The Haunting Of The Salem Witch Trials

  • Published on May 26, 2017
  • Did one of America’s darkest chapters leave behind spiritual evidence?
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    a wound on the skin
    Wheat grains in sacks at mill storage
    Shackles, medieval tool for deprivation of liberty
    Portrait de la Duchesse de Chevreuse par Claude Deruet attributed to Claude Deruet
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    The angel of death. Darkness demon. Photomanipulation
    thunderstorm, lightning
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    Witch Weathervane
    MyLoupe /Getty Images
    Witch Trial
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    Witch Hats On Display At Vendor's Booth On The Essex St. Pedestrian Mall
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    Claudette Colbert in Maid of Salem
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    The Duckingstool by Charles Stanley Reinhart
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    Abigail/1702 Rehearsal
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    Engraving depicting the arrest of a witc
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    The Crucible
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    Cropped Image Of Dirty Hands On Wall
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    Elie Wiesel
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    Life In Danvers
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    Lone lit tent in the night
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    Winter landscape with ''amusement on the ice'', by Van der Neer Aert, 17th Century, oil on canvas,
    Mondadori Portfolio /Getty Images
    Anatomy of the heart and arterial blood vessels, from De Arte Phisicali et de Cirurgia by John Arderne, Latin manuscript, 15th Century.
    Salem Witch Trial Memorial From Charter Street Cemetery
    ART on FILE/Getty Images
    Massachusetts, 1909, Salem, Salem Neck, Marblehead, Nalem Harbor, Massachusetts State Atlas
    Historic Map Works LLC/Getty Images
    Low Angle View Of Window At Bodmin Jail
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    Early 18th century courtroom scene
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    The Burning of Archbishop Cranmer
    duncan1890/Getty Images
    The Trial of a Witch, 17th century Puritan America. Illustration for the play Giles Corey, Yeoman by Mary E Wilkins (Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman), American novelist and playwright. Wood engraving 1892.
    UniversalImagesGroup /Getty Images
    Portrait of Georg Ernst Stahl (1659-1734), German physician and chemist, engraving from Opusculum chimico-physico-medicum, Halae Magdeburgicae, 1740, engraving
    De Agostini Picture Library/Getty Images
    Him Almighty Power Hurled headlong flaming from the ethereal sky, With hideous ruin and combustion, down To bottomless perdition, fall of rebel angels
    De Agostini Picture Library/Getty Images
    Engraving of a Suspect Fainting Before Judge During Witch Hunt Trial by Darley
    Bettmann /Getty Images
    The Legend Of Salem: 'The Rev, George Burroughs Was Accused Of Witchcraft On The Evidence Of Feats Of Strength, Tried, Hung, And Buried Beneath The Gallows' Illus, In: Frank Leslie'S Illustrated Newspaper, V, 31, (1871 Feb, 4), P, 345.
    Education Images/Getty Images
    Arnoldo asking in vain for news of Angiola Maria, illustration for Angiola Maria, novel by Giulio Carcano (1812-1884), engraving by Gallieni after drawing by Tofani, published by Paolo Carrara, 1874, Milan
    De Agostini Picture Library/Getty Images
    The house of the Seven Gables, 17th century, the mansion that gave the title to the novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864), Salem, Massachusetts, USA
    De Agostini / G. Sioen/Getty Images
    Sarah Osborne House Depicting American Architecture
    Bettmann /Getty Images
    Theophraste Renaudot, 17th century French physician, philanthropist, and journalist,

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  • ii Asian
    ii Asian 9 hours ago


  • Alice Clarke
    Alice Clarke 20 hours ago

    Honestly I came to see John bitching about Abigail and vis versa

  • Isabel Alcala
    Isabel Alcala Day ago


  • Frozen Raichu
    Frozen Raichu Day ago

    I’m pretty sure Tituba and reverend Paris are from the crucible and the crucible is fiction

  • BeeboBoydUrie #01

    “Bit by an invisible being”
    My mind:: HELL HOUNDS EXIST!
    (I swear if nobody knows what I mean... imma die inside)

  • Some random ghost 19

    They was high! It was urgot!

  • Claire Votta
    Claire Votta Day ago

    I read a book about the trials when I was 9 and I thought the girls that said that something was pinching them and it was witchcraft I thought they were just trying to be funny and stuff and wanted attention

  • 211587 cummins
    211587 cummins Day ago

    At the end when Ryan described how he felt about the memorial and that he wanted to leave, Shane surprisingly acted mature about it.

  • Silver Diamond
    Silver Diamond Day ago

    I was in my schools production of the Crucible and I can recall sometimes that things would move without anyone being near it.

  • Sassycat
    Sassycat Day ago

    I’m so excited I’m going here in august

  • Papadopoulouedora Papadopoulou

    Finished the chilling adventures of Sabrina and now i am here

  • horwink
    horwink 2 days ago

    audio: thcht
    ryan; he said take it no doubt

  • Ellen Troyer
    Ellen Troyer 2 days ago

    Please do the bridgewater triangle!!

  • Charlie Buckley
    Charlie Buckley 2 days ago +1

    i know its probably not true but..

    like witchcraft i like the idea of witches lol

  • Aynnia Gonzalez
    Aynnia Gonzalez 2 days ago


  • Julia Walsh
    Julia Walsh 2 days ago

    yo the other voices im like nah but the "im not" was so there

  • Julia Walsh
    Julia Walsh 2 days ago

    Ryan and Shane go to the Salem Witch Museum. I would have laughed so hard lmao

  • Owlopusrex
    Owlopusrex 3 days ago

    I've been to the Witch House and there is NOTHING creepy about it. Also, the entrance they went into is not open to the public. The actual entrance is around the back, through the gift shop.

  • Mossears133
    Mossears133 3 days ago

    Yeahhhh I don’t trust any “words” when they’re standing around in crunchy, creaking snow ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Hailey Jorgensen
    Hailey Jorgensen 3 days ago

    Did anybody see that white thing fly over Ryan's head at 12:20????? I don't know maybe that was snow but idk.

  • Random Person
    Random Person 3 days ago +2

    The crucible is an amazing play based off of these events

  • noa.studios Yeet
    noa.studios Yeet 3 days ago

    15:40 can I have Shanes hat?? Please???

  • charlie Dayton
    charlie Dayton 3 days ago

    Wait is everyone just gonna gloss over daughter AND niece. Was he fucking his sister

  • ButterScotch Fox
    ButterScotch Fox 3 days ago

    So what is your stance on wiccans

  • fnaflover 1987
    fnaflover 1987 3 days ago +4

    "Yup that's a witch" I'm done😂

  • Lucy Armbruster
    Lucy Armbruster 4 days ago +10

    Does anyone find it funny how Ryan says “febiary” instead of “February”

  • hannah beth
    hannah beth 4 days ago

    new england’s wicked crazy

  • Juulintraincars
    Juulintraincars 4 days ago

    I hope you all enjoyed your time in mass

  • GoliVX YT
    GoliVX YT 4 days ago +4

    I live right near Salem✌🏻

  • Anastasia Adams
    Anastasia Adams 4 days ago

    Shane did you cut yourself?

  • Anastasia Adams
    Anastasia Adams 4 days ago

    Ryan:gets stabbed

  • Melany Mendoza
    Melany Mendoza 4 days ago

    I was learning bout this at school 😂

  • Jennifer Taylor
    Jennifer Taylor 4 days ago +2

    If you think about it the radical Left #MeToo Movement is similar to Salem 1600s in several ways. Persecution with zero evidence.

  • Sock Reviews
    Sock Reviews 4 days ago

    I think Tituba was either not mentally sound and believed that all the things they accused her of, she actually did, and just thought she couldn’t remember it, and fooled herself... or: she was smart enough to know that if she played along, they might keep her alive

  • Shelly Kaur
    Shelly Kaur 5 days ago

    is it just me or somebody else even noticed that on the start of the video 0:39 you see a window above the main door of the house, and the window was dark and you can't really see anything in it but as soon as Ryan tries to open the main door in 0:44 or 0:43, the light bulb was on and I am pretty sure no one is in the house but maybe a ghost.......

  • Maria Reynolds
    Maria Reynolds 5 days ago

    Shane and the people in France... hmmm...

  • Joanna Christy
    Joanna Christy 5 days ago

    I can’t wait to visit this place one day!

  • Susan Regan
    Susan Regan 5 days ago +2

    If you didn't go to the Salem Beer Works while in Salem I'm disappointed. That place is dope.

  • Moonlight Serenade
    Moonlight Serenade 5 days ago +3

    Here's a sad fact: if you were born a girl in Salem, you're immediately seen as a witch.
    Hopkins would be on your back your whole life.

  • Ilene
    Ilene 6 days ago +3

    “We’re alive! Just like u! Let’s go to the pub!”
    “God ur the worst”

  • Jesse_ U
    Jesse_ U 6 days ago

    Am I the only one who agreed with Shane about the house? Because I would live there. It’s so pretty!!

  • Raging Rookie
    Raging Rookie 6 days ago

    16:23 I kinda feel bad for laughing

  • Lianet T
    Lianet T 6 days ago


  • Kessya Alvarez
    Kessya Alvarez 6 days ago +2

    No one tell my English teacher how I cheated

  • Thicc Raccoons
    Thicc Raccoons 7 days ago

    Uhm I live in Salem Oregon....

  • Cortney G
    Cortney G 7 days ago +1

    If they can't figure out who tried to burn down my school then I'd totally love for it to be an episode of Unsolved

  • Osito Cedar
    Osito Cedar 7 days ago

    For sure disembodied voices

  • Audey Yoyeyn
    Audey Yoyeyn 7 days ago

    Tituba sounds like a name for a demon. hmm.

  • Omg It’s Julia
    Omg It’s Julia 7 days ago

    binging this cause I’m gonna go to Salem next week for my birthday!

  • sarah 2005
    sarah 2005 7 days ago +7

    Yes mom i only watch educational videos

  • DanielLife_Fun
    DanielLife_Fun 7 days ago +3

    I live in the town next to there. I went to the witch house in Salem. Saw someone in the window. Then I randomly ran in the middle of the street.

  • Vintage Beauty
    Vintage Beauty 7 days ago +1

    Then whole thing was started by a bunch of bored spoiled little brats who weren’t getting there way! So they started accusing innocent people (who they didn’t like or wouldn’t do what they wanted) of being witches! Like said in the video, they needed an outlet for boredom!

  • Wrong Turn
    Wrong Turn 7 days ago

    I think if someone cannot write, they have no right to be called a doctor. Even at that time doctors had an education, people. Towns then has something seriously wrong with them.
    Also, Tituba was a slave. I don't believe anything she said because she could have been easily manipulated by her master through torture, threats etc.

  • Ace Irish
    Ace Irish 8 days ago +1

    Fun fact! I would have died in the witch trials! I have red hair, and a tiny birthmark. Even though I'm a guy... I would've been a "witch" :D

  • Danielle Martin
    Danielle Martin 8 days ago +9

    At 6:17 it just sounds like “ffsss” idk how he got take it out of that sound

  • The Ultimate Bean
    The Ultimate Bean 8 days ago

    (Elie's book is awesome)

  • maliya
    maliya 8 days ago

    at 16:06 I think I died... ryan and Shane in colonial clothing omfgg what did the people in that house behind them thinkk😂😭

  • Dr. Strange
    Dr. Strange 8 days ago

    Considering that witchcraft is still practiced today it is possible that there where “witches” or satanist back then

  • Karmi
    Karmi 8 days ago +1

    D e m ö n

  • arijana
    arijana 8 days ago

    I watched a show about witches on netflix and i thought i was a satanist for like a day but im a child of Jesus but we should rly stay in our lanes satanist | saints we didnt have to kill anyone

  • angeldustc
    angeldustc 9 days ago +2

    hysteria- deriving from Greek word uterus. men??? 💁

  • Rocky Aqua
    Rocky Aqua 9 days ago


  • Lilly Faye 0630
    Lilly Faye 0630 9 days ago

    Ahh lol I've been to Salem and I love it as creepy as it sounds I love that town I've seen the house they went into in the beginning and it was interesting

  • ジゼル gisselle
    ジゼル gisselle 9 days ago

    Salem, Massachusetts was where i was born lol

  • Aquamarine
    Aquamarine 9 days ago +4

    Witchcraft isnt all that bad. It's only how one goes about it. It can be either

  • Lindsay Duet
    Lindsay Duet 9 days ago

    When Shane shakes his head at the beginning at “are ghosts real” you can see Ryan in the corner of the screen laughing it’s adorable

  • Lovekiller07 .02
    Lovekiller07 .02 9 days ago

    I’m with Shane that house did look pretty darn cozy
    My teacher actually has a Salem witch trial book

  • Johann Wolf
    Johann Wolf 9 days ago

    Lmao Elie Wiesel has been debunked as a fraud. Buzzfeed is a joke.

  • Destiny The Lovely
    Destiny The Lovely 9 days ago

    Y'all need Lord Jesus Christ.

  • miki bird
    miki bird 9 days ago


  • redcloud16
    redcloud16 9 days ago

    lol not several videos ago you were like, "alternate reality!" but witchcraft is too much XD not dragging you, just think it's funny lol

  • June Yan
    June Yan 9 days ago +3

    Y does Ryan sound like the Burger King foot lettuce guy

  • [AP-STUDENT] Bernadette Mae Tingson


  • Jo Ann Fortenberry
    Jo Ann Fortenberry 10 days ago

    How would they not know their ghosts? The victims for example would have seen and heard about their death for centuries.

  • Jo Ann Fortenberry
    Jo Ann Fortenberry 10 days ago +1

    Ghost: yells at Shane
    Shane: what strange wind

    • elemayoh
      elemayoh 6 days ago

      Uh, nice try, but no likes :(

  • Katherine
    Katherine 10 days ago

    me when i did my homework once and get called up: 1:16

  • Elizabeth Garcia
    Elizabeth Garcia 10 days ago

    Am I the only one that noticed that on 12:17 throw 12:19 that their is this thing in the back left corner that just ran pass through

  • Keithy Boi
    Keithy Boi 10 days ago

    Its been pretty much confirmed that there was lsd in the town water which made them go borderline insane

  • Taylor’s Show
    Taylor’s Show 10 days ago

    I only get scared because you guys do this kinda stuff at night!!!

    Although, don’t believe in Peter Pan, Frankenstein or super man

  • Grace Brumgard
    Grace Brumgard 10 days ago

    We are learning about this in class

  • Jacey Baligasay
    Jacey Baligasay 10 days ago

    Read The Crucible, its a book more like play about the Salem Witch Trials

  • Unoriginal
    Unoriginal 11 days ago

    Fun fact one of my very very distant relatives was executed during the Salem witch trials

  • medusamary
    medusamary 11 days ago

    watching this to revise for my history A level exam, thank you shane and ryan

  • what a beautiful jintro

    Why at night...

  • Spicekat
    Spicekat 12 days ago +1

    Rewatching this after reading and watching The Crucible and learning about the Salem Trials in English and man this is INTENSE when u pre know everything going on

  • Elise Hiatt
    Elise Hiatt 12 days ago +3

    How can you not "Belive" in witchcraft? Its still practiced today.

    • Pinfire
      Pinfire 5 days ago

      Because it's something that depends entirely on your faith and superstition. It's not something that can be proven.

  • Benito De Leon
    Benito De Leon 12 days ago

    Obviously the 9-20 year old girls that made all the accusations were witches manipulating the population to do their bidding

  • Saoirse Duffy
    Saoirse Duffy 12 days ago

    dose anyone else notice around 0:22 theres a glitch on the screen dose anyone now what the picture was

  • 『NANI San』
    『NANI San』 13 days ago

    the unsolved mysteries of WHEEZE why was the wheeze was missing?

    • 『NANI San』
      『NANI San』 2 days ago


    • Bts Jams
      Bts Jams 2 days ago

      『NANI San』 Ayyy BTS fan you are army and I am also a army

  • Rick
    Rick 13 days ago

    i used to play this game named "Town of Salem", i didn't know it was a real thing.

  • GoldenTV3
    GoldenTV3 13 days ago +5

    8:39 Boi they really are stretching for this voice. Is shane a ghost now?

  • Gabe Landry
    Gabe Landry 13 days ago

    My teacher said it is tituba fault because she made 3 little girls act out and they were strict with the puritans and she was from Barbados so she didn’t know they had strict rules and acted out they even killed a 4 year old

  • Julio Sanchez
    Julio Sanchez 13 days ago

    Sometimes I dont know if this is a comedy channel or they are actually being serious

  • Mckenna Obrien
    Mckenna Obrien 13 days ago

    history class in coming in handy

  • Olivia Jackson
    Olivia Jackson 13 days ago

    well Wicca is a real thing... but this is overkill

  • thicc cantaloupes
    thicc cantaloupes 13 days ago

    *lost in the sauce*

  • Tessa Riggs
    Tessa Riggs 13 days ago


  • Tessa Riggs
    Tessa Riggs 13 days ago

    YE YE bOi

  • The Dragon Queem
    The Dragon Queem 13 days ago

    My mum always told me that during the Witch Trials, the leaders of the Witch Trials would try to get women to sleep with them and if they refused they would be accused of being a witch.