G-Eazy On Stepping Away From H&M, Being A Crazy Gemini, Halsey & More

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  • Henry Wakefield
    Henry Wakefield 4 часа назад

    this guy sucks.

  • JohnnyInfamous
    JohnnyInfamous 5 часов назад

    G just being honest. Char pressing for drama and nobody knows Halsey's name. These three are music experts and radio announcers? Maaaaaaannnnnn

  • Walt Jackson
    Walt Jackson 5 часов назад

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  • theplourde
    theplourde 5 часов назад

    Halsey sucks. She was better before people started talking up Badlands.

  • Deмøø
    Deмøø 5 часов назад

    To save you all time, the majority of this interview is about G-Easy's view on drugs.

    You're welcome.

  • ASAP Dylan
    ASAP Dylan 6 часов назад

    C has no boundaries

  • ASAP Dylan
    ASAP Dylan 6 часов назад

    Probably his first and his last interview

  • zxcvbnmmasdfghjkl
    zxcvbnmmasdfghjkl 6 часов назад

    28:12 damn that "stfu" by envy at angela

  • Concise Music
    Concise Music 7 часов назад

    Logic didn't say he's not a rapper. Logic is a phenomenal rapper. He just said he doesn't want it to end with rap. Charlemagne just makes shit up to start shit with everyone for a living.

  • Alan Vinten
    Alan Vinten 7 часов назад

    Says more about him if he thinks the H&M thing was racist.

  • lisaarroyo30
    lisaarroyo30 7 часов назад

    out the coke down g. you better than that

  • Ms.
    Ms. 7 часов назад

    He's true blue I respect his decision. Respect!😎 God got better things for him🙏💗

  • latisha lovealace
    latisha lovealace 8 часов назад

    Wow! I like him

  • M. A. C. Lopez
    M. A. C. Lopez 9 часов назад

    He’s a dope cat - likeable, chill, honest, educated, with character and principles.

  • Red Cee
    Red Cee 10 часов назад

    CTG was a real dick in this interview. Obviously he wants to speak about his album and even though yes it consists of drug usage, TRY to make your questions compelling. The most basic ass questions in a tone that wasn’t very respectful. Just my opinion anyway

  • Shayne McCory
    Shayne McCory 10 часов назад

    Cdagod wanted smoke early 😂 first and last nah atlast 😁

  • Clarice Wankio
    Clarice Wankio 11 часов назад

    As long as he has Halsey by his side,it's gonna be hard to overcome the drug use.Surround yourself with much "sober" people G,you'll not fall into such predicament.

  • David Corduroy
    David Corduroy 13 часов назад

    Yeah, we know what you’re sayin.

  • VONNE NaVy
    VONNE NaVy 14 часов назад +1

    Envy is wack ASF like dude u asking the same questions and u cursed at Yee hell naw he sounds so wack trying to fit Man it's horrible DUDE 🚺 🚹 😲

    TORRIE. 15 часов назад

    Oh so this is what he looks like lol
    Looks like a slightly more handsome version Situation from Jersey shore

  • Michael Davenport
    Michael Davenport 15 часов назад


  • Ahmed Mahmoud
    Ahmed Mahmoud 16 часов назад

    Charla called Logic a white rapper lol

  • Ahmed Mahmoud
    Ahmed Mahmoud 16 часов назад

    Damn that H&M shit with Eazy could've been lit Fuckin hell oh well

  • Kendell Thomson
    Kendell Thomson 18 часов назад

    I swear I can relate to this guy but not the coke part lol I dabble alil but not that coke lol 😭🤯🤔🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🔥😃

  • Kendell Thomson
    Kendell Thomson 18 часов назад

    Party party lmaoooo 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣😩😂

  • kaleigh drew
    kaleigh drew 19 часов назад

    Dang just interrogate the poor guy like they bring up drugs ,and his mothers girlfriend. He was a child and he found a body why would they even bring it up

  • lightsandglass
    lightsandglass 19 часов назад

    So he sees himself as a supervisor when he says he has always known he was privileged!

  • Jo Randall
    Jo Randall 19 часов назад

    Damn he's still salty about Logic!

  • lightsandglass
    lightsandglass 20 часов назад

    So he’s promoting drugs and alcohol! Great, welcome to the neighborhood.

  • jiggy nigga
    jiggy nigga 21 час назад

    Solid guy.

  • Shanice Clarke
    Shanice Clarke 21 час назад

    I love how they have the biggest stars, asking good questions and the guy in the back is always looking so bored. Hahahah

  • Princess GiGi
    Princess GiGi 23 часа назад

    Sexy asf tho

  • Fatinum Luciano
    Fatinum Luciano День назад

    He look like Jessie's step brother on Saved By The Bell

  • True Rhymes
    True Rhymes День назад


  • alayahkai
    alayahkai День назад

    This interview was so cringeworthy. Like why keep asking him the same question over and over about him doing drugs?

  • Tanya Gordon
    Tanya Gordon День назад

    Glorifying Drugs & laughing about it is SAD 😎

  • disturbanceintheforce
    disturbanceintheforce День назад

    aye, ya'll gotta turn the audio down on the intro. that shit is waaay too loud

  • Rae Tellez
    Rae Tellez День назад

    Charlemagne is so damn nosy and annoying. he gots no interest in what this mans about, only in the dirt

  • bamm86
    bamm86 День назад

    Seriously, NOBODY in the Bay understands hows secluded they are in music. You go there and they always be like "you know Scrizzle the Rizzle?" Like NO NIGGA. NO. It shows they got love for their local artists and that's dope but it's also a lil annoying. lol Like shut up, nobody knows that nigga.

  • Jordan Ale
    Jordan Ale День назад

    Wake up w/ the worst hangover and you're like im not doing this again and then by the time it's dark out..... real talk

  • Adam Carreno
    Adam Carreno День назад

    Take A Listen!! You'll Like It!!!

  • Nae Gorgeous
    Nae Gorgeous День назад

    BAY AREAAAAAAA ALL DAY. I enjoyed the honesty GEazy brings to the interview

  • Chino Sparks
    Chino Sparks День назад

    This nigga seem real... ill prolly start payin better attention to his shit if he can avoid that "featuring a popstar" formula

  • Trashboi Ty
    Trashboi Ty День назад


  • Cara Edwards
    Cara Edwards День назад

    I wanna do a bump with him and Halsey some day lbdas

  • Trashboi Ty
    Trashboi Ty День назад

    Bruh I'm telling you all these rappers that come on this show say the same damn thing.

  • kingkronik4200
    kingkronik4200 День назад

    Respect 🙌🏼 the man really cares about his craft.

  • Somethin Else
    Somethin Else День назад

    He’s a sexy ass white man

  • Shay Davies
    Shay Davies День назад

    Definitely a pr stunt

  • Apollo Donny
    Apollo Donny День назад

    Yup ... Still A Fukkn Nerd .. 😂

  • Shane Miller
    Shane Miller День назад

    Envy should not be allowed to speak in 2018

  • Kay Jay Mua
    Kay Jay Mua День назад

    Bay Area reppin'.... love him

    THE DON День назад

    Some people need interviews to expand their fan base...great interview!

  • @Artise1
    @Artise1 День назад

    He paid his dues... It's your time playboy!!

  • @Artise1
    @Artise1 День назад

    G-Eazy knew his career would be over if he put out some pajama's with feet em' with H&M!

  • chovi rah
    chovi rah День назад

    "My name is Gerald."

  • Jae KiDd
    Jae KiDd День назад +1

    I think Yee wants kids with my guy G eazy... but she right School is the best place for networking & meeting people cuz once you get older your job or w.e your line of work is usually how you end up networking and meeting people!

  • dalla sylla
    dalla sylla День назад

    I am a Gemini too

  • taylor perry
    taylor perry День назад

    I love G-Easy. He's been real from the beginning and I respect that. He is who he is. Love him or leave him alone.

  • Cimone Harris
    Cimone Harris День назад

    Much respect!!!!!

  • Victor Alcantara
    Victor Alcantara День назад

    “ you needed a 2.0 or 2.5 and I think I got a 2.6 or 2.1” lol 😂 just to cover the spread good range brother.

  • Tr1ppy b3ard
    Tr1ppy b3ard День назад

    You guys are being legit idiots talking about astrology like it isn't the most unscientific, superstitious and foolish shit ever. Seriously, I don't mean to be that dude but pick up a fucking book. That shit has been disproved so many times.

  • Dareal Prince
    Dareal Prince День назад

    Culture vultures and how they rise. They rise because we black people cosign them then we get mad when they move on.

  • Alex Jay Jegels
    Alex Jay Jegels День назад

    There was nothing racist about that goddamn! These mf tryin to make every single thing in South Africa racist!

  • guidingdirections
    guidingdirections День назад

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    SAVE SNIPING HQ День назад

    dude is coked up lmfao

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn День назад

    Glorifying drug use terrible

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn День назад

    Nigga I’m from the Bay and the hyphy movement was lame as hell

  • Jennica Ramirez
    Jennica Ramirez День назад

    Came here hoping I’d hear about Phora 🎶

  • Kira Bolden
    Kira Bolden День назад

    he’s beautiful

  • Cloak Beats
    Cloak Beats День назад

    I still want to get a beat to him www.CloakBeats.com

  • Little Rock's Finest
    Little Rock's Finest День назад

    I drove this dude G-Eazy in my truck to check out the local sneaker shop cause he wanted to get out of my homies crib he was crashing at for a show in Little Rock, Arkansas. I played drums for the opening act that night at chicken shack, prolly 150 tops in the crowd, look at how far this dude has came, real shit. SALUTE G-Eazy!!

  • Clodic C
    Clodic C День назад

    "I'm very very very guarded with what I put my name on", peddles booze to kids who admire him lol

  • S N
    S N День назад

    seems like a cool dude but his music is still trash lmao

  • Hayden Lincoln Hayder
    Hayden Lincoln Hayder День назад +2

    Slightly off topic, but when is A$AP Rocky releasing new music? 😂😂😂 it’s been years 😩🤦‍♂️

  • Jae KiDd
    Jae KiDd День назад +1

    @ 0:24 it Should be your first & last as much as Charlemagne was hating on you real talk go check out that Joe & Charlemagne podcast out straight hating I guess I won't hate on c cuz he a ♋ like me

  • L S
    L S День назад

    This dude is real.

  • Karisha Foggy
    Karisha Foggy День назад

    Yay area

    FERDA День назад

    Lmao envy stay saying the dumbest shit

  • Alaska Wild
    Alaska Wild День назад

    start yer own clothing line

    ISHAUNSMOM День назад

    This is a great interview 26 minutes in. The fact that as a white rapper he axed that H&M deal makes me respect him even more.

  • Ray Cantu
    Ray Cantu День назад

    How lit is he 🔥!?

  • Ben Donaldson
    Ben Donaldson День назад


  • Chris Franco
    Chris Franco День назад

    You know what im saying

  • Abigail Brown
    Abigail Brown 2 дня назад

    Love G-eazy x

  • Matt Latz
    Matt Latz 2 дня назад

    Way to bring up his mom's gf overdosing. I'm sure that's something he wanted to talk about. Smh with some of these questions.

  • Success Recordz
    Success Recordz 2 дня назад

    Honest guy. Seem cool and layback. Look like my college professor. Cool professor

  • Adrian dash
    Adrian dash 2 дня назад

    Respect 👌👌👌

  • Deven Bio
    Deven Bio 2 дня назад

    anyone else notice the bottle of lotion in the background?

    • Deven Bio
      Deven Bio 2 дня назад


  • casper C
    casper C 2 дня назад

    Y'all go easy on the man damn. He's living life and he can do what he wants. As big as he is I'm sure people are there to watch out 4 him and not let him get into deep. Y'all including the breakfast club aren't needed to say be careful.

  • Carter Agvent
    Carter Agvent 2 дня назад

    any white guest comes on knowing they're gonna have to answer all the same questions from c god

  • ImPelicanProof
    ImPelicanProof 2 дня назад

    G cmon "White Privilege?"
    Thought you'd know better

    • ImPelicanProof
      ImPelicanProof День назад

      Nathan Gold Actually you just put yourself in a pit. I have been followed around in stores, I have been discriminated at jobs, and I have experienced of someone race shaming me for being white. The reason why people don’t see “White privilege” is bc it’s not there. Liberals created that idea to insinuate that Whites should suffer too. When the case is we all suffer. It’s childish to say “they did this” or “they are this”. No, we aren’t put at high regard. Idk what kind of world you live but reality doesn’t exist where you are. Maybe you should start “growing up” and “mature” that brain of yours rather than stating retardation said by minimalistic liberals who are losing the debate. Join the real world man, we’re ready to unite than stand against.

    • Nathan Gold
      Nathan Gold День назад

      ImPelicanProof so you think I haven’t seen white privileged as an experience through my life?
      Stop it bruh I don’t speak on what I don’t know. That’s never been cool, that’s called ignorance. Also you’re white and Native American so you’re white right? I got you! Nobody ever blamed a whole race for nothing that’s what you hear every time you hear white privilege, which is sad.
      Nobody white shaming you,
      We just don’t understand why y’all can’t admit to the truth?
      Discrimination? I wonder what kind you experience in a white america.
      This country is literally put in place to hold in you high regards.
      You probably never been labeled as a thug dressed nicely or followed around in the store even thou you have money. Those are just simple things on the surface it gets much deeper. But you don’t care, you think someone is telling you to be ashamed of being how you were born. I never understood why white folks think like that. But y’all can profile us all day and talk about Chicago until the sun come up.

    • ImPelicanProof
      ImPelicanProof День назад

      Nathan Gold I’m actually Native American and White so....... yeah. I’ve experienced discrimination and so have my white family members. I’ve learned what I have through social Interactions and experience also. I don’t watch television or the news so actually your statement is invalid. It’s shameful to have someone blame an entire race; idk what your mother taught you but you should strive for unity and not shame another race for supposedly being “privileged”. Sorry but have a nice day, better luck next time 👍🏼

    • Nathan Gold
      Nathan Gold День назад

      ImPelicanProof naw you have to prove to me that it don’t cracker.
      Not just reiterate some bullshit you heard on Fox. I’m black so I’m speaking from experience.
      You probably one of those peckerwoods that don’t believe racism is real. Let me guess that’s just another liberal made up thing too huh? Man trump got you crackers feeling empowered more than ever.

    • ImPelicanProof
      ImPelicanProof День назад

      Nathan Gold Really now? Ok humor me; how are whites privileged. I’m going to love this “Liberalistic” retardation.

  • yanelli flores
    yanelli flores 2 дня назад


  • runnindownanyone
    runnindownanyone 2 дня назад

    “Your name is g easy, is pimpin easy?”


  • Josh Espinoza
    Josh Espinoza 2 дня назад

    CTG said he thinks if butt rape when he thinks of Kobe lmaoooo

  • Slick Hit
    Slick Hit 2 дня назад

    The man enjoys his life. Don't try to make him feel guilty

    • Nathan Gold
      Nathan Gold 2 дня назад

      Slick Hit for being a crack head naw I would never make him think that was bad

  • newfnshow031
    newfnshow031 2 дня назад +1

    Black people don't know Halsey lol

  • Vision One 76
    Vision One 76 2 дня назад

    John Calipari son

  • Jared Vega
    Jared Vega 2 дня назад +1

    I feel like G-Easy thinks he sounds wise. Lmao

  • L.A California
    L.A California 2 дня назад +1

    7:35 envy was able to admit to his prejudice judgement and realized he was wrong, the other two co-host.. not so much.