Launch *3 TIMES HIGHER* Using This Launch Pad Spot! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
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  • SypherPK
    SypherPK  Month ago +483

    Hope you guys find this useful!
    Stick around until the end, I clutched an insane win in the Trio Qualifiers! Enjoy

    BAAL KI KHAAL 24 days ago

    One of the epic fortnite battles

  • Lucas Hernandez
    Lucas Hernandez 29 days ago

    3:43 How did he hit that shotgun shot while he was in the 1x1. I didn't even see the guy!!!

  • ReFuze Rect ツ
    ReFuze Rect ツ Month ago

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  • Cm_XBL Plays
    Cm_XBL Plays Month ago

    The spray with the tactical smg though

  • Cm_XBL Plays
    Cm_XBL Plays Month ago +1

    Sypher is so good why do you think he’s on recommend

  • Zorak YT
    Zorak YT Month ago

    Is the red night skin a separate skin or a style

  • Bankruptleaf YT
    Bankruptleaf YT Month ago +1


  • Fear
    Fear Month ago

    Sypher is a loyal friend. He kills himself to play with others.

  • Blazed Legend
    Blazed Legend Month ago

    Why did you back out ?!?!?

  • Matt
    Matt Month ago

    Fortnite: “let’s add a turbo building nerf and then add the tac smg back so they can get shot through their 1by1” ahuthuthut

  • Noah Dulaney
    Noah Dulaney Month ago

    Pk is the worst player I’ve ever seen in this type of gameplay he doesn’t have any call outs at all

  • Josh Grazier
    Josh Grazier Month ago

    Since when is sypher insane at fortnite

  • Splashy YT
    Splashy YT Month ago


  • Evan 11
    Evan 11 Month ago

    0:37 he was doing a challenge dood


    I don’t really like fortnite any more but your conten is nice to watch

  • Itss06_ Boris
    Itss06_ Boris Month ago

    Rip 20 bomb

  • Numz K
    Numz K Month ago

    9:43 sypher aimbot hack😖

  • Zombii
    Zombii Month ago


  • Angi Barrera
    Angi Barrera Month ago

    What’s up bots

  • 27zollSkyBreak Entertainment

    Sad that sypher didn’t evolve his style of content creating !
    He was unique in the beginning with his educational cometary !
    But now it feels like cliq baiting !

    • Jordan Emerson
      Jordan Emerson Month ago

      Demographics yo..
      He still does educational commentaries too

  • Omarsito050
    Omarsito050 Month ago

    That edit at 3:46 u are definitely the best fortnite player in my eyes ._.

  • Apical Rap
    Apical Rap Month ago

    I love Sypher man he

  • PapZ_213
    PapZ_213 Month ago

    Clutch 💯💯

  • MrPooFling
    MrPooFling Month ago

    Awesome new trio. So glad you are not with HD anymore.

  • Killer125922
    Killer125922 Month ago

    Wow, that tournament game was intense just watching it..

  • Andrew Chavez
    Andrew Chavez Month ago

    Sick clutch pk

  • Harris Eagle
    Harris Eagle Month ago

    pumped up syph is forever goated

  • WhiteDragon6mg
    WhiteDragon6mg Month ago

    ggs saw that dub live think i was just as excited been following your competitive progress

  • NorthSpliTZ
    NorthSpliTZ Month ago

    Sypher: he’s by him self by him self help me help me help me
    Nick:kills him
    Me: uh cool

  • 3raw
    3raw Month ago

    does he play with randoms on ps4 🤕

  • 3raw
    3raw Month ago

    nahh u really the best player ik dawg 🙌🏽

  • Steven Sheets
    Steven Sheets Month ago +1

    * sees edit play at 3:46 *
    "Well, here we go again."
    * uses code sypherpk in the item shop *

  • Quicky The gamer
    Quicky The gamer Month ago

    Your video’s of amazing your a beast

  • KT_722
    KT_722 Month ago +3

    Me:telling my friend I can’t leave match it’s top 50
    Sypher: 14kills ok I left

  • ッッッSUB{H}ERO ッッッ

    You are insane sypher keep it up

  • Tyler Bailey
    Tyler Bailey Month ago

    0:40 would you not just wait for him to behold higher 🤦‍♂️

  • Zahra Hassnain
    Zahra Hassnain Month ago

    Sypherpk I love you and I wanted to tell you that you are better then ninja

  • Ahmed Lshamy
    Ahmed Lshamy Month ago

    13:30 when the teacher Is absent

  • Fortnite GOD
    Fortnite GOD Month ago +1

    U are my favourite youtuber

    1 like equals an other bot for pk syper 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Inam Ullah
    Inam Ullah Month ago

    No this launchpad trick was revealed by i think someone (idk if it was Geerzy or Viking) he revealed that you can launch 3x higher. But anyways you’re way famous sooooo🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ anyways, That was an insane clutch and by insane I mean *INSANE* !!!

  • Glenn Ortega
    Glenn Ortega Month ago

    A good launch pad till Comi catches you.

  • Robinvir
    Robinvir Month ago


  • benhur ferreira
    benhur ferreira Month ago

    How the fuck was that double pump ever possible at 02:30

  • Lalit Meena
    Lalit Meena Month ago

    New intro and outro. Nice.

  • JagersAcog !
    JagersAcog ! Month ago

    Dude now that the go to shotty is the pump, I’m pretty bad with it, I hadn’t used it in a while, any help?

  • Nasser Wael Hussain Ebrahim

    Please answer my question next vedio

  • Nasser Wael Hussain Ebrahim

    Is it true that this years goal for you is going to the World Cup

  • 麦Mugiwara
    麦Mugiwara Month ago +1

    3:36 That Trap dodge was amazing!

    In real life too😂

  • Joseangel Gomez
    Joseangel Gomez Month ago

    Everybody:vault mechs
    Me:vault water

  • Vincent I
    Vincent I Month ago

    That clutch at the end was insane! Keep up the great content!

  • NooderMRG - YouTube

    How do u turn off zero point effect ? ( Loot lake effect)

  • Leo Johansson
    Leo Johansson Month ago

    0:45 tryhard

  • Dyrroth
    Dyrroth Month ago +1

    2:38 did HE JUST DOUBLE PUMPED?!

  • Abbas Sadz
    Abbas Sadz Month ago +1

    1time he killed me and I have a pic of it on my wall ( I mean shyper pk )

  • Lx彡ꓓⲉⲙⲟⲛ

    i thought it was a BCC video

  • LightningOnYT
    LightningOnYT Month ago

    Sypher turn on visualize sound effects its really useful!

  • ItzKingster
    ItzKingster Month ago +7

    9:52 that's me trying to peek over something in a game lol

  • Salty Chips
    Salty Chips Month ago

    The guy who built up tried to go to the meteor for a challenge but u ruined it.......

  • Muzduk
    Muzduk Month ago

    2:30 new double pump glitch?