Everest: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on Jun 24, 2019
  • Climbing Mount Everest has become dangerously popular. John Oliver explains why.
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Comments • 9 846

    ABITOFA LOON 13 hours ago

    i plan to roller skate up it next week

  • Melissa White
    Melissa White 2 days ago

    I was about to stop the video to watch "Never gonna give you up" until we were Rick Rolled. Yes, it is still fun.

  • Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi

    Business Daddy? Hmmmmm... So AT&T is not giving you good , yes Daddy Yes?

  • Chien Yang
    Chien Yang 4 days ago

    I will summit Mount Everest and *be the first* to play loudly the audio of this LWT episode for everyone to hear.

  • Polar Pomeranian
    Polar Pomeranian 4 days ago

    I love mountains

  • sam
    sam 4 days ago

    Came here hoping for a mention of George Mallory.

  • InsaneFire10YT
    InsaneFire10YT 4 days ago

    man John Oliver really hates AT&T
    Ironically im using AT&T wifi

  • Bhargavm Solanki
    Bhargavm Solanki 5 days ago

    AT&T just bought Warner Bros which is parent company of HBO

    • Chien Yang
      Chien Yang 4 days ago

      I thought AT&T already owned it, which was why JO kept referring AT&T as "business daddy."

  • Kaden Schroh
    Kaden Schroh 6 days ago +2

    All I want to know is who was/will be the first to fuck on top of Mount Everest.

  • Harold the Cartoon Turtle

    Every time he said he was gonna play a clip I was expecting a rick roll, and the one time I relaxed he rick rolled

  • Sage Sheahan
    Sage Sheahan 9 days ago +1

    I dont think John Oliver rick rolling is EVER going to get old. 😂

  • Edward Chenock
    Edward Chenock 9 days ago

    I say to hell with that flimsy ladder they should put in a zip line to get across that crevice.

    • Edward Chenock
      Edward Chenock 4 days ago

      @Chien Yang start with the ladder then anchor the zip line and that's it then everyone after can cross quickly after all time is limited trying to get up and down Everest.

    • Chien Yang
      Chien Yang 4 days ago

      How do you secure the zip line at the other end without the ladders?

  • HappyConstructor
    HappyConstructor 10 days ago +1

    Step one: bring a ladder up Everest
    Step two: be the highest person ever

  • Just some guy
    Just some guy 10 days ago

    Am I the only person who thought it said that the guy snowboarded up the mountain and then proceed to loose my mind

  • EnigmaDrath
    EnigmaDrath 11 days ago

    Ladder to the icefall doctor: 8:29

  • Damian Jonsson
    Damian Jonsson 12 days ago

    Don't worry, soon you'll be able to climb without climbing, the cold, or even going outside with VR!

  • jeanbchoi
    jeanbchoi 12 days ago +1

    A few years ago my dad (an avid climber) bragged to me that he had climbed Everest without a sherpa, and I didn’t realize how impressive that was until I watched this video. I thought it was obvious you should carry your own stuff when you’re challenging yourself; paying someone to do the heavy lifting for you (literally) with their lives on the line just to be able to brag about it is both horrible and pathetic. I feel like if we found other jobs for those sherpas it would solve most of the problems, since many tourists would give up the climb after a few days (or not take it at all), solving the crowd and death rate problems as the experienced climbers would generally be the only ones reaching the dangerous parts of the climb...

  • Doctour Two skull
    Doctour Two skull 12 days ago

    I feel so bad for the sherpas who get the entitled clients. Ya know the type of people who pack stuff they don’t need and complain about getting down and dirty

  • Igor Popovski
    Igor Popovski 13 days ago

    Evrything you sad is not true

  • Deb Straub
    Deb Straub 13 days ago


  • Solomon Jensen
    Solomon Jensen 13 days ago

    Just like the people who write this show for oliver

  • Aman Dubey
    Aman Dubey 14 days ago

    Thetopofmounteverest.com works
    Check it out,the john oliver experience on this video ruclip.com/video/dQw4w9WgXcQ/video.html

  • rupak chaudhary
    rupak chaudhary 16 days ago

    Climbing mount Everest is a challenge but biggest challenge is climbing it and not telling anyone

    • Chien Yang
      Chien Yang 3 days ago

      The challenge is *not hiring* sherpas when climbing Mount Everest.

  • Jakob Bauz
    Jakob Bauz 17 days ago

    I really love this joke at 11:45. I remembered it some time today and now I even came back for it.

    Oh John, you're such a funny boy.

  • BHGraphics82
    BHGraphics82 18 days ago

    I've always said "I'm a beast" but from now on I'm doing it in a British accent 🤣

  • Gel
    Gel 19 days ago +1

    I'm sorry but Nepal is a very backward country. They only want money from these foreigners. They do not care if they die. Also, Christians are being killed in Nepal. Lgbts are being discriminated and frowned upon by society. It's a country stuck in ancient times. Time to grow up! No wonder this country remains poor.

    • Samuel Church
      Samuel Church 3 days ago

      And they have a stupid flag

    • philip lagerwall
      philip lagerwall 9 days ago

      Yes it's a poor country but is that or anything else you listed justification for entintled assholes coming there and put the countries people in danger to get bragging rights?

    • Vie A
      Vie A 19 days ago

      Nepal is a poor country. They need money but it's not an excuse to not look out for tourists. Corrupt government is to blame.

    • Cruela D
      Cruela D 19 days ago

      Charming Nightmare It's really sad! Nepal is a beautiful country but a lot of Nepalese are still stuck in old age. Caste system is still rampant there.

  • Oscar Arredondo
    Oscar Arredondo 20 days ago

    People chasing likes is not a way of living.

  • Robert Patterson
    Robert Patterson 20 days ago

    @10;28 , ‘oh thank you’ , where’s the fucking McDonald’s around here,???🍔🍟🍟🍔

  • Robert Patterson
    Robert Patterson 20 days ago

    Brought to u by ‘ Amazon prime ‘ , we are ur Mt. Everest bitches. ‘ 🌬🌬🌬🌫🌫🌫

  • Matthew Richard
    Matthew Richard 20 days ago

    Even Rob Hall the man that popularized commercial guiding on Everest had serious regrets because of what it was doing to the Mountain and the climbing conditions that where a result of over crowding and commercializing of the Mountain only a few years after starting the first consulting and guiding company on Everest. He actually died on the Southern Summit after a bad assent/decent in 1996 along with several other members of his expedition team and clients which lead the some restrictions being put into place for people being allowed to climb. But he only took experienced mountain climbers up and still ended up dying in one of the worst Everest Disasters on record so that gives an idea of how dangerous it is to underestimate the mountain's mortality rate on climbers even if they are seasoned climbers.

  • Zesc is here !
    Zesc is here ! 21 day ago

    Another reason not to climb Everest.

  • Jabro
    Jabro 21 day ago

    Whoever didn't see that Rick Roll coming has the tiniest brain imaginable

  • thetruephoenixful
    thetruephoenixful 22 days ago

    Ya know only rich white people think climbing a mountain once is an achievement while having all the work done for you by people who do it regularly

  • Ms. Kuchisaké
    Ms. Kuchisaké 23 days ago +1

    Sherpas; Real life Death Stranding.

  • MyKrabi
    MyKrabi 24 days ago +1

    I love you J. Oliver - am Bengali from this part of Nepal and the Sherpa community is amazing. Thank you for stepping up for them and pointing out how dumb tourists take advantage of them. (FYI - spit out my coffee at "squeezing the white guilt out of him" in response to the typical gracious Sherpa response).

  • RantChant 316
    RantChant 316 25 days ago

    There is a 5000$ trash fee with your permit. 80-100k to climb so it gets cleaned up. It is just part of climbing

  • CynicalIdealist
    CynicalIdealist 25 days ago

    This is why I love this show

  • Mannon
    Mannon 26 days ago

    a dining table on mt everest tho. what sort of douche-bag would want that

  • Mannon
    Mannon 26 days ago +1

    am pretty sure i HAVE made the highest phone call ;P

  • Morticia Korova
    Morticia Korova 28 days ago

    Is that Everest documentary narrated by Olivia Coleman? I’ve gotta find out

  • Robert Patterson
    Robert Patterson 28 days ago

    I’m rich . I wanna him- a -lay -one 💩💲🚽

  • Monika
    Monika 28 days ago +1

    "I love you business daddy" goes straight to my daily interactions with my bf :D

  • Yaw Han
    Yaw Han 29 days ago +1

    The amount of ignorance by these inexperienced climbers is killing me.

  • Heidi Karinen
    Heidi Karinen 29 days ago

    Those who love the mountains should stop climbing them and say it is uncool to climb the Everest. Tough. Tougher to make a decision like that to climb.

  • WeSpeakYourNames
    WeSpeakYourNames 29 days ago

    the draw or appeal of this episode to me is how it gives me a reason to feel ambivalent towards those types of people who pat themselves on the backs, looking for a self rewarding experience to brag about.
    however i still have the desire and love thinking about the experience, i wish i could get myself out there living life.
    the way the sherpas live. they are truly having an amazing life.
    as a westerner raised in what u call a sheltered life.
    i yearn for and am drawn to the true happiness love and life. you know it when you see it. nothing to be mocked or jeered over.
    people from nepal and many Buddhist seem to be the most grateful living a true and best life, the kind of life a westerner pays money to get a taste of.
    i dont have nor will i ever have an instagram account to get approval from fake likes and emojis hearts chasing approval from strangers. it has to go away eventually
    i hope sooner than later.
    its called narcissistic personality disorder i think. perhaps influencers who you think are the happiest, mostly want to die without your attention.

  • kateofthecity
    kateofthecity 29 days ago

    Too many posers have played Tomb Rider, and are like...

    "doesn't look that hard."

  • jawaskie wolf
    jawaskie wolf Month ago

    7:52 May I point out they aren't wearing gloves? Those are some superhuman people

  • Jan Fredrik Karlsen
    Jan Fredrik Karlsen Month ago +2

    I will be the first person to do accounting at top of the Everest

    • Chien Yang
      Chien Yang Month ago

      And I will be the first to play Fortnite there

  • FallenAlien
    FallenAlien Month ago

    Is that Olivia Colman at 7:13 narrating?😂

  • Roberta Winter
    Roberta Winter Month ago +1

    All I want to know what I have to do to be invited to John Oliver's holiday party

  • Seiyuōkami Himura
    Seiyuōkami Himura Month ago +1

    Huh. I thought everyone's mortality rating was 100%, as everyone dies. Very impressive good sir!

  • Doombringer
    Doombringer Month ago

    This needs to stop, mainly due to how it hurts the environment and the lives of the sherpas. It’s just a bunch of hipsters doing wanting to be special who can’t take 2 steps out there with a sherpa and I can probably safely bet that most don’t understand or appreciate what the sherpa’s do for them, especially since the climbers essentially don’t do anything but walk the beaten path, while some indeed do. Down with Everest

  • Kcennet
    Kcennet Month ago

    İs that olivia coleman reporting the sherpas on ice crevass es?

  • Miss S
    Miss S Month ago

    Doing something hard for no reward makes zero sense to me. Just to say you did it? Does saying you did it bring some reward or benefit? No!? Then WHY do it!?
    Make it make sense.

  • Brynn McKenna
    Brynn McKenna Month ago +1

    I can't believe they gentrified Mount Everest

  • Ganzo Papido
    Ganzo Papido Month ago +3

    Natural selection for the rich fucks

  • Nick McKay
    Nick McKay Month ago +3

    How did John Oliver know that I love self-destructing on a first date?

  • Lilly Brunnick
    Lilly Brunnick Month ago

    me going to the site😂

  • Bryn Loves Purple
    Bryn Loves Purple Month ago

    My science teacher climbed Everest

  • Jd Smith
    Jd Smith Month ago

    If Nepal wants to earn tourist bucks, why is Oliver whining about it?