What humans will look like in 1,000 years

There will eventually be a day where prosthetics are no longer just for the disabled.

However, it’s not just our outside appearance that will change – our genes will also evolve on microscopic levels to aid our survival. For example, an Oxford-led study discovered a group of HIV-infected children in South Africa living healthy lives. It turns out, they have a built-in defense against HIV that prevents the virus from advancing to AIDS.

And with gene-editing tools like CRISPR, we may eventually control our genes and DNA to the point where we make ourselves immune to disease and even reverse the effects of aging.

Another way to jump-start the human evolution on a different path is to move some of us to Mars. Mars receives 66% less sunlight than Earth. Which could mean humans on Mars will evolve larger pupils that can absorb more light in order to see. And since Mars’ gravitational pull is only 38% of Earth’s, people born on Mars might actually be taller than anyone on Earth. In space, the fluid that separates our vertebrae expands, which led American aerospace engineer, Robert Zubrin to suggest that Mars’ low gravity could allow the human spine to elongate enough to add a few extra inches to our height.

However, not even a move to Mars could spark the biggest change in human evolution that we may have coming in the next 1,000 years: immortality. The path to immortality will likely require humans to download their consciousness into a machine. Right now, scientists in Italy and China are performing head transplants on animals to determine if you can transfer consciousness from one body to another. They claim their next big step is to transplant human heads.

Whatever happens in the next 1,000 years — whether we merge with machines or become them — one thing is certain: The human race is always changing — and the faster we change and branch out from Earth, the better chance we have of outrunning extinction.

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Sam MSam M (1 час назад)
Are we still evolving though? Nothing really gives us a better chance of survival as if you are ill you can take antibiotics in most cases.

Kanzu999Kanzu999 (1 час назад)
Why did this video get so many dislikes?

Richard KooperRichard Kooper (2 часа назад)
We are all going to get to fat to even walk....

Ferenc The GreatFerenc The Great (3 часа назад)
Y͞e͞a͞h͞ w͞e͞ w͞.I͞'l͞l͞ b͞e͞ d͞e͞a͞d͞ i͞n͞ 1000 j͞u͞s͞t͞ s͞a͞y͞i͞n͞g͞

Don't Read My Profile PictureDon't Read My Profile Picture (4 часа назад)
This was a horrible video. Did you really have to bring in such a controversial into this? Also, why did you talk about evolution as if it's a fact? That's why they call it "The Theory Of Evolution". Don't you mean adaptation? There's a difference, look it up. Not to mention the title claiming "What humans will look like in 1,000 years". This title means that you have to prove to me what we will look like. I guess you can technically call it clickbait. Change the title to "What humans might look like in 1,000 years". If I could review this video, I would give it 1 stars. I love your videos man, but common... This was very poorly made. Like the editing was good, but not the script. This is just my opinion anyways... But good luck and try to do better on future videos

Sapphire AxelSapphire Axel (4 часа назад)
So, it means I'm not short, I just born in a wrong planet!!

Logan CarsonLogan Carson (5 часов назад)
We looked mostly the same 1000 years ago.

AmnesiaBatAmnesiaBat (5 часов назад)
2017: A thousand years from now, Humanity will be the most advanced species in the entire universe!

3017: Spicy memes

The 2 Acro TwinsThe 2 Acro Twins (7 часов назад)
1) I heard that boys won't exist in 1.000 years because of plastic bottles. Plastic bottles just do something bad to their body. (Idk what and why but... that's just what I heard)

2) We don't even know if world is still gonna exist in 1.000 years because of the black hole



Arielle WongArielle Wong (8 часов назад)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Sorry not sorry but technology will fail us so 😂

Icy DGIcy DG (10 часов назад)
lol whh is this on my recommend?

Pure GamingPure Gaming (17 часов назад)
1:37 Wow we're going to become anime characters in the next 1,000 years!

Bahro BlackBahro Black (17 часов назад)
"Yo bro where are you going this summer vacation?"
"nothing much just visiting my grandfather on saturn you?
"nothing much as well just a walk in jupiter"
"wow you guys must have really boring life I go to sun to play with my friends"

Cupcake BearCupcake Bear (18 часов назад)
No please

SpookiniteSpookinite (18 часов назад)
Instead of making robots we should be robots in the future

Cocito CocoCocito Coco (19 часов назад)
*implying our conscience is physical*

Charlie WCharlie W (19 часов назад)
tbh, I don't want to live forever.

Unknown PersonUnknown Person (22 часа назад)
We do not evolve. Evolution is bullshit

KubuszzKubuszz (1 день назад)
Whatever would happen in next 1000 years, i don't care, all of us are not going to be alive anyways.

Lasse Skov FolkmannLasse Skov Folkmann (1 день назад)
5,1 isn't higher than 5,7, is it?

bruh I song want artificial stuff inside my body that would Chang my genetics and make my aging process slower I mean human cant play God

Neptune !Neptune ! (1 день назад)
why so many dislikes

Branko JelicBranko Jelic (1 день назад)
Kids in the futrue will be like but jimmy has robotic arm so unfair

Blurry FaceTMBlurry FaceTM (1 день назад)
humans would look dead in 1,000 years

shadow tub boyshadow tub boy (1 день назад)

Lilan oojuLilan ooju (1 день назад)
I wanna live in the future!

AbdulSalamAbdulSalam (1 день назад)
the x ray showed the dogs bones but didnt show thd guys peepee dis so unfair :V

Baz DBaz D (1 день назад)
Or we will basically look exactly as we do do today!

karmakarma (1 день назад)
1670:in the feature there will be flying cars...
2017: "still use forks*

Atheists Gone WildAtheists Gone Wild (1 день назад)
Unless natural/artificial selection or gene editing takes place, we won't change on Mars.

Ryan IdlettRyan Idlett (1 день назад)

in 1000 years nightmare moon will come here

Liv O'ReillyLiv O'Reilly (1 день назад)

Liv O'ReillyLiv O'Reilly (1 день назад)
wouldn't merging us with computers tecnataly change our race, there actually making us go extinct. Does stufc like this scare anyone else?

Pegasus LovahPegasus Lovah (1 день назад)
lol guys will have boobs

maia gungonmaia gungon (1 день назад)
this was published in my birthday can i get at least 5 likes?

note:dont reply hate comments. if you wont like dont reply.😊😊😇😇

Chief SnowybeastChief Snowybeast (1 день назад)
Only God knows our future

Gooby GoobersGooby Goobers (1 день назад)
Too bad I'm gonna be dead by then

Max is a DuckMax is a Duck (1 день назад)
Oh great, immortality! Now that no one can die, no one can have children so the world doesn't overpopulate!

wooo nice video keep it up 😊😊😊

Corby 733Corby 733 (1 день назад)
im italian but wy italy wy

Aramis JohnsonAramis Johnson (1 день назад)

Young BBPYoung BBP (1 день назад)
yeah I doubt there will be another 1,000 years of life thanks to our president

Jonathan SandersonJonathan Sanderson (1 день назад)
anyone care about the animals you people are dumb there are animals to sorry to say this but I care but you don't

Carl D'AgostinoCarl D'Agostino (2 дня назад)
Increase in height is do to nutrition not evolution and genes adapting. As man controls his environment humans have less need for adapting.

black hawk99black hawk99 (2 дня назад)
The transhumanism and switching consiousness sounds horrible and scary. Everything that has a beginning must also have an end. Longer lifespans are ok, immortality is not worth it.

Edward BryantEdward Bryant (2 дня назад)
anyone tap that girl?

Paulynn SierraPaulynn Sierra (2 дня назад)
There's no point of life if there's no end to it...

Noe CifuentesNoe Cifuentes (2 дня назад)
The old people in the future will say "Whatever happened to the old way of talking.....we just sat on a couch quietly texting or calling eachother....and now there are mind talking"

Eloi DumasEloi Dumas (2 дня назад)
were not REALLY evolving though.. pretty much no human would die before they can reproduce and pass on their genes because they dont have a certain trait... passed on genes in humans are only determined by sexual attraction and not survival of the fittest

Praveer singhPraveer singh (2 дня назад)
the earth will no last till 1000 years

Lisa ThierryLisa Thierry (2 дня назад)
Good thing I'll be dead by then

Arjun NambiarArjun Nambiar (2 дня назад)
People will get taller..??
I thought we r getting shorter..coz 5000 yrs ago ppl were 8 ft tall..n now we r jst 5-6..😕😕

TheminatuepitbullTheminatuepitbull (2 дня назад)
So that we can have fun animals to live with

TheminatuepitbullTheminatuepitbull (2 дня назад)
Bring the animals with you

assassin goatassassin goat (2 дня назад)
Hey you can make a religion out of this

Marcus LopezMarcus Lopez (2 дня назад)

Marcus LopezMarcus Lopez (2 дня назад)

Vanishing StoneVanishing Stone (2 дня назад)
This sounds terrible! Who would want to live forever?

AckermanAckerman (2 дня назад)

Dalgus MaximusDalgus Maximus (2 дня назад)
this seems less like science and more like clickbait.

Master ShockzMaster Shockz (2 дня назад)
Anyone from 8017?

Dalgus MaximusDalgus Maximus (2 дня назад)
This is false I no come from monkey I come from sperm of Jesus

CUMBICA1970CUMBICA1970 (2 дня назад)
People are taller not because of evolution, but better nutrition. Assuming that we're talking about Darwinism (ie evolution BY NATURAL SELECTION) there's no evidence that our environment has been more suitable for taller humans.

xoxXOXO lxoxXOXO l (2 дня назад)
we wont survive another 80 years if we continue to pollute

D1ZZY DUDED1ZZY DUDE (2 дня назад)
yea...we f***ed up Earth, So lets go to another planet and destroy that too...This annoyes me Sooo much, If u dont want earth to die, Stop polution! Stop destroying plant life, STOP KILLING EARTH! This is our home! we were lucky enough to be gifted with this planet, Dont destroy anymore.

Lucas JohnsonLucas Johnson (2 дня назад)
This vid focused too much on the biotechnological advances of future humans and not enough on actual biological evolution. For example, human genitalia are slowly evolving to become larger and our eyes are also already getting larger, all because of sexual selection, which at this point is a much stronger driver of human evolution than natural selection.

Sillydude 164Sillydude 164 (2 дня назад)
People's eyes will also get bigger because of looking at blue light (phone screens). We would start to look like how people imagine aliens to look like.

kagouras4lifekagouras4life (2 дня назад)
Dumb Americans

NazisticNazistic (2 дня назад)
**Transgenders heavy breathing**

馬場信男馬場信男 (2 дня назад)

Crafty SammyCrafty Sammy (2 дня назад)
I would wish to live on Mars lol

Immortal_TimelordImmortal_Timelord (3 дня назад)
FFS we ain't becoming cyborgs

Zichun YanZichun Yan (3 дня назад)
Ghost in the shell finally comes true.

Bonnie ValanceBonnie Valance (3 дня назад)
okay dio lol changing heads for another body are you gunna kill your damn adoptive father too?

Awesome dUde115Awesome dUde115 (3 дня назад)
2017: 5foot 11-6foot3 4567: 8foot 6.

Yannick489Yannick489 (3 дня назад)
Im probably from Mars, 2 meters at the start of 15. Feelsbadman

corestudios1corestudios1 (3 дня назад)
I only clicked this because I saw a girl in a bra, but then I realized it meant evolution through sex

Zack KingZack King (3 дня назад)

Rainbow RoseRainbow Rose (3 дня назад)
why can't they wear clothes in 1000 years??

HAONN ;-;HAONN ;-; (3 дня назад)

Hi my name is KenHi my name is Ken (3 дня назад)
Who beel be survive 1.000 years?

monkey pukemonkey puke (3 дня назад)
the pupil ting won't work because people won't die from having small pupils, do you even know how natural selectian works?

Ebin NistiEbin Nisti (3 дня назад)

Patrik William-OlssonPatrik William-Olsson (3 дня назад)
As a scientist I feel obligated to say that almost all of the reasoning in this video is flawed. They should put a "trigger warning" for flawed analysis in the title lol 😂😂

AndyBlackislife 5everAndyBlackislife 5ever (3 дня назад)
When Aliens see this 😫

corey bunchcorey bunch (3 дня назад)
good thing god exists

RetroSupporter93RetroSupporter93 (3 дня назад)
Brain upload = you (brain and body) will still die. Your mind will live on as an emulated entity though.

BasicallyNoChillBasicallyNoChill (3 дня назад)
if you're watching this from 200 bc you're jesus.

Daniella LolzDaniella Lolz (3 дня назад)
Looks like I'm going to Mars..

אורי לאורי ל (3 дня назад)
six words:everyone on mars will be anime

They should fix Mar's gravity so that it doesn't deform us

Eric TsouEric Tsou (3 дня назад)
Maybe this can help asians yo get their eyes wider!

Lil WatercycleLil Watercycle (3 дня назад)
the average ball sack and penis size will increase ;)

Hiccup HufflepuffHiccup Hufflepuff (3 дня назад)
That's a pretty bleak view of space travel, if you think enough people will be dying young on Mars for natural selection to take effect. ...Or do you think people will be making dating decisions based on how well the other person can see in the dark?

Pulse DusKPulse DusK (3 дня назад)
Let's hope YouTube will exist on mars

MiguelPmpMMiguelPmpM (3 дня назад)
And then only Clorox bleach will be popular.

UnbuiltcomaUnbuiltcoma (3 дня назад)
wouldnt the decreased gravity on Mars be extremely detrimental to our bone growth

B WilB Wil (3 дня назад)
why they gotta be from south africa though?

isiah Coleisiah Cole (4 дня назад)
They left out the nuclear warfare part

Tiffani JoydemTiffani Joydem (4 дня назад)
You lost me at the head transplants. Why would anyone want to do that?!

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