1985 Renault R5 Turbo2 - Jay Leno’s Garage

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
  • Randy Nonnenberg, Co-Founder of BringATrailer.com, bought this rare homologation rally car from BringATrailer.com!
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    1985 Renault R5 Turbo2 - Jay Leno’s Garage
    Jay Leno's Garage
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Comments • 2 007

  • JC Marin
    JC Marin 6 hours ago

    Look at that little frog...

  • Ronald de Rooij
    Ronald de Rooij 7 hours ago

    Actually, these cars were not very good at all. Unreliable, not very durable. Horrible to own. Extremely tricky to drive fast (as most French fast hatchbacks). But still a classic.

  • Pierre Maillet
    Pierre Maillet Day ago

    Voiture française très rare; la Citroën bx 4tc "polytechnique".

  • Normal Everyday Regular Dude N.E.R.D.

    "unobtainable when i was a kid"... Bro, in 1985 you were 35.

  • rid BKM
    rid BKM 8 days ago

    Savonnette des années 80

  • Sligo71
    Sligo71 8 days ago

    La sonrrisa de Jay cuando entra el turbo lo dice todo. 😁

  • Stephen Wooding
    Stephen Wooding 9 days ago

    Growing up in the UK then moving to the US for 20+ yrs then moving to Mexico , I’ve seen my share of Renault 5 turbos but my favorite was the Renault 5 Gordini . Superb .

  • Andrew Fleming
    Andrew Fleming 11 days ago

    That car just looks sublime. Lovely lovely colour and fenders, LOVE them alloys on that car. This car would be PERFECT on the country roads here in the UK. Perfect

  • lindas1st
    lindas1st 12 days ago

    Stop pandering Jay.
    The VW Golf GTi and latwer the Peugot 205 GTi started the hot hatch craze.
    Though this car is one of the koolest hot Hatches ever made. great job Renault.

  • debunkthejunk1
    debunkthejunk1 13 days ago

    It sounds a lot like a VW bus, till it spools up

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee 14 days ago

    I bet Jay uses a Jitterbug cell phone

  • alex plet
    alex plet 14 days ago

    Can t drive slow with this car...the engine just like be brutalized..every days r a Grand prix.lovely toy!

    ISSOHOS THOR STOR M 15 days ago

    I love turbo 2. Era bueno subtítulos en Español. No sale ni la opción y no se porqué????!

  • Tyler Fabish
    Tyler Fabish 15 days ago

    This is probably one of the best sounding car 4 cylinder engines i have ever heard

  • keithg145
    keithg145 16 days ago

    One of my all time favourite cars, love it, fantastic example too!

  • gnoux23
    gnoux23 16 days ago

    Jean "Jeannot l'acrobate" Ragnotti should appreciate this video.

  • Augure 25
    Augure 25 16 days ago

    This is not a car for high ways this is a car for alps roads.

  • Peak n troll
    Peak n troll 16 days ago

    Fiat Uno turbo

  • kingpinjunky02
    kingpinjunky02 17 days ago

    I wonder if Jay has driven the Honda city turbo 2. There super fun to drive

  • Catriona Smithers
    Catriona Smithers 18 days ago

    re: Ford Granada. We had a 1975 Ford Granada - olive green, it's frame wasn't adequately welded, among the bad welds was the portion that held the back window, the window wouldn't stay straight without packing to keep it in place. The transmission was also defective. We had it till 2005. The carburetor finally gave out and the back window came loose for the last time. It definitely went the miles.

  • Bochereauauger Ghislain

    BOUILLE AYOUBITE ,yakouzin

  • Bochereauauger Ghislain


  • corinne barbey
    corinne barbey 21 day ago +1

    dommage , pas de sous - titres . j'aime bien monsieur Leno , passionner de voiture .. mais bon

  • jpatrick34
    jpatrick34 21 day ago

    I saw a Honda S800 in the garage. Do you have a N600? I would like to see that

  • Morbid Fucking Angel
    Morbid Fucking Angel 23 days ago

    Absolutely sick car!! Damn!!!

  • Morbid Fucking Angel
    Morbid Fucking Angel 23 days ago

    Jay inspecting as if he’s gonna offer after video lol

  • nickthefox72
    nickthefox72 23 days ago

    I love how Americans cannot pronounce car manufacturers names correctly lol

  • acme181169
    acme181169 23 days ago

    The gulf between European and American culture is wider than ever.

    ACPHOTO 23 days ago

    Jay says he wanted one as a kid but he was 35 when they came out 😂

  • john young
    john young 23 days ago

    Renaults group b rally car.

  • Joe Kurtz
    Joe Kurtz 24 days ago

    I had an instructor in college that stated the French (Peugeot- Renault- Citroen) stock blocks are held to tight bore tolerances and stamped to the block in 3 categories: -05, 0.0 or +05. And all pistons / cyl. are matched by bore size tolerances during productuon.. to ensure balance and ease of service during an overhaul.( pistons, rings or reboring); he acquired this info when AMC/Renault were industrial partners back in the 80's when he worked at AMC. US Tech manuals may or may not mention this in the spec tables.

  • Jacob Zimmermann
    Jacob Zimmermann 25 days ago

    You can't but love hot hatches. Just think about the concept: take something designed to be the cheapest, lowliest commuting appliance possible... and turn it into a racing car. The whole idea is so wonderfully bonkers that owning one at least once in your life should be mandatory for every car enthusiast.

  • Ken Young
    Ken Young 25 days ago

    Not a good car. If you think it is, you should drive one. 1.4 liters off boost (2150 #) is just like an ancient air cooled VW. You have to stay on boost for any real acceleration. Mine was new. Worst car I ever owned.

  • Sausset marc
    Sausset marc 26 days ago

    Thank you jay, for leaving a tiny bit of space to French cars !!!!!!! We might not have the "humph" of big blocks and all .... but the French had smart ideas..;which is no longer the truth these days... thank you anyway !!!!!

  • funkaddict cedric
    funkaddict cedric 26 days ago

    There was also the Alpine A110

  • Francisco del Barrio
    Francisco del Barrio 26 days ago

    French only can make French fries 🍟

  • Geoffrey Froment
    Geoffrey Froment 27 days ago

    So strange to see a car from my childhood in a USA tv show. Thanks for the video, nice work on the light inside the garage.

  • Sami Inaimi
    Sami Inaimi 28 days ago

    I want one..

  • martin pedersen
    martin pedersen 29 days ago

    Jay you should buy a Peugeot 205 turbo 16

  • Naught Meenaym
    Naught Meenaym Month ago

    Don't forget the turd Fuego. Renault used to hammer us with the "The one to watch" ad campaign during NFL games. As a car kid I thought Renault was so weak because they made a three lug nut wheel car. Come on!

  • Kaltonian
    Kaltonian Month ago

    this car was amazing back in the day, the only trouble was when you took the engine apart for a rebuild you had to always skim the heads, other than that brilliantly fast

  • Rob Adven
    Rob Adven Month ago +1

    One day you should do a Peugeot 504 coupe or any other Peugeot?? Great Show Jay

  • SuperMalupy
    SuperMalupy Month ago

    power renault forever

  • Miguel Bonilla
    Miguel Bonilla Month ago +1

    I actually love/like this car reminds me of the one from dragonball😁

  • Quincy M-e
    Quincy M-e Month ago

    Holy max power !

  • Martino Goracci
    Martino Goracci Month ago


  • The Rusty Ulua
    The Rusty Ulua Month ago

    It's surprising that Jay doesn't know anything about Gotti rims.

  • Skunk Works
    Skunk Works Month ago

    It was to slow as only made 280hp!! and was in the 1.6-2.0L to they made some 1.6 360hp one's but it was the stepping stone car into Group ,they had to make 400 road cars Is way they only made 180? hp stock and had no roll cage etc and as it was made at the time when 4wd was coming into Group B but still did 5? years but Audi was 4wd 500hp and Lancia, S4 was the killer making 550! and would make 750hp from 1.8L but was in 2-2.5L class, and only had to be 890kg,,,, The road car / turbo 2 was a cheap car in the 90's I paid 4.5k for one but the turbo would kick in at 2.5k!! in the wet in a roundabout it made for a fun drive,,

  • Jono G
    Jono G Month ago

    I would of built it with the engine in the front and a good LSD

  • James Stewart
    James Stewart Month ago


  • James Stewart
    James Stewart Month ago

    Check them out in the corsica 80s rally vids :(

  • Gary Turner
    Gary Turner Month ago

    My first car was a renault 5 great car

  • stansxm
    stansxm Month ago

    you can t imagine how this car is iconic for us, little french guys.......sorry to love little cute things.....R5 TURBO 2, SUPERCINQ GT TURBO, 205 GTI 1,6 1,9....a all generation cars.

  • Ung Grabb
    Ung Grabb Month ago

    Meanwhile in Detroit. Lack of vision and cool products. Same old american junk

    I DUBZH Month ago

    For us here in France, these little bomb cars were so iconic : it was our Ferrari since we do not have such a maker. And for those who have ever came in France, our roads are made for rally cars... So, you have plenty of work now, walk around the 205 GTi 1.9, the T16 as well, the Clio Williams... Thx for this vid ! And don't forget to watch "onboard with Jean Ragnotti" !!!

  • Frédéric Cavelier

    205 gti
    R5 gt turbo2
    405 mi16
    When i was a teenager i dreamed of those cars they re was mythic

  • DeadHead
    DeadHead Month ago

    Ahh the memories of my 1988 Renault 5 Turbo and I had much done to that I think it was up around the 170bhp mark. Great fun.

  • R3D
    R3D Month ago +1

    1.4 liter 200 hp.. that sounds like 2019 specs. Impressive stuff.

  • manubea29
    manubea29 Month ago

    I had the same model in reduced model when I was young, it was my favorite car

  • Shakey Steventon
    Shakey Steventon Month ago

    Leno is so tedious I’m falling to sleep, shame cos that’s a great car