How to Cook Jjajang Myeon!

Last week we showed you how to order Chinese Food Delivery in Korea, but if you're living outside of Korea, that's a bit useless to you. So, today we'll show you how to make it. NOW YOU HAVE NO EXCUSES TO EAT THIS!

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Автор playgurl4dayear ( назад)
simma that shit! oh lordy 😂😂😂😂 had me crying with laughter!! sounding like someone's auntie catching the holy ghost in church 😂😂😂💀💀💀

Автор Juliana M. ( назад)
Can i use black bean garlic sauce bc i cant find any asian markets near me

Автор 로즈마리 ( назад)
무슨육수가 들어가나여?

Автор wmfwoodworking ( назад)
fantastic. lol. love you guys

Автор Dangerously Pink ( назад)
I just realized I have most of those ingredients... I didn't know how easy this would be to make!!

Автор Vicky._.Ninjafu _ ( назад)
I'm watching this while I'm eating Jajang Myeon

Автор Vanity Rae ( назад)
I was going thru my favorite videos & I been wanting to taste & cook jajangmeong for quite a while now.
but there was 1 thing I noticed in this video, *DANG* *MARTINA* ! You're so slim here. looking good. and I miss those cute bangs too.
you banging girl! ;)
you always are (hugs from Florida)

Автор Pixi Pants ( назад)
super strange question but can onion powder be used instead of onion? i completely hate the texture of onions but still wanna try this!

Автор Eire Nguyen ( назад)
LOL guys.

Автор ThatOneNerd ( назад)
Can someone tell me what Jjajangmyeon tastes like? I'm really curious and would like to make this.

Автор mae umblas ( назад)
I loooove the smell of asian markets, especially since my family used to own a small one.

Автор Kendall Hendrix ( назад)
(It's called a slurry)

Автор gabbieisnotfunny ( назад)
i lost it when she slapped simon 😂😂

Автор Cember ( назад)
If you add fried egg(or sunny side up) = Holy sh*t the best thing EVER

Автор Marielle Abon ( назад)
very straightforward but a little weird

Автор Ario Budiarto ( назад)
hey, can i find any jjajangmyeon in korea with beef/chicken instead of pork?

Автор Anjelica Parana ( назад)
I used to tutor a sweet Korean kid, and I saw she had these japaghetti stuff. I asked if I can bring home some and cook it without knowing what it was. I was expecting some spicy, burnt spaghetti. Was disappointed. Now I kinda want to make and try the authentic one instead.

Автор Dongjun Yoo ( назад)
Look at the chef's face!

Автор Alia Saqina ( назад)
Describe the taste for us please!

Автор Ichigo Senpai ( назад)
I've always wanted to try this but what does it actually taste like?

Автор comfortablynumb ( назад)

Автор Rated PG: Pretty Gay ( назад)
I really want Martina to do some of these while she and Simon are living in Japan..

Автор my monnie ( назад)
omg i almost forgot how hilarious u guys are!! really enjoyed the video :DDD

Автор Liang Xin Yu ( назад)
I finally made it

Автор Liang Xin Yu ( назад)
I wanna eat so badly!!!!!

Автор Sparkling Tulips ( назад)
I love your apron Martina, where did you get? I want one.

Автор JOLET LEE MURILLA ( назад)
they look like high on drugs sorry i just noticed

Автор J-hope Hurts My Heartu :3 :3 ( назад)
Can I swap the pork for beef

Автор sami c ( назад)
Is choon jang spicy?

Автор GALAXY KITTEN_ ( назад)
"But, Asian markets smell weird..." *SLAP*
I just choked up my soda lmfao

Автор MajoraPandaHero ( назад)
I doubt someone will answer me, but i was wondering if there is a vegetarian way to this meal. Or if the pork is needed?

Автор DJAYNE JUAN ( назад)
This looks like the filipino food dinuguan. I'm surprised that a korean food looks like a filipino food.

Автор Heather New ( назад)
I want Martina's apron...

Автор Sarah ohyeagirl ( назад)
Could u use cornstarch instead of potato starch?

Автор Little Beautycutie ( назад)
Is it just water or special liquid?

Автор fattycsl ( назад)
you guys are too awesome

Автор adminme ( назад)
looks sooooo good!!!but i tried jjangmyun at 2 restaurants,both does not taste good. the first taste like thick salty soy sauce,the 2nd taste like typical wet fried noodle. i'm so gonna cook this by myself later..hope it turn out welll

Автор BassRecon ( назад)
my all time favorite dish! yum!

Автор Kylie Josphine ( назад)
i wish you both have a daughter 😀😀😀😀👪👪🙏🙏🙏🙏

Автор Jaymyn K ( назад)
I love his scream lmao

Автор Clingy Jinx ( назад)
"but Asian markets are smellier" 10/10 slap

Автор Ly Nguyen ( назад)
Is that liquid chicken stock?

Автор Liang Xin Yu ( назад)
What's the liquid??

Автор Lena Winters ( назад)
Okay this is still their funniest video I practically break a rib laughing everytime i watch it

Автор schalazeal07 ( назад)
Oh Simon you pig!!! XD

Автор Donna Fassano ( назад)
Hahahaha! How did I miss this. You guys so funny :)

Автор Ikmo Monki ( назад)
omfg that looks so freaking good

Автор Kalel Manuel ( назад)
is Vietnamese black bean paste the same as Korean black bean paste??

Автор Guerra dos Bichos (906 лет назад)
nice jigglies you've got

Автор Watermelon Tran ( назад)
Oh Martina did you know when I went to Virginia,I found a supermarket called lotte/Korean supermarket and it kinda has the same ingredients like chili paste it was so big(the Korean supermarket/lotte supermarket)

Автор 韩荷拉 ( назад)
What is the liquid you added

Автор Curshna ( назад)
You shouldn't rinse noodles if your putting them in a sauce, the sauce won't stick as well as it would if you hadn't rinsed them.

Автор Ysis Juica ( назад)
Hello everyone, I want to know what kind of flavor have black bean paste? Somebody tell me please n.n

Автор The Makeup Daddy ( назад)
Originally a Chinese dish

Автор Zen Asis ( назад)
And also, can i substitute black bean sauce instead of paste? I can't find one here 😭

Автор Althea Lim ( назад)
Who here just keeps looking at Simon and Martina's subscriber count because you want them to reach a million subscribers😇

Автор Ivy Beatrice (327 лет назад)
I love you two so much 😍

Автор Zen Asis (367 лет назад)
Hi. What can i substitute for potato starch?

Автор angskeet ( назад)
It seems almost like Asian spaghetti?

Автор lexi utti ( назад)
what if you're allergic to most seafood? could you substitute something else for the oyster sauce?

Автор Perla Ney ( назад)
please guys make more cooking videos I just can't have enough of these!!! I wish every single cooking tutorial on the internet was this funny and simple!!!

Автор Simon and Martina ( назад)
French subtitles are now up, too! Merci! Tu es beau. Oh crap my French is so bad.

Автор saga2828 (1207 лет назад)
Haha omg this video is GOLD!

Автор Mocha Berry ( назад)
Does anyone know where i can get black bean paste? i live in Dallas Texas please & thank you. i want to try this so bad.

Автор Elia Kevin ( назад)
at 1:36 when Martina said add liquid, what's the liquid? Because at the beginning of the video, the liquid she was referring to was water but at 1:36 it doesn't look like water.

Автор Ye Gahdz ( назад)
This is one of your best vids! I'm gonna make this next week i think.

Автор foxsykitten ( назад)
i love you guys . you guys make everything so interesting like watching your videos Simon and Martina . and seeing all that delicious food makes me hungry all the time lol :)

Автор Reynaldo Francisco ( назад)
are you filipino

Автор Niya v ( назад)
can I use beef instead?

Автор silver20002000 ( назад)
0:55 priceless!

Автор Wilfredo Zayas (1191 год назад)
u guys are my fav couple to watch on youtube..keep up the good work

Автор Chingy Mingy ( назад)
I understood everything

Автор Charms ( назад)
Asian markets are the fcking besttttt.

Автор Goten Son ( назад)
Martina, You are so beautiful! Simon, you are awesome! You guys make me so happy even when my world is falling apart. Thank you^_^

Автор Anime&BookLover ( назад)
its kinda funny to me, bcos they said they have nvr seen jajang myeon at any chinese restaurant before but here in Singapore, ive eaten it and its one of my favourites, so its not only korean chinese food!

Автор Kirsteen Sepple ( назад)
is this the same black bean sauce that is used to make beef in black bean sauce?

Автор Psibound ( назад)
Did anyone else for a second think Martina was going to hit simon over the head, when she first popped out behind him at the end?

Автор Kimberly Hime Ku ( назад)
dat...black bean paste... sigh..

Автор Aíta Yusta ( назад)
Simon and Martina are constantly ruining my diet hahahaha
You guys are so Nastyyyyyyyy :)
Lots of love from Spain

Автор KIN3TIC ( назад)
i dont have an asian market where would i get bean paste!!

Автор Simon and Martina ( назад)
Dutch subtitles available here as well. Thank you for making them, whoever you are!

Автор Stephanie Gandasaputra ( назад)
you can cook asian food much much better than i am. *cry*

Автор Gravy Ketchup ( назад)
How does jjajamyeon supposed to taste like? 'Cause I cooked it and mine tasted really salt. Idk what to do.

Автор Shruti Ada (617 лет назад)
Is there a substitution to the pork? I'm a vegetarian, thank you!

Автор Jess Vaughan ( назад)
Then there's me who goes to the 5 Asian markets near them more than there regular supermarket :) and will travel 1 and a half hours to the city to go to the legit amazing market to buy fresh bok Choy and wombok haha

Автор Cherri Bloss ( назад)
can u guys please adopt me? thx

Автор Lisa Ngo ( назад)
i like these videos!! make moar plehs :3

Автор Just chooming ( назад)
haha this was so funny ^_^ helpful too!

Автор Nina B ( назад)
black poopie

Автор Simon and Martina ( назад)
Finnish subtitles are now up, too! Thank you to the kind and lovely person who made them!

Автор Norick Reyes ( назад)
I Tried making it, but it didn't thicken at the end. it stays liquid. I did it twice and same result.

Автор Suga Kookie ( назад)
It looks like Martina punched Simon when she did the thumbs up

Автор healingv1sion ( назад)
Yall told me to eat my kimchi which is delicious but I just had the pickled radishes for the first time SO DELICIOUS I MUST HAVE THEM ALL THE TIME NOW

Автор Bessie A ( назад)
what about the potato and radish?

Автор Ikaru Sonata ( назад)
I was just wondering if you could use tapioca starch instead of potato starch?

Автор Madeline Siu ( назад)
okay. here's what I have to say about this recipe.
it was super yummy. I ate all of it. however, it was very salty and rich. I would add only 6 tbsp of paste, or just not add the oyster sauce. it's really good when the sauce is soupy, it makes it more of a slurpy noodle.

ps totally didn't add the garnish. didn't care about how it looked cuz it tasted amazinggg. keep making more cooking videos!!

Автор ANJell Azraelie ( назад)
My mom cooks jajangmyun differently, we get pieces of beef cut in cubes iono whats the cut rump stew meat ikr but its cube pieces of beef lol sautee with onions and then cut up some potateos in cubes add water cook till it is soft. Add some sugar some black bean paste seasame oil, oyster or fish sauce(optional) and cornstarch or potato starch if u need but shouldnt need alot since potatoes were used and the oyster/fish is like optional if you like fishy taste lol ours is usually very savory and heavyish on the bean taste :)

Автор AnnPeek (1567 лет назад)
I used to regularly shop at an Asian market on Beacon Hill in Seattle. Yes, it did smell funny.

Автор marieXD21 (989 лет назад)
Can i use corn starch instead of potato starch?

Автор Victor Fugl ( назад)
I really want to know if I can use Beef instead of pork! Can I?

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