4 Levels Of Burritos: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • We challenged chefs of three different skill levels - an amateur, a home cook, and a professional - to make us a burrito. After each of them had loaded up and rolled their offerings, we asked a food scientist to review their work. Which one would you eat first?
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    4 Levels Of Burritos: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

Comments • 80

  • Sam Harris
    Sam Harris Hour ago

    Feed me Saul

  • Mike !
    Mike ! 2 hours ago

    Gabriel is very Cute

  • ka1z
    ka1z 3 hours ago

    I want to marry the level 2 chef. who is she

  • Jaja Williams
    Jaja Williams 3 hours ago

    When Saul didn't smile on the intro, I knew this man meant serious business.

  • JTheTexan
    JTheTexan 4 hours ago

    Gabrielle is gorgeous.

  • Cheyenne Frazier
    Cheyenne Frazier 4 hours ago

    It makes me really happy that they had Saul in here instead of leaving it all as people who aren't familiar with the culture or food it originated from. (Sorry Brad.) You have to love the pride they hold of their culture and their culture's food.

  • StreyX
    StreyX 4 hours ago

    "When is it a good time to make a burrito? All the time, every time." You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.

  • JuJu
    JuJu 6 hours ago

    Saul's burrito looks amazing!!!

  • Darryl M
    Darryl M 7 hours ago +2

    Gabrielle could cook at a level 2 anytime in my kitchen... She is gorgeous... Hell, what ever level !!!!!!!! She don't even have to cook....I'd cook for her or order out ...either way its a win win !!!!!!!

  • oliver closehoff
    oliver closehoff 8 hours ago

    they ahd to have a mexican guy be the 3 chef so they wouldnt look "RACIST" LOL

  • Shannon Helterbridle
    Shannon Helterbridle 8 hours ago

    I need some recipes!

  • Abhinav Saxena
    Abhinav Saxena 8 hours ago

    Wasn't the girl Level 1 chef in past video... that escalated quickly... but ya level 1 and 2 are all same... we all are here for level 3 chef

  • hatsuunjindo
    hatsuunjindo 8 hours ago

    "Eggs have beautiful and complex membranes, and you want to destroy all of them." xD

  • Mr. Mad Lad
    Mr. Mad Lad 12 hours ago

    American: Tomatoes
    British: Tomatoes
    Saul: 6:57

    ALM1GHTY 13 hours ago

    Sauls looks so good

  • Jad Papa
    Jad Papa 13 hours ago

    I love Saul. But my god, Gabby's smile. I'm so glad I found this video.

  • Thomas McLaughlin
    Thomas McLaughlin 15 hours ago

    I cant decide if I prefer this trio over Emily Lorenzo and Frank...

  • Thomas McLaughlin
    Thomas McLaughlin 15 hours ago

    I cant decide if I prefer this trio over Emily Lorenzo and Frank...

  • Thomas McLaughlin
    Thomas McLaughlin 15 hours ago

    I cant decide if I prefer this trio over Emily Lorenzo and Frank...

  • Thomas McLaughlin
    Thomas McLaughlin 15 hours ago

    I cant decide if I prefer this trio over Emily Lorenzo and Frank...

  • Yannick OnTheWorldWideWeb

    Saul's face when he showed the burrito is the best

  • Kayla :D
    Kayla :D 20 hours ago

    three avocados for once sauce *hahaha*

  • ???
    ??? 21 hour ago

    I think I'm in love with saul

  • • L i L •
    • L i L • 21 hour ago

    Omg chicharon my favvvvvv

  • cynical
    cynical 22 hours ago

    what is gabrielles insta mymymy

  • Yara M
    Yara M Day ago

    All three chefs are fun to watch

  • Eddy Herrera
    Eddy Herrera Day ago

    Level 2 is wife material

  • Kiki Baynor
    Kiki Baynor Day ago

    Me as hungry as hell

  • warallied
    warallied Day ago

    Gabrielle is level 3 girlfriend material, Saul is wifey material

  • Alexis Blankenship

    level ones tortilla looks so pale

  • Gavin Lee
    Gavin Lee Day ago

    Yo two of them made wanna be burritos.... then the chosen one made a quesorito

  • Ebenezer Griffith

    Fellas get you a lady that can cook like Gabrielle

  • der mensch
    der mensch Day ago +2

    i love how they are explaining all the steps so detailed like i would really cook this

  • LareMare
    LareMare Day ago

    This time the level 1 guy is actually somewhat decent.

  • Gio Advincula
    Gio Advincula Day ago

    Guys if i can ask... What is Gabrielle's ig? Hehehehehe its just that she's so beautiful

  • Snøwy Studiø
    Snøwy Studiø Day ago

    *me thinking about Billie eilish this whole video (iykyk)*

  • Lemini Geo
    Lemini Geo Day ago

    Thank the heavens for Saul.

  • J River
    J River Day ago

    I'd fill Gabrielle's burrito any time

  • Avelyn Komuna
    Avelyn Komuna Day ago

    the profesional's receipt feels like home cook and the home cook's receipt just like restaurant burritos

  • zelexen Lizaola-V

    im level 2.5 ill make my own salsa but i aint crazy. im not gonna make my own tortilla lol

  • Karolina Kusserow

    Who else is watching this while in bed at 4am and really really hungry?

  • Jason Slavens
    Jason Slavens Day ago

    God, that dude is annoying and unfunny.
    You know which one i'm talking about.

  • Kayla Lowther
    Kayla Lowther Day ago


  • Josh Medici
    Josh Medici Day ago +6

    Saul: We are gonna use three avocados for one burrito hehehe
    Me: I feel you, my Mexican friend. I see you.

  • Daniextremo :v
    Daniextremo :v Day ago

    oh boi its the 1st time that I can actually try to do the Level 3 food, I finally fit with the ingredients :'D

  • Jimmy Wilson
    Jimmy Wilson Day ago

    Saul is the man! I would eat anything that man cooked!!!

  • Squiggly Juice
    Squiggly Juice 2 days ago

    I’m in America but live right next to the border of Mexico so I knew immediately what the ingredients the Saul mentioned were

  • Harry Morris
    Harry Morris 2 days ago

    9:11 not sure this guy knows jazz lol EDIT: I want more saul

  • Red_ Ruggy
    Red_ Ruggy 2 days ago

    Saul said Oaxacan cheese. I'm from Oaxaca and immediately knew what type of cheese he was putting in his burrito, I'm also 15 and have Oaxaca and my families birthdays tattooed on my left forearm

  • Bjarne Detlef
    Bjarne Detlef 2 days ago

    Eat his burrito here cantinarooftop.com/

  • omnigeddon
    omnigeddon 2 days ago

    1 day ago
    to all the mexican comments.. burritos name wise come from baja california.. but the recipe came from greece.. which came from egypt which cave from sheep herders about 50,000 years ago lol so it is best made by nomad sheep herders circa 50,000 bc lmao

    • elani
      elani Day ago

      u better work

  • Seem Jeng Siang
    Seem Jeng Siang 2 days ago +1

    The “food scientist” segments are so in your face, it really just ruins saul’s good work.

  • Hulk DOES IT
    Hulk DOES IT 2 days ago

    5:28 "get that nice brown caramelised colour", Burns the pineapple

  • Texican Travels
    Texican Travels 2 days ago

    I love Saul. He explained everything really well, and everything looked delicious. Gabrielle’s burrito was alright, but you won’t find rice inside burritos in Mexico. That’s more of a Chipotle thing and detracted from an otherwise good burrito

  • AnnMei Li
    AnnMei Li 2 days ago

    Saul needs his own show.

  • CoreLegacy Gaming
    CoreLegacy Gaming 2 days ago +5

    Only me Or anyone else skip the scientist part.

  • yhhIdentity
    yhhIdentity 2 days ago

    the reason why they didnt use frank is because hes in japan still looking for the meat

  • Athamas Salumintao
    Athamas Salumintao 2 days ago +1

    The level 1 have no meat

  • Sathish Kumar
    Sathish Kumar 2 days ago

    “ 3 avacadoes for 1 burritos” #laughs sheepishly

  • Cristina Cevallos
    Cristina Cevallos 2 days ago

    Saul was so patient to not say "aguacate"

  • marshey123
    marshey123 2 days ago

    Saul's burrito looks so damn good!

  • alex:r.c
    alex:r.c 2 days ago

    why refried beans? why? like is there really nowhere you can buy just regular beans and then cook them yourself???

  • Gentai man
    Gentai man 3 days ago +1

    what’s the difference between them?
    two of them bought flour tortillas, when the last one FREAKING MADE HIS OWN-

  • Habib Al-Hoque
    Habib Al-Hoque 3 days ago

    This lvl 3 is not wearing the appropriate attire of the ICE top😡😡

  • Eladio Lopez
    Eladio Lopez 3 days ago

    i love gabrielle :(

  • Natalie Chan
    Natalie Chan 3 days ago

    10:36 guess he didn't get the group text ;-;

  • Natalie Chan
    Natalie Chan 3 days ago

    Gabriel: you can fill it with all of your favorite things.
    Me:so plushies drawing painting sleeping pizza ice cream ice cream Oreo cake spaghetti and tacos? :3

  • larryishere1
    larryishere1 3 days ago

    my Mexican wife disproves of the pineapple salsa, she said " that's some white washed S***t"

  • Eldon Allen
    Eldon Allen 3 days ago

    The girl looks like Mia khalifa that just me?

  • Cobrass67
    Cobrass67 3 days ago

    Gabrielle is gorgeous and an amazing cook, got it all

  • Fer Díaz
    Fer Díaz 3 days ago

    Please stop adding Cheddar to Mexican food, is gross

  • Maria Padilla
    Maria Padilla 3 days ago

    saul looks like my padrino

  • Cocoa Gaming
    Cocoa Gaming 3 days ago +2

    I’m coming to the level 3 chefs house on taco night

  • Amanda G.
    Amanda G. 3 days ago +1

    Saul just proposed to me, I accept!

  • Greg MacIntyre
    Greg MacIntyre 3 days ago


  • Greg MacIntyre
    Greg MacIntyre 3 days ago


  • Greg MacIntyre
    Greg MacIntyre 3 days ago

    puneapples... yuck!

  • Greg MacIntyre
    Greg MacIntyre 3 days ago

    American cheese sucks...always!

  • Adam Dayrit
    Adam Dayrit 3 days ago +1

    So y'all wanna cook now?

  • Samo 7491
    Samo 7491 3 days ago

    Bro who let the first dude on