The Cast Cricket Puzzle

This is a classic puzzle, originally invented in 1898!
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Original Patent: https://www.google.com/patents/US609081

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FLEBpuzzles

I'm a Top-10 finisher in the US Puzzle Championship and just released a logic puzzle game on Steam! The game is called RYB: http://store.steampowered.com/app/547050

Intro song: Tekvision - Mycoplasma
Intro template: /SDJGRedstoneDJ

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Автор Yingxue Zhang ( назад)
The intro was at the middle of the video

Автор Iceaca MT ( назад)
Your videos never fail to make me happy!

Автор jonni2 ( назад)
Really cool!

Автор Dank Potato ( назад)

Автор Sharon Vaughn ( назад)
I just LOVE your puzzle videos!

Автор Derek Blankenship ( назад)
Are you also jwittz?

Автор Shane-Yen Hachero ( назад)
Never thought that puzzle world was this huge..

Автор anton as ( назад)
What is the name of that puzzle book on 0:17 ?

Автор Gabriel Markiewicz ( назад)
like a normal person can do these

Автор Alexander Vincent ( назад)
I really like your title animation you play on these videos. Who animated it?

Автор Chang Chan ( назад)

Автор Brendan Holley ( назад)

Автор Aaron Swank ( назад)
I would love to see a first look and run at it. I want to know your thought process...I want to see you open a new puzzle and listen to how you go about solving it....not just the answer! AWESOME JOB FLEB!

Автор Victor Canas ( назад)
lol I don't know why I'm subscribed but keep the vids coming love the presentation and how much you know about puzzles lll

Автор luis ibarra ( назад)
from venezuela!! nice video!! ready suscribe!!

Автор Harambe Revenge ( назад)
most of these puzzles are useless.

Автор HappiestSadGuy ( назад)

Автор Nicholas Thomas ( назад)
Needs a space to put yer weed.

Автор amau5 fan ( назад)

Автор Romero Rohesh ( назад)
I thought I would understand this because I play cricket

Автор Diana Altamirano ( назад)
Trump is like his father hilter

Автор Marissa Antayhua ( назад)
Shut up and take my money

Автор Thayla May ( назад)
Wow, that was cool

Автор Jim Brown ( назад)
Yeah, but can you solve the: "getting your brand new couch through your narrow doorway" puzzle? One of the harder puzzles of life. :-)

Автор Philth- E ( назад)
I recognize that voice, do you operate another channel?

Автор Hudak ( назад)
Intro halfway through the video

Автор Seth Daugherty ( назад)
now put it back together

Автор Rene muro ( назад)
un pendejo con poder es peligroso, le gusta humillar a las mujeres.

Автор Geo P ( назад)
where can I buy a puzzle like this?

Автор Jared Grillo ( назад)
*half way through the video*

"Let's get started"

Автор Andii The Yandere ( назад)
Thank god I been at this thing for a whole month, thank you!

Автор Ari L ( назад)
Cool name fleb

Автор Pawn Junkie ( назад)
Before this video, i got an ad for butt paste

Автор XxXQu1CKsC0P3r0FN0obsXxX Blaze it ( назад)
Where can i buy these puzzles? it looks like a great hobby :3

Автор Gurpreet Gill ( назад)
Waiting on the "why is this featured?" comments...

Автор Young Pup X ( назад)
My name is Collin

Автор Collin ( назад)
That's not my puzzle cunt

Автор Skywalker1138 ( назад)
FLEB da puzzle boss

Автор Jasnop Vtec ( назад)
It was during 1800 puzzle drought where no 👎 puzzles were ever invented anymore

Автор Enceladus ( назад)
I attempted to solve this puzzle when I was a kid, maybe 6 years old or so. I remember getting all of the stud blades through, but got stuck on the ribbed blade. I assumed that the notches on the top of the puzzle on all 3 columns were used to fit the ribs through. Probably would have never thought of rotating the puzzle around again!

Автор My channel ( назад)
your amazing at these

Автор Sean Thomas ( назад)
holy shit I hate that voice great content but I'm sorry I can't

Автор The Fresh Tsar ( назад)
ahh the great puzzle of revolution of the late 1800's if not for it we would still be hitting stones and sticks. I imagine we would never have gotten out of the bronze age if not for it,

Автор Anna Z ( назад)
there was a puzzle revolution?!?!?! where was this in history class

Автор nikhil singh ( назад)

Автор Vaze Calliah ( назад)
I would like to see more of anagram puzzles ! One that is pretty familiar as well with us and maybe you could recommend some more for us to solve by ourselves

Автор woodstoney ( назад)
Very nice!

Автор Vicarus ( назад)
Great work as always!

Автор prestonian23 ( назад)
those ribs are the bails

Автор Nano Mine ( назад)
Cricket is the best sports.

Автор Dana Ondráčková ( назад)
Do you buy those or do you get them from the fans and creators? I would love to get some of the puzzles you are reviewing even when I know the solution :-)

Автор vanoss gaming 2.0 ( назад)
where do you get these cool puzzles at and how much do they cost?

Автор Src:Card ( назад)
those ridged pieces are called "bails" as per cricket terminology

Автор TheLeporad ( назад)
Your name is not Fleb...

Автор RERRL Ⓥ ( назад)

Автор Paul Murray ( назад)
The "ribbed secions" are cricket bails - the two pieces at the top of the wicket.

Автор Buttmongrel3 ( назад)
please post more video more often:)

Автор Eoin Morrison ( назад)
Thanks a bunch, dude. Your videos are well structured, paced, and edited. Keep on doing what you're doing, 'cause you're doing it perfectly.

Автор Bungiest Of Booces ( назад)
this is some cool stuff fleb

Автор Jordan Squires ( назад)
Do you realize you made the price of the book go up today? It was in my cart on amazon and it went from 12 to 18+shipping. You should get paid.

Автор ophello ( назад)
Your name is not actually Fleb.

Автор canada ( назад)
I don't even solve puzzles but watching them is awesome

Автор Dewey Williams ( назад)
Can you suggest some puzzles that you haven't done videos on? I want to start puzzling but I can't stop watching all your videos!

Автор Collin ( назад)
Hey that's my puzzle!

Автор Gilbert Serrano ( назад)
can you do a suggested puzzle and solve it semi-live as in on camera instead of before you show us?

Автор IMMORTAL_JOKER ( назад)
I love this channel it's awesome

Автор Halinspark ( назад)
When you move the blades to the other side, cant you just flip it the right way around in the process and save a step?

Автор Ben Hutten-Czapski ( назад)
love your content, I hope your collection is massive so that we can keep watching you solve your way through it for us

Автор Collin Gordon ( назад)
What an awesome puzzle name

Автор Jason Kenneth ( назад)
Hey Fleb uou should post more often

Автор gladman070988 ( назад)
The "studs" are cricket balls and the "ribbed sections" and bails.

Автор Matt K ( назад)
I would really be interested in seeing a video of you trying to solve a puzzle for the first time and talking us through the different techniques you use. If I recall correctly you completed that flipbook puzzle with a team. Maybe recording that competition and doing a voiceover of it in post would also be interesting.

Автор Greninjaman86 4 ( назад)
my doctor says I have skittles pox

Автор Xavier_ _Gaming ( назад)
Your instructions are very In-Depth. I love your videos especially the Lotus Box one.

Автор ItsMaximum ( назад)
I love your content! Each video is a new and different kind of puzzle with a really cool solution.

Автор khesed ( назад)
LOVED RYB. Loving the videos as well.

Автор Alex Willis ( назад)
But can you figure out women, the greatest puzzle know to man?

Автор KJP Video Content ( назад)
I'm going to be ridiculously English here and say the "Studs" are cricket balls, the "ribbed" sections are the wickets, and the 3 long parts are called the stumps. Going to go have a cup of tea now haha! Really like these vids for some reason, keep it up bud!

Автор Zachary Pines ( назад)
Hi, Fleb. Before your channel started, I never knew about the amazing world of puzzles. Can you make a video of 'elegant' puzzles? What I mean by that are puzzles where there aren't weird strings and you can lay it flat. They would be able to lay in your room and people might not be 100% sure if it's a puzzle or decoration. Some examples are the hanayama marble and relic.

Автор Calimariyum ( назад)
He says the word puzzle, especially the "zzle" and his "o" sounds like he is plugging his nose while talking. It sort of annoys me, even though I love his content.

Автор Nash Yin ( назад)
I literally gasp every time you move the puzzle because the puzzle was created so beautifully out of simplicity.

Автор WhiteNoise ( назад)

Автор Commando Squeak ( назад)
FLEB, the round bits are the balls and the ribbed bits are the two bails which sit on top of the three stumps which make the wicket.

Автор Noah Palin ( назад)
where do you get these puzzles?

Автор Zac Denning ( назад)
I solved it in my head before the spoiler break.

Автор zinzof ( назад)
Loving these videos. More!!

Автор Martin Bailey ( назад)
I don't know why your channel interests me so much, as I'm not an avid puzzler or anything. I guess it may just be the sincerity with the fun you can have solving something transcendent of time, especially when you see the care and design that goes into these puzzles.

Автор Mr Batman ( назад)
"Crickey wicket" lmao

Автор João Victor ( назад)
puzzle revolution?

Автор Jacobsenacc ( назад)
Hey Fleb, those "ribbed pieces" seem to be parts of the wicket, known as "balls", or the two pieces that balance on the top.

Автор Adam Beskosty ( назад)
You always seem to demonstrate soem truly unique puzzles, FLEB. If I may ask,w hat got you into this hobby?

Автор Jordan Whittle ( назад)

Автор tony sansom ( назад)

Автор Jason Pruett ( назад)
I love all your videos so incredibly much... please keep up the great work 😃

Автор Razmi Tora ( назад)
Man, thank you for showing me the magical world of puzzles. Seriously this shit is so cool and inventive.

Автор MrGrizmint ( назад)
hey there faggots! its me pleb!

Автор cherrymintism ( назад)
I really like that you have shortened the intro sequence :)

Автор ecksdee ( назад)
hi there puzzlers

Автор jo gerakakis ( назад)
Hey Fleb have you ever created a puzzle?If yes could you show us the puzzle/s?

Автор vulcanmagma ( назад)
Lmao was there actually a puzzle revolution

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