Trump’s Coronavirus Address, Blooper Reel Included | The Daily Show

  • In his address to the nation, President Trump completely failed to ease America’s coronavirus fears, but he at least managed to create some unbelievable outtakes. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Coronavirus

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Comments • 80

  • Malaysia GTA V Official
    Malaysia GTA V Official 52 minutes ago +1

    im waiting for mass gathering on Easter Day. that would really make corona virus job easier.

  • jane hyden
    jane hyden Hour ago


  • Olga Esparza
    Olga Esparza 2 hours ago


  • Matthew Ritchie
    Matthew Ritchie 3 hours ago

    I wonder how many xanax bars this retard Trevor pops before every show lmao. The dumbest motherfucker on TV and the internet and he thinks he has "educated" followers lmao pathetic losers.

  • JJ bee
    JJ bee 3 hours ago

    I swear trump smokes tree

  • gg taruc
    gg taruc 3 hours ago

    Where does the buck stop again?

  • mother and daughter cooking  Dynasty

    All an act!

  • mother and daughter cooking  Dynasty

    Oh my god that camera is really going to benefit from stimulus package..especially since I am sure he has gotten fired!!

  • AJ Roache
    AJ Roache 4 hours ago

    Suck my dick Trevor. You're not even funny. Go back to South Africa.

  • sanchit jindal
    sanchit jindal 5 hours ago
    Coronavirus - Funny Jokes On Social Media Regarding Going Viral Worldwide

    • soinu foig
      soinu foig 3 hours ago

      American's need to vote this president out before he makes US a public enemy

  • Cory Brown
    Cory Brown 6 hours ago

    "President Can't Get Right."😂😭😭😭😭

  • sureshkumar p
    sureshkumar p 7 hours ago

    i Don't understand ....... is corona virus or being ruled by Donald trump Which is More Serious..........????

  • Inoke Verebasaga
    Inoke Verebasaga 10 hours ago

    Like it or not, he's still president. Thank you.

  • Letty D
    Letty D 10 hours ago

    Fk u trump. You Fked America.

  • xgamerhost 21
    xgamerhost 21 11 hours ago

    CNN is nothing but fake news

  • Kelsey Yee
    Kelsey Yee 13 hours ago +1

    I have never laughed so hard...when you stop thinking about this man being the leader of the US it's pretty hilarious

  • MP Aung
    MP Aung 14 hours ago

    My favorite episode of the year so far😂!

  • Ronald Armstrong
    Ronald Armstrong 14 hours ago


  • J
    J 14 hours ago

    God bless America with having such a president hahahaha

  • Hosiah Marczuk
    Hosiah Marczuk 18 hours ago

    T R U M P 2020!

  • Kasquaskannaché Hukapapánski

    It's a Socialist Propagandist Looser like Trevor to put a Negative spin on our Country if you let him.

  • Mats Lind
    Mats Lind 18 hours ago

    Oh shit, a journalist who hates Trump. I call 10/10 bullshit speech.

  • bluesharp59
    bluesharp59 20 hours ago

    Trump Haters,
    Please forget politics for now, We all need to be focused on being safe and looking out for each other instead of bashing the President. They can only do so much. Governors have more control than Trump for each of there own states. Now anyone who wants to run our county and deal with the house and senate fighting for the last 3 years go ahead and try it. Well It cant be easy. The President is just a Middle Man with ideas that signs shit to better us in this country. Maybe a asteroid will hit earth and then you can Blame Trump again. Just my opinion.

  • Roberto Consuegra
    Roberto Consuegra 21 hour ago

    I cantt belive it took me this long to subsscribe to u🤣🥳🥳😎😎

  • Menson Deriga
    Menson Deriga 21 hour ago

    American's need to vote this president out before he makes US a public enemy

  • YGk1ll z0NE
    YGk1ll z0NE 21 hour ago +1

    Well he's not amune to the cronavirus

  • YGk1ll z0NE
    YGk1ll z0NE 21 hour ago +1

    He's talking about the border there keeping people out

  • YGk1ll z0NE
    YGk1ll z0NE 21 hour ago +3

    At least he didn't give 150 million Dolars away like obama

    M.YAMEEN ARAIN 21 hour ago


  • bassamakasheh
    bassamakasheh 22 hours ago +5

    Turns out Trump is funnier than Trevor 😂😂

  • mac stone
    mac stone 22 hours ago

    This comedian sometimes overacting , I dont like him already oversmart

  • Riya p
    Riya p 22 hours ago

    You are just too good... This is the first Video I have seen and loved it ... I might see all the videos in the coming days ... Kindaa became your fan... !!!!

  • Alex a
    Alex a 23 hours ago

    Trump DID claim with HIS "high" intellect he doesn't MAKE MISTAKES.
    Now I realized what he meant by the word """""HIGH""" = 🌿🍄🍺🥂🍷🤯

  • We look different in the same mirror

    "Americans" are Europeans who genocided the native people... Before I forget: Google (ABC, Alphabet), Amazon, Microsoft, Apple have their headquarters in Dublin. No one questioned why ? Oh if only the corana virus turned into a computer-virus. Which it already has in a way. I prefer a nice Mexican Corona in my fridge ! With a slice of lemon of course. Bullocks up, Trumpet !

  • Viewing Wiz
    Viewing Wiz 23 hours ago

    Dickhead president needs to be banned from the airwaves so the intelligent, professional people can do what's helpful and needful without his harmful interference. #TrumpIsVileAndEvil ☹️

  • Masita atisam
    Masita atisam Day ago

    Trump is a brilliant genius .
    Dont be so foolish to think tou can outsmart him , for real .

    You throw cards he wants .
    The man has SOME racism issues which i really dislike , but
    People who act like he is stupid are totally missing all signals if recognize a genius


    Cute movie here…
    1:52 🔥💃❤💕

  • Amira Boukaissi
    Amira Boukaissi Day ago

    I agree with you somehow but you said something’s real fuck up about him he is a human before or after the footage he can do whatever he wants don’t juge that

  • bro wack
    bro wack Day ago

    So it's 2020, and this guy still isn't funny.

  • Adrian Danlag
    Adrian Danlag Day ago

    Lend me your minds.. will you vote for him again or not? like if yes.. comment if no.. :)

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne Day ago +1

    I used to watch Jacky Chan's bloopers at the end of his movies but I have to admit that this is the 1st time I watch a President's bloopers, and that is that of the US' President.

  • Adeyanju Taiwo
    Adeyanju Taiwo Day ago

    Mtcheww. Waste of time.

  • John Rover
    John Rover Day ago

    Breaking News: Corona Virus Only "Affects" Democrats

  • RealFalah
    RealFalah Day ago


  • Etleva Xhavara
    Etleva Xhavara Day ago

    Trump is right and You are a asshole!

  • Najeeb Ahmed
    Najeeb Ahmed Day ago

    The Crazy Trump is the best president in the world
    He knows the best interest for USA and American people.

  • Magnus Yavis
    Magnus Yavis Day ago

    06:31 pure comedy gold history begins 😂

  • Megana Rao
    Megana Rao Day ago

    Chinese have messed it up for the world with their food habits

  • Crimson King
    Crimson King Day ago

    The last thing to do during virus’ spread : putting some republicans at the power. With their pathological and ideological obsession for deregulating everything (starting by the public hospital systems which they, completely, disorganised with a great efficiency by their constant cuts in the Health service) and the help of their puppet media, Fox News (this channel is for the republicans what the Pravda was for the soviet communist party), they put up the disease. These guys (and their slaves from Fox News) will have dead people in their hands. Not on their conscience, off course, because they’ve got none : only business and money (the sole religion that they believe in and respect) count for them...

  • Hunter Whitiworth

    Where’s the funny at @trevornoah

  • Kay Geezy
    Kay Geezy Day ago

    This is awesome

  • Manoj Kumar Srivastava

    You guys. Your president's pure gold comedy. 😂

  • David Fitcher
    David Fitcher Day ago

    U stupid libtard

  • Roy P
    Roy P Day ago

    China should pay the world for this pandemic. YOU ARE TO BLAME!!!!

  • Arun Sharma
    Arun Sharma Day ago

    China paid Trevor laid

  • Chris Mad
    Chris Mad Day ago

    He think is funny poor stupid liberal piece shit

  • Frank Hardie
    Frank Hardie Day ago

    You asshats have been raggin' on Trump since 2016, and he's still here. By doing so, you have guaranteed him a 2020 win.

  • Joe Curtis
    Joe Curtis Day ago

    It’s more like thankfully President Trump is our President

  • mis uden
    mis uden Day ago

    I hope it will be soon Easter for the Americans.

  • Joe Bloe
    Joe Bloe Day ago +1

    Corona's only speaks Chinese, you DUMB-HUMP!!!!

  • Anonymous Me
    Anonymous Me Day ago +3

    Should have seen Narendra Modi's speech before.

  • Mark Harpe
    Mark Harpe Day ago +4

    Obviously he's dropped a couple of benzos coming off yet another one of his adderal snorting highs...when is he going to just STFU and go away...

  • Haringa Haringa82

    Trump act like retard but ,at least he is not Qabala retard.

  • Gowthaman Subramani

    This is how when I lost all respect for Trevor Noah.

  • Sandeep Guleria
    Sandeep Guleria Day ago +1

    The way you make fun of him its not acceptable because this is the time for all of us to come together and to defeat this virus not to make a fun of anyone because after Italy ,spain ,france and UK USA now is a epicentre of this deadly virus.

  • TakeMyTravel
    TakeMyTravel Day ago

    First, tackle a virus then attack India.

  • thezerosky
    thezerosky Day ago +1

    this is the most aggressive and comprehensive effort.... what a clown

  • Narciso de Almeida


  • Narciso de Almeida

    China must Pay

  • Indriani Nastika
    Indriani Nastika 2 days ago

    hahahahahha.. can't stop laughing :D

  • Sekukho Tetseo
    Sekukho Tetseo 2 days ago

    You hate your president openly but you know, you are fired!

  • Manish Agrapchya
    Manish Agrapchya 2 days ago

    since u have mentioned of planes in india.. if whenever u will be lucky to get on one you will surely be sent back as you mentioned with picture...

  • Dirk Marais
    Dirk Marais 2 days ago

    South Africa's Nation adress was informative and professional, well done Ramophosa👌..

  • Alien Worthreich
    Alien Worthreich 2 days ago

    The magic word for curing this disease is "social distancing". So please, dear USA, stay away from us, until you have recovered completely from this sickness (meaning the blond hairy one). We can still keep in contact on Skype and Twitter. Sporadically.
    Much obliged, the rest of this world.

  • Ben Davis
    Ben Davis 2 days ago

    What an idiiot, not trump

  • Miss Mj
    Miss Mj 2 days ago


  • Jingjing Ren
    Jingjing Ren 2 days ago

    You are famous in China !!!! 崔男明星

  • Axel Ezung
    Axel Ezung 2 days ago +1

    According to leftist cock and pussy riders whatever Donald trump do or does is a racist, in recent video he announced travel ban and some retard media called him a racist. Lol if liberal was still in power half of US population will be already infected by now or probably dead..

    • Timo Meeuwisse
      Timo Meeuwisse 2 days ago

      How? Trump ignored advices from experts for weeks. Not something a better leader would do.

  • Brian Dobbin
    Brian Dobbin 2 days ago

    What a difference - this orange-faced ass-clown stands up every day with people crowded around him and talks complete idiocy. A few hundred miles away Trudeau stands by himself daily, speaks in two languages calming the population, and has already locked down the country and spread of COVID-19 and established an economic safety net for every Canadian. I guess you get the leader you deserve.

  • Morrie Louden
    Morrie Louden 2 days ago +1

    So Trevor, you were expecting something not so human? He's a regular person with mannerisms and he's completely exhausted from working 24/7 on the virus!

    • Diddy Faplord
      Diddy Faplord Day ago +1

      Morrie Louden shut up you sheep. Trump has been busy denying the virus was serious while it spread like wildfire. He's been busy throwing tantrums on Twitter. He has most certainly NOT been busy working on the virus....Jesus Christ