My Go To Daytime Glam Makeup Look | Jaclyn Hill

  • Published on Nov 19, 2015
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Comments • 9 439

  • Claudia Okyere-Fosu
    Claudia Okyere-Fosu 3 months ago


  • Hannah Drake
    Hannah Drake 4 months ago

    Jaclyn! Please read email 🖤

  • Loren_ love
    Loren_ love 6 months ago

    💕💕💕💕💕💕❤❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕the ending of the video made me cry

  • Shady Franco
    Shady Franco 9 months ago


  • Y Moodley
    Y Moodley Year ago

    I can never get my eyeshadow to lool like this

  • Noella Tetreault
    Noella Tetreault Year ago

    It just shows by your compassion the importance of inner beauty. Yes, it does matter where you live when someone hurts it's a rippling effect. Every action has a reaction..blessings Canada

  • aaaroryromans *
    aaaroryromans * Year ago

    Thank you 😍

  • Holly E
    Holly E Year ago

    I love that you care so much about everything and everyone in the world. And that you pray for people you don’t even know. That’s how everyone should be! The more I watch your videos, the more I love you lol. You seem like such a good hearted person! 💖

  • Elizabeth Gregory
    Elizabeth Gregory Year ago +38

    I just love going back n straight binge watching all ur videos, cray cray, but idc. Back here in 2018, whos with me?

    • Bacchanal Bia
      Bacchanal Bia 6 months ago


    • Domonique Hager
      Domonique Hager 8 months ago +1

      Same girl! Idc about the business side, I'm here for fun makeup loving talented Jaclyn.

  • Jane
    Jane Year ago

    She takes almost 3 minutes to start her video why

  • nattenalle
    nattenalle 2 years ago

    You are really a good hearted person Jaclyn. You're such an inspiration❤️

  • Meriem Nek
    Meriem Nek 2 years ago

    #teaml3aram. beauty's ines love you

  • Katharina Nikol
    Katharina Nikol 2 years ago

    You are amazing, Jaclyn!!!!!!;

  • JT Taylor
    JT Taylor 2 years ago

    I know this video is quite old, but I came upon it searching for a look on the Ombre Rouge palette I was looking to buy because of the BECCA sale and I wasn't sure if I should. I watched, and then I got to the end where you talked about Paris. I usually watch videos on my TV using my Roku, but I hopped on here to say a few things.
    First, you said "I know this is just a beauty channel," and I felt like you were discounting your own words just because your channel is about makeup. No. When you do this, you are comforting people and using your large platform to speak to people who might be hurting, or people here in the states who are impacted by events such as these. I feel that people with these platforms *should* be responsible with them and express these things. So, just talk to us all and don't apologize or discount your own feelings and actions just because your channel is about something specific.
    Second, just cry, honey. There is no need to fan your face or hold the tears back just because you're on camera. You're 3-dimensional and human, and that's how you feel so just let it out. You might even touch someone but letting the tears be seen.
    Anyway, you probably won't see this because you have so many commenters and this is an old video, but I thought I would try and say it to you, anyway.

  • reham roro
    reham roro 2 years ago


  • Eve Zahner
    Eve Zahner 2 years ago

    Love you Jaclyn I love watching your videos. They help me so much doing my own makeup!

  • kilyssah
    kilyssah 2 years ago

    I miss your hair this color! You do you, Boo!!

  • Chelsey Downey
    Chelsey Downey 2 years ago

    I know i am late on this video. But Jaclyn, you and Jon are such sweet people to think of the ones who were having such a difficult time in Paris that's so sweet to care about those people. It truly shows that even that one girl tweeting appreciates the prayers and thoughts of those victims and people affected by that awful day. Keep being the sweet girl you are. i love your channel btw!

  • Savannha Stevenson
    Savannha Stevenson 2 years ago

    Meredith Grey inspired makeup Please

  • SaraSmilesLuvsMakeup
    SaraSmilesLuvsMakeup 2 years ago +1

    I just wanted to say I love u Jaclyn, & not in the creepy way, I think u have such a kind, sweet, loving heart, and I thought that was so thoughtful of u to say something to the people of Paris, I know it's last year video but I binge watch ur vids and hadn't seen this video before and yeah U are one of my fave RUcliprs and I love ur makeup vids and I try to learn from them♡ thanks for just simply being U, best wishes to U & Jon♡ I have my own channel I'm currently working on and I know u'll prolly never see this comment but I would love a shout out as I only have 22subs, if not that's ok, I still love ya♡

  • KateOgorova
    KateOgorova 2 years ago

    Beautiful Makeup Tutorial!! LOOKS FABULOUS

  • Emily Catherine Mcisaac
    Emily Catherine Mcisaac 2 years ago +1

    What shade foundations?

  • Destiny Bear
    Destiny Bear 2 years ago

    I really like the palette the only thing is i hate palettes that you cant buy a shade you run out of like you can on makeup geek. Do you have an idea of what makeup geek shadows would be close comparisons to these e/s

  • Salina Montalvo
    Salina Montalvo 2 years ago

    I'm watching all your videos again 🦄❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • BeautifHli Glam
    BeautifHli Glam 2 years ago

    Am I the only one who is distracted by the picture behind her head!! They look like bunny ears!!

  • Peyton Lord
    Peyton Lord 2 years ago

    but make it drugstore but glam

  • Peyton Lord
    Peyton Lord 2 years ago

    can you do like a burnt orange dark redish fall kind of look

  • Abhijit Dev
    Abhijit Dev 2 years ago

    I Love You Jaclyn You Are A True God's Loving Soul, I Remember When I Was A Teenager People Complimented My Make-up Talent For The 1st Time As A Professional. Today People Go Amazed By My Eye Makeup Technique And Everybody Wonders How I Do That And That's When I Simply Miss You In My Mind With A Smile! Cos You Are My Best Ever Teacher I Never Will Forget You In My Entire Life You Were Like A Mother To Me To Teach Me The ABCD To The Next Level Of Professional Makeup, This Msg Can Go So Long On And On And On... If I Actually Sit Down There And Keep Writing So I Just Wanted To Say That I Love You Alot! Please Don't Cry Ever Cos That Breaks Me Down Too Always Be Blessed You Will Be Always Remain In My Prayers And Just Remember Jesus Loves You...And I Too :-*

  • Alberto Tlapanco
    Alberto Tlapanco 2 years ago

    omg I seen your video and your real pretty full girl

  • Katie Hartley
    Katie Hartley 2 years ago +2

    You're such a good person.

  • Jessy Anne
    Jessy Anne 2 years ago

    I know I'm late to the party, but omg you have quickly become one of my favorites on here! I love that you are extremely talented, but also care about the world. i couldn't be more impressed!

  • olivia lol
    olivia lol 2 years ago +8

    i love jacklyn so much.. she's so real and genuine like she actually cares about others. i dont usually comment on her videos but my eyes were watering at the end when she talked about that paris thing... she's so down to earth. love u jacklyn so so much

  • Brooke Burgoon
    Brooke Burgoon 2 years ago

    this is not just a beauty channel cause makeup is not beauty it is a way to experiment to change your mood and look nd when you do that it can change your outlook

  • browneyes89
    browneyes89 2 years ago

    Ur the best beauty vlogger of all time! Playful yet informative and awesome!!

  • Eva Lian
    Eva Lian 2 years ago

    which taste kabuki brush are you using? i ve been crazy looking for it

  • A. Drago
    A. Drago 2 years ago

    Like... I understand Paris needs support but this isn't such a fucking sudden thing, terror, more specifically islam-extremist terror is happening all around the world. That girl couldn't leave the house? Guess what, she wasn't the first one. In my fucking city in Israel a few years back a missile that was sent from gaza hit a building leaving nothing, ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING, but the safety room, in which thankfully the apartment owner lived. In another time, the entire school had to go into our bunker-type safety room that every building here must have and wait there until it was "safe" to come out, because it's not ever really safe. Another time, the telephone lines crashed from too many calls being made in an attack. And I live in the area where all this is very very mild. There are areas where people cannot leave their safety room, where they have seconds to get to it before a missile hits where people dying is A FUCKING NORMAL THING. Paris isn't the first.

    • A. Drago
      A. Drago 2 years ago

      Where was everyone's support when two streets away from my home a terrorist decided to stab a defenseless 80 year old lady along with other people. I get that people in Europe need support since it's all new to them, but can people please just for fucking once open their eyes and see outside their little bubbles that are places that get so much more terror, and much more constant, and at the very least end that pray for palestine bullshit if you don't want to support terrorism.

  • Erica Straughan
    Erica Straughan 2 years ago

    Love love love your videos!! They're so helpful!

  • SKIM-G Unboxings
    SKIM-G Unboxings 2 years ago

    I totally teared up with you at the end. With everything bad and tragic going on in the world today, you are like bubbly breath of fresh air and love!

  • Alexis Beidleman
    Alexis Beidleman 2 years ago +5

    I know you get told this only the daily, and my one comment is going to blend into the thousands of others that you receive, but you are so beautiful inside and out! Never stop spreading your goodness and love

  • valerie benavidez
    valerie benavidez 2 years ago

    She look like have ears of a bunny 😂😂🐰🐰

  • Lucita Magana
    Lucita Magana 3 years ago

    Your so cute! you walk away and wet your Beauty blender! And yes I'm watching this right now as I'm drinking my grey goose cranberry drink 🍹!
    Love me some of Jaclyn Hill

  • Janelly Posadas
    Janelly Posadas 3 years ago

    if i could please know what hair color you have on , really wanna get my hands on it ♡. please

  • Jenni Endicott
    Jenni Endicott 3 years ago

    Jaclyn - I am good at putting the eyelashes ON but the taking off part is what I struggle with. Can we get a video showing how you take off your lashes (do you re-use them?) and how you ensure you don't hurt your own lashes?

  • Yajaira Lorenzo
    Yajaira Lorenzo 3 years ago

    Youre so beautiful, and not only on the outside. I appreciate a woman who cares so much the way I do, I can relate so much

  • Diana Bello
    Diana Bello 3 years ago

    When is the next giveaway? 😫

  • Steve ldnuk
    Steve ldnuk 3 years ago

    This is why so many women have over the top heavy makeup these days...daytime makeup? Just running errands? Yeah ok...

    • niralip04
      niralip04 2 years ago +1

      It says daytime GLAM.

    • Rossette Tugade
      Rossette Tugade 3 years ago +16

      lmao why are you so affected by what people put on their faces. it's not like they harm anyone by caking on makeup

  • Jess y
    Jess y 3 years ago

    not only is she beautiful but she's such a nice and sweet girl. love her

  • Alexandra Nerbas
    Alexandra Nerbas 3 years ago

  • Lexi Kinney
    Lexi Kinney 3 years ago

    Does anyone else think that the thing on the wall behind Jaclyn makes it look like she has bunny ears! It's adorable I'm not hating! I love Jaclyn

  • Hemmy Flores
    Hemmy Flores 3 years ago

    Can you pleaseeeee make a hair care video like how you got your hair color, I've been dying to get the exact hair color you have but no one else has really made a tutorial or made a video of how to take care of the color and prevent your hair from getting damaged. I really wanna know what to expect if I end up going red I know everyone's hair type is different but it'll be nice to know the process you went through

  • Talayah Hill
    Talayah Hill 3 years ago

    my last name is hill

  • Riley weaver
    Riley weaver 3 years ago +1

    i remembered watching this video after the Orlando shooting happened and re-watched it as a pick-me-up. it worked. You're amazing , Jaclyn, and your positivity is what is keeping the world sane.

  • Kionna BeVan
    Kionna BeVan 3 years ago +2

    It's looks like there's bunny ears on your head

  • Daniel Lawler
    Daniel Lawler 3 years ago

    your so awesome jhill

  • Brenda Stephany
    Brenda Stephany 3 years ago

    hi yall im a starter in youtube but i definately have a lot of ideas i upload everyday except saturday 😅 @ atara and k

  • Samantha Loomis
    Samantha Loomis 3 years ago

    Hi Jaclyn! Thanks so much for putting these videos out. Do you do private consulting on what make up I should buy for my shape?

  • Cookie The Unicorn
    Cookie The Unicorn 3 years ago

    Hi Jaclyn! I'm a huge fan of yours. Can you do a very simple and basic everyday makeup look for beginners? I just got my first eye shadow palette last week along with concealer, can you do a simple tutorial for year 10 students and if you don't know what year ten is its just 10th grade #asianstuff please please please read my comment

  • Meagan Guidry
    Meagan Guidry 3 years ago


  • Live Laugh Gab
    Live Laugh Gab 3 years ago

    Love this look!!

  • Amy Areias
    Amy Areias 3 years ago

    LOVE LOVE this look!!!! Even when you do like a dark smokey eye with really pretty colors you make it look SO natural. Literally gorgeous! LOVE YOU!!!

  • Nancy Masud
    Nancy Masud 3 years ago +1

    I just started watching your videos and absolutely love them!

  • Annalyse Solitario
    Annalyse Solitario 3 years ago

    hey Jaclyn! super random comment but these shades that are in the Becca Ombre Rouge palette say that they are matte on Sephora's site, but on you they look super satiny and almost glowy. What would you describe them as?

  • Lisa Moreno
    Lisa Moreno 3 years ago

    Jaclyn how about a face mask tutorial

  • Catalina
    Catalina 3 years ago

    I'm not sure I understand your definition of "feminine" here, but okay. Not the best intro to your channel, it's a little troubling to see gender pronouns attached to makeup period. But anyway. Great look though!

    • Amelia Salvador
      Amelia Salvador 3 years ago +4

      Don't be so overly sensitive. Jaclyn would never say anything to hurt anyone. after all one of her best friends is manny mua

  • Tara Marinara
    Tara Marinara 3 years ago +9

    Why am the ONLY woman that an inner corner highlight looks awful on? It's frustrating bc it's so beautiful on ppl.

    • flanikki07
      flanikki07 2 years ago

      Same here! Not sure if you have rounder eyes, but the fact that my eyes are more round than almond shaped makes my inner-corner highlighting not look as fabulous as those with more almond shaped eyes

  • Dirt E Dawg
    Dirt E Dawg 3 years ago +5


  • Shae Cheree
    Shae Cheree 3 years ago


  • Zahrah Aliyah
    Zahrah Aliyah 3 years ago +1


  • TeaJayDetweiler
    TeaJayDetweiler 3 years ago

    LOVE this look. Will definitely be checking out that Becca palette

  • Hunter Eckerman
    Hunter Eckerman 3 years ago

    she is so fake never gives a give away like carli bylye hey by thr way we get the same pallettw with more coloor cant wait u stupid bitches God r u stupid

  • Mikaela Sowell
    Mikaela Sowell 3 years ago

    Don't hate you. Hate M.A.C. They test there makeup on animals sorry but anything with Mac I can't watch. May seem dramatic but I don't want anything to do with them or any other makeup companies with animals testing

  • Life is so Devine
    Life is so Devine 3 years ago

    I absolutely love your channel! It's my new fave! I've just started a RUclip channel and would love it if you could check it out, I've just my first video! Please subscribe and I was wondering if you would like to collaborate?

  • Simon
    Simon 3 years ago

    Too much make up. You look much better without make up

  • Sara Plante
    Sara Plante 3 years ago +1

    I dont understand how people think you are stuck up ? Like did you guys even see the ending to this video? Oh wow I am totally not crying.. okay maybe a little.. You are so sweet I love watching all your videos! I know this isn't a recent one but I just wanted to comment and say thank you for being so positive and sweet and not looking down on people and actually relating to people! Keep up the amazing work you do!

  • Jess Clarke
    Jess Clarke 3 years ago

    I love you so much

  • Angela C
    Angela C 3 years ago


  • Savannah Cavender
    Savannah Cavender 3 years ago

    I love you Jaclyn love your personality and and everything about you!!💙💙💙

  • Grace Clark
    Grace Clark 3 years ago

    video starts at 2:48

  • Lily Couscouris
    Lily Couscouris 3 years ago

    You're such a beautiful, caring, kindhearted woman Jaclyn

  • Amita Kumar
    Amita Kumar 3 years ago

    I bought Champagne pop a month ago, and lost it at a hotel, I called them but they don't have it, I can't afford to rebuy it because I'm a poor college student, I'm really sad is there anyway you could send me one?

  • Emily Osman
    Emily Osman 3 years ago

    youre just so sweet after that amazing tutorial, to wish people who are living in fear well, good on you! this is more than a beauty channel this is a family... ❤❤

  • Emily Osman
    Emily Osman 3 years ago

    youre just so sweet after that amazing tutorial, to wish people who are living in fear well, good on you! this is more than a beauty channel this is a family... ❤❤

  • I probably won’t see your reply.

    Anyone know good dupes for the shadows

  • Brianna Cintron
    Brianna Cintron 3 years ago

    you're so beautiful jaclyn inside & out. you're such a pure & lovely soul & i out of all the singers/actors/motivational-talkers/famous person you have been the only person to truly inspire me to be a better me. you literally make me want to be a better person and i cannot thank you enough for never being scared to speak your mind & just be who you are. you're so strong & such an amazing person jaclyn! I LOVE YOU!!!! (i think out of everyone in the world you have the best fans)

  • Heidi Starner
    Heidi Starner 3 years ago +1

    you have a beautiful heart, god bless you and jon

  • Jillian Stoessel
    Jillian Stoessel 3 years ago

    LOVE that dress.

  • Rebecca O leary
    Rebecca O leary 3 years ago

    Look at the intro of your video cos the painting in the background is giving you bunny ears!! So funny!! 🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰 love you to bits!! XXX

  • Jenna Wojahn
    Jenna Wojahn 3 years ago

    What mascara did you use for your lower lashes? It wasn't listed above and you didn't mention what kind it was in the video! Love the look!:)

    • Kim Hollander
      Kim Hollander 3 years ago

      Mac extended play gigablack lash mascara! x

  • Anna Lalla
    Anna Lalla 3 years ago

    Jaclyn thank you for the prayers for countries going through hard times love your productions and i wish you the best

  • calliope99
    calliope99 3 years ago

    Just bought your Becca Champagne Pop highlighter and was looking for some tips on how to use and stumbled upon this video. Not only was it great and so inspirational (I'm going to finally practice and perfect my false lash technique - you've got me so inspired!) but the surprise at the end where you address the Paris attacks was so amazing. I've never cried in a beauty tutorial before! Jaclyn, I didn't know who you were when I purchased this top rated gorgeous highlighter, but after seeing this, and loving my new highlight too of course, you have a fan for life. Bless you, you are so beautiful inside and out.

    ITSPEACHEZDOTCOM 3 years ago

    beautiful jaclyn and your message was very touching at the end

  • Sydney medders
    Sydney medders 3 years ago

    I swear, you are the most GENUINE and compassionate person. Im so glad you are so real

  • Sara Blair
    Sara Blair 3 years ago

    you're so sweet Idk how/why people are so mean to you when you're the sweetest thing ever

  • Cat Badillo
    Cat Badillo 3 years ago

    what shade do you use in the Urban Decay Concealer?

  • La Perle Beaute
    La Perle Beaute 3 years ago

    You are SO Gorgeous Jaclyn! XO

  • Emma Monnich
    Emma Monnich 3 years ago

    Do you remember where you got your dress from?? Thank you :)

  • Rosie Velarde
    Rosie Velarde 3 years ago

    I usually skip intros but I actually watch yours! This make up routine is perfect for anytime! Thank you!! Love you!

  • Palkun Pen
    Palkun Pen 3 years ago

    I really love your all your videos Jaclyn. I've learnt a lot from you :)

  • Reservation Dept
    Reservation Dept 3 years ago

    Paris was a false flag attack

    • K T.
      K T. 3 years ago

      Most definitely, just like if you wrap your house and yourself in tinfoil, the government won't be able to read your thoughts.

  • Angelo Miranda
    Angelo Miranda 3 years ago

    great stuff will share with female friends for sure...