Barry Tales Episode 34: Blast from the Past

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 2 191

  • Sudsy Warrior
    Sudsy Warrior 5 days ago

    Did blast actually voice this or was that audio from a video

  • John Wick
    John Wick 7 days ago

    Love your vids

  • Rashad Heyward
    Rashad Heyward 9 days ago

    Bout time he use the maple twins 🤣🤣

  • Myst stories
    Myst stories 10 days ago

    He finna snap Grizzly outta existence

  • Aniyah Mitchell
    Aniyah Mitchell 10 days ago

    More episodes please 💖💖💖 my migga

  • Cece Love
    Cece Love 11 days ago

    Was Poppin with the next Barry Tales episode I 👀👀 it's been 2 months sense you made a new one 😢😢

  • Shandrill Anderson
    Shandrill Anderson 11 days ago

    Lmao im am fuck weak😭💀4:56

  • Patrick Anderson
    Patrick Anderson 12 days ago

    My son blastumous hd reacts

  • G1bo1 1
    G1bo1 1 12 days ago

    Part 36

  • Tyshaun Hickson
    Tyshaun Hickson 13 days ago

    What happened to the game y’all was making on this👀

  • Kristian Howard
    Kristian Howard 13 days ago

    Old af but what is the opening song

  • M 167
    M 167 15 days ago

    Dude I love BHD

  • ThaaKidd47
    ThaaKidd47 16 days ago +1

    Song at 8:15

    ABK MOTORS 17 days ago

    I like the extra effort plugging in the charger to the wall just that little bit was cool

  • Lol Jonny plays Crockett

    aye bruh yall notice grizzly got bottom grills 👌👌😂😂 dat sh clean doe 😂😂👏👏

  • Savage Gamer
    Savage Gamer 17 days ago

    “HeRe CoMeS yOuR BiLl."

  • CFN MeLLo
    CFN MeLLo 17 days ago

    I wanna see beary in takeover😂

  • Ail_ XOXO
    Ail_ XOXO 18 days ago

    Look at this big head ass migga bru 5:21
    P.s. love you bhd no homo

  • Willy Gee
    Willy Gee 18 days ago

    A bump of coke 😂😂 😂

  • Zombiekiller Skido
    Zombiekiller Skido 20 days ago

    Yo bring back Pandora

  • Lilly Animations
    Lilly Animations 20 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought that the purple bear looked like Thanos?

  • TJ_The_Kidda VLOGS
    TJ_The_Kidda VLOGS 22 days ago

    Folks really sleeping on this series

  • James Robinson
    James Robinson 22 days ago


  • D E E
    D E E 22 days ago

    he sound like cjsocool

  • KidTrunks Reacts
    KidTrunks Reacts 22 days ago

    BHD 😂

  • Joseph Davis
    Joseph Davis 22 days ago


  • Joseph Davis
    Joseph Davis 22 days ago


  • Joseph Davis
    Joseph Davis 22 days ago


  • King Rob
    King Rob 23 days ago

    Yo we need to see an episode when Barry finally gets a job

  • Fractured Frame
    Fractured Frame 23 days ago

    I had to watch this again to get caught up
    Here comes yo bill still got me

  • Anime Plug
    Anime Plug 23 days ago

    Bruh them endings always be funny

  • 9bq
    9bq 23 days ago

    Here comes yo bill!!!!!!!

  • Moonwalker Kid
    Moonwalker Kid 23 days ago

    BHD is really like that tho!!

  • George Hilliard
    George Hilliard 23 days ago

    0:53 what the beat called??

  • Kae. TV
    Kae. TV 23 days ago

    Nevea did he have BHD in the video

  • jevaugn townsend
    jevaugn townsend 23 days ago

    here cums yo bill

  • ZenZory Overload
    ZenZory Overload 26 days ago

    BlasphamousHD is the garbage of RUclip.....typical no talent reaction channel!

  • Jordan Harper
    Jordan Harper 27 days ago

    Only on berrytales i can accept this type of ending #NoKap

  • falken-punch
    falken-punch 27 days ago

    Bruh drop that shit you had me on the edge of my bed

  • Yuri 337
    Yuri 337 27 days ago

    BHD really apart of this too. This nigga all over the place holy shit.

  • King Xxtra801
    King Xxtra801 27 days ago

    They got the nigga bhd in this

  • Rascally Rellic
    Rascally Rellic 28 days ago

    11:00 when is this song gonna be on iTunes 😂

  • TDW_ stax
    TDW_ stax 28 days ago


  • TDW_ stax
    TDW_ stax 28 days ago


  • Lilbirdnelson
    Lilbirdnelson 29 days ago

    Ian gone cap berry gotta bust the thot

  • Elijah Lacy
    Elijah Lacy 29 days ago

    yo 12:02 had me like oh wtf

    SLI COUPER Month ago

    Damn u got Blast in the vid

  • Mac Miller
    Mac Miller Month ago

    Dis 🔥 but you need to bring Jays life back

  • TRIPPY MLG Junkrat
    TRIPPY MLG Junkrat Month ago


  • Gamerboi 300
    Gamerboi 300 Month ago

    This show is so fucking addictinly good

  • Gamerboi 300
    Gamerboi 300 Month ago

    HOnestly its either this becomes a netflix series. Or you need to get paid to get these out faster. Like do a whole season type shit

  • Nyesha Cammack
    Nyesha Cammack Month ago

    I wanna see Chavez slovakia, skitten, and Dwayne and jazz as a cameo next

  • toneshia jashay
    toneshia jashay Month ago

    That sex, theme song tho 😂

  • llvibexzll
    llvibexzll Month ago

    The 2k References Tho I Get Them Hoes Clearly !!😂

  • youngflight 701
    youngflight 701 Month ago

    We’re Barry tales mobile

  • Bean Burritos
    Bean Burritos Month ago +1

    YOOO he got BHD in here

  • Jamal
    Jamal Month ago

    i miss pandora

  • Michael Ketchu
    Michael Ketchu Month ago

    mann fuck blasphemoushd lmao he was the shit few years ago before this ass went all fake haha

    CEO X DEBO Month ago

    Ain’t no way that nigga just came thru a portal😭😭

  • Otlotleng Mototo
    Otlotleng Mototo Month ago

    When is episode 35 cameing out ?

  • iiQxeena
    iiQxeena Month ago +1

    N***a = Migga
    B***h = Mitch

  • Glo Kid
    Glo Kid Month ago

    Ighhh see yall in a couple months

  • Amy Shanice Gordon
    Amy Shanice Gordon Month ago

    When The Next Episode Come Out

  • purpleIce cubes
    purpleIce cubes Month ago

    Man where are the other episodes at ? 😡😡😡

    HAVE FUN Month ago +1

    sex goin on in this room LMFAO I like that song

    HAVE FUN Month ago +1

    Lmfaooo I like honey

  • Kyeair Robinson
    Kyeair Robinson Month ago

    U gonna make a episode 35 or no if u r can’t wait

  • Cj Lavan
    Cj Lavan Month ago

    When def r going to make another vid

  • lipsymira
    lipsymira Month ago

    When Issa another one comin out

  • simplyprecious441
    simplyprecious441 Month ago

    The here comes your bill line still be having me all types of weak 🤣🤣🤣

  • Chad Bailey
    Chad Bailey Month ago


  • AaKaria CM
    AaKaria CM Month ago

    This was the last episode?

  • Walter Williams
    Walter Williams Month ago

    Just got finished watching all Barry as fuck...keep up the great work....yo fooooolish..lmao

  • Girlthats Will
    Girlthats Will Month ago

    When is the next episode i can't take this shit fam

  • Jose Guerrero
    Jose Guerrero Month ago

    There sex goin on in this rooooooooooOooooooOM

  • Demon Kid
    Demon Kid Month ago

    Dat dude Barry funny af

  • Eli Murph
    Eli Murph Month ago

    Make part 2 To This

  • TwiistVg
    TwiistVg Month ago

    What’s that song at the end called when Barry was beating cheeks up 😂 I need it

    PRINCETJ Month ago


  • Proudvc Bully
    Proudvc Bully Month ago

    It’s back thank you 🙏

  • Taureem Rollins
    Taureem Rollins Month ago +1

    I’m so I-C-D-C.... I’m so I-C-D-C Coolllleeegggee 😂🤣😂

  • DalTheGr8 1
    DalTheGr8 1 Month ago

    Give this man a tv deal

  • Alex Ayuso
    Alex Ayuso Month ago +1

    Don’t matter how many times I watch this, I laugh every time. 😂😂😂

  • florian diallo
    florian diallo Month ago

    haha la fin est dingue t'es le meilleur bro big up de France

  • William Parha
    William Parha Month ago

    Ep 35

  • Alexandre Lumbala
    Alexandre Lumbala Month ago +2

    Craaazy clifchanger bro love this show😂💖✌

  • kameron gaming channel

    Hahahahahahahaha my boy bhd on dis lol.

  • Kidd Zer0
    Kidd Zer0 Month ago

    what’s that smooth ahh beat in the beginning introducing anthony

  • Kinginprint1
    Kinginprint1 Month ago +1

    bro so we not fanna mention Barry tales mobile. I was waiting for that since you said it.

  • Earnest Ashley
    Earnest Ashley Month ago


  • Jasmine Martin
    Jasmine Martin Month ago

    Are you still making these? If so when will the next one drop? I understand you probably busy, but I really love this show

  • daisean johnson
    daisean johnson Month ago +1

    A BUMP OF COKE!!!!👀

  • Brian McGhee
    Brian McGhee Month ago

    I officially love this episode.

  • NFL superstar
    NFL superstar Month ago

    BlastphamousHD is on this

  • Xavierhitemup
    Xavierhitemup Month ago

    need episode 35 to drop asap

  • William Pinkard
    William Pinkard Month ago

    Barry getting some more puh now.

  • William Pinkard
    William Pinkard Month ago


  • Syniah Outlooks
    Syniah Outlooks Month ago +1

    Barry really lecturing them

  • Syniah Outlooks
    Syniah Outlooks Month ago +1

    Ayeeee Bhd on this

  • Legacy Leek
    Legacy Leek Month ago

    That migga came through a portal 😂