10 Console Games That Punished You For Cheating

Cheaters never prosper.

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Автор WhatCulture Gaming ( назад)
Apologies for the reupload. Looks like this bypassed everyone's sub boxes first time round for some reason. Probably Jules' fault somehow.
- Peter

Автор Jack Lennox ( назад)
On PC I have 100% despite 3 bans for GTA V. You can still get 100% after cheats.

Автор GFGdotexe ( назад)
Yea dont cheat in console games well don't play console games pc is much better...

Автор lexus willey ( назад)
what about the matrix for PS2 and XBOX? when you cheated in that, the game literally glitched itself to death.

Автор Gene R Peterson ( назад)
when a game punishes you for using a konami code it's a disgrace

Автор Paper Turret ( назад)
I cheated in gta5

Автор KidGamer // GAMES AND MORE // IOS // TUTORIALS // ( назад)
500th comment

Автор Raz cl ( назад)
Last night i had a nightmare with that thubmnail

Автор joemar Legaspi ( назад)
Why is Trevor getting hurt not Michel or Brad or franclin Trevor's old

Автор Blue EmeraldHD ( назад)
around world 6 on the lost levels I accidentally got behind the pole and it gave me two choices to reset my console or go to world 1-1

Автор Vincent Yu ( назад)
Not really a punishment, but in Stanley Parable, typing sv_cheats 1in the console command will send you into the Serious Room where the Narrator condemns you there for billions of years. Doing it again will have him condemn you for infinity years, and doing it one more time will have him give up and simply leave.

Автор youval hakmon ( назад)
gradus 3 gives them and kills you anless you put a difrent code

Автор Aaron Picar ( назад)
Earthbound for SNES would erase game files at the final boss.

Автор The Dancing Ghost ( назад)
I'm sorry but you have one of the most annoying voices ever

Автор temato flakes ( назад)
you have a very nice beard mate! keep on growing my friend

Автор Harley Quinn ( назад)
its your games and you should be able to use cheat codes or devices if yo u want to

Автор Timeline ( назад)
You miss Nethack.

Автор TheFangirlMusician 0990 ( назад)
This is a PC game, but I'm just gonna add Undertale. If you hack the game files or the game bugs out on a neutral ending, the phone call Sans gives you does not talk about the monsters who survived. Instead, he says, "If you get this ending, please contact the developer. If you don't, chances are--" His eyes go blank "Y O U R E J U S T A D I R T Y H A C K E R, A R E N T Y O U ."

Автор CH33T4H W4RR10R ( назад)
No one really cares

Автор Alathlind Cratoran ( назад)
Gotta say...kinda enjoying the Scotsman a bit more

Автор NoobKiller Roof ( назад)

Автор Cobra Mcsteel ( назад)
Nobody fucking cares about all this, they all cheat in games even today and now, and lets talk about GTA, who the fuck wants 100% game completion? NOBODY! they all have fun using cheats and killing anyone they see and doing shit they want, regardless of doing or ignoring missions. GTA=FUN, GTA+CHEATS=ULTIMATE PLEASURE! besides, using cheats in single player games doesnt hurt anyone or break any rules but if it was multiplayer then its a completely different story.

Автор daveincognito ( назад)
Mechwarrior on the SNES had an invincibility code. If you overused that code then the game would create invincible flying soldiers when you destroyed a mech. The work-around was to take a bit of damage before you input the code; when I did that, I didn't see those flying soldiers again. It still didn't make the game much easier, seeing how you had to defend bases from a ton of mechs that just didn't want to go down.

Автор Josefine Lea ( назад)
I loove your accent

Автор Brayan Argandona Florentino ( назад)
I remember my brother using cheats in Grand theft auto vice city, and the game punish us by freezing and corrupting the console

Автор fishpop ( назад)
#11 Any game that blocks achievements when you use cheats.

Автор Clutchlizard 9 ( назад)
I cheat on game cube with a action replay like Kirby air ride Super smash Bros melee Godzilla destroy all monsters and the most funny cheat of all is NBA street vol 2 u can make your character GIANT ITS HILARIOUS. 😂

Автор Clutchlizard 9 ( назад)
I think the game that punishes us the worst is black ops 2 for Xbox 360 it BANS YOU

Автор Clutchlizard 9 ( назад)
I think every one knows the game that punishes you in Xbox is black ops 2 and three

Автор Wht Rabbit ( назад)
I like how you say never, yet forget you can use hex editors and other's alike and edit whatever you want if its a game on pc. Or even emulated.

Автор 21st Century Legendary Dreamer ( назад)
I'm disappointed that you didn't add Paper Mario: The thousand years door. Yes the game also punish you for cheating and it's scary.

Автор André Liu ( назад)
You should also add the bad eggs from pokemon. Just search it and you will know what I'm talking about.

Автор Alkaris ( назад)
*Banjo-Kazooie* -- I typed in many cheat codes and it didn't erase my save file ever. This only works if you have the Memory Pak inserted to the controller while playing and you happen to have games saved to that.

Автор GK ACHARYA ( назад)
GTA is part true in GTA v if you use cheat codes you cant save the game you need to close and restart the game in order to enable the save option again

Автор Cutie & Friends Adventures ( назад)
The First One Was The Worst!

Автор XJared ( назад)
Silly developers, why did u put cheats if u didn't like players to cheat?

Автор DookieRulz ( назад)
I remember using a Game Genie to beat Mike Tyson's Punch Out (on NES). I could never beat him though. It would always go to decision and he would win. Every. Time.

Автор Adolf _ ( назад)
I come here for the accents

Автор Darian Allnutt The Creature of Fire ( назад)
Saints Row. Once you activate a cheat, it will remove your ability to unlock console achievements. But this is only if you cheat on the saved game you are playing at the moment. If you restart the game with a new saved game, the wall will be lifted. So there isn't a lot of risk in cheating in those game at all, unless you want to prove that you have actually played Saints Row.

Автор M&R Tuning ( назад)
I feel like he was gonna screem JUST DO IT at the beginning of this vid

Автор TheHappyCheeseburger ( назад)
What to do When your PC is Broken

Read Nore

Автор Bush did 9/11 jet fuel can't melt steel beams ( назад)
What's the point of putting cheats in a game, if you're going to punish those who use it?

Автор Christopher Kidwell ( назад)
The moral of this video is that some game makers are dicks, forget that the games in question are YOUR PROPERTY after you buy them from them, and you should have the right to cheat in them if you so wish to!
Now preventing you from getting achievements is fine and dandy. Breaking cartridges and doing other bullcrap like that? Not acceptable and if I remember correct, the makers of Donkey Kong 64 got sued over that and had to make a public apology.

Автор Mark Jacobs ( назад)
the gta 3D era games never actually punished you for cheating... Some cheats however did overwrite parts of code that after saving became stuck in the savefile and caused mission code to behave different from how it should resulting in uncompletable missions. So yeah, that's why some games warn you about using cheats... Actively punishing people for cheats however seems unnecessary though since developers could've just not implemented them...

Автор Duston McCreary ( назад)
I beat Vice City with the cheats and got 100%.

Автор PublicFrienemy ( назад)
in San Andreas, if you cheated 500 times, your story ends when you have to save Madd Dogg from jumping off the casino. he will straight up jump off, giving you NO TIME to save him

Автор Charlie F ( назад)
gta 5 cheats are awsom and I love them but I don't actually cheat to get farther in the story only for fun

Автор The Real Sepator ( назад)

Автор Kurogaea Monari ( назад)
Cheat codes should be rewards for players who enjoyed their games fully, not punishable offenses. If I beat a game fully, especially free roam single player games, I'd want to mess around, and whats a better way to do that than to use cheat codes?

Автор Jite25 ( назад)
The worst one was the mole in animal crossing (any). He (Mr. Resetti) always acted like during off the console to correct a mistake was cheating or something. But it also couldnt tell the difference between an obvious act (like win a random prize on a certain day and then turning it off/on to redo it) vs having a power outage.

Автор Valentine Diablo ( назад)
How about a video that features one of a kind rewards for completing the whole story of a game? The Idea came from Nier, a game with 4 different endings, each new one accessable after finishing the one before. And if you ultimately finish the last ending, that game will delete all your saves. Thats not a glitch, thats your reward. Or maybe punishment for staying inside in front of the concole for too long. however, i'd like to know if there are more games that feature something incrediby unique for finishing it completely ( not necessarily talking about getting 100% achievements, but it could also be used )

Автор Luz Valerie Maranan ( назад)
guy sounds like sheamus

Автор Phesheya Bhembe ( назад)
Why do game developers care if you cheat? Unless it's a multiplayer where you can be a troll to everyone, it seems petty for developers to spend time and energy trying to get get back at cheaters especially if we're talking about built in cheat codes.

Автор Kyle Cain ( назад)
pre video: twisted metal 2 is in it, I'm calling it now

Автор Tosshiro Hijikata ( назад)
Tomb Raider II have a little diffrent cheat kode. You have to equip a flare to make it work. When you do the cheat kode without it Lara will explode. Jupind forward is to skip a level, and jumping backward is for guns.

Автор Artemirr Lazaris ( назад)
i still think game shark pro, and editing code added some real fun gameplay. so increased replay.

Автор Charlé Ouel ( назад)
DK 64 : "go cheat I will kill myself"

Автор DarkAnomaly ( назад)
Oh no I won't be able to earn Achievements that are worthless anyway what will I do.

Автор Sophisticated ( назад)
1:10 i never knew that.

Автор Murdoc Niccals ( назад)
Oh no entering a cheat will stop you getting achievements whatever will we do? Not care because achievements add nothing to the experience so really it's not much of a punishment it's more of a reward because the stupid notifications can fuck off? Oh

Автор Bradlee Carney ( назад)
Never had to cheat in DK 64 did that shit legit

Автор Bryant Woods ( назад)
Stop letting people named something other than Adam, Ben, or Jules make videos.

This is like a cheese grater scrubbing a chalkboard.

Автор Doomsdaywillcome ( назад)
Why add the ability to cheat if you are going to punish the player?

Автор Cassie Cage ( назад)

Автор Leon 245 ( назад)
The developers of Tomb Raider 2 actually said to the players that it was a cheat that undress Lara........Well they've get what they deserve

Автор Mattew Naidoo ( назад)

Автор Rohit Desai ( назад)

Автор Cd comedy lol ( назад)
Is just me or was he wishper'n dat the start

Автор UltimateSlayerGamer Z ( назад)
Actually in the lion king I would say that the volcano level is the hardest

Автор Crusaders MMXVII ( назад)
Let the people enjoy their game as they want.

Автор RJason Twenty ( назад)
wonder is there a difference between glitching and cheating...can you be punished by using glitches in console games eg game will feezed frequently...?

Автор Li-Li Mandragon ( назад)
PC: Overwatch

Автор Tony's World ( назад)
Wish they'd do this for Call of Duty..

Автор Dwemerium [DWM] ( назад)
cheat engine for console games gg izi

Автор Josh 97 ( назад)
So true

Автор Power Chao ( назад)
bears and birds never prosper

Автор LemonComputer ( назад)
This goes for every Animal Crossing game, so why be specific?

Автор zombieslayer499 ( назад)
Technically tomb raider two was more of a anti nude raider message :/ yes it's a cheat but just wanted to clear something up

Автор Bansh Cwipwa ( назад)
just realised that wcpw's local hero presented a video to me.

Автор Scott Jarvis ( назад)
Ive used the level skip on The Lion King and it does not send you back to the second level it lets you progress i'd love to know where you get your information from its not on the australian version

Автор Luben Lambov ( назад)
Is this video available in English?

Автор Skankhunt42 ( назад)
I cheated on GTA V and I have the game 100 percent.

Not being able to get achievements after using cheats isn't really a punishment it' makes sense they want achievements worked for that's why it's called that

Автор Michael Flack ( назад)
Haha their resistance to my cheating only makes me want to cheat harder!

Автор NarcessMedia ( назад)
G-Police did this. You can input a cheat for a level, no problem, but it won't advance you to the next level if you do.

Автор Panayot Dimitrov ( назад)
Tomb Raider 2 weapons code requires the holding of a flare...same movements, but if NO flare, BOOM goes Lara!

Автор SirBagKid ( назад)
U R a hero

Автор Spazzman299 ( назад)
Does anyone care enough about GTA to play it without cheats?

Автор Michael Jarrett ( назад)
How did you get your black eye? Were you caught cheating?

Автор Jack Lee ( назад)
The Zelda one isnt really a cheat

Автор John v250 ( назад)
whys it gotta be JUST console games ever heard of equality

Автор Edwin Camacho ( назад)
Actually, the exploding Lara in Tomb Raider 2 happens if the player doesn't input the code correctly. The exploding Lara trick can be done in Tomb Raider 3, resulting in a softer explosion than the previous part.

Автор Nicole W ( назад)
Why do devs care if people who bought the game cheat? That's low ass pettiness right now. I paid for it, I should be able to play with however I damn well please.

Автор Redza Abbashy ( назад)
Actually, in Tomb Raider 2, Lara doesn't explode when you try to cheat, she explodes when you did the steps to activate a cheat _incorrectly_.

Автор Julio Brian ( назад)
I remember the cheat in Legend of Zelda, Link's Awakening. I did that cheat ONLY once in, and my punishment was INSTANT DEATH when I went back in the store immediately.

I think the "THIEF" renaming was for those who used the item before going back to the store...

Автор That Smark ( назад)
Joe Hendry!!!

Автор faolan20 ( назад)
There was another good one from one of the battletoads games (battletoads vs double dragon, i think). If you used a game genie to win, instead of the normal ending, the end boss would chew you out, saying "We may be bad guys, but at least we don't cheat!" So not only was it still ridiculously hard in spite of your cheating, you still have no idea how it's supposed to end, so it was all for nothing.

Автор Azariachan ( назад)
Uh... no. Lara explodes in the classic TR games if you fuck up, but each game also has 2 legit cheats: level skip and all guns + ammo. You cheat by performing a series of specific actions in a certain order, and there are slight differences between games. If you try to use TR1 cheats in TR2, Lara explodes which basically means "don't use old tricks in a new game".

Автор James Bernstone ( назад)
I dont remember Lara exploding on Tomb Raider 2 ... sure I use to use weapons cheat and all

Автор LazyBovineGamer ( назад)
what's the name of the music used in the background?

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