E100 How to cook 'Eating Dirt' Lunch for your friends in Office| Ms Yeah

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • ‘Eating dirt’, an internet buzzword in China, refers to someone had nothing to eat but dirt, and later extended to online shopping.
    A self-deprecating way to emphasize after spending too much money online shopping, people become broken that only can eat dirt.
    Tongtong, Bro Lu and Bro Qiang spent too much on online shopping.
    Ms Yeah is cooking a Eating Dirt Lunch for them.
    Let’s see what Ms Yeah is cooking today.
    It's our 100th episode baby!!!
    I have a letter for you in the video.
    And don't miss the funnest ever Behind-the-scene from Ms Yeah's office.
    Remember our the very first 1-3 episodes?
    E01 Have you ever BBQed beef slices with an iron?! | Ms Yeah
    E02 Can you make Korean style hotpot with a candle? Ms Yeah can! |
    E03 What else can an e-heater do? Making BBQ! Having BBQ in winter superb!

    Hello I am Ms Yeah.
    I cook in office in an unconventional way.
    Okay, you can say it is a "weird" way. I like doing this because it is fun.
    Life is not always fun, but we can try to create more by ourselves.
    - Let's search fun in life together!
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