Toxic culture of education: Joshua Katz at TEDxUniversityofAkron

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  • Joshua Katz is a high school math teacher in Orange County, FL.

    Joshua's Talk:
    In the mid 1800's, Horace Mann captured the potential impact of education on society. We have yet to realize the potential he saw, and in fact, we are missing the mark by a wider and wider margin. We have created a "Toxic Culture of Education" in our country that is damaging students, impacting our economy, and threatening our future. Since the passage of No Child Left Behind, we have embraced a culture of high stakes testing and are perpetuating a false sense of failure in our schools. We have ignored research and data on effective policy making practices in order to serve the interest of private industries that have monetized our students. The impact is being felt in communities, on college campuses, and in our economy. The solution lies in a common sense approach to student development, curriculum choice, career exploration, and relevant data analysis. This talk will present a vision of an education system that allows us to embrace our full potential if we only had the courage to ask "Why Not"?

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  • Kirito XD
    Kirito XD 2 дня назад

    200 dislikes are from politicians and taxes eaters

  • Morgan Hilton
    Morgan Hilton 2 дня назад

    i had this dude as a teacher for geometry honors for a while due to a mistake as i had taken geometry already. He was quite eccentric, but man did i learn more geometry in a couple weeks then i did for a whole year prior. Left the class with a 102 percent lmao.

  • Livium129
    Livium129 3 дня назад

    Yet my math class has not changed textbooks in 17 years

  • Lily
    Lily 3 дня назад

    I just want to say that as someone who always gets the As, comes top in maths and is overall a good student, this is also a very bad problem for the "succeeding" students, so many of us also have anxiety because we become afraid to fail, to ask for help because the school system gives us the image of being what students should strive for, good grades, as a result so many of us end up stressing themselves out hoping to actually live up to those images

  • ProtogenViolet
    ProtogenViolet 6 дней назад

    My favorite TED talk because it's just so true.

  • Anthony Eller
    Anthony Eller 8 дней назад

    Thank you!

  • MiamayaJones
    MiamayaJones 10 дней назад sorry but this guys has good intentions but I feel as if he's over exaggerating the Natalie of the world . He even contradicts him self when he talks about a lack of grammar ,poor behavior and talk about their morals. It's the same thing it may sound like nonsense you but it's a language to others. It may look weird from his point of view but he doesn't know their life or culture. So maybe if he tried to stop trying to put kids into these box of good and bad and just teach he would see a difference. I know from experience teachers look at me and my grades and make assumptions and so they treat me based on their assumptions instead of trying to teach me the course and obviously I find it difficult if you start every sentence with you won't get this but ....

  • Alexandre Beaudry
    Alexandre Beaudry 11 дней назад

    Wow... One of the best TEDx Talks I've ever watched. Seriously, this guy reminds me Ken Robinson.

  • Candice Griffin Ⓥ
    Candice Griffin Ⓥ 14 дней назад

    This is why I was deep in the "work program" by my last two years of high school.  I needed out way before that. They were not able to reach me other than art or the like.

  • MikasaScarlett
    MikasaScarlett 15 дней назад


  • Vincent Daccardo
    Vincent Daccardo 16 дней назад

    common core is the most idiotic thing ever; they do not measure your actual skills they put you on a hierarchy of "proficient" or "below standards". School (as being a 9th grade student) is just a cluster of teachers continuously NOT TEACHING, I find myself taking large amounts notes but not retaining any of the information for tests even when told to study. I find myself enjoying my metal class and math; the teachers do not understand students thoroughly, thus causing students to feel like robots as the teacher just rambles without actually giving students time to ask questions. In my geography class since the 2nd day of school, I have taken at least a full page of notes while the teacher just constantly sits at her desk and whenever she hears the slightest whisper unleashes herself as if the student were interrupting her important speech. Oh yeah she isn't talking at all about things related to the class, we walk in and she says open to page so and so and copy everything. As if this will help us in anyway shape or form. Another problem I find in these classes is the attitude given when a student raises there hand and disagrees or has something to say that doesn't agree with what she is trying to shove through our now (by 9th grade) brainwashed heads. I find it happening to me almost daily, I will disagree with a teacher and instead of her/his trying to prove her point she/he decides to try and embarrass me. These teachers use there high status to manipulate and embarrass us without taking our opinion into consideration.

  • Hillariat 21
    Hillariat 21 16 дней назад

    Essentially, hes suggesting vocational schools

  • Chris Ramski
    Chris Ramski 17 дней назад

    Why do we just blindly follow this system set up by the most corrupt people? We really need to have an educational revolution. The time is now people.

  • Alex Nurzia
    Alex Nurzia 18 дней назад

    Actually, my school's STEM program encourages creativity through computer science and coding, which is exactly how a school should function.

  • w s84
    w s84 20 дней назад

    Best Ted talk ive seen yet

  • Sandra Salas
    Sandra Salas 20 дней назад

    Well said!!!! Ban idiots who starting to corrupt the education system who are dumbing the society!

  • Nect
    Nect 21 день назад

    I wish technical skills were more available. Just because I get good grades in math doesn't mean I retain any knowledge, enjoy it, or intend to go into a job involving pre-calc. If there had been more technical classes I would have enjoyed being involved in them. An entry to auto-mechanics class? That'd be so cool.

  • Nect
    Nect 21 день назад

    Which I'd had Home-ec

  • Billiam Cipher
    Billiam Cipher 25 дней назад

    I know a kid who does bad in class, when asked to make a business card he made one for a taxi driver

  • Blah
    Blah 26 дней назад

    A business built on longterm student success? Khan Academy? It is free and has really good SAT prep and has the curriculums layed out for both Algebra I/II and Math I II and III. If your a highschooler get the app and watch the videos for your level they help you develop a new understanding of the concepts.

  • Blah
    Blah 26 дней назад

    So thats where the prince ea quote came from.

  • Sean Giloni
    Sean Giloni 28 дней назад

    Joshua, thanks for the great talk. Truthful, honest and to-the-point. I'm sure working against the status quo has to come at a cost. How did this talk affect your career or work environment?Were there any social or professional consequences for your honesty?

  • Nick JC Fryer
    Nick JC Fryer 29 дней назад

    Algebra is useful for making inks/dyes as a tattoo artist...

  • Teri Davenport
    Teri Davenport 29 дней назад

    Lots of truth here, but that kids are hungry? Not at my school. We feed them breakfast and lunch--no charge.

  • Anitoon 99
    Anitoon 99 Месяц назад

    Aka let's have fun in school this its what supposed to be long time ago

  • Mr. Doughnut
    Mr. Doughnut Месяц назад

    Please come to my school


    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 I am an educator and I'm totally in sync with your idea!

  • DeusExWolksvagen
    DeusExWolksvagen Месяц назад

    It is because of your school systems you got Trump.

    MAGA :^)

  • Jonius7
    Jonius7 Месяц назад

    This makes so much sense. We get brainwashed as students to keep studying for tests and regurgitate information without actually applying it. It does not teach us at all about integrity, learning right from wrong, persistence, understanding, creativity, all those things, heck we learn more of that from our classmates, and not always in a good way.

  • Yakend Playz Gamez
    Yakend Playz Gamez Месяц назад

    When in primary I use to always call out answers and participate, but in high school, I got sick of teachers not really caring so I just have given up, now I don't listen to teachers and I just figure it out my self, I am a student who gets A's and B's in my first year of high school, when I asked the teachers questions and they didn't care enough to fully answer, I got e's and D's NOT ONE C!!! but now this year, I have gotten a's and B's because I don't listen, because they don't really care anyway, so if I use my own brain I can do it

  • Hot Dog dude
    Hot Dog dude Месяц назад

    I actually failed a exam because I didn't solved a problem in the way the teacher told us, but in my way, even though the result was right

  • cody borelz
    cody borelz Месяц назад


  • Cayde-6
    Cayde-6 Месяц назад +1

    What this guy said was basically amazing

    But that chin man

    That chin is beyond amazing

  • Kootly
    Kootly Месяц назад

    In my school:
    9 science rooms
    5 English rooms
    6 Maths rooms
    5 Religious Studies rooms
    3 art rooms
    2 music rooms
    1 drama room
    We only have one music teacher as well. 😑

  • Mike Collins
    Mike Collins Месяц назад

    "[Common Core] is killing our kids"

  • Aidan George
    Aidan George Месяц назад +1

    I remember more about science from my own curiosity and YouTube than my entire 9 years of school so far and I'm a strait A student. :( U.S. education needs to change.

  • Clay Snyder
    Clay Snyder Месяц назад

    If only it could be stopped.

  • Janica Everlens
    Janica Everlens Месяц назад


  • Half Blind Productions
    Half Blind Productions Месяц назад

    This guy and boy in a band should go on tour together

  • ManyCallMeTyler
    ManyCallMeTyler Месяц назад


  • Cassandra Calder
    Cassandra Calder Месяц назад

    Can I kidnap this guy and keep him in my school because our teacher for the bottom class won't tech us

  • Mister Cheeph
    Mister Cheeph Месяц назад

    Funny how my teacher used one of Ted Talks videos as inspiration for us to do good in school,

    And then I come across another Ted talks video and it's Anti School oriented..

  • The One Above All
    The One Above All Месяц назад

    My IQ was raised by 1000 after this

  • NinjaKins Plays
    NinjaKins Plays Месяц назад

    I don't want to go to school anymore if I'm just gonna be like everyone else when I get older, I wanna be myself and do what I want to do, I just started 8th grade and seeing this video, I'm realizing how mindless everyone else is and I want to change, I want to be myself and that's a computer techie, as in I want to design tech, or just anything in general, it's really fun!

  • An actual Frost Main
    An actual Frost Main Месяц назад

    This guy needs an Oscar

  • Michelle Obama
    Michelle Obama Месяц назад

    Teacher: you failed the test
    Me: you failed to teach me

  • Vitra artist
    Vitra artist Месяц назад

    I agree with this 100% and I'm in highschool currently

  • Haider Qureshi
    Haider Qureshi Месяц назад

    I so agree on him becoming secretary of education

  • Alex Harper
    Alex Harper Месяц назад

    Albert Einstein failed math class 2 times...

  • Bando
    Bando Месяц назад

    Really anxiety in kindergarten that's just wrong

  • Ethan
    Ethan Месяц назад

    I hate how people are just passing off the issues with education as "Oh well that's just how things are!" Right now I'm going into tenth grade and I do my best to call out teachers on their BS and this has had an effect on other students as well, they are starting to question the status quo set by the education system and become human beings and not just another brick in the wall.

  • Trinal Fish
    Trinal Fish Месяц назад

    Do you want to know what I hate? Where I live students do the worst on tests and have some of the lowest grades of the entire country and yet teachers still think they deserve a raise! They literally went on strike and closed the schools until they got their greedy demands.

  • Ding Ding
    Ding Ding Месяц назад

    He looks like Neebs from battlefield friends

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose Месяц назад

    I hated independent reading time

  • Scott Hullinger
    Scott Hullinger Месяц назад

    The average university in this country is nothing more than an indoctrination center for Leftist political ideologies.

  • Kalaninumberone
    Kalaninumberone Месяц назад

    I wonder why the only program he didn't criticize was common core.

  • Carter Gourley
    Carter Gourley Месяц назад

    This guy should be president

  • Royce H
    Royce H Месяц назад

    My tin foil hat is tingling.

  • EncryptaCat
    EncryptaCat Месяц назад

    So why Ted talk it when you can go to the Board of Education and show them that change is needed.

  • MrAussieJules
    MrAussieJules Месяц назад

    Formal schooling itself needs to be allowed to die a natural death... replace with self-schooling via clubs, the internet , apprenticeships. Get the government out of schooling.
    worth reading John Taylor Gatto "weapons of mass instruction" free PDF. Schools have been designed from the outset in 1840s to produce compliant employees who dont seek self-employement . The whole system was copied from the Prussian school system which was based on Military lines....

  • Mequam BlueSpark
    Mequam BlueSpark Месяц назад

    Public schools have days where they count how many students are there to earn more money from the state, correct? Well imagine for a second if a large group of students fed up with the current state of things would ALL not come on the day of the head count unless somthing changed (be it teacher wages standerdised test scores or whatever) that would be amazing

  • Basically just a fan account Princess

    I want to be a professional cook, an artist, or a broadway actor. I am unable to take drama, home economic (it's not even in school anymore), and art. Instead I am forced to take a language class, avid, and many other pointless things. I have been "failing" in math, but in reality, I just am not interested in math. It's very boring to me and when I don't get something, I don't get the help I need.

  • Joshua Buchanan
    Joshua Buchanan Месяц назад

    YES he speaks the truth😁👌👍

  • Matthew Maestas
    Matthew Maestas Месяц назад

    3 years later and nothing has changed

  • Orlando West
    Orlando West Месяц назад

    This is why I am so grateful for my Gifted teacher because the only privately funded material she uses is a grammar textbook and goes completely off handed with state and district standards.

  • Bon Summers
    Bon Summers Месяц назад

    Speaking to a vacant auditorium? Good speech though.

  • Robertson Tirado
    Robertson Tirado Месяц назад

    College is a abomination.

  • AoE III
    AoE III Месяц назад

    LOL, wtf she is 9-th grade and she is 16.
    When i was 9-th grade, i was 10

  • Salem Thorup
    Salem Thorup Месяц назад

    He makes a lot of great points. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. There's no way the elite will let anyone else take control of the classroom- least of all the teachers. The breakdown of the family unit makes his vision probably impossible. Because even with less regulation on schools, teachers cannot compensate for failure in the home. There are certainly stories where they make quite a difference, but those are not the norm. You can have the best teachers and the best policies and if you don't have a strong family unit, failure rates are still high.

    I do believe that locally controlling of schools could bring about a bit of improvement though. It would give more room for the adjustments he's talking about.

  • Jerry Boland
    Jerry Boland Месяц назад

    $750 Billion dollar business....with no input from the clients and end users (students and teachers) much of current education is a jobs program, big business, and not-relevant

  • Evangeline Erin
    Evangeline Erin Месяц назад

    Love this guy

  • egguin
    egguin Месяц назад +1

    Instead of students competing, they should cooperate

  • Donna Osborn
    Donna Osborn Месяц назад

    I went to school in the 70's and saw the beginnings of this.

  • Andrei Richmond Salvaleon
    Andrei Richmond Salvaleon Месяц назад

    These kind of people
    They are the smartest people in the world. The people who started "education" are the ones who should be the ones to be bringing us to true success where you fulfill your dream.
    Instead all they care about is money. They should help the actual teachers and students instead of replacing them
    They are the ones to be replaced

  • Tish Smiddy
    Tish Smiddy Месяц назад


  • David Wilkie
    David Wilkie Месяц назад

    Everyone has heard of the Placebo Effect and the "power of positive thinking", but in actuality, it's the Nocebo Effect of the bombardment of negatives that are much more significant to a society, as this genuine Teacher has pointed out.
    The quality of society is the sum of its component individuals and the quantity of mutual value each represents.
    "Ask not what your country can do for you,..." ask yourself what you can do for yourself that adds value to the planetary society.

    Inspired address to reason, thank you.

  • in a tree
    in a tree Месяц назад +1

    My friend is extremely smart and talented. She gets straight As. You know why? Because she teaches herself. She doesn't trust our system to. She has sleepless nights because of the education system facade

  • Philip Mann
    Philip Mann Месяц назад

    I wonder what the current system, which Josh says teaches self-doubt, has anything to do with the politically correct movement these days, where only certain opinions are allowed.

  • Ming Mongo
    Ming Mongo Месяц назад

    Some of this crazy focus on tests will go away when people realize that today, a college degree does not get you work anymore.

  • Marijke Plantenga
    Marijke Plantenga Месяц назад

    I freakin' LOVE this dude!

  • geek world
    geek world Месяц назад

    You couldn't be more right. Just spot on! You do a great amount of good by just spreading what you know about the truth of traditional education methods.

  • Joey Sabin
    Joey Sabin Месяц назад

    Why is Joshua Katz not the head of our education system?

  • Willyjaybob Indy
    Willyjaybob Indy Месяц назад

    Preach! Two thumbs up.

  • Victoria Watson
    Victoria Watson Месяц назад

    The testing is the only thing that got me through most classes.
    In 5th grade I realized how corrupt my schools were and had been. In middle school, I would refused to do 3-6 hours of homework a night after spending 10 HOURS for school before hand. I would walk home EXHAUSTED, body aching from walking around all day with textbooks that sometimes wouldn't even all fit in my backpack (I was a little girl! it caused my spine to develop wrong.) and not to mention the mental exhaustion and no breakfast and lunch sometimes.

    Homework was a good 20-70% of our grades, so I did fail often. Each teacher wouldn't care or consider how quickly children learn and would ONLY care about busy work and repetition. And for children who don't have average parents and homes, and have other nonacademic responsibilities, do not have time to do 5 pages of math homework, an English SA, some science project, a computer science test online, and read 10 pages of history a night. No joke, I would almost never turn in any homework and just ace the tests. I would ace the tests, had a college reading level as 8th-9th grader, and they would still fail me for HOMEWORK.

    I wasn't learning as much as I actually could have. And it makes me feel cheated of my time. I could have learned so much if they had just taught things at school and moved on. I'm not wanting sympathy or anything. I know compared to other kids I had it okay. But, the school system failed a perfectly smart, good, polite kid. And the reason was because I didn't have time for homework, It's pathetic.

  • Robert J. Simpson
    Robert J. Simpson Месяц назад

    Double down on public education?! Whaa? Yo...I'm out.

  • Brittany Gowens
    Brittany Gowens Месяц назад

    If my kids were older I would die for this cause

  • GardenLady Jimenez
    GardenLady Jimenez Месяц назад

    I left teaching years ago for some of the reasons Katz enumerates...generally that the teachers are burdened with hours of non-teaching duties and over-emphasis on endless testing. And yes, big business drives a lot of this. However, Katz "beats this drum" to the exclusion of other serious problems impacting kids and their learning. Consider politics-using schools to push social agendas in the curriculum to the exclusion of traditional history, geography, literature...etc. And, most importantly, as a culture and nation, we have abandoned support for the traditional family structure of a committed and married father and mother...together teaching their children the basic values of learning and offering the support at home for studies and learning. Yes, single parents are heroes, working to do what two parents used to do. And yes, our media-culture is a mindless disrupter of thinking for the young. Teachers used to count on families to handle the basics of life education and were able to concentrate on enriching and teaching students academically. Of course, there should be more emphasis on the variety of career paths open to people that do not require a college degree. But Katz's singular argument to get rid of testing and college-bound curricula will not solve the problem of kids who lack parental support and who fill their time with video games and television. This is a huge topic, and it would require 24 chapters on all the aspects of problems with our education system.

  • Marcus Bandy
    Marcus Bandy Месяц назад

    This was one of the most pertinent speeches I have ever heard about the US and where it's going.

  • Golisani Mammoth
    Golisani Mammoth Месяц назад +1

    People are made to be workers in school, if you want to be something else you will have to do it on your own

  • Vagif Osmanov
    Vagif Osmanov Месяц назад


  • Duke Vane
    Duke Vane Месяц назад

    If it was not for those private education companies I would never have gotten the help I needed to catch up with my peer group. This talk demonizes good products.

  • Jacob Butterfield
    Jacob Butterfield Месяц назад

    If a kid has a vision of his/her adult life and there is a path for him/her to the fulfillment of that vision, then the kid will work. People have free will. They will try to get what they want. If you can do something and want to do something, don't you do it?

  • Jacob Butterfield
    Jacob Butterfield Месяц назад

    Do other more successfully educated countries address these noncognitive factors? "Successful" being in quotation marks, of course.

  • lauruguayitausa
    lauruguayitausa Месяц назад

    By the way... those companies as Pearson get the money to publish material???? And then they sell it WITH A VERY HIGH PRICE TAG???? They are the only ones who benefit!!!! O my LORD! I smell corruption right there... I hope I am wrong!!!

  • lauruguayitausa
    lauruguayitausa Месяц назад

    ha ha ha! HE made me laugh! Again he is so right about these standardized tests! They are bs and they do not really measure what you know... When I started college, I had to take a placement test for the first time in my life. In math, they made me start in a higher grade, even though I complained about it because I was conscious I didn't know the fundamentals, To make matters worse, Pearson didn't send me the book on time so I couldn't study the first two weeks and the professor I got was teaching as if we already knew all the algebra of the world... so I ended up quitting because I was failing like an idiot... When I explained my situation to an administrative person, asking her to put me in the right class, the woman had the audacity to say: Did you cheat in the test? Because if that is not your level, you shouldn't scored so high as you did.... I was shocked. The school has a very high policy for that computerized test, you go into the room with nothing in your hands, before they check your pockets, everything, they make sure you don't have anything with you... They put your purse, your sweater, everything in a locker... you can not even carry a pencil, because they provide it for you...Besides, as I said, it was the first time I took a test of that kind so I had no idea what kind of problems to expect... I just answered the best I could.... And this idiot calls me cheater just because I had correct answers and my score was higher than what it was supposed to be??? Does that make me a cheater? Unbelievable!!!

  • lauruguayitausa
    lauruguayitausa Месяц назад

    He is so right! ANd Pearson is a bs company!!! I had many bad experiences with them... If their computers stop working and you are in the middle of an assignment, they make you lose all your job... and when that assignment is college math, where you have limited time to send it to your professor, and you solve most of it, and at the end of the work, when you are almost done, they make you lose all you did... is so annoying... I remember one day I was helping a friend who is divorced, she has small children, works and goes to college, and when she was almost done, after we worked for 4 hours, they mess up all her assignment, and made her start all over again. We called them, beg them, and they didn't care, they don't give a shit! They are there only for their money!

    Ah! And by the way, she is Mexican! Because many people think that latinos don't study. i am latino too!

  • Little Pleasures
    Little Pleasures Месяц назад

    My English teacher actually left her teaching job to try and change things on a school board level. She hasn't come back so I hope she's making progress

  • Simon A Wright
    Simon A Wright Месяц назад

    We have to change the value system. If we don't, our leaders will destroy the world. Right now value is placed on material worth rather than personal worth. Creative intelligence is one of many intelligence's, but we are only taught one and therefore the paradigm becomes about the few and not the many.

  • Exclusivebeautyxo
    Exclusivebeautyxo Месяц назад

    I actually had mr. Katz as my sophomore geometry teacher last school year. Fun fact: I failed his class 😂. I know what you're thinking , a teacher like that ? How could any student fail with a teacher like him? ... well the reason must be that I'm lazy , or maybe I just "don't care" , maybe I couldn't stay off my phone because Instagram is so much more important to me than my education and future. False. Mr.katz made it very clear in our class that the whole "not everyone learns the same way thing, is bullshit" and "if we just put our phones down , and CONCENTRATE" on this board of lines and numbers , we ALL can learn how do to this thing called math. I'm not trying to discredit Mr.Katz in being attentive , determined , and invested. I am however questioning his open mindedness , his understanding of what it TRUELY is like to be a high school student , the MANY other factors that go into why kids are failing , compassion. Mr.katz put a system in place for his classes. A way for us to pass his class (even with a D) without having to pass the standardized test. And so many people think well that doesn't sound so bad standardized testing sucks and i certainly agree. But so does a teacher who preaches believing in students and the education system not being constructed for them to succeed but then introduces the class to 2 online math practicing websites and telling us ... if you can pass these lessons by the end of the school year , you pass my class. While maybe 20% of the class works on the board with him. In my eyes it was the same man preaching how many people don't believe in us that should be our biggest supporters ... well, not believing in us. Then teachers wonder why so many students only care about "passing" the class and not about learning. It's what we have been taught to do. I failed the class because ironically I don't learn that way , I didn't learn by sitting in a class with a qualified math teacher just to stare at a screen , and having a computer program try to "teach" me. A qualified, intelligent, and capable 16 yr old HUMAN. What I want and what I think so many students need in a teacher , is someone who is willing to be inventive , see learning in a new and versatile light. A teacher who understands that if you are depressed , being abused , bullied, living in poverty, that MATTERS and EFFECTS your attention span, motivation, and outlook. We need math teachers who are creative. Teachers who understand that not only is the education system corrupt. the food industry , clothing industry and every other industry put in place by man all corrupt and driven by money. We need teachers who understand that it is up to them to steer these students , to let them know they have options and that WE DO NOT ALL FIT IN ONE BOX no matter what you label it. I've had 3 teachers in my entire life that I will never forget. Their care for us went pass our education and reached all the way to our well being as people. As children. I'll be the first to say being a teacher is one of the hardest jobs to do , but being a good teacher , a great teacher is one of the most commendable, Nobel, and rewarding jobs. I am someone who has a lot to say but stays quiet , but seeing how close this hits , even while knowing no one is going to read this , I want to say , talk to the students and actually care what they have to say. Their understanding and intellect Will surprise you.

  • Kyle Davis
    Kyle Davis Месяц назад

    This guy didn't even need to stop to think about what he was saying because he was to busy stating the real truth on education