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Автор Duck You ( назад)
If I try this I will just get results telling me I'm a basic white chick

Автор Immaculate Organic Soaps ( назад)
Fun video thanks.

Автор Logan Dameron ( назад)
This inspired me to get one

Автор p p ( назад)
I was eating while seeing this actually

Автор NidzoBanana ( назад)
Those 'muricans are total mutants, thank God i'm 100% Serbian!

Автор Katie George ( назад)
I want to take this, but I'll probably come to the same conclusion of "ya, I'm just a normal white girl. Whoopy!"

Автор Sad Angel ( назад)
I think it would be exciting for me as a middle eastern because we're mixed... I WANT TO TRY THIS SO BADD!!😍

Автор grace yang ( назад)
I don't understand why white people say they aren't "unique" or "culturally diverse"... You obviously are if you are a mix of different European ethnics.

Автор GoldenMangoLPS ( назад)
I am Filipino I wanna find out!!!

Автор Jacob McGinnis ( назад)
Being disappointed in being white is disgusting. white guilt cucks.

Автор N. E.L ( назад)
My maternal DNA is in the air between two men who are both deceased. Doing this would not only tell me my ancestry but it would also tell me who my father is, seeing one is from America and the other from Scotland.

Автор Lui XIV ( назад)
Don't ask a Mexican mother what you are , they will not know

Автор Lui XIV ( назад)
You're 99% ..... NOT THE FATHER!

Guy: *starts doing the whip and nae nae*

Автор Hanis Athirah ( назад)
"hmm im just a white guy" hahdhshwhs

Автор Sing-A- Ladies ( назад)
I'm just gonna say this.....Mexican is not a race like white or black. Mexicans can be Native American, African, Asian, Iberian, Middle Eastern, really anything in the world! That's why I really recommend DNA tests to mixed people especially; its such a great experience. Honestly, if anyone can afford to but the test, I say you should do it. I thought I was mostly Iberian, but my results showed that I only had 20%. I'm actually mostly Native American. What an experience 🙂

Автор Moon Sun ( назад)
I'll just get 99.9% Asian

Автор CrisAlex Armijo ( назад)
I cringe when pople think Mexican is a race....

Автор Nick Mercs ( назад)
Iberian + Native American = Mexican.

Автор Eduardo CasRod ( назад)
Taking into consideration that USA citizens are so culturally obsessed with the "race" concept. I find it amusing when they fail to recognize the difference between "race" and nationality :D

Автор Msmusicgirl07 ( назад)
😄 they make it look so bad being from Europe!

Автор The MysticRenegade ( назад)
"im pretty black" lol

Автор Girly shadow -Gaming & More! ( назад)
My moms from Vietnam my dads from Vietnam boom no science needed

Автор Nawress Rose ( назад)
i am just a white guy ahah

Автор Emily Pierce ( назад)
she's very african wow

Автор رسام قيد الإنشاء ( назад)
Watching this while eating was the worst idea ever!

Автор Lily Nguyen ( назад)
why is east asian and native american in one category?

Автор Technical Wolf ( назад)
These are rip off try guys

Автор Tris ( назад)
Did anyone get that intense "Ancestry" commercial before the video omg

Автор botanbutton ( назад)
She called herself a basic white girl, omg, lmao.

Автор Nιɴα M. ( назад)
Im 99,8% human

Автор Mickaella Buenavista ( назад)
Really need this I want to know my real DNA besides having a blood of Filipino and American

Автор Jonathan Reiland ( назад)
Remember to brush your teeth really well before using the test or you'll end up finding out you're half Big Mac.

Автор Ash ( назад)
skip 1:20-1:41 .....your welcome

Автор Aloha Xo ( назад)
I wanna try this! I'm Hawaiian, Chinese, Portuguese, Thai, Laotian, Polish, and German.

Автор Cosmic Queen ( назад)
I got my results a few weeks back. I'm mostly Southern European (Italian) and a little bit of everywhere in the Middle East.

Автор Boo Boo ( назад)
what is this test called?

Автор HeyItsNeecy ( назад)
I'm half Italian half serbian

Автор Rafael Duran ( назад)
Daysha should've said "My credit score just went up 50 points!" it would've been hilarious but she missed it.

Автор Marie Maldonado ( назад)
I really wanna take this test. My grandmother was adopted and doesn't know where she comes from. She was born in Puerto Rico like my grandfather, so my mom knows she has Native American in her or Spanish blood from my grandfather's side but we have no clue about my grandma 😩 I really wanna know, ugh

Автор SmallPinkDragon ( назад)
this make me think im like african or like chinese

Автор Lee del Rosario ( назад)
I'm 99.9% bacteria

Автор Joseph Goodwin ( назад)
I'm weird my dads polish and my moms Indian and Spanish

Автор Gio Carranco ( назад)
3:55 scarra anyone???

Автор Cody Ramsbottom ( назад)
This ended up not being that interesting haha.

Автор italia solis ( назад)
lol its funny and sad how they get disappointed when they where looking for something more awesome then just say I'm a basic white person

Автор Sammy Lopez ( назад)
I'm 50% mexican (20% spanish/30% native american), 25% Japanese, 13.5% German and 13.5% Armenian...

Автор HeyImTiff ( назад)
1/8 Filipino Ayyy! That works just fine bro! Half Filipino or Fullipino you be one of the fam!

Автор Dystany Shiaka ( назад)
I wanna do this sooo bad, because even tho I'm black people thinks that I'm half Asian.

Автор Tae Bae ( назад)
it'd be interesting to do this but im not paying for this cause i know it's gonna say 103% european so

Автор Aaron Laird ( назад)
I would love to have some Scandinavian/German in my genetics definatley something to brag about.

Автор Leah Rose ( назад)
My mom was born in Germany and doesn't know who her father is (Grandma was forced into prostitution). I really want my mom to do this! That way she can at least know what he was.

Автор Vova C ( назад)
Black people want to be as african as possible in the DNA results.

And white people don't want to be white but mixed? WTF? What is wrong with you?

Everything is okay, so why being dissapointed for being white?

Автор Arctic Productions ( назад)
also how is it not cool to be Scandinavian, that means your ancestors were eight foot tall berserkers discovering continents and just generally being hardasses

Автор Arctic Productions ( назад)
I know if I took one of these (which I think I might) I know I would see Dutch, Scottish, English and Scandinavian without a doubt but the question is.........how much?

Автор Buttercup Estes ( назад)
I'm British, Canadian, French, (maybe) German, Irish, Scotish and Welsh. That's all I know. Not sure about French.

Автор ginny may ( назад)
Hmm I've always wanted to know if I have Irish in me!!! But I think I might have something else cause I get a very unnatural sun tan!!! It's so brown!!! But then people that get really good sun tan can get melanoma... so... that's a bit of a problem but if I can find out why I can tan so well through the ancestry DNA test.. that would be cool!!! But if I find out that I have Jewish or maybe Spanish that would blow my mind!!! I found out that my grandmas side has Irish but I'm not sure if it's a big percentage or it's just flooded with British or just german that I won't have that big of a percentage of Irish.. my dads side has a lot of British DNA that I bet I'm just purely a white person 😂 coz there's just too much of British that I bet my dads ancestry was pretty boring... and then there's my grandmas and grandpas ancestry!!! Just amazing!! They just really liked to travel all around the world!! And fall in love with who knows what!! That gave me this weird DNA!! 😂😂

Автор Tanker ( назад)
I'm 100% Irish 🍀

Автор autumn bold ( назад)
I really want to do this. I'm super mixed and have no idea what race I really am :/

Автор Reijhui Pagala ( назад)
Im pretty black

Автор Roisin Kennan ( назад)
I'm from Ireland, and both my parents both did this test: and even with my 100% European genome, it was pretty cool, if you are interested in your family's history in your country, it can be a cool test for 'non- mixed race' people too. :) But... We did the test to explore our family connections in America.

Автор Unyamurdle ( назад)
Why are people so disappointed to have DNA from Europe ? That's cool too and very interesting. We can be proud of our heritage too people!

Автор Madi Aikau ( назад)
Why is being European boring? Many of those countries have special kinds of alcohol, go party!

Автор Sherry Edmalin ( назад)
Anyone knows how to do this test and how much is it?

Автор Nourhan Salah ( назад)
Guys would you make a video about what diseases you're predisposed to have.

Автор Ysabelle Voon ( назад)
where can I find this lady

Автор Fernando Arista ( назад)
3:57 When you realize only Native Americans can be Mexica(n)

Автор Person ( назад)
"you're a 1/50 white" oml ahahah

Автор TommyBigShot Epic Videos! ( назад)
My legitimate results (NOTE: Does not add up to 100%, I'm just using whole numbers):
39% Italian
36% German
17% Eastern European (All we know is Polish)
3% Balkan (Croatian most likely)
2% Irish
1% Dutch
(note: made more specific with extra info)

Автор jack jones ( назад)
these hipsters are desparate to be anything other than european #sad

Автор jack jones ( назад)
5:15 nope

Автор Suzanne V. ( назад)
It kind of annoys me that they seem disappointed to be from European heritage. It is deemed 'not cool' and 'boringly white'. While Europe has one of the most interesting and diverse histories, and definitely not all white. There are lots of interesting stories to find if you dig down your European ancestry. There's at least 50 different countries with different cultures and languages and heritages. It's not boring, it's facinating.

Автор Belen Alvarez ( назад)
Mexicans are native Americans

Автор Scary Snake ( назад)
I fkn died at 1:25 💀

Автор T Smith ( назад)

Автор xxTauneyNicole xx ( назад)
when you find out you're a mudblood 😬

Автор Meowphistopheles ( назад)
Wait, does Ryan think Mexican is a race?

Автор Clarissa PW ( назад)
i'm very curious if their elderly people were asked to do a DNA test and compare the results with their grandchildren to see how far do DNA test can go back to! :D

Автор technocatification ( назад)

Автор technocatification ( назад)
Just white? wtf, you mean the best race evaaa lol. Oh.. triggered people come for me. What if I replaced it with "just black....". i love being white.

Автор Dick's son ( назад)
Who can tell me is Ancestry DNA a good company? I have paid 160 $ to take test.... I really want to know why I am the only one who is single eyelid in my family.....

Автор Elyas Bin Yahya Rucker ( назад)
You've got to be pretty foolish to think "Mexican" or "Caribbean" is going to come up on a genetics test.

Автор Jaileen Avila ( назад)
my son is 1 and he's Asian and Mexican also ... he looks like a little version of this Asian dude on buzzfeed

Автор ryan harris ( назад)
"I'm pretty black"

I'm ded

Автор Rima Krasniqi ( назад)
yooooo someones mom cheated

Автор Salty Stephen ( назад)
I really want to do this because my dad is adopted so I don't know what he is

Автор Dakota Sears ( назад)
I can't believe how only the white people seem to be upset of being of European descent.. it really makes me sick. Personally Shane had the best one of all, literally over half Eastern European! I'd trade him, my 2% black and 1% middle eastern for some of that eastern european! I'm not racist by any means tho believe me I'm proud of what i am. They should too. Europe has a huge variety of cultures it's really amazing.

Автор Suger Daddy ( назад)
where do i sign up

Автор Diego Magana ( назад)
I'm 99.9% dank meme creator

Автор The Fists ( назад)
Shane has 0.3%, I have a feeling it is Asian, cuz he is half Slavic

Автор Negligent Gamer ( назад)
Be so proud of your heritage...unless your white.

Автор sunnyvanilline ( назад)
arffff, when latinos (mexicans and the others) Will know that latino = european + native american (+ african)

Автор Devyn ( назад)
The whole mindset that anything other than white is "exciting" and "exotic" is kinda gross. White isn't the default race, and treating non-white traits/heritage as rare and different is off-putting. After all, there are more of us than there are of you!

Автор Sami Irish ( назад)
When being white is apparently "boring" (I'm mixed, mostly European mixed with Middle Eastern, North African, Egyptian, Asian, and Native American)

Автор J.$tyLe ( назад)
People getting salty when they find out their basic bitches lmao

Автор Bleach Inc. ( назад)
me when they were spitting 😝😝😝😝😷😷😷😷😷

Автор _ cherry _ ( назад)
wow Latino and Hispanic are definitely a lot more mixed that European I hope if I get tested I get some type of gene that will be like "WHAT THE HELL"

Автор Poe's Rath ( назад)
some random guy: so i'm just a basic white g... wait i'm, wait just... what?? haha! guys! yo! I'm 3% BLACK guys! sub-suhabu afro whatever... huh?! guys... guys i'm black!
goes to dad tells him " hey dad i'm black! yeah it says 3 % subaran African yeah!hahahahaha!!!!!!! so yeah that's crazy, I didn't know that, wow... was my... was one of my ancestors a slave or something like I know my ancestors were slave masters, obviously but still, huh?? interesting? hmmm... well that's that I guess but i'm black y'all yeet! haha!
me: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no!

Автор Melf Bergo ( назад)
Wait wait, what's wrong with being white?

Автор Aleah Velasquez ( назад)
Daysha's laugh gives me life

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