1985 Renault R5 Turbo2 - Jay Leno’s Garage

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
  • Randy Nonnenberg, Co-Founder of BringATrailer.com, bought this rare homologation rally car from BringATrailer.com!
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    1985 Renault R5 Turbo2 - Jay Leno’s Garage
    Jay Leno's Garage
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Comments • 1 779

  • Sarah Webster
    Sarah Webster Hour ago

    Americans had the muscle car wars of the 60’s and the Europeans had the hot hatch wars in the 80’s!...Autocar Magazine crowned the MK2 Astra GTE 16v “The king of hot hatches” in May 1988! Around the same time VW spokesman went on record stating “The Astra GTE 16v is indecently quick and solely responsible for the downturn in sales of the Golf GTI in Europe!”
    Autocar also featured a drag race with the GTE 16v against a Porsche 944 as they felt the GTE 16v was punching above its weight and the GTE 16v left the Porsche standing! This was a big deal as at the time the Porsche was twice the price of the GTE!!!

    JEANVIPERE 17 hours ago

    Pour moi la plus belle voiture jamais produite...

  • Geralyn Carlson
    Geralyn Carlson Day ago

    Now it's a young timer classic :-)

  • BRE BlancoRaceEngineering

    Just a friendly correction:
    If I’m not mistaken it is a pushrod Engine, not a SOHC.

  • mick2d2
    mick2d2 Day ago

    Fabulous eccentric French car. Great video! I would have loved one too, but a bit out of my price range.
    The closest I got was my Renault Super 5 GT Turbo, the most fun car I've ever driven.
    Used to make me smile from ear to ear, everytime the boost kicked in!
    I remember the first time I test drove it. I slammed the brakes on (after checking my rear view mirror) and there was a loud bang from behind me, scared the crap out of me.
    It was the rear shelf over the boot, slamming up against the roof! 8)
    Another cool thing was lifting the bonnet up at night after thrashing it a bit and the turbo would be glowing cherry red!
    It also had a what looked like a hairdryer pointing at the carburettor. This used to kick in before starting, when the engine was hot. Without this working it was almost impossible to start when hot.

  • laika25
    laika25 3 days ago

    Jay, you should look into another semi iconic Renault from the 80s, the 18 Fuego turbo

  • flyingmerkel6
    flyingmerkel6 3 days ago +1

    Actually saw one of these in Orange County CA back in the 80s. Very cool looking little car

    • J peterman33
      J peterman33 2 days ago

      Detroit suburbs some guy had one back int he 80's, I spotted it from the fender flare and every time I went by there I would look for it sitting on his driveway.

  • Jakko Vleugel
    Jakko Vleugel 3 days ago

    Renault R5 Turbo2 my childhood hero!

  • ShadowOfDeath24
    ShadowOfDeath24 4 days ago +4

    $135,000 for this lol its for sale currently

  • TimeToa Tiempo
    TimeToa Tiempo 4 days ago


  • Stephen Burnside
    Stephen Burnside 5 days ago

    A fine European hot-hatch of the 80's would include a Peugeot 205 and in the early 90's the Ford Escort Cosworth at the end of the era.

  • Pivke Mrzli
    Pivke Mrzli 5 days ago +1

    they talk about R5 being the most iconic Renault car...
    but im under the impression that R4 is more iconic, both in numbers produced and in general popularity? any thoughts?

  • Mark Anderson
    Mark Anderson 6 days ago

    Back in the day myself and one other bench racer thought this would be the ultimate pizza delivery car.

  • L S
    L S 6 days ago

    blasphemy to see this on US roads :(

  • mark whitehead
    mark whitehead 6 days ago

    I worked for a Renault dealer here in the UK in 1982 .We had a series 1 that used to come in for a service awesome car. There are many great Renaults such as the r8 Gordini the R5 Gordini ect .I had many R12s the TS was a brilliant car in every way but for me the ultimate Renault has to be the R12 Gordini as far as I'm aware a few did make it to America. Don't be put off by the engine size I've owned V8 American cars and drag raced a 340 Dodge Demon with a friend of mine but nothing has topped the fun factor of my little Renaults. Thanks for the great video 👍

  • Marek Tokarcik
    Marek Tokarcik 7 days ago

    Hi Jay - get new Renault Alpine your kids will get their profit in 30 years !

  • Prehistoric Mohsen
    Prehistoric Mohsen 7 days ago

    I had one french made first gen 4 door 1000cc 😍😍😍

  • poprip
    poprip 7 days ago

    Don't forget the Renault Alpine which was also a legend!

  • Mike
    Mike 7 days ago

    Jay might have been right about the rubber being on the car to help with flexing. I had an old 86 Buick Regal T-type which had the Grand National motor and that car had insane torque when the turbo would kick in and the car was known to flex and cause cracking in the paint in certain spots. Jay is right on about turbo lag as well, I also love the turbo lag in older turbos. You hear the whistling begin to build up and then a sudden explosion of torque along with some funky noises. Turbo cars are a blast!

    • Mark Pinkstaff
      Mark Pinkstaff 7 days ago

      I'm thinking that it may have something to do with keeping the aluminum roof isolated from the steel body could even be how the aluminum is attached?

  • Brian Ordelheide
    Brian Ordelheide 8 days ago

    The North East San Fernando Valley where they're driving around is SO picturesque

  • Brian Ordelheide
    Brian Ordelheide 8 days ago

    Just saw one in West Hollywood

  • Tara Gragg
    Tara Gragg 9 days ago

    Want to hear the most Trump thing ever? This guy oughtta head GM.

  • eggypickle
    eggypickle 9 days ago

    I like how Renault kept this formula alive with the Clio V6.

  • OverseaTelegram
    OverseaTelegram 9 days ago

    this car is my all time favorite, so fun and original, and it is a badass on curvy roads do you know that you can see this car in the very first episode of DRAGON BALL !!!!??? ruclip.com/video/Fa5LKBylfJg/video.html

  • Chief
    Chief 9 days ago

    I remembers these from back in the early 90’s, where I lived in the UK it was THE car all the youths wanted (turbo 1), they were rapid. 200bhp in a car this size & weight was quick back then. Love the rear arches on these, anyone know the tyre width?

  • Marco Raap
    Marco Raap 9 days ago +2

    the most versatile turbo was the fiat uno turbo i.e. I do miss mine

  • Jørgen Hvalby
    Jørgen Hvalby 9 days ago

    That excellent Ketchup bottle turbo lag.

  • Downunda88
    Downunda88 10 days ago +1

    Jay, it's pronounced Reno, like Leno :)

  • Thin Blue Line
    Thin Blue Line 10 days ago

    Jay Reno (Renault)

  • G. M.
    G. M. 10 days ago

    Thank you Jay 😘

  • RichieT5
    RichieT5 10 days ago

    The grandaddy of the fabulous Renault Clio V6

  • Alexander Fraser
    Alexander Fraser 10 days ago

    Love these, my first car was a 85 Renault 5 gt turbo, after that I was hooked on them, had 7 in total and miss every one of them! My dad had a mk1 Renault 5 gordini turbo it was rough and he bought it for £100, I was about 16 and I pestered the arse of him to give me it but no joy, he said I’d kill myself in it, he ended up selling it for £200. Worth plenty now but they were 10 a penny back in the day.

  • Σπυρος Κούστας

    You cannot even imagine how this thing turns ......... like a go kart !! I saw it in a rally many years ago here in Greece and I was stunned by the corner speed it had !!!

  • Hurricane 1969
    Hurricane 1969 10 days ago

    Group B

  • Robin Forrest
    Robin Forrest 10 days ago

    Time to check out the Peugeot 205GTI

  • James
    James 10 days ago

    yes!! Renault! I have a 2017 Clio, the "present day" 5 and it owes up to its blood line!
    I can just imagine too, when one day Americans start going for small block cars - global warming will just be gone!

  • Xaris Xeros
    Xaris Xeros 10 days ago

    I have driven a simple non-turbo 1986 R5 and I can tell you that was one of the most pleasurable cars I have ever driven, and I have driven a lot of all sorts of cars. I do not know why, I can't explain it but it was very fun to drive. So I can imagine this turbo R5 being a firestarter. Both this as well as the simple turbo-less versions were some of the best looking cars.

  • Jeff Allinson
    Jeff Allinson 11 days ago

    Ghastly little rot box. WTF is this doing in a Jay Leno's garage episode?

  • sic22l
    sic22l 11 days ago

    It actually weighs around 2200 lbs, not 2600.

  • Honu Moorea
    Honu Moorea 11 days ago

    There is also the alpine version of the r5, it's in between the low cost and the turbo 2. Later there was also the turbo (without the 2) "Renault 5 Turbo", something like 130 Horse power.

  • Ducati Hyper821
    Ducati Hyper821 12 days ago

    Jay didn’t seem to like it.

    MICHGO1 13 days ago


  • Shane Tyler
    Shane Tyler 13 days ago

    interesting car i remember this car i think on grand turismo but with the same token this car is in practically the same class as the Shogun that he had on here some years ago.

  • Bruno Hebert
    Bruno Hebert 13 days ago

    Next you have to put a Renault 8 Alpine Turbo on that bucket list..

  • Catcrumbs
    Catcrumbs 13 days ago

    13:10 The Golf GTi pre-dates this R5 Turbo 2 by a decade…

  • kens97sto171
    kens97sto171 13 days ago

    Cool car.. love the turbo whistle..
    Anybody else think the seat headrest look really big for the seats..
    Awesome machine..

  • human lover
    human lover 13 days ago

    Gotti Wheels!! Had a very similar set in the early 90s. 13 x 9s. Put 4 on each corner of a glass and made it into a table. Never used it cause it has a different PCD than my current car back then.

  • Morgan Freeman
    Morgan Freeman 13 days ago

    Not over head but lateral cam. Nice car BTW !

  • MarJay1980
    MarJay1980 13 days ago +2

    Renaultsport would be the equivalent of AMG or M sport...

  • ljmtac
    ljmtac 14 days ago

    now Jay you have to get a wonderfull french car a citroen mehari ;)

  • Luc Rolland
    Luc Rolland 14 days ago

    We did get them in Canada since I saw several in Montreal back in the 80s. What a car to see fast going to Quebec City and shaming Camaros (made in Montreal).

  • Aadhi Thanu
    Aadhi Thanu 14 days ago

    Was this in class b rallying?

  • Dave Gaskell
    Dave Gaskell 14 days ago +1

    I think Sean Connery chased Fatima Blush who was in one of these in Never Say Never Again! ruclip.com/video/_NGFIcK0Tas/video.html

    YUSKHAN 14 days ago

    Birminghams boy racers weapon of choice back in the 90s

  • Peter Mckechnie
    Peter Mckechnie 14 days ago +1

    Wow who wouldn't want that in their garage!

  • Gustavo Lasanta
    Gustavo Lasanta 15 days ago

    What an awesome car.

  • EliteFetishist
    EliteFetishist 15 days ago

    In France, this car was mostly driven by young people at the age of let’s say eighteen. You took this car to go to school and to your friend houses to listen to music and drink beers. You rode it very fast on very small roads surrounded by forest. Can you imagine that?

  • Christopher Spencer
    Christopher Spencer 16 days ago


  • ZebsFrend
    ZebsFrend 16 days ago

    I had yellow headlight bulbs in my car, that is sadly missing on this example.

  • ZebsFrend
    ZebsFrend 16 days ago

    This car did NOT start the "Hot Hatch Revolution". The car that did that was the RENAULT 5 GORDINI TURBO. Get one of them and see the start.

  • macker33
    macker33 17 days ago +1

    Lovely sounding car, should get the spotlights and the rear wing, would be way nicer.

  • Leroy Brown
    Leroy Brown 17 days ago

    This is a fun, cool little car. Nice 80s boxy style. I love the wheels. Magnifique!!!!

  • bpcaferacer 1977
    bpcaferacer 1977 17 days ago +1

    in Belgium in the 80 we had hot hatches like the peugeot 205 gti 1.9 and the golf gti.these R5 turbo 2's were very rare.peugeot made a 205 version like this but it was never homologated.in Belgium a turbo 2 goes for around 85000 euros these days.

  • Malx Martin
    Malx Martin 17 days ago +2

    Great to see the old Turbos Jay. I remember back in the day the young lads had them here in Essex but being they were so light and fast they often crashed them. I’m more into Fords and the XR2i Fiesta was my favourite at the time even though I drove a 2.0 S Ford Capri Mk3.

  • Dmetal#1
    Dmetal#1 17 days ago

    Way cool!

  • Richard Kocksworthy
    Richard Kocksworthy 17 days ago

    S4 next plez

  • Robert Binstead
    Robert Binstead 17 days ago

    also further to my comment about americans not pronouncing the english language properly, they also cant say aluminium

  • Zhivko Yabandzhiev
    Zhivko Yabandzhiev 18 days ago +1

    Mr. Leno you are great professional! Great shows you make, a natural born presenter!

  • Cab Cat
    Cab Cat 18 days ago +3

    I was always interested in the R5s and the Gordini Turbos, thank you Jay for sharing this with us.

  • modelleg
    modelleg 18 days ago +1

    Aahh...reminds me of my 84 Colt turbo. What a great little car.

  • CFF Corbeaux Fou Furieux
    CFF Corbeaux Fou Furieux 18 days ago +1

    This car are designed for curve!!

  • AutoRev
    AutoRev 18 days ago

    Great car, so characterful

  • Clayton R
    Clayton R 18 days ago

    Jay sounds like he's high on something 😂 I do love the car though

  • Javier C C
    Javier C C 18 days ago +2

    My first car was a red Renault 5 TS. So it brings beautiful memories. This model was the iconic one which appears in the first episode of Dragon Ball, it was driving by Bulma an was destroyed by Goku, supernice!

  • Saltamontes
    Saltamontes 19 days ago

    JP Performance Germany

  • fernand gauthier
    fernand gauthier 19 days ago

    coolest car in human history

  • Bandit Darville
    Bandit Darville 19 days ago

    Even featured in a James Bond movie!

  • Thomas Delgado
    Thomas Delgado 20 days ago

    I'm french. This legendary car is one of the greatest french cars of all time

  • DesertDigger1
    DesertDigger1 20 days ago

    "Le Car"

  • blkcoupequattro
    blkcoupequattro 20 days ago

    They should make those again!

  • Douwe Bloot
    Douwe Bloot 20 days ago

    R5 turbo. World famous in europe

  • Alex Habr
    Alex Habr 20 days ago

    She sounds like a cheap van with a split in the exhaust flange when she's off boost

  • Cyprien C
    Cyprien C 20 days ago

    Vive la France 🇫🇷

  • Fisklina
    Fisklina 20 days ago

    Ah the vehicles of my youth. Love these mad 80s cars.

  • JCS
    JCS 20 days ago

    what a beautiful car

  • Maxime Bregeon
    Maxime Bregeon 21 day ago

    Thanks you for that video.
    That car was built for rallye. Not sure Jay enjoyed it on the freeway.
    Check out video of Jean Ragnotti, you will see the true spirit of that car

  • David Curtis
    David Curtis 21 day ago +3

    The Renault Fuego had a turbo stock from the factory. It was a fun car to drive but not much fun to work on from a mechanics point of view.

    • Dmetal#1
      Dmetal#1 17 days ago

      First car to learn stick on was an Alliance. Used a sledgehammer to get it into gear!

    • TheBlaggert
      TheBlaggert 20 days ago

      Fuego Turbo's were nice cars though. Haven't seen one in probably 25 years

  • Theodore Dow
    Theodore Dow 21 day ago

    LOL he brought it with the breakin tune on it WTH! Won't be near as fun.

  • Howard Kahn
    Howard Kahn 21 day ago

    great series

  • David Evans
    David Evans 21 day ago

    The ultimate mic drop hot hatch!!
    it took Mitsubishi and Subaru almost 20 years to make something not even as cool and the motor had to be almost twice the size

    • pinut187
      pinut187 20 days ago

      David Evans forgot about the integrale ??

  • jg.galan
    jg.galan 21 day ago

    I love this car 👏👏

  • yann yann
    yann yann 21 day ago

    un francais vous regarde:)

  • Andre Rummel
    Andre Rummel 21 day ago

    Mister Leno, ich will bei Dir arbeiten.

  • markmywords312
    markmywords312 21 day ago +2

    5.44 'It doesnt look like a racing car'...I beg to differ

  • David Paquet
    David Paquet 21 day ago

    Renault Encore...we had one. Broke every second day.

  • ScorpionP2C
    ScorpionP2C 21 day ago

    this is that short gal in gymnastics with crazy strong thick legs that just outdid everyone, so sexy :)

  • Zaxtor
    Zaxtor 22 days ago

    No Trueno yet on the show? WTF

  • fradaja
    fradaja 22 days ago

    Love this car

  • Stuart Russell
    Stuart Russell 22 days ago

    157hp stock.

  • LhageGT
    LhageGT 22 days ago

    Finally my favorite ca4