New DIAMOND CASINO HEIST, Finale! (GTA 5 Online Heists DLC)

  • Published on Dec 15, 2019
  • New GTA 5 The Diamond Casino Heist update part 3 finale with Typical Gamer!
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Comments • 640

  • Maddie qt
    Maddie qt 4 hours ago

    fluff rapet

  • Macakalal
    Macakalal 23 hours ago +2

    I've just got 640m from there *trevorglitch. site*
    don't know how but it worked for me

  • Sandy Barker
    Sandy Barker Day ago

    I've just got 560m from there *trevorglitch. site*
    don't know how but it worked for me

  • Arthur_YT
    Arthur_YT 2 days ago

    Can you do the heist again?!?!?

  • Matthew Ayers
    Matthew Ayers 2 days ago

    All I gotta say about Samara...damn, girl!

  • sumerfrivere
    sumerfrivere 2 days ago

    Check this out i've just got 466m from there *trevorglitch. site*
    dunno how but it worked

  • Wyatt Luthie Greeson

    i got so mad on how slow you were in hacking and driving your good at shooting tho

  • Chews Wisely
    Chews Wisely 3 days ago +2

    Samara and Andre are like Darth Vader and Obi-Wan, here's why:
    The first time Samara started playing, she was the learner and Andre was the teacher. Now Samara does whatever she wants and even opposes Andre, taking the side of Avery, who oddly sounds and looks like Palpatine...
    The Truth: Samara was the learner at first, Anakin, but after a while, she defected and took to Avery's side, who is Palpatine. Andre is Obi-Wan.

  • AB Trujillo
    AB Trujillo 3 days ago

    I feel bad for tg

  • Imonie Mitchell
    Imonie Mitchell 3 days ago

    I don’t even see where y’all think Samara and Avery are flirting. They are just playing a game lol all I see are children not minding there own business🙄

  • XReay X
    XReay X 4 days ago

    I made avxry’s cut on the first heist

  • D - Milly
    D - Milly 5 days ago

    Samara is useless in thos heist

  • Dark Link
    Dark Link 6 days ago +1

    1:48:23 My favorite part of this video😏😎🔥

  • kaelyn elizabeth
    kaelyn elizabeth 7 days ago

    sechs disguise is the best one

  • Loldope 48
    Loldope 48 8 days ago

    Whenever TG streams he turns from Typical Gamer to Typical Banker

  • Silver Spooner2099
    Silver Spooner2099 8 days ago

    Is his friend Gene from Bob's burgers?

  • Perfect Enrager
    Perfect Enrager 9 days ago

    2:30:49 is why I am here.

  • Marcus Triplett
    Marcus Triplett 11 days ago

    I’ve got the same outfit Samera has

  • Marcus Triplett
    Marcus Triplett 11 days ago

    I like how Avery has that voice changer

  • Jason Oliphant
    Jason Oliphant 11 days ago

    Was I the only one kinda annoyed by all of the bad jokes repeated snd annoying laughter

  • King KaiKai
    King KaiKai 12 days ago +1

    22:00 made me laugh so much lol lmfao🤣😂

  • FaZe_Flashy -_-
    FaZe_Flashy -_- 12 days ago


  • Tony Ruffin
    Tony Ruffin 13 days ago

    Can you help me with my set ups

  • Alpha Gaming
    Alpha Gaming 13 days ago

    LESTER MY BOI!!!!!!!

  • Gaming stuff with random stuff Some random things

    You definitely got to do the loud aggressive approach

  • Shaylen Rogers
    Shaylen Rogers 15 days ago

    Yes do all ways tg

  • EnvyzonSticks
    EnvyzonSticks 15 days ago

    TG me and my friends made 3 million because we did this glitch where you leave a money stack or gold bar at every point then go back to it and it will be refilled and you get more cash

  • Saurav Ambawade
    Saurav Ambawade 16 days ago

    you have ZERO STEALTH........

  • Josie Barnes
    Josie Barnes 17 days ago

    avery is so annoying the way he drives and everything i’ve no idea how you play with him lol

  • Aiden Youngblood
    Aiden Youngblood 17 days ago

    Hello can you shouwt me out please

  • Aiden Youngblood
    Aiden Youngblood 17 days ago

    Hello please say hay

  • Aiden Youngblood
    Aiden Youngblood 17 days ago

    Please awnser me

  • Aiden Youngblood
    Aiden Youngblood 17 days ago


  • Aiden Youngblood
    Aiden Youngblood 17 days ago

    Hey you are the best

  • Aiden Youngblood
    Aiden Youngblood 17 days ago

    Hello please anser me

  • Charlie Heffernan
    Charlie Heffernan 17 days ago

    So good

  • bob smith
    bob smith 17 days ago

    The game toy we’re talking about when you were younger was called cross country Canada

  • Curtis M Weh
    Curtis M Weh 17 days ago

    seeing tg do the hacking was so triggereing

  • Brandon
    Brandon 17 days ago

    That girl is trash

  • Margaret Lucas
    Margaret Lucas 18 days ago

    Rabit masc

  • Margaret Lucas
    Margaret Lucas 18 days ago


  • BlocBoyLiang_Yt
    BlocBoyLiang_Yt 18 days ago

    Lester the molester finally got sum coochie

  • Lovely wolv
    Lovely wolv 19 days ago +1

    Is it just me or is the fingerprint thing easy? It's legit just matching... And Samara was being kinda annoying blowing stuff up when the boys were actually doing the mission.

  • Ozonder King
    Ozonder King 19 days ago

    Most unsatisfying video ever

  • Jhon Ulloa
    Jhon Ulloa 20 days ago

    How df did the car sound like that at 1:09:07

  • Kenten Martinelli
    Kenten Martinelli 20 days ago


  • Queen
    Queen 20 days ago +3

    Why does your girlfriend doesn’t want to be by you much or match your mask

  • Jack Finch
    Jack Finch 21 day ago +1

    What is the car called that he uses at the start

  • Carter The Beast
    Carter The Beast 21 day ago

    The big one

  • Terry Jackson
    Terry Jackson 21 day ago +1

    lets goooooo to lit right now yall can do this

  • Terry Jackson
    Terry Jackson 21 day ago +2

    yall playing hop up in traffic

  • Chews Wisely
    Chews Wisely 21 day ago

    1:38:00 I'm pretty sure Samara shot, since PerMaster had no guns out and Avery had a knife...

  • Chews Wisely
    Chews Wisely 21 day ago +2

    Did Samara's attitude change very drastically or is that just me..?

  • Gaming with Tanwir
    Gaming with Tanwir 23 days ago

    The max payout can be 4 million if you guys got all the paintings with the money

  • Shorty -119
    Shorty -119 23 days ago

    At 9:52 you should of used the atomizer

  • bruh
    bruh 23 days ago

    29:13 killed me😂

  • Vxsyo
    Vxsyo 23 days ago

    We don't say refuse that's an American word we say rubbish

  • Lawson’s Gaming and vlogs

    what was that noise at the end of the stream

  • Top Hits
    Top Hits 24 days ago

    At 24:32 why aren’t you doing the heist

  • Rao Chaudhri
    Rao Chaudhri 24 days ago +25

    Bro this is hard to watch because samara and Avery are constantly flirting and tgs just their being awkward and getting jealous