What humans will look like in 1,000 years

  • Опубликовано: 6 май 2017
  • There will eventually be a day where prosthetics are no longer just for the disabled.
    However, it’s not just our outside appearance that will change - our genes will also evolve on microscopic levels to aid our survival. For example, an Oxford-led study discovered a group of HIV-infected children in South Africa living healthy lives. It turns out, they have a built-in defense against HIV that prevents the virus from advancing to AIDS.
    And with gene-editing tools like CRISPR, we may eventually control our genes and DNA to the point where we make ourselves immune to disease and even reverse the effects of aging.
    Another way to jump-start the human evolution on a different path is to move some of us to Mars. Mars receives 66% less sunlight than Earth. Which could mean humans on Mars will evolve larger pupils that can absorb more light in order to see. And since Mars’ gravitational pull is only 38% of Earth’s, people born on Mars might actually be taller than anyone on Earth. In space, the fluid that separates our vertebrae expands, which led American aerospace engineer, Robert Zubrin to suggest that Mars’ low gravity could allow the human spine to elongate enough to add a few extra inches to our height.
    However, not even a move to Mars could spark the biggest change in human evolution that we may have coming in the next 1,000 years: immortality. The path to immortality will likely require humans to download their consciousness into a machine. Right now, scientists in Italy and China are performing head transplants on animals to determine if you can transfer consciousness from one body to another. They claim their next big step is to transplant human heads.
    Whatever happens in the next 1,000 years - whether we merge with machines or become them - one thing is certain: The human race is always changing - and the faster we change and branch out from Earth, the better chance we have of outrunning extinction.
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  • Seamus Wootton
    Seamus Wootton Час назад

    doesnt it take like over 10 million years? xD
    This seems Incorrect... were is this guys hypothosis or evidence.. supporting this..

  • Jak Jonsonn
    Jak Jonsonn Час назад

    There is no physical proof that Anything has ever evolved.Humans will look much the same as they do now in 1000 yrs

  • Kennyz channel
    Kennyz channel 5 часов назад

    What will happen in 1000 years we’ll we will have better hostpital sand more game consoles lol and have very good cars and the iPhone 392929

  • Regis the Puggle
    Regis the Puggle 5 часов назад +1

    2:32 this is so disturbing I can’t get it out of my head send help

  • Lolita HoneyComb
    Lolita HoneyComb 7 часов назад


  • Playground Twist
    Playground Twist 8 часов назад

    we ll be dust

  • AmpEdition
    AmpEdition 19 часов назад

    All this is being pushed because people fear death, men and women that don’t believe in God...you can’t escape it, everyone will go through it just like birth...but you don’t have to be afraid, it is merely a transition...you can watch people talk about dying, one guy said he was dead for over an hour and his Dr has it documented! Heaven is real and you’re body is like a car..it’s just a vessel for the spirit, you will live on after you leave the body, call on Jesus and ask him to come inside and we your savior...if I’m wrong I have nothing to lose, but if you are wrong...you have everything to lose and it will be final! He is patient and gives us a lifetime to make that decision...all you have to do is believe he is the son of God and that he came to die for the sins of the world, taking you’re place...it’s a free gift of grace, it can’t be earned...just believing through faith

  • AmpEdition
    AmpEdition 19 часов назад

    If things evolve and we came from a monkey, why are there still monkeys...keep denying god you foolish people, he already told you how everything was created, you want to look wise and bath in pride

  • Gary Seal
    Gary Seal 21 час назад

    What humans will look like? That is easy. Bones and dust as we will not be here anymore. I give the human race 100 years at the rate we dumb fucks are going.

  • TV-94
    TV-94 22 часа назад +1

    Makes me wonder if 1000 years from now my 7 foot tall distant descendants will find my bones and think "Christ, our ancestors were short, weren't they!?"

  • Zaxor Von Skyler
    Zaxor Von Skyler 23 часа назад +1

    I hope humans go extinct before we destroy the earth!

  • Ez Boi
    Ez Boi 23 часа назад

    if ur a boy and u switch bodies with a girl... what would you do with your body?

  • fazehotshot 556
    fazehotshot 556 День назад

    So what this video is saying is that we will become atleast 99.9% robots

  • It'sYoGurl FromTheWaters
    It'sYoGurl FromTheWaters День назад

    It’s sounds terrifying and the future sounds pretty MESSED UP.

  • Samiel Tesfemariam
    Samiel Tesfemariam День назад

    Super Saiyan

  • fredstar 10110
    fredstar 10110 День назад

    In the 1900s we were promised flying cars, instead of flying cars we have memes

  • Hakim Alsultan
    Hakim Alsultan День назад

    Bruh how do u know this will happen?

  • Les
    Les День назад

    Have you ever seen a school from the inside, not the outside?
    Humans are NOT evolving.
    I provided a link to a book written by a professor from the University of Michigan who is a geneticist.
    And BTW every geneticist agrees /w him. The human genome is degenerating. There's no evolution.
    Go, read and educate yourself:
    "Crumbling Genome: The Impact of Deleterious Mutations on Humans"
    Here's a quote from the book:
    "A mutation replacing just one of the more than three billion nucleotides in the human genome may lead to synthesis of a dysfunctional protein, and this can be inconsistent with life or cause a tragic disease. "
    Now, ask yourself how a mechanism which is "inconsistent with life" can be responsible for the existence of life.
    There's no balance between mutation and selection in humans *and* there's no feasible way to halt this process. Humans are on a path to extinctions.
    Kondrashov provided evidence that evolution by Natural Selection is fiction. Natural Selection is not able to remove deleterious mutations in humans let alone create or design anything. Natural process cannot generate information.

    ThePOKERJEDI День назад

    So nobody will look like *potato*

  • Javier Mendoza
    Javier Mendoza День назад

    yea if we don't kill our selfs off...lol

  • A Weird Potato
    A Weird Potato День назад

    I read a book sort of like this. It was called "The 13 Realities" but it went downhill vEEEEEEEEEEEERY quickly. (in the story, duh)

  • sahlool
    sahlool День назад

    Do you know how evolution even work?

  • Bread
    Bread День назад

    1000 years. Wow what a long period of time. The Roman Empire was forming in double that amount of time back from now. An inch of two of height is probably the most significant non-artificial advancement that we MIGHT see.

  • Chrissie McCartney
    Chrissie McCartney День назад

    So we'll have more melanin and be darker

  • Tropical Pineapple
    Tropical Pineapple День назад

    0:34 bitmoji????

  • Phoneti physix
    Phoneti physix День назад

    There's no simulated picture of a human in 1,000 years? This sucks.

  • Jaela Smith
    Jaela Smith День назад

    Lol the way the world is looking right now, i HIGHLY doubt we'd even make it that far

    THE CORE CODERS День назад


  • MrElculver2424
    MrElculver2424 День назад

    Thumbs down. Video failure. Didn't explain what humans will look like in 1,000 years. Misleading. Lies. Deception.

      THE CORE CODERS День назад


  • Ice Flakes
    Ice Flakes 2 дня назад

    Well done 👏 Well done 👏

  • AlienAmusementTheory
    AlienAmusementTheory 2 дня назад

    Humans will evolve when they'll realise they aren't the body.

      THE CORE CODERS День назад


  • Dustin Martin
    Dustin Martin 2 дня назад

    This isn't how evolution works.

  • maha hajja
    maha hajja 2 дня назад

    anyone here watched black mirror and was like WOW !!?

  • ElectricThunder 101
    ElectricThunder 101 2 дня назад


  • Greek Mythology
    Greek Mythology 2 дня назад

    And more dumber

  • Song uin Jin
    Song uin Jin 2 дня назад

    Theee... only one thing for me will change girls will be killed or die and will be replaced by fuckin' robots or other sex robots becuz people think that if they make something succesful it will never be harmful bit someday it will!

  • stephen vincent
    stephen vincent 2 дня назад

    U don't know wuts gonna happen cause no one knows the future idiot

  • Brandon Maraj
    Brandon Maraj 2 дня назад

    How you know that humans will look in 10000 years

  • Mitchell Phillips
    Mitchell Phillips 3 дня назад


  • karl marx
    karl marx 3 дня назад

    Or evolve into grotesque ,evil DEMONS like......Debbie Wassermann Schultz. With pubic hair as screwed up as the coiled up mess on her head, deformed from all of that liberal thinking.

  • karl marx
    karl marx 3 дня назад

    After 1,000 years if we can rid this planet of Liberals....people will appear normal again. If not....Humans will appear identical to angry witches....similar to Hillary Clinton, and Maxine Waters.

  • Troy Martyr
    Troy Martyr 3 дня назад

    Well crap thanks for telling me im considered 'short' since I'm 5'7''

  • Gijs Ramakers | LLN
    Gijs Ramakers | LLN 3 дня назад


  • kmecpp
    kmecpp 3 дня назад

    Unrealistic body standards

  • Anonymous Vox
    Anonymous Vox 3 дня назад

    Somebody please help me out here. I was under the impression that genetic variation and mutations in genetics were random and not an actual response to the environment. The video mentions that if people were sent to Mars are pupils would evolve to grow larger as a result of sunlight or lack thereof. Doesn't natural selection as a theory suggests that the mutations are utterly random and would only be passed along in the event that it was more beneficial to that species and nuts they were more likely to pass those genes along to subsequent Generations?
    In short I'm wondering what relevance this would have to a human population considering the means by which we survive is not contingent on such factors any longer and neither are our genetic selections and mating.
    Inshorts is the video wrong or is my understanding flawed any help anyone?

    SISEMENDOG 3 дня назад

    Almost pointless

  • I'm Ysa V.
    I'm Ysa V. 3 дня назад

    no wonder why Gardner is tall asf(space between us reference)

  • Bluesea Firesea
    Bluesea Firesea 3 дня назад

    Its 2 thousand years right

  • Gavmaster Deluxe
    Gavmaster Deluxe 3 дня назад

    The people in 2:32 are bonafide representatives of 2017

  • venepally bharghava
    venepally bharghava 3 дня назад

    I have one thing to say guys "it's going to get ugly"

  • Sergeant Pugsly
    Sergeant Pugsly 4 дня назад

    Honestly, I want ha mans to go extinct because we have destroyed this planet .-.


  • siddhartha Shrestha
    siddhartha Shrestha 4 дня назад

    If you are watching this video in 2050 then like this

  • THE Jake360
    THE Jake360 4 дня назад

    Q:what will we look like in a thousand years?
    A:who cares boi

  • Mechros
    Mechros 4 дня назад

    I came here just to bash the video on not mentioning CRISPR but never mind. Well done.

  • Ab Mark
    Ab Mark 4 дня назад

    In the end of days men will look for death and not be able to find it

  • Golden Toilet
    Golden Toilet 4 дня назад

    Humans 2 million years ago is like 7 feet tall then we're getting shorter and higher then shorter. What the hell humans?

  • Golden Toilet
    Golden Toilet 4 дня назад

    And cops would have big crawling robotic spiders to smash tanks

  • wdpk12
    wdpk12 4 дня назад

    We are only growing in size because of health, better medicine etc. But we won't look much different than we did from 2000 years ago...

  • Andrea Smith
    Andrea Smith 4 дня назад

    ano mas marunong pa kayo sa panginoon?

  • Joe Masters
    Joe Masters 5 дней назад

    I'll download my brain when I die & reboot in 1000 years to see what happened

  • Z Boss
    Z Boss 5 дней назад

    So in 1000 years, I get titties?

  • Em Vasquez-Holtzhauer
    Em Vasquez-Holtzhauer 5 дней назад

    If we do look like this I'll come bsck from the grave just to destroy the earth😂

  • Ray Dingo
    Ray Dingo 5 дней назад

    omg bris the kid from mars was right with his martian discriptions

  • Pokemon Player
    Pokemon Player 5 дней назад

    Can there be a single science video that's about Christianity

  • Celestia Myles
    Celestia Myles 5 дней назад

    No please I want to die EARLY!! Luckily it's in a 1,000 years ~sig~ :)

  • Alli Heshmati
    Alli Heshmati 5 дней назад

    Thank god im not living in 3018

  • CringyPotatoeStudios
    CringyPotatoeStudios 5 дней назад

    So everyones basically like cyborg from Teen Titans?

  • Nevaeh Jones
    Nevaeh Jones 5 дней назад +1

    I don’t know if we will have 1000 years because of work pollution and America and Korea whatever is going on there we will destroy this world

  • Jennifer Rendon
    Jennifer Rendon 5 дней назад

    Only god can tell what is going to be next

  • Andrew *
    Andrew * 5 дней назад

    I truly doubt we will exist another 1000 years.

  • Ξ Ňøcŧıvαgυƨ Ξ
    Ξ Ňøcŧıvαgυƨ Ξ 5 дней назад

    Cowboy bebop confirmed

  • Weird Doggo
    Weird Doggo 5 дней назад

    And y'all should be working on Time Traveling so that we will know the secret of ZA WORLD

  • Weird Doggo
    Weird Doggo 5 дней назад

    Well when we reach immortality the world could be ending bc We aren't allowed to be immortal in anyway possible bc if we do that human population would be rising and we'll start running out of resources

  • Bijay Prasad Modi
    Bijay Prasad Modi 5 дней назад

    Very logical

  • dr troy turner
    dr troy turner 5 дней назад

    By 2:05 I started hearing Charlie Brown's Teacher. Waa Waa Waa.

  • Crisxna
    Crisxna 5 дней назад

    Oh because humans are totally at the verge of extinction

  • Sweet Candy
    Sweet Candy 5 дней назад +1

    Head transplant is success in China they do it once and its a success

  • Sonja Kesler
    Sonja Kesler 5 дней назад

    A part of me wishes I was born in the far future, but another part of me is not sure as you never know how fucked the world is going to become

  • Liyah Savoy
    Liyah Savoy 5 дней назад

    My dad is "6ft 7" 😰

  • Kirsten Boyd
    Kirsten Boyd 5 дней назад +1

    Boi we would look like Alien

  • Emma Beck
    Emma Beck 6 дней назад

    If we have seen a booming change in height why am I only going to be "4 11" well I already am but still

  • Dayton Campbell
    Dayton Campbell 6 дней назад

    Evolution isn't real

  • YouMockMe
    YouMockMe 6 дней назад

    Unlikely to be white.
    Most people aren't white and looking at population rates, they'll be as rare as gingers by then. When have you seen 2 gingers??

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 дней назад

    More space BS.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 дней назад

    Actually, humans are DEvolving in every way.

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz 3 дня назад

      As evolution has no aim or direction or destination, there is no devolution.

  • Troy Padilla
    Troy Padilla 6 дней назад

    Just shows how scared the human race is from death because of all their sins if korea decided to launch their ballistic misslle now i would rather run to the blast then experience the after math

  • Nico Lincoln
    Nico Lincoln 6 дней назад

    There dumb why is that a use transplanting heads it will kill you

  • happy fun time
    happy fun time 6 дней назад

    i want to be bigger and i want to be cuter

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 дней назад

    I like how they make these morbid scenarios so playful

  • Tor
    Tor 6 дней назад

    This is dumb

  • Harlee Gaming and Vlogs
    Harlee Gaming and Vlogs 6 дней назад

    They will look exactly the same. Problem solved!
    Edit: they will unless people want to get plastic surgery a lot more or want to become cyborgs...

  • Maram Yousef
    Maram Yousef 6 дней назад

    You don't know how we gonna look ;-;. we might die, I mean hello?. DUH.

  • Azara _
    Azara _ 6 дней назад

    2:22 bitch I wanna be immortal hurry up world

  • in the process
    in the process 6 дней назад +5

    2018 i bet there will be flying cars in the future
    3018:*memes about flying cars*

  • Namo Loke
    Namo Loke 6 дней назад

    I'll be dead by then

  • Mike Mazzone
    Mike Mazzone 6 дней назад

    earth is flat. we dont leave the enclosed dome. antarctica is the border of humanitys living space.

  • Cedric Van Ransbeeck
    Cedric Van Ransbeeck 6 дней назад

    I didn't know time travel has been invented ( so how the f could u know)

  • J
    J 6 дней назад

    Black mirror anyone

  • Anonymous Dude
    Anonymous Dude 6 дней назад

    Bruh i wish qe would evolve backwards. Think about it. Technology is killing people as in weapons and killing tge earth too with things like pollution an it scares me when i think about what things will be like in the farr future as in what if the earth itself has perished because of us humans.

  • rainbowseason
    rainbowseason 6 дней назад

    Not of we all die from global warming which Aus ex prime Minister Tony Abbott says there's no such thing as that. Hahaha just need more stupid leaders and we'll never see any evolution