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Автор Robert Coughlin ( назад)
I am an American mutt. A DNA test would do me no benefit at all. I am the world! USA! USA! USA!

Автор j Sullivan ( назад)
thumbs down.....

Автор Aurelija Daukantaitė ( назад)
Jen, Since when all white people think all are Italians? -_- Every European country has different languages, cultures and etc. Every country is different and the point that they think Europe is a country not a continent consisting of multiple countries is just little bit ignorant.

Автор Roxana 'FCB' J. ( назад)
How Do You Do This???
-Well I Tend To Use My Mouth.

Автор Malka Amar Reich ( назад)
But why isn't white interesting

Автор Roman Kostrzewski ( назад)
3;34 YOU are dissapointed? You have purest blood of the Slavs idiot ,you are COOL idiot brainwased fool

Автор NaNcy K (Poppy Moonblossom) ( назад)
A basic white girl, lmao.

Автор MyTOBEFREE ( назад)

Автор haojiji ( назад)

Автор Ambytata83 ( назад)
I'm half Italian I know cuz I'm at my nonos and he's Italian so Caio

Автор Anonymous ( назад)
I am not multi ethnic but I wanna try out this test so badly, it looks so cool and exciting.

Автор LuEightySix ( назад)
"Italian Americans" are not Italian at all. The majority is a disgrace to real Italians... Just look at those Jersey Shore idiots. No class, or culture.

Автор Noelle Tham ( назад)
Why is being European boring? Each European country has an amazing and rich cultural heritage. Even if you already know you are a European mix, wouldn't it be cool to see where your an ancestors came from?

Автор Peter McGill ( назад)
Black girl had a healthy way of looking at it all. Asian guy was a bit annoying. White guy seemed deflated by it all. I think it doesn't matter where our DNA is from, but what we DO with our lives. Though, maybe some people need to understand we are ALL a mix of things. Racists are idiots.

Автор Anna Kox ( назад)
I am kinda shocked about how little they know about the history of immigration to the new world

Автор Thomas Gill ( назад)
How much does this DNA TEST cost?

Автор Krazy Shady ( назад)
We live in a time where you're not allowed to be proud to be white.

Автор Emelie Persson ( назад)
I'm around 70% Scandinavian, 20% eastern European and 10% north African. 💪

Автор Nila Fluff ( назад)
"I thought I might be something cool but I'm just a white guy."


Автор UnbEaTabiL pErson ( назад)
except for Native Americans all are migrants :P so Trump can leave :D

Автор Hunter DeVries ( назад)
What's so wrong with being white?

Автор Orange Gamer ( назад)
na nanana nanana nanana nanana nanana na na <-- like if you recognize this song.

Автор Megan Hamel ( назад)
Why is there so much white guilt and self shame in this video?? What is so embarrassing about being born a west european mutt? I think it is quite amazing that one could have 6plus different countries of origin in there ancestry. Why was everyone that is white in this video basically apologize for being so white when their results were read? Not in any way saying that homosexuality is a choice(100%), more that picking ones nationality, race, and color of their skin is really not a choice, so people need to stop feeling guilty and apologizing for being born. Just because I was born white does not make me responsible for the past/present pain and suffering of every other nationality that isn't white that has ever happened in the history of human beings. For example, I have never owned a slave or bought/sold a person in my life. So, I shouldn't be made to feel and held responsible for slavery in the united states. To be perfectly honest my collective european mutt family all came over from their respective countries after slavery was abolished, so I would consider any african american person I met who's ancestry stems from forced immigration to the states to be more american than I am, because even if their ancestors were brought here against their will, they still received citizenship before mine did...

Автор Leland Abernathy ( назад)
99% white and not ashamed by that nor do I find it boring.

Автор Estivalis Valle ( назад)

Автор Haylee Walls ( назад)
I'm german-irish Irish and Italian😂😂😂 LET'S GOOOOOOO!!!

Автор DraquellaMalfoyPotter ( назад)
Misha Collins should do this

Автор DraquellaMalfoyPotter ( назад)

Автор Sam Sam ( назад)
I don't understand why he was shocked about the African part of 1,5%?! Everyone has some kind of % from Africa....even white folks as white as milk. Also very odd he didn't get the "mexican" thing...just like US...your not USarian haha.

Автор Lexi D ( назад)
Ya know I'm kind of sick of white people or anyone with European heritage for that matter to feel disappointed or underwhelmed with where they come from. We think it's so cool and amazing when you get something different (which is totally true all ethnicities are fascinating)! But maybe instead of just shrugging it off learn about that culture like you would with any other and you'll find out about some fascinating things in European history just like any other region. History didn't start during the slave trade you can be proud of your white heritage just like how a black person can be proud of their black heritage. As long as you aren't being a jerk about it! Maybe your family took part in the crusades, or was apart of the fall of Rome (ever heard of Germanic tribes), maybe they were apart of the group that went against the church during the Protestant reformation. Hell, they even survived the plague! Don't ever be ashamed or bored with your heritage because society is telling you you should be

Автор mystic miner ( назад)
america is not one race its so much

Автор Michael Deo ( назад)
Why is white considered basic? Why should anyone have pride or feel humbled by their skin color which they had NO Part in making? The character of a person is what we should boost in and that righteous character comes from above.

Автор Scary Peeper ( назад)
I'm 100% Human😂😂

Автор Raw Blood games studios ( назад)
Most Europeans are inbred

Автор Si Bo ( назад)
Why don't all the percents equal 100%?

Автор germx x ( назад)
they're probably not excited cuz they think they learned everything about white culture already or something. like give an average Nigerian born and raised one of these tests and tell me how shocked they are.

Автор Jordana Grecco ( назад)
i almost throw up when they spinned ewwwwwwww

Автор SprayG ( назад)
and white ppl dont think they are italian lmfao...italians are mud bloods

Автор Elaine Li ( назад)
"What blackness can be" 👣🖤

Автор Taylor Spencer ( назад)
What is sad is that because your skin is white you have to tell yourself that your background is not culturally diverse. English culture is very different from Scandinavian. Just because you are European does not mean you are just some white person, you are unique and special too with a history that should be discovered, just like everybody else.

Автор AwesomeMaddy 1 ( назад)
I would really like to take this test, but I know the result is just gonna say "100% Scandinavian" aka your typical white -viking- person

Автор Aileen No ( назад)
"You're 99.9% European"

Автор Cleody Bum ( назад)


Автор Kendaisja Lackey ( назад)
If I was white I would be so let down being almost 100% European like they just straight white 😭

Автор Amy edited ( назад)
When I was in america and told people I was irish, everyone suddenly became half irish around me, hahaha

Автор Marina Tenório ( назад)
Ryan: DNA guys.. it's crazy. How possible is Jurassic Park?

Автор GMS-gaming ( назад)
I'm 85% human and 15% alien because a alien was horny one night and he fucked my great great great grandmother that's what my grandma said...

Автор Bronze Tipper ( назад)
God how can some people be that dull. Latino isn't a race. Mexico has whites and blacks and natives.

Автор Agirl HasNOname ( назад)
100 per cent potato

Автор Cesar Contreras ( назад)

Автор TheXander093 ( назад)
That's good. Give a sample of DNA to be kept "on file".

Автор Britt ( назад)
Where can I find the test

Автор Judit Nagy ( назад)
What's wrong with being European? There's so much culture and history in Europe it really shouldn't be disappointing.

Автор ErinLuvs Ya ( назад)
Well pretty black 😄

Автор ErinLuvs Ya ( назад)
Intro plays: *says countries*..............I'm really black 🤣 Now that got me

Автор Andreas Thoyas ( назад)
So you're 1/50 white.
I'm dying 😂😂😂

Автор aunty ke ( назад)
I need this my dad said I'm only chinese hawaiian and Samoan but my mom said I am Samoan Hawaiian Portuguese German Indian French Dutch English Irish African-American Scottish Chinese and maybe Japanese..... LIKE WTF I NEED TO KNOW FRL I HEAR THIS BUT I AM HEARING ANOTHER THINGG Г^Г

Автор More Aso ( назад)
' I'm just a white guy' wtf

Автор UNKNOWN ( назад)
100% Nepali :3

Автор F ( назад)
I'm 99.9% saudi arabian

Автор Caitlin Thomas ( назад)
I really wanna do one of these. I don't know my dad so this is really intriguing to me.

Автор Cinthya mar ( назад)
where is the mexican? wtf

Автор el jay ( назад)
Why are white people saying I'm just a plain white like no excitement to be Irish or Scandinavian...these white people have a rich cultural heritage. I'd say check out you culture and be proud. We've all had our struggles and glory. It took generations to make you who you are, that alone is worthy of pride.

Автор Yuli Ana ( назад)
My parents are both 100% asian, but my friends always said that i don't look 100% asian, they said that i look half white and it makes me want to take this test to know

Автор Blackrew ( назад)
Why would it be disappointing to be European? So many cultures and countries. So much rich history..

Автор Ronin ( назад)
oh no Im white, I have no socjus cards to play. so ashamed.

Автор khlood mgnonh ( назад)
العنصريين محتاجين يسوونها .

Автор TheCabbageGuy ( назад)
Um... I'm German

Автор thebitchescallmegump ( назад)
So I was eating, and then I got about a minute into this video.

Автор Sarah Intidam ( назад)
What idiot looks for Mexican in a genetic racial breakdown?

Автор Botond Racz ( назад)
I am 90% water.

Автор QueenRainicorn Rage ( назад)

Автор Ayee Lmao ( назад)
1:16 got me weak

Автор Jarrod Smith ( назад)
99% European (duh)

Автор mco ( назад)
6 to 8 weeks

Автор Les Mach ( назад)
Why is Ryan so surprised at the European DNA ? Mexicans are the Spanish from Europe. DNA tells you the continent of your origin.

Автор ozomari ( назад)
Being Mexican is a nationality -_-

Автор Ruby and Lily - ( назад)
How dare they use the bake off music

Автор David Fernandez ( назад)
There is no mexico!!! 😂

Автор Robert Alexandru ( назад)
So that Jen girl is the result of when the Sicilian mafia meets Yakuza.
Also that Ryan guys needs to learn some history if he doesn't know what being latino american means, or that the term latino refers to someone of roman origin aka white.

Автор cattleya z ( назад)
I need this guys am gonna be 45% african 5% indian 35% middle eastern and 15% European

Автор OliviaPlayzROBLOX ( назад)
Give a like for bobby Jon candy tom clary Norma 🐬🐙🦄🐍🦀🐝

Автор OliviaPlayzROBLOX ( назад)
Give a like for Norma 🐝

Автор OliviaPlayzROBLOX ( назад)
Give a like for clary 🦀

Автор OliviaPlayzROBLOX ( назад)
Give a like for tom 🐍

Автор OliviaPlayzROBLOX ( назад)
Give a like for candy 🦄

Автор OliviaPlayzROBLOX ( назад)
Give a like for Jon 🐙

Автор OliviaPlayzROBLOX ( назад)
Give a like for bobby 🐬

Автор Ragin Bull ( назад)
lol why do you get upset by being white? Scandinavian? dude.. you are part viking... that's badass.

Автор Skye Galaxyrainbowstorms ( назад)
I'm from South Africa but I'm indian

Автор Shelby Shipley ( назад)
They should have used Ancestory, so much more accurate and the break down is way better.

Автор random guy ( назад)
mexians are spanish AKA europeens who mixed with native americans

Автор Lymit ( назад)
"Im really black but uh-" I DIED THERE AHAHHAHAHAHJAHA

Автор Hanri 8 ( назад)
Jen is beautiful

Автор kelsey Doyle ( назад)
When yous said you're kinda disappointed and not interesting for being European ... there are so many different countries, races, cultures, Europe it's such a diverse continent .. don't hate , :)

Автор Taryn Bell ( назад)
yeah people, Mexican is NOT a race, it's a nationality-as is the case with most countries. it's really sad how many people don't realize that.

Автор Elizabeth Avila ( назад)
Watching them spit into that container was gross, ew. You could've left that out you know.

Автор sofia Rodas ( назад)
I REALLY want to try this out.

Автор Toxic Tuber ( назад)
''I'm pretty black''


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