiel or what page even.

  • B Tedder
    B Tedder Год назад +3


  • Audrey Evans
    Audrey Evans Год назад +1

    What's wrong with Gowdy's face?

  • M3 Sales
    M3 Sales Год назад +1

    I admire Trey Gowdy. He is honest and fair in his statements and very affirmative.
    I do believe God is watching over him. He has so many admirers and so many praying for him and his family. God bless all his admirers for they themselves are children of honesty and truthfulness. There are still good people out here!!!!
    God bless us all!

  • Judy Gange
    Judy Gange Год назад


  • littleaub
    littleaub Год назад

    he is a trump kiss asshole, and when trump falls so will all his little stupid liers, i never heard so much bull shit and as they say it , other people find out there lying throw there teeth, and as trump lies others swear to it. its just a mater of time and how much people will put up with it.

  • florabama Belle
    florabama Belle Год назад

    He needs to be PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD!

  • Joe Knightus
    Joe Knightus Год назад

    Now I would like to know exactly what page of Ezekial or the Chapter and verses on that page....

  • C2D2 QueenBee
    C2D2 QueenBee Год назад


  • Tammy Green
    Tammy Green Год назад

    Handle yr bizzzzznessss "Tray Gowdy"; Get their azzzzes.

  • Mark Hamerdinger
    Mark Hamerdinger Год назад

    I liked the way Trey presented this story. In my opinion Trey is not pushing Jesus and should not be be interpreted that way. Trey may be religious but I don't believe he is a religious warrior. There is no evidence that Jesus ever existed. People get very emotional about Jesus or other religions and religious personalities but perhaps to worship personalities is cultish. To me I will appreciate what nature has done for me as I breath the air it has created. I will never believe any man is God. I must stick to what I can prove and I certainly can't prove man was created in the image of God. I can see what nature is doing . If religion helps people be happy and better people, that's great , but to be religious warriors and condemn people or believing they should go to hell for eternity because they do not believe as you do seems incorrect to me.

    • Alpha Squirrel
      Alpha Squirrel Год назад

      No evidence? The Romans cataloged it, and his crucifixion. He was a real person.

  • Chris 3.1416
    Chris 3.1416 Год назад

    I don't know what to say. You never what is going to happen. It was good that he shared this story with us.

  • Nina M
    Nina M Год назад +1

    Just another good puppet actor!!! They ARE ALL the Same!!!! He is reading a SCRIPT! His part is to play the good guy so we can all think there are some left ALL BS!

  • C Sebastian
    C Sebastian Год назад

    I thank God, for Trey Gowdy.
    We are witness to one of the strongest virtuous men, in the US Congress, in my lifetime.
    We need more Trey Gowdy's to humbly serve our country.
    May God Bless him and the entire USA.

  • Frank Stein
    Frank Stein Год назад

    I wrote him in for President. Imagine if enough of us had.

    • Frank Stein
      Frank Stein Год назад

      And I need to confuse with the fact that he may or may not be a member of the party I'm registered with. This is the kind of MAN that we so desperately need in government. He actually cares about his constituents, and is a highly intelligent and capable representative, that is a pleasure to listen to. He has more common sense than.........I can't even come up with a president to use for a time reference. Have to go back to Jimmy Carter? Maybe NOT the best president we ever had, but man of integrity and wisdom. A man who to this day makes it obvious that he cares about his fellow man.
      The way it appears to be lining up for 2020, I would say that I'll write him in again.

  • Noreen Wiater
    Noreen Wiater Год назад

    Very sad story Trey, your a great man that many love! ❤️ and Appreciate all you do for America! Rest In Peace Ricky!

  • Robert W
    Robert W Год назад

    I wonder if it was the pulp fiction verse from Ezekiel