Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

  • Published on Sep 1, 2018
  • Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World
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    Cities from around the world that are as beautiful to visit as they are to live in. MojoTravels presents the Top 10 Beautiful Cities in the World. But what will take the top spot on our list? Will it be Kyoto, Japan, the United Arab Emirates' Dubai, or Venice, Italy? Watch to find out!
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    #10. Honolulu, USA
    #9. Edinburgh, Scotland
    #8. Santiago, Chile
    #7. Bruges, Belgium
    #6. Prague, Czech Republic
    #5. Denpasar, Bali
    #4. Tel Aviv, Israel
    #3, #2, #1 ?

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  • Mirana R
    Mirana R 2 days ago

    1000th comment

  • Md Saif
    Md Saif 4 days ago

    Budapest, Hungary at least deserves a honorable mention, if not 1st place itself.

  • marie tabaa
    marie tabaa 4 days ago

    Makka, Saudi Arabia is the most beautiful and serene place on earth.. Trust me.. 🇸🇦❤️

  • QwertyDNA
    QwertyDNA 4 days ago +1

    If Vancouver BC isnt here... Or Rio

  • Stephen Cooper
    Stephen Cooper 10 days ago

    Wow such a shitty countdown

  • Neil Maass
    Neil Maass 10 days ago +1

    Cape Town. South Africa. Check out all the RUclip videos about it.

  • Jenny Valenzuela
    Jenny Valenzuela 11 days ago

    Fake how come dubai is beautiful

  • jamico
    jamico 11 days ago

    Presque 1 p/ 2 n'aime pas ! Ca en dit long !

  • apps
    apps 16 days ago

    Excuse me,why not denpasar,indonesia ?

  • Mark Soldiers
    Mark Soldiers 17 days ago

    Check out Hershey Pennsylvania. The city and the lush countryside encircling it is tranquil and serene, Best of all is the aroma of chocolate in the air.

  • कट्टर हिंदू

    Most indian and arabic people does not like the sunny and warm place

  • Ana Babic
    Ana Babic 19 days ago

    Dubrovnik # 1 !

  • jo ho
    jo ho 20 days ago

    They forgot Seville and Amsterdam

  • wei wang
    wei wang 20 days ago


  • he he
    he he 21 day ago

    Hoi An, Vietnam.

  • Luis del Rosal
    Luis del Rosal 22 days ago

    Wtf? Hahaha No way! Dubai, number 3???? That is just very wrong lol

  • lorenzo c
    lorenzo c 23 days ago


  • Velasquez
    Velasquez 24 days ago

    Dubai LOL

  • Eric Glueckert
    Eric Glueckert 24 days ago

    Honolulu has too many homeless people though.

  • José Manuel Rocha
    José Manuel Rocha 25 days ago

    Bad taste. Sorry.

  • Miran Butka
    Miran Butka 25 days ago

    I signed in just to dislike this video.

  • Marc Van den Broecke
    Marc Van den Broecke 26 days ago

    Ever visited Ghent in Belgium, best hidden treasure.....??

  • Peter Sutherland
    Peter Sutherland 26 days ago +1

    Definitely Edinburgh... beautiful city full of history .

  • Kateřina
    Kateřina 27 days ago

    Proud to be from Prague

  • Fabio Greggio
    Fabio Greggio 27 days ago +1

    Florence, Rome....really?

  • Girraj Sharma
    Girraj Sharma 27 days ago


  • монгольская династия и её мир

    the most beautiful city in the world Saint -Petersburg,this is my city

  • Nicolas Nicolas
    Nicolas Nicolas 29 days ago

    I don't know who made this stupid list.

  • Attila Fovenyessy
    Attila Fovenyessy 29 days ago +1

    Are you never been to Budapest, Hungary? It's a huge mistake! You are a complete idiot, include your list too! Your list means nothing! Please travel more and open your blind eyes!

  • Ray Lister
    Ray Lister 29 days ago

    What a nonsense video

  • Miguel DG
    Miguel DG 29 days ago +5

    honolulu, tel aviv, santiago de chile.... but no mention to Lisbon, London, Madrid, Istanbul, Florence, etc etc... I call BS.

  • John Ferdinand
    John Ferdinand Month ago +1

    Santiago of Chile on the list? Something is wrong with this research. This city is full of sketchy neighborhoods.

  • Travel Wideos
    Travel Wideos Month ago +1

    How about Rio de Janeiro? The most beautiful city in the world. Have you ever been to Christ the Redeemer? Looking at Rio from there is the best view you will ever see in your life

    PASHA Month ago +5

    Tel Aviv??? Dubai?? ....
    My List: Rome London İstanbul Amsterdam and Antalya

  • Zack haikal
    Zack haikal Month ago

    This not beautiful city but beautiful BEACH bitch!!

  • Zack haikal
    Zack haikal Month ago

    Malaysia should be no 1

  • MrSunlight79
    MrSunlight79 Month ago

    Hahahahaha...any list of top 10 most beautiful cities in the world without Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, a bullshit. I would agree with Prague and Edinburgh on the list, but would certainly add Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Mexico city and Florence/Vienna.

  • Lovis Janvier
    Lovis Janvier Month ago

    Je suis déjà aller à Venise et j'admets totalement que c'est une ville très charmante à l'architecture incroyable

  • Tamara Di Marco
    Tamara Di Marco Month ago

    Where is Rome?

  • Cairo M
    Cairo M Month ago

    Where's Auckland NZ??

  • the Player Blockamn Go - Vecim

    Where is the İstanbul (Konstantinapolis) ?

  • Antonio Castro
    Antonio Castro Month ago


  • word11 zy
    word11 zy Month ago


  • infinitelady
    infinitelady Month ago

    Uh Huh Israel is Palestine and fuck you to whoever thought to add this genocidal nation of psychopaths to the list.

  • Nasreen Hussain
    Nasreen Hussain Month ago +1

    EAST OR WEST ❤️❤️ BAHRIA TOWN 🇵🇰💚💚 IS THE BEST 💜💜 NO 1 IN THE WORLD 💛💛 OPEN CHALLANG 🌹🌹🌹🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  • Oliver Grumitt
    Oliver Grumitt Month ago

    My list would be, in no particular order, for the top 30 most beautiful cities:
    1. London
    2. Paris
    3. Barcelona
    4. Rome
    5. Florence
    6. Moscow
    7. St. Petersburg
    8. Amsterdam
    9. Dubrovnik
    10. Instanbul
    11. Stockholm
    12. Copenhagen
    13. Prague
    14. Budapest
    15. Salzburg
    16. Cape Town
    17. Fez
    18. Beijing
    19. Sydney
    20. Rio de Janeiro
    21. Categena
    22. Kyoto
    23. Antigua
    24. Vancouver
    25. New York City
    26, San Francisco
    27. Quebec City
    28. Crakow
    29. Dresden
    30. Riga
    Some honorable mentions would include Bruges, Venice, Bergen, Madrid, Lisbon, Valletta, Tbilisi, Yerevan,
    Vienna, Seattle, Luxor, Marrakech, Washington DC, and Tallin.

  • gbrugarolas
    gbrugarolas Month ago +7

    Go visit Granada Spain and redo the list, please.

  • Adolfo
    Adolfo Month ago

    Edinburgh full of grumpy racist Scots, and dark, grubby buildings. Beautiful please!
    And the capital of IsraHELL . The world's favourite terrorist state.
    There are many beautiful cities:

  • Julia Smith
    Julia Smith Month ago +2

    You lost me at Dubai 😬

  • ker der
    ker der Month ago

    Probably I'm only one who doesn't give shit about Venice much overrated... Hehehe yes I was there... Ops so is Florence.... But nice surprise in Bologna

  • Mogd Saddiq
    Mogd Saddiq Month ago +1

    Where is istanbul I swear it is 1000 times more beautiful than tel Aviv may god send fires at it

  • Tommy Renard
    Tommy Renard Month ago +1

    My top 10 list in random order:
    Mexico City
    Buenos Aires
    Sankt Petersburg

    • Tommy Renard
      Tommy Renard Month ago

      +Danny Dorko Dubrovnik is a great city. I agree. But if i had to pick 10, then it would possible be the above.

    • Danny Dorko
      Danny Dorko Month ago

      how can you not put dubrovonik on there??

  • Harry McNicholas
    Harry McNicholas Month ago

    I only see one beautiful city. Kyoto. Honolulu is not beautiful and the beach is so crowded you are asshole to elbow. Bruges maybe. Not the rest.

  • lucifer796
    lucifer796 Month ago

    i agree with everything except tel aviv, dubai and honolulu. I've been to tel aviv and its nothing special, pretty dirty and doesnt have its own face. I've also been to dubai and its just super modern but nothing special. Honolulu from what i've heard is plastic as fuck and there's nothing else to do but to lay on the beach, its like every other american cities. I would rather see Cape Town, St Petersburg and Quito on this list than these 3

  • Beautiful Experience

    check this out

  • Saad khakwani
    Saad khakwani Month ago

    They literally forgot to mention Hong Kong 🇭🇰
    A place like no where else on Earth
    Rome and Florence should’ve been there
    And where the hell is Amsterdam?

  • Ci Ci
    Ci Ci Month ago

    Roma #1

  • Kenneth Ng
    Kenneth Ng Month ago

    Paris has to be most beautiful ones. With old district contrasting with La Defense. Another worth mentioning is Hong Kong.

  • Muhammad Haseeb Khan
    Muhammad Haseeb Khan Month ago +1

    Make a video on Pakistan 🇵🇰 please

    • Muhammad Haseeb Khan
      Muhammad Haseeb Khan 25 days ago

      +John Ferdinand Come to Pakistan I will show you what the real Pakistan looks like for a disclaimer watch a RUclip video tour of Pakistan in 6 minutes

    • John Ferdinand
      John Ferdinand Month ago

      A video to show poverty and mosques, no thanks!

    • One Blast
      One Blast Month ago

      But it's boring

  • Selina_Novella
    Selina_Novella Month ago

    I love the Edinburgh choice, but who puts Paris in the honorable mentions? And Rome? Are you ok over there?
    1. Paris
    2. Edinburgh (I have a bias here, but it's still gorgeous)
    3. Venice
    4. Florence
    5. Prague
    6. London
    7. Kyoto
    8-10. Probably more Italian or French cities. Maybe a German one.

  • Rogemille Castillo
    Rogemille Castillo Month ago

    Vienna, Melbourne, Vancouver? This list is BS...

  • Michael Hurley
    Michael Hurley Month ago

    People who live in Venice hate it because it floods all the time and tourists.

    • Selina_Novella
      Selina_Novella Month ago

      Everything about that sentence is sad. No one should hate living in Venice, it breaks my heart that it floods so often and destroys the floors, and tourists make everyone sad.

  • dani Tucano
    dani Tucano Month ago

    Aha....Dubai is Beautiful???....

  • DennyCraneReloaded
    DennyCraneReloaded Month ago +1

    i also like Hamburg, Vienna, Buccuresti, Budapest or Lisbon. But at the end thats all my personal opinion and i wont dislike a Video where some1 gave his own.

  • Eino Perämaa
    Eino Perämaa Month ago

    Why isn't Turku on that list?

  • Jada Blaze
    Jada Blaze Month ago

    A lot of cities in Africa are beautiful but overlooked in this countdown and the water in Venice Italy is dirty

  • Icarus
    Icarus 2 months ago

    oh my god why are you so AMERICAN!

  • Simone
    Simone 2 months ago

    Dubai seriously?

  • orson15
    orson15 2 months ago

    Strange choices, I must say.

  • Manfred Kleber
    Manfred Kleber 2 months ago

    Bali is really beautiful, but Denpasar is not interesting at all

  • Moy Boone
    Moy Boone 2 months ago

    Come on now Mojotravel! How much the UAE Paid your channel to put Dubai in your stupid travel list? The whole city is so artificial and zero culture. Take out those ridiculous building, you left nothing but sands and camels. This list is a joke! And Honolulu? You might as well go to Los Angeles.

  • ウマナミの皇
    ウマナミの皇 2 months ago

    welcome kyoto

  • Kaushal Maurya
    Kaushal Maurya 2 months ago +1

    Where is St. Petersburg?? Budapest and Berlin are a lot better than Dubai and Honolulu..
    Yeah Santiago Chile is very underrated
    Venice is so dirty.
    And Honolulu.. are you crazy??? I have lost faith in mojo travels.

  • Aidan Coohill
    Aidan Coohill 2 months ago

    I don’t think the people at WatchMojo have ever been to any of these places. This video is a joke. Venice is overrun and has nothing on many other Italian cities, Dubai is disgusting and Santiago is not Paris or Rome.

  • morgan till
    morgan till 2 months ago

    NEVER VISIT ISRAEL - hotels and attractions in Israel only exist because the Palestinian people were violently eradicated from their homes!!

  • Nikola Maric
    Nikola Maric 2 months ago

    Where is Saint's Petersburg?

  • Axel smith
    Axel smith 2 months ago

    Paris is a slum if your not in the centre!!!!! WHERE IS BUDAPEST!?!?!

  • Fabian Fuchs
    Fabian Fuchs 2 months ago

    Dresden is missing...

  • Dylan Duarte
    Dylan Duarte 2 months ago

    Where is San Miguel de Allende (Mexico)?

  • Juan Trujillo
    Juan Trujillo 2 months ago +1

    Europe are you serious?this people are nasty they don’t take baths and smell like piss🤮
    And they are racist and angry people who even likes whites people😂

  • Marcus Fernandes
    Marcus Fernandes 2 months ago

    Dubai ? Sorry, nope. Hot and artificial better describe it. For fun in the desert head to Vegas though. Denpasar ? Lol. The island of Bali is beautiful, but Denpasar is miles away from being a beautiful city. Exotic and exciting? YES. Beautiful ? Nope. Even Ubud itself is prettier. Barcelona is nice and I totally agree with Venice, Paris, Honolulu and Santiago. Haven’t been to the others.... / In time ... if your list was exclusively about landscape beauty NO OTHER city in the world could be compared to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  • sajid rahman
    sajid rahman 2 months ago de janerio brazil.

  • Yudhi Barchi
    Yudhi Barchi 2 months ago

    Why is fucking Dubai in and not fucking Roma?????????

  • veruguru
    veruguru 2 months ago

    where is india

  • Alex !!
    Alex !! 2 months ago

    It’s obvious that St. Peter’s Basilica is in Venice...
    Povera l’Italia mia

  • Salim Dirani
    Salim Dirani 2 months ago

    Tel aviv is in palestine forever

  • Alex Oyarzabal
    Alex Oyarzabal 2 months ago

    Dubai ? is perfect for women. .............................hahahaha

    AMERIKA AVRUPA 2 months ago


  • litogor
    litogor 2 months ago

    Ridiculous and illogical ranking! Paris is the prettiest city in the world in all official rankings! Since the international office exists, Paris has always been ranked first in the world's most visited cities! It will still be very very long the city of light of humanity .......

  • Marjanne R
    Marjanne R 2 months ago

    I see some modern cities on this list. Not really my cup of tea. I'd rather go to older places. What about Trier, Rome, Vienna, or Maastricht. And why on earth is Paris only a honerable mention? That city deserves a high place on this list.

  • brauneskamo
    brauneskamo 2 months ago

    Granada, Spain! ❤

  • Esteban Eduardo Zurita Matus

    Where's Kuala Lumpur?

  • Davide Gianassi
    Davide Gianassi 2 months ago

    Florence, Venice, Rome?

  • Horacio Castellani
    Horacio Castellani 2 months ago

    Honolulu !!!! NO WAY !!! THE isle of Oahu could be beutifull but no the city

  • Juan Doradea
    Juan Doradea 2 months ago

    Why are you shouting!?😭

  • Nic Celio
    Nic Celio 2 months ago

    BALI IS AN ISLAND NOT A COUNTRY, THE NAME OF THE COUNTRY IS: INDONESIA. How come you missed this information? Search better next time, mojo

  • Sone Baccam
    Sone Baccam 2 months ago

    This is a joke ???? Where is PARIS ????????

  • Luis Henrique Comandolli
    Luis Henrique Comandolli 2 months ago +1

    Where is Rio de Janeiro?!?

  • Murugan Marik
    Murugan Marik 2 months ago

    Divya Barthi 🌹 very beautiful city No1 in the World