Gamjatang - Korean Pork Bone Stew

  • Опубликовано: 30 окт 2015
  • It's starting to get cold in Korea, and it's time to warm up with one of our favourite Korean comfort foods: Gamjatang, Korean Pork Bone Stew. We'll teach you how to eat it in this week's Food Adventure Program!
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Комментарии • 884

  • Jordan Mowry
    Jordan Mowry 4 месяца назад

    I have seen simons sweater he is wearing in this video multiple times and i am in love with it. Watching this video since its so cold.

  • Tsetsi
    Tsetsi 6 месяцев назад +1

    I love martina’s hairstyles

  • irgendein mädel
    irgendein mädel 11 месяцев назад

    The part of the pork you eat is also called" potato" thats why its called potato soup, also you dont eat the potatos you mix them afterwards with rice

  • Mr2 Reviews
    Mr2 Reviews Год назад

    I'm not sure if you were just trolling us and I'm sure others have commented about this but 감자 (gamja) in gamjatang does not mean potato. I and a lot of Koreans thought the same thing but it's actually the name of the part of the pork they use to make it.

  • Callie Hughes
    Callie Hughes Год назад

    what do you do of if you hate spicy food 😭

  • TaylorYoungTY
    TaylorYoungTY Год назад

    holy crap 2 years later i finally realze their eating indoors XD i never thought much of the intro and thought the lighting of them eating was natural daylight and they just ae there for hours omg XD

  • Julianna Baker
    Julianna Baker Год назад

    This must be my fifth time in two years watching this video.
    I don’t know why but whenever I’m hungry I find myself watching all of the old food vids instead of making food lol

  • Natalie Plays
    Natalie Plays Год назад


  • ruocong zhao
    ruocong zhao Год назад

    that's perilla seeds ! not black pepper and sesame seed

  • Insanity Of Mine
    Insanity Of Mine Год назад

    I wanna go to Korea so badly and try out all these foods you guys are having. They look so good!

  • Fettys cous 1738 waza dragons
    Fettys cous 1738 waza dragons Год назад

    I love your videos😃😄😍(nice beard simon)

  • YehetMeBaby
    YehetMeBaby Год назад

    I had this for the first time in Hongdae last month during my first trip to Seoul. My. God. It was so damn good! Spicy yes, but the meat was delightfully tender, so goooood! The potatoes were so flavorful, and the rest of the soup was absolutely delightful. I can't wait to have it again!

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  Год назад

      +YehetMeBaby amazing right?! And extra delicious in the cold winter season! Like a warming stew. :)

  • Jellyy C
    Jellyy C Год назад

    the gamja in the name gamjatang was meant to be the name of the meat bones. not as in actual potato gamja

  • miiwubful
    miiwubful Год назад

    Late night at the office watching this and droolin all over the place...

  • Hikaru
    Hikaru Год назад

    I found a restaurant near by that serves Gamjatang and damn is it delicious!

  • Kateline Phan
    Kateline Phan 2 года назад

    Simon: "This is the granddaddy piece"
    Martina: What's up child

  • Jeremiah Ghong
    Jeremiah Ghong 2 года назад

    Where's the soju

  • Saichen
    Saichen 2 года назад

    getchu a man that looks at you the way Simon looks at pork bones.

  • samkwangy
    samkwangy 2 года назад

    Where is this restaurant located? What's the name?

  • sunshineladyxxx
    sunshineladyxxx 2 года назад

    OMG that looks soooooooo good!!!

  • Devon Long
    Devon Long 2 года назад

    Hola! Simon and Martina...
    Gamjatang is my favorite!
    But those are not sesame seeds but Parilla Seeds ground!!!!
    Usually parilla/sesame leaf seed
    powder is also put in the broth..

  • Pádraig Zen
    Pádraig Zen 2 года назад

    wow i never knew how to deal with that big bone so i always had a hard time eating this stew, and i'm chinese, this chopstick-picking technique opens a new world for me!

  • schalazeal07
    schalazeal07 2 года назад +2

    Oh my god!!! This looks sooo sexy!!!

  • Kai Andrea’
    Kai Andrea’ 2 года назад

    Is this more of a gochujang sauce or something else

  • Quan Nguyen
    Quan Nguyen 2 года назад +2

    Please tell me the address, i'm comin to seoul

  • jon smith
    jon smith 2 года назад

    no rice fried in the broth? seriously?

  • 티카타카티키티키
    티카타카티키티키 2 года назад

    Korean pork foods are the world best.

  • Hazel and Innocent
    Hazel and Innocent 2 года назад

    ive been watching you guys for years now and you messed me up.. not that Im complaining I mean you guys are the cutest ever but the thing that bothered me was that instead of spring onions you say green onions.. and at that time I wasnt that good in english now I keep saying green onions instead of spring onions or scallions and all my friends look at me weird.

  • 김현욱
    김현욱 2 года назад +2

    우거지를 김치라 써놓네... 차원이 다른건데

    • 처음처럼
      처음처럼 2 года назад +3

      얘네 한국에 대해서 줫도
      예전 처음 우리나라에 영어 교사로 기드와서 비디오 제작 할 때부터 지들 멋대로 떠들고 왜곡해대고 한국 깔보고 했던게 한두가지가 아님
      그리고선 일본으로 가더니 결국
      아직도 한국 소재로 돈벌어 먹고
      살고 있는 듯

  • not thing
    not thing 2 года назад +7

    한국에 대한건데 한국자막만 없네...

  • Aidalai.
    Aidalai. 2 года назад

    I know it's been a while since this video came out, but it bears mentioning that the amazing Thong Song is by the incomparable and timeless Sisqo 🍑🍑 wut wut

  • 김예은
    김예은 2 года назад

    감자탕에 같이 있는건 김치가 아니라 시래기라는 거예요!

  • Alice Tornberg
    Alice Tornberg 2 года назад

    I'm torturing myself by rewatching old Fap Fap's and having an insane craving for warm delicious soup-y food

  • Lucy Wang
    Lucy Wang 2 года назад

    hi there! we are visiting korea for the first time in a month and was wondering what restaurant this was??!!

  • Anabellw0w
    Anabellw0w 2 года назад +1

    In New Zealand we have a meal called Boil Up and this reminds me of it. Now I'm having cravings..

    • Roimata Hooper
      Roimata Hooper 2 года назад

      Was just about to type that lol. Korean Boil up, looks so good!!

  • Kevin Nguyen
    Kevin Nguyen 2 года назад +1

    Literally just finished a bowl of Gamjatang Ramyeon. Had some leftover from Korean Dinner, took some Shin Ramyeon, combined it with some more hot water and bam! So good..

  • Hannah H
    Hannah H 2 года назад

    Where is this Located? Or called?

  • Asiangirl 1029
    Asiangirl 1029 2 года назад

    Another name for a part of the bone of the pork is potato

  • Ororeos Vids
    Ororeos Vids 2 года назад

    lol will smith hates will smith songs

  • dora morales
    dora morales 2 года назад

    847 comment😍😍😍

  • Madi Silver
    Madi Silver 2 года назад

    Oh this is what southerns call neck bone stew. You s'pose suck the meat from the bone! When you're done a clean white bone is all that's left!! Yummmmm

  • Samuel Arango
    Samuel Arango 2 года назад

    What if I treat it like a rib in America and eat it with my hands like the animal I am.

  • elephant power
    elephant power 2 года назад

    It is called Gamjatang because the part of the pig they use is called Gamjatang

  • Vicky Duong
    Vicky Duong 2 года назад

    woaaaa loooks soo guuuddd. soooo hungryyyy

  • Niki Horner
    Niki Horner 2 года назад

    my 24 hour restaurant serves sadness in a bun...and sometimes in a bowl depending on how cold it is outside... :(

  • Lucy Grayson
    Lucy Grayson 2 года назад

    I have a theory that maybe if you find the potato, you will have good luck or wealth in the future!!!!!!!

    • busyhoney bee
      busyhoney bee 2 года назад

      +Lucy Grayson This case 감자 gamja indicates pork backbone, not potato.the gamja is a name of bone.

  • sew&tell
    sew&tell 2 года назад

    Do you have the name or address for the restaurant? Going to korea in a few weeks can't wait to try it :D

  • Holli S.
    Holli S. 2 года назад

    Actually the kamja actually stands for the part of the animal they are using for the soup. Traditionally they don't use potatoes.

  • Charul
    Charul 2 года назад

    it's amateur guys!

  • Desak Trisna
    Desak Trisna 2 года назад

    Thanks to translate indonesia. Iam indonesian people

  • Simon and Martina
    Simon and Martina  2 года назад +2

    Hooray for German subtitles! Thanks for the help, kind stranger :D

    • _Lisa_
      _Lisa_ 2 года назад +1

      +Simon and Martina Me again ^^ You're welcome~ ♥

  • leastcommondinominat
    leastcommondinominat 2 года назад

    why don't you guys eat the bone too?

  • Donna Fung
    Donna Fung 3 года назад

    In Toronto, Kamjatang is is all people want when they go for Korean food (ironically)... Well at least my friends do. "What do you want to eat?" "PBS! (Pork Bone Soup!!" And then I'd sit with my soon tofu cause I don't like pork bone soup. Lol. That's my story.

  • xBlueMonsterAndox
    xBlueMonsterAndox 3 года назад +1

    gamjatang is my favorite thing like ever. its soooo yummy

  • Be Andal
    Be Andal 3 года назад

    It looks amazing! It makes me so hungry watching you guys. Now I'm craving some bone stew that is popular in my country. These bones have so much meat and I can't see any fat, so it's perfect for me. :D

  • Alex E
    Alex E 3 года назад

    My favorite Korean dish, oh how I miss it. Our favorite place stayed open all night and had the spicy crunchy radish kimchi! Ah, Korean food, so great!

  • Cat Wu
    Cat Wu 3 года назад

    oh, my gosh!! that's so terrible, i so love it!!
    martina's awesomely terrible song, and Simon's equally terrible disinterest in that song...ack! so bad, yet so good! absolutely wonderful!

  • Sun Yg
    Sun Yg 3 года назад

    love Simon's shirt!

  • Toshi
    Toshi 3 года назад

    yall at jaws again

  • Taiwo Yemi
    Taiwo Yemi 3 года назад

    Just use ur hands people looooool

  • Simon and Martina
    Simon and Martina  3 года назад +3

    Italian subtitles are now up, too! Thank you for the help, you lovely person!

  • Robin B.
    Robin B. 3 года назад

    I agree. The real test of a good soup is that it has more meat than broth. 2 to 1.

  • Susie Guillen
    Susie Guillen 3 года назад +3

    I'm surprised he didn't try to steal that bone from you Martina. lol, he tends to steal your food most of the time that Mr. McStealy

  • Oscar Lam
    Oscar Lam 3 года назад

    It's a very common food at asian food courts in markham,ontario near toronto, not that close to etobicoke

  • v cwal
    v cwal 3 года назад

    Actually why gamjatang hasbeen called is cause of a part of pork's bone, the bone is called gamja, so funny

  • DeepFriedMochi진
    DeepFriedMochi진 3 года назад

    I havent had gamjatang for years because it always reminds me of terrible hangovers. But this video really makes me crave for gamja tang!!!

  • Akubi girl
    Akubi girl 3 года назад

    I miss Korean food 🙈

  • true all han
    true all han 3 года назад

    power meat, pork back bone(spine) and potato, really delicious it named potato soup

  • Nilna Fathiya
    Nilna Fathiya 3 года назад

    gamja was korean of potato right? why pork bone called gamja too? can you explain it?
    is it ( the stew) have much potato in there so it called 'gamja'tang??

  • Rakibul Islam
    Rakibul Islam 3 года назад +5

    Me. Hungry. Want. to. Eat. NOW.

  • Sofia h
    Sofia h 3 года назад

    Aww you guys have come so far and you still have a long ways to go! I wish you the best of luck in the next chapter of your lives ❤

  • 이채영
    이채영 3 года назад

    It's called gamjatang because it uses the part of the meet called gamja not meaning the potato!! Even some koreans get it confused

  • Nessa
    Nessa 3 года назад


  • Elizabeth Idowu
    Elizabeth Idowu 3 года назад

    I've had Gamjatang before, it's sooo good! Unfortunatly, I suck at chopsticking and it had it while I was out to dinner with a bunch of my Korean friends and felt super awkward and had no clue what I was doing. If only I have watched this video sooner...

  • Simon and Martina
    Simon and Martina  3 года назад +3

    Sweet! Japanese subtitles are now up! Yay!

  • A Z
    A Z 3 года назад

    Can someone please tell me if its okay to nod on the bones? I am a Chinese Canadian and is very used to eating bones, but is it considered perhaps rude in Korea. For me, the best part are those little nooks and crannies that you really need to scale the bone clean to get.

  • Love Games
    Love Games 3 года назад

    Hey I love you guys so much!

  • 흫 흫
    흫 흫 3 года назад

    actually 감자 is the part of that pork so thats why it is called 감자탕 :)

  • Esther Tan
    Esther Tan 3 года назад

    hey i want to ask if you guys ever did a korea blood sausage edition?? I've seen them on kdramas and im really curious about them!

  • Mark Goodair
    Mark Goodair 3 года назад

    it would be a damn sight easier with a knife and fork.

    • 啊啊啊
      啊啊啊 2 года назад

      i would just use my hands tbh

  • 새개
    새개 3 года назад

    잘드시네요. 한글자막이 있었으면 최고일텐데. ㅠ ㅠ . 감자탕에 소주 먹고싶네.

  • Himeno86
    Himeno86 3 года назад

    i've had haejangguk before and this looks really similar. what is the different in taste between gamjatang and haejangguk? which one do most people prefer to eat

  • princesscrazybookworm
    princesscrazybookworm 3 года назад

    QUESTION! Do you have to use your chopsticks to scrape the meat off? Can't you just use your spoon?

  • Cynva
    Cynva 3 года назад

    Gamjatang is one of my favorite korean dishes! I love it! Not a lot of people I know like it though. I always tell them that they're missing out!

  • Faith Kerekere
    Faith Kerekere 3 года назад

    Omg Simon your shirt !!!! Your wearing it haha love it

  • Yanni B
    Yanni B 3 года назад

    What happened to Leigh and suzee

  • mrs nalgena
    mrs nalgena 3 года назад

    This was one of my favorite meals while I was in Korea! So good for the winter time

  • ᄋᄀ
    ᄋᄀ 3 года назад

    감자가 총을 맞으면?
    탕탕탕 으악! 감자탕!

  • Rachel and Nick
    Rachel and Nick 3 года назад

    Whenever I go to restaurant for this, my mouth becomes so messy. I don't think it's a good place for the first date X)

  • ju judd
    ju judd 3 года назад

    love ur vids and love u guys!

  • E 416
    E 416 3 года назад

    Where is your favourite gamjatang restaurant located in Seoul? I'm currently here on vacation from Canada and I've been craving this dish... My girlfriend and I would love to know where you guys go get it!

  • Viony Tania
    Viony Tania 3 года назад +1

    one of my fav food to eat when i was traveling in korea :) can't wait to save up and go back to korea for the food .......and idols HAHA

  • lemonlimelukey
    lemonlimelukey 3 года назад

    tong ta tong tong tong xD i love cisqo

  • xXLetaXx
    xXLetaXx 3 года назад

    Thank you Simon and Martina! My boyfriend took me to Alirang last night for my birthday. I had been listing for this restaurant for a while so I had picked apart the menu over and over to see what I would like to try. Once I saw this video, it pretty much sold me on the idea of gamjatang. When it came to the table, there sadly was no dipping sauce... no need. It was so delicious! my boyfriend started lamenting over the food and asking where it had been all of his life. He then said that it is the best meal of his life. I think it broke him.
    my reaction was less dramatic. Although, my heart broke a little when all of the pork was gone and I was full. we added ddeok for $1 each. Sadly no potato...
    Thanks again for bringing this dish to our attention.

  • meowishkat
    meowishkat 3 года назад +3

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you guys dont have your usual intro !! what happened to welcome to food adevture for awesome people???

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  3 года назад +13

      We sometimes put it in, and sometimes keep it out, depending on the vibe we're going for :)

  • Michael Gomez
    Michael Gomez 3 года назад

    I love Simon hat I want one

  • Lena Wolf
    Lena Wolf 3 года назад +2

    It Seems. I Appreciate Your Help! different dapper What's your opinion about

  • Pixel
    Pixel 3 года назад +1

    Oh god, the Hot Summer song you're singing there, it's actually a song from a German casting group called Monrose. It's from like 2007? I don't know if they just sound similar or if they sold away the rights to the song or something? But it was super popular here (and mildly annoying, haha).

  • lifeof jung
    lifeof jung 3 года назад +3

    I just wanted to clarify that 감자 from the name 감자탕 isn't potatoes. The specific pork bone part's name is 감자! A lot of people don't know about this:)

  • 1990325is
    1990325is 3 года назад +2

    gamjatang is one of the most underrated asian soups out there. it'll beat the snot out of the common cold during the winter season.