3 HOURS of Relaxing Music | Zen Garden | Sleep Music for Spa, Meditation, Therapy

Relaxing Music - 3 HOURS "Zen Garden" .Relaxing Asian (Japan / Chinese) Zen Music. Music therapy for soul healing.
Enjoy Calm music for Meditation, Sound therapy, Zen meditation, Massage, Sleeping Music and Relaxing. Just concentrate and imagine...
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Music by
Chinese Music for Acupunture by EduardoArenas is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Changes: Music was looped to 3 hours

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Автор LearnEnglishESL ( назад)
Peaceful & calming ... Thank you."The inspiration received through meditation is of a nature that one cannot measure or determine. God can inspire into our minds things that we had no previous knowledge of, if He desires to do so." =Baha'i Faith

Автор P. SOS ( назад)
Relaxation Meditation...

Автор Aidan Charlie Gula ( назад)
Iron Fist got me interested in doing meditation again. So here I am.

Автор hunter dawso ( назад)
I wish it was looped for 8 to 10 hours

Автор Paul Parchment ( назад)

Автор Jen Morris ( назад)
Japanese hi I am Japanese and I love this music I am not Japanese

Автор NEPHELYM ( назад)
on je peux trouver l'image pour fond écran

Автор Nitish Patil ( назад)
i tried finding other music like this one.. all failed .. this music is something else. really calm and peaceful

Автор Saltwater Cowgirl ( назад)
love the calming music. this is one of the few things that will distract me. recently I played it for my fussy toddler. he's now peacefully sleeping. thank you.

Автор seffawling ( назад)
Music like this really helps when you have a headache. I'm having one as we speak and listening to music that's calm and relaxing like this helps a ton!

Автор Gigi Tantas ( назад)
music is relaxing after a day's work.

Автор Blowup Kesloxma ( назад)
way too repetitive for me

Автор Stardust Vibrations - Relaxing Music ( назад)
If you are reading this, YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL 😊 Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise 😊

Автор Ronald L. Holt ( назад)
when you forget what you wanted to comment from the Nostalgic sounds

Автор Anett Es Ancsa Fan ( назад)
(I'M HUNGARYAN) Yessssss relax

Автор The Oblivioner Gaming ( назад)

Автор DeejayCray ( назад)
i just had such a beautiful dream to this. i was in a jacuzzi in the middle of the city of san diego...i floated in the jacuzzi and looked above me to see grey skies and sky scrapers. this kid kept continuously playing a Recorder flute while a dyke looking female sat on a sandy hill wailing loud to herself. her wailing and the mixture of the flute sounded like sweet sorrow, its as if her wails and the recorder blended in a tune...i could feel an urge of empathy. i felt like i knew why she was wailing...then i looked over my other side and i saw a black guy in a white and baby blue hooded shirt sitting at the foot of my jacuzzi smoking weed...i got out of the jacuzzi and walked towards a building where i saw two teenage dudes showering naked...for some reason i walked towards the building and it seemed like the projects. i saw more black people as i walked up the building but before i could get upstairs i realized it was gated and i couldnt get in....bu the whole dream felt beautiful and free. the way that water lifted me in the jacuzzi and music and wailing sounded... and the fact that i love cloudy skies was just amazing. i gotta have more day naps to this.

Автор Alex Zubkov ( назад)
Anyone what is that kind of music? New age? Or what? Great!!

Автор Sam ( назад)
this comment is pointless just wanted you to know that I'm the 1000th comment lmao

Автор ventolen ( назад)
This the same song ., OVER AND OVER ! Hows about another song? like , switch it up ? Great to give a massage too tonight , but , some variety, would do the trick..

Автор strider205 ( назад)
muy buena melodia

Автор Tina Seretti ( назад)
hi all...I've always luved listening to the soothing plucks of the chinese instruments & the flute especially gives it an extra flare. It sounds as though a hawk or other winged creature soaring high & calling out to the endless skies.....soooo relaxing

Автор Lucy Heartfilia ( назад)
y a-t-il des français ???? mais sinon j'adore se genre de musique merci

Автор Black Damask ( назад)
¡Esto es genial! la primera pieza musical de éste estilo que escucho.
Últimamente la escucho cuando leo "Siddharta" de el escritor alemán, Hermann Hesse.📖🎶😍👌❤

Автор Tio Madara safadão G2A ( назад)
música boa

Автор theenz ey ( назад)
this is the best ive listened to i can really tune into it good vibes

Автор Toddler Room Educators KCCC ( назад)
Kira kira

Автор Jolina Schönfuß ( назад)
das ist so schön

Автор DaBudderBoss89 ( назад)
I use this for my Aikido stretches

Автор Diva Ex Machina ( назад)
This is pure Zen if you ask me! I keep coming back to this... thank you!

Автор Delta's Rage 97 ( назад)
i love this

Автор Emmanuel Drew FP ( назад)
MA esistono davvero questi posti? Se si in quale nazione del mondo si trovano ?

Автор Alex Van Der Heide ( назад)
we use this music during my sex than you have very nice sex

Автор Alex Van Der Heide ( назад)
this music is great with some noodels

Автор save the Humans ( назад)
thank you.

Автор save the Humans ( назад)
when we really listen to music we arent thinking. thats why i find it relaxing. i can stay in the present without hanging on to useless thoughts. they are illusory.

Автор Shab Sy ( назад)
الله يطعمنا الجنه

Автор Lily Sanchez ( назад)
love this music

Автор caramelmacchiato ( назад)
After 1h 15min it is so boring... is it looped or what

Автор ÐıısČõ ÐıısČõ ( назад)
where kaguya or pain ?

Автор Huyen Quang Zen student ( назад)
zen soto

Автор Zuka Bazooka ( назад)
I always wanted a place like that

Автор _Met_ ( назад)
Very relaxing music it helped me to cheer me up!

Автор Ele-Phant Wood ( назад)
..see the sunlight through the pines ..taste the warm of winter wine ..dream.., of softly falling snow..
(。・ω・。)ノ♡ 😍~(^з^)-☆

Автор Iba Kazmi ( назад)
This music is so beautiful, I find inner peace. This is great for me because of a kind of person who is usually stressed. I love to listen to this, it helps me to calm down ☺️

Автор LEE tout simplement ( назад)
Listen to the music my detente

Автор nannette dapper ( назад)
Lieflijke  tuin en water-muziek na al het hevige vuurwerk geeft ons  zenuw-gestel   toch nog wat RUST en VREDE.  En dat werd  nu tijd.......

Автор Dead Shot48 ( назад)
I use this all the time to sleep 💤💤💤💤

Автор Johannes Foldrup ( назад)
This the Best musik yu now!

Luv fra Danmark

Автор young smokeyboyz ( назад)
I like this music because because it makes me go to sleep sleep I think it's peaceful music

Автор عبد العزيز ( назад)
I took off my headphone and opened my window and i sat down listening to this for 20 minutes. It feels so much.. i don't know how to describe it... It's one of the things that you need to experience it by yourself to know it. Hope this comment helps someone. Now back to my meditation :)

Автор Ele-Phant Wood ( назад)
just to let you know..my most amazing and cherished friend💑..stay warm for the holidays
(。・ω・。)ノ♡ 😍~(^з^)-☆

Автор Morgan LRDLC ( назад)
I'm M

Автор Morgan LRDLC ( назад)
:):):):):):):):):)     itsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss      sleeeeeeeeeeepppppp   I love

Автор jbabie04 ( назад)
reminds me of Inuyahsa

Автор Imran Mahmood ( назад)
I am dreaming i asian oriental

Автор Faith Evans ( назад)
i love this it calm my mind so helpful

Автор HornPub ( назад)
Very nice

Автор Alexis GUIBAL ( назад)
j ai bandé mou

Автор Henry Macer ( назад)
Ahhh relaxed

Автор Luis Carlos Acosta ( назад)
esta canción te relaja mucho y te hace dormir

Автор Ele-Phant Wood ( назад)

Автор James Adshead ( назад)
hi do you have a 8 or 10 hour version? this works great for sleep therapy but 3 hours isn't long enough. i gave a thumbs-up though

Автор Ele-Phant Wood ( назад)
I heard these most beautiful lyrics in a beautiful celtic song "I'll keep your heart with mine .. till you come to me".. (*^3^)/~☆ 💑

Автор Thomas Online ( назад)
I sleep very well !!

Автор Pasquale Longobardi ( назад)
i use this song for sleep ,is really nice

Автор xoxsummergirl95xox ( назад)
legit though, am I the only one who thinks of Lugias song from Pokémon 2000? I swear it has the same melody

Автор Mind Funk ( назад)
The following book, if read by enough people soon enough, will eradicate all unnecessary suffering and problems from the face off the earth once and for all; Google *truthcontest* and read *the present*. Nothing could be more important or worthwhile.

Автор Carrie Ann Luikens ( назад)
Beautiful music! Very soothing and relaxing.

Автор Sonny Peña ( назад)
Before listening to this i felt so frustrated and enraged for the problems i ve been through lately, now i sort of found myself more peaceful.
Thanks for this masterpiece

Автор luka bombek ( назад)
worst video ever fuck your self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор luka bombek ( назад)
fuck your self

Автор Neris Rivas ( назад)
que musica tan bella... espectacular

Автор Stranger Danger ( назад)
Relaxing. Calms me down quick. It somehow like soothes your body through the soundwaves somehow.

Автор Stranger Danger ( назад)

Автор Dia Dia ( назад)
So lovily! thank you!!!...***

Автор Noah Caulonque ( назад)
PLEASE is it free to use?

Автор Shears Gamer ( назад)
When i rage on bf1 i play this music

Автор Phillip Mccue ( назад)
So peaceful!!

Автор Medicine Music ( назад)

Автор Kurosaki Ichigo ( назад)
Who came here after having a headache?

Автор Alex Orand ( назад)
Great music, it's really relaxing to hear it doing our homeworks. Can it be possible to use your song to make a short movie ? I'm looking for songs for my future réalisations.

Автор Pete Antoni ( назад)
As a professional dj this music is great to just relax to after a 3hr mix...Beautiful composition...

Автор ONE Music TV ( назад)

Автор Super Zen ( назад)
Cool !

Автор Mr. Park ( назад)
Truely heavenly music. Very beautiful and artistic.

Автор Supreme7Notas ( назад)
Yo pongo esta música cuando voy al baño

Автор Federico Catalano ( назад)
tank you:)

Автор AnneLien1987 ( назад)
I love this music but it kinda reminds me of a chinese restaurant..

Автор Kiveli Angelopoulou ( назад)
Very nice!

Автор honey malhotra ( назад)
i always think a samurai is playing this song wearing a bamboo hat and it makes me feel even better

Автор yourtub ( назад)
this song makes me hard

Автор lopas rokas ( назад)
Awesome relaxing music. Its my daily sleep therapy!
Thank you for this divine music<3

Автор Vector101 Production ( назад)
I need this calm music in my life. Is beautiful, relaxing and unique. Thank you is truly good.

Автор ayrton klein ( назад)
If we would take moments everyday, to reflect on how we feel. To understand our own energy(this is our connection to the universe because this is how we take in everything around us) and when we understand it we can correct it and with that our feelings. When this is done you can shine your light in the most sincere and brightest way and you can see clearer. Your "light"(actions) will come straight out of your heart. you are more in touch with your core and so everyone will see you better and what you are trying to share, with love.

Автор Эбипейл Ру ( назад)
Обажаю такие видео

Автор Illuminati Sauce ( назад)
Can I get the source of this picture ?

Автор Lourdes Imon ( назад)
It relaxes my mind and body and the view. I love it

Автор listen its music ( назад)
hello guys u can listen to guitar music and violin music and will be more and more beautiful music on my channel , click on my picture(channel ) and if u want to support me subscribe and like and share and let me know yer opinion :D thank u

Автор Nellie M. Howard ( назад)
Great music

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