Do Beats Headphones Still SUCK?

  • Опубликовано: 11 фев 2019
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    We try on 4 of the most popular noise canceling over-ear headphones in the $350 range and decide which ones we think are the best.
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Комментарии • 9 570

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 6 часов назад

    Yup, they're still idiot indicators

  • Thoreau
    Thoreau 6 часов назад

    linus nobody wants to sit through a 17 minute video just tell me yes or no you clickbaiting *******e****

  • Jinxbot
    Jinxbot 6 часов назад

    but does it blend?

  • Dan J
    Dan J 7 часов назад

    Cavemen love superior sound quality. #headphonejerk ;)

  • Atharv Maheshwari
    Atharv Maheshwari 7 часов назад

    Where is senhiesser my dudes

  • Deleted Profile
    Deleted Profile 7 часов назад

    Before you spend £$ 350 on one of these, just try a pair of Audio Technica ATH M50x BT's. For 1/2 the price they sound 90% as good for 90% of people. For audiophiles they might be preferable. For less than £$ 100 try Sennheiser HD280Pro's with an MPOW Mk2/TaoTronics Bluetooth receiver. You'll be surprised how good they sound...even without noise cancelling tech.

  • RKingEnrman
    RKingEnrman 7 часов назад

    Now I know what to buy for my trip in May.

  • Wilmer buruca
    Wilmer buruca 7 часов назад

    summary of video - dick riding all other brands hating on beats🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  • n i r a
    n i r a 7 часов назад

    9:58 nope you can toggle off, noise cancelling and ambient with the second button on the Sony's

  • error idk
    error idk 7 часов назад +2

    No RGB and it doesn't say *FOR GAMING* so they suck

  • juan pablo novoa muñoz
    juan pablo novoa muñoz 7 часов назад

    6:30 thank me later

  • EyesReye
    EyesReye 8 часов назад

    None of em are worth 350$ though.

  • Sergeant Bias
    Sergeant Bias 8 часов назад

    I need about 15 of the Dennis shirts, please.

  • Sheyzon
    Sheyzon 8 часов назад

    Sennheiser HD 650/6XX lol
    Z Reviews is crying

  • BombaSquad
    BombaSquad 8 часов назад


  • Thushara Maduwantha
    Thushara Maduwantha 8 часов назад

    Brutally honest............

  • Frank Dijkstra
    Frank Dijkstra 8 часов назад

    Where's the Sennheiser? It's not complete now...

  • Tom Miller
    Tom Miller 8 часов назад

    You need someone with glasses to try these on and test them thoroughly for 6 hours without removing them. Glasses push into the side of your head when you're wearing over ear headphones so the ultimate comfort test is to have someone with glasses try them on

  • The Nubster
    The Nubster 8 часов назад

    They are all shit and everyone sucks for not joining the high end club and grabbing some HD 800's. So much garbage out there.........

  • elad dov
    elad dov 8 часов назад

    listening to this on my Sennheiser HD58X.
    Beats are overpriced trash

  • Mubeen Ahmed Jawad
    Mubeen Ahmed Jawad 9 часов назад

    Apple trashed again XD #scamcompany

  • Korasi
    Korasi 9 часов назад

    Good review

  • greyshine
    greyshine 9 часов назад

    it's nice eh

  • Josh N.M.
    Josh N.M. 9 часов назад

    "Squish mine" ;V

  • josh yeo
    josh yeo 9 часов назад

    Another headphone enthusiast here and you guys really hit the homerun with the detailed review. WELL DONE!

  • Calvary Zender
    Calvary Zender 9 часов назад


  • Ezzbra
    Ezzbra 9 часов назад +2

    the beats looks like the playstation gold headset...

    • Cinou
      Cinou 7 часов назад


  • whitemo0se
    whitemo0se 9 часов назад

    Who else skips every time you know he just gonna plug the sponsor?

  • Charlie Metzger
    Charlie Metzger 9 часов назад

    this is like wine tasting for dorks

  • alpenjodel24
    alpenjodel24 10 часов назад

    BeyerDynamics or gtfo.

  • dingdongdillybean
    dingdongdillybean 10 часов назад

    Always had beats I was quite the snob when it came to headphones. Warranty was good. That’s it. I got amazon August ep650 for like $70 and everything about them is good. I still make people try them (5years later no issues and used heavily) and people are blown away of how the6 sound. They leak sound so not meant for a flight etc but ya. Fuck 5e top brands like beats and Sony.

  • PHeMoX
    PHeMoX 10 часов назад

    It makes perfect sense Bose and Sony are better. Beats is an insanely popular C brand really. By the way, it's false to suggest 'cheap sounding' headphones always overstate the bass. It's also half about how people prefer a sound that's heavier on bass contrary to heavier on high frequencies. Think the camera saturation in Samsung smartphones, versus a more bland saturation in something maybe more life-life. Thing is, photos with a slight oversaturation tend to look better. At the end of the day, people are stupid buying Beats headphones if it is about literal audio quality. They're some of the most mediocre out there. Total waste of $350 for something you probably shouldn't pay more than $99 for.

  • Fredrik Johansson
    Fredrik Johansson 10 часов назад

    I miss B&W PX in this review :/

  • PHeMoX
    PHeMoX 10 часов назад

    Apple is not the king of anything. Their iPods had some of the SHITTIEST buttons and controls EVER. The Apple Watch has controls that basically don't really work at all. And the iPhone is mostly all about the touch screen control anyway. Not to hate on Apple, but COME ON Linus, that brand is all about aesthetics and not nearly as much about control or we would have seen more customisation functionalities and 'smarter features' years ago.

  • Muhammad Zamir Zahin
    Muhammad Zamir Zahin 10 часов назад

    Nice one. I was waiting for you to call beats sucks

  • Victor Høst
    Victor Høst 10 часов назад

    What About Sennheiser pxc 550???

  • Shin1gami
    Shin1gami 10 часов назад

    AT M50X one love

  • THExteam
    THExteam 10 часов назад

    Wow so no Sennheiser?

  • that1fatkiduknow
    that1fatkiduknow 10 часов назад

    Where can I get the dennis shirt?

  • RubicsDude
    RubicsDude 10 часов назад

    All rich kids: “th-they don’t suck”

  • Michael Benson
    Michael Benson 11 часов назад

    Good comparison, I bought the Sony.

  • Emile Rios
    Emile Rios 11 часов назад

    The answer is yes.
    they are complete utter _g a r b a g e_

  • ish
    ish 11 часов назад

    Doesn't get paid for advertisement so he roasted them 🤑

  • Schweinegeil
    Schweinegeil 11 часов назад

    I have used many headphones and currently own Sony, Bose and Beats. And I usually grab beats. It’s amazing how hateful people are. And how they go on about “fanboys” if you like beats. What if you like Bose? You a Bose fanboy? Truthfully it seem that the blind conviction isn’t for beats here but against them. So would that be a hateboy?

  • Hindruin
    Hindruin 11 часов назад

    why not checked the Momentum, imho the best on the market:

  • Mats Larsson
    Mats Larsson 12 часов назад

    Something you guys really missed out on is the terrible quality of the microphone on Sony headset. A lot of users are having problems. My pair sounds worse than the 9 USD in ear buds when speaking to other people. Some have returned theirs and gotten slightly better ones. The first call i made with them I got the question "are you calling from the bathroom or something I can hardly hear you". Good noise cancelling our not. To me that almost makes them unusable for me.

  • Gronkhou
    Gronkhou 12 часов назад

    i dont really care if its USB C or something else haha i need the good sound and thats it :D

  • Trevor Renkevens
    Trevor Renkevens 12 часов назад

    You really gonna call me a caveman because I still want a headphone jack on my phone?

  • V Logger in Japan
    V Logger in Japan 12 часов назад

    Listening to this on the Sony Wh-1000 XM3
    This is the best way to review headphones 🎧
    Comparing to at least two other headphones 🎧
    I bought them because they were on the list of an audiophile headphone article of what’s best, i was going to get the Sennheiser HD600 but i wanted to be able to use my phone and blast the crap out of my music and have volume I find hard to bare sometimes.

  • d33dub
    d33dub 12 часов назад

    maybe do a cheaper option review, i have some ideaplay headphones that were £70 and are surprisingly good.

  • Freeman
    Freeman 12 часов назад

    What about the Sennheiser head phones. Can't you get them in Canada??

  • SebasPlayz YT
    SebasPlayz YT 12 часов назад

    Yo Linus, can u check out the skullcandy crusher 360. They have haptic feedback bass with touch controls. Love to see ur opinion

  • PalaserGmBH
    PalaserGmBH 12 часов назад

    whats to consider with the bose and the sony is though, that bose does not support as many audio codecs

    its okay if youre using ios / macos because it supports aac but if youre on windows its going to sound worse

    sonys do support aptx and aptx hd (and ldac but i dont know much about that one) which will make your music sound quite better compared to sbc (which the bose will use if youre on a windows computer, not sure if android works with aac)

    and yes, you do notice the difference between aac and sbc

  • Tamás Csukly
    Tamás Csukly 12 часов назад

    What about the Sennheiser Momentum m2? My favorite one so far

  • Iván Kemenes
    Iván Kemenes 13 часов назад

    I have the Sony MDR-10RBT... no regrets, so comfy, beautiful sounds, wireless, but also able to connect 3,5 jack

  • Charlie Levitt
    Charlie Levitt 13 часов назад

    This making me feel bad about getting Beats Solo 3. For Christmas I was like Beats over Bose or Sony and I only started watching reviews after that I actually got them...

  • Lew
    Lew 13 часов назад

    I'd change the title on this, beats aren't really the sole focus

  • Shelly
    Shelly 13 часов назад

    HD 600s still doing it for me thanks.

  • joe jane
    joe jane 13 часов назад

    Big metal slugs in earpieces on the BEATS

  • Seitou Tsariru
    Seitou Tsariru 13 часов назад

    so the conclusion, BEATS STILL SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul H. Kircher III
    Paul H. Kircher III 13 часов назад

    All Bluetooth sucks it's gay.

  • Gabriel Delarageaz
    Gabriel Delarageaz 14 часов назад

    I had the Bose for like 2 weeks then they broke for no reason and bose refused to repaired them so i bought the Beats for 180€ and they clearly don’t sound as good but, the noise canceling on the bose is very unatural, i don’t like it in the street but i haven’t tried it yet in an airplane. Also the bose hurt on the top of my head a lot when wearing them for more than 30 minutes. My favorite pair of headphone i got thought are the Parrot Zik 3 which i believe you can’t get them out of Europe so you may have never heard of them, but they are amazing. If the battery die you can still use them passively with the Jack. They sound better than the bose fore sure and they let you customise the sound signature in an app and customise the noise reduction which to me is way better than the bose. Sadly i’ve been using mine intensively for 3 years now and the cushion are completely destroyed and you can’t easily swap them which is stupid.

  • Yung Messiah
    Yung Messiah 14 часов назад

    beats been trash didnt need to see this video to know they'd be a t the bottom

  • Myth Gaming
    Myth Gaming 14 часов назад

    Can't afford any of em

  • Askold Kyzyma
    Askold Kyzyma 14 часов назад

    8:04 DEADMAU5

  • Vexed Films
    Vexed Films 15 часов назад

    I don't get why they still make products with usb micro-b... It's 100% a deal breaker for me and they save what? A couple of bucks on the connector?

  • Bobbydog66
    Bobbydog66 15 часов назад

    I kinda want to see a comparison between the wh1000xm3's and it's predecessor the mdr 1000x's. I want to see how far they've come.

  • Baisemannen
    Baisemannen 15 часов назад

    "It's nice, eh?"

  • Steffen
    Steffen 15 часов назад

    Sound is also so much personal opinion, whats best for you wont be the best for that other person

  • Tiff's Right Ear
    Tiff's Right Ear 15 часов назад

    Bowers & Wilkins PX >>>>

  • Jeckle Hyde
    Jeckle Hyde 15 часов назад

    I have owned 2 sets of the Bose headphones. Admittedly, they were the wired version, so I can't complain too much about the failure of the leads into the headset. However, both pair failed structurally after less than 1 year. The plastic used in their construction became brittle and broke. Not the head band portion but the "c" shaped bit that attaches to the over the ear phone/speaker part. (Sorry, don't know the term). Hope they've fixed this. Won't spend another $200+ dollars on these again.

  • HomerNarr
    HomerNarr 15 часов назад

    Haha, love this channel!
    But beats? Do i care? ha ha ha Anything but them, there are really good others. Sennheiser is my Price/value hero. Good sound acceptable price.
    I just saw bose. Well Bose is bass pronouncing, i'd stick with Sennheiser.

  • Francisco Fernandes
    Francisco Fernandes 16 часов назад

    what are the best earbuds for someone who's constantly listening to music, and actually wants them to last more than 3 months (fuck you earpods) below 100€?

  • DJz3r0
    DJz3r0 16 часов назад

    You really need to get your hands on the V-Moda Crossfade 2s (M100s for the wired model), just saying... they decimate everything in this video!

  • Sidney Applebaum
    Sidney Applebaum 16 часов назад

    Can we get reviews for ANC headphones for NOT the 1%.

  • Joseph Amukun
    Joseph Amukun 16 часов назад

    11:10 : INSTANT REGRET clicking this playlist.

  • Dale Wesley
    Dale Wesley 16 часов назад

    TL;DW UAC was right: the Sony WH1000MX3 headphones are some of the best you can buy.

  • Fat Guy Plays
    Fat Guy Plays 16 часов назад

    ill take a dennis shirt

  • pcshooter24
    pcshooter24 16 часов назад

    I wish people who did headphone reviews would include companies like Sennheiser that have been in the audio industry for MUCH longer and have proven themselves.

  • VonDevin
    VonDevin 17 часов назад

    Did they miss something on the Sony headphones unless it's a different model...with the a $300+ model I tried, you could simply hold your hand over the left headphone to temporarily turn the noise cancellation off if someone is trying to talk to you. Super nice feature in my opinion.

  • Steel Wool Sheep
    Steel Wool Sheep 17 часов назад

    Yes lmao

  • Nick Young
    Nick Young 17 часов назад

    Also on the Sony I think if you hold the noise cancelling button it calibrates to the noise around you. So if you are on a plane and calibrate it should do a better job of blocking it out. I did not see them do that before the test.

  • Nick Young
    Nick Young 17 часов назад

    Did he say that the Bose are the only ones with an on off switch? I have the older Sony model (the v2) and it has a button right under the other controls that turn them off after about 1 second press. Did they remove that on the V3?

  • Hamling Kid
    Hamling Kid 17 часов назад

    Listening to deadmau5 i see

  • Eric Hays
    Eric Hays 17 часов назад

    As a lover of other Sennheiser products, I would recommend you also check out their HD1's. I get why you left them out of the mainstream consumer wrap-up, but check em out!

  • Jonathan Wellington
    Jonathan Wellington 18 часов назад

    i feel like you guys should have tried the beats with an iPhone because of the W1 chip, it might work better with an iPhone. Beats headphones also get automatic firmware updates when paired with an iPhone, if you don't use an iPhone you have to update the firmware manually using a PC

  • herearewe
    herearewe 18 часов назад

    What about Sennheiser noise cancelation headphones?

  • Zachary Dieke
    Zachary Dieke 18 часов назад

    I'm glad I switched to Bose, not Beats!

  • Jake Polesky
    Jake Polesky 18 часов назад

    Sony’s have a pretty serious issue in which the capacitive touch pad detects spurious inputs in very cold weather. Could be a dealbreaker if you live in a colder climate like I do

  • Onraj T
    Onraj T 18 часов назад

    I heard that the Sony does not work in - temperatures. The touch interface starts to register ghost touches. As i live on country with long winter the Sonys was just automatic no go for me for this reason.

  • TheFrantic5
    TheFrantic5 19 часов назад

    I stock merchandiser games, and Beats get almost double the plays of any other brand.

  • Kaleb Masco
    Kaleb Masco 19 часов назад

    I bought the Bose qc35v2 a while back and instantly returned them because they sounded so bad.

  • J. Holleaux
    J. Holleaux 19 часов назад

    I'm not going to lie. Whenever I see someone with Beats, I instantly think less of them. It also doesn't help that 9 out of 10 times I see someone with Beats, they're a jock type personality.

  • Dumb Minecraft Parodies
    Dumb Minecraft Parodies 19 часов назад +1

    coming from a producer of minecraft parodies, apple air pods actually have decent sound quality. WAY better than beats, but compared to sony or sennheiser, not the best.

  • Whatareyoudoingyouidiot
    Whatareyoudoingyouidiot 19 часов назад

    If I'm spending $350 on a pair of headphones and the sound sucks, you better believe I'm going to complain. I don't buy headphones for a fashion accessory, I buy them because I want to listen to music, you dingus. They'd better sound good. That said, I agree--I'd have either the Sony or the Bose in this arrangement (though i do really like the MS' interface. Shame the audio quality stinks)

    TH3REDSP1R1T 19 часов назад

    The gym i use to go to on a daily basis, a lot of people used beats headphones, Im like, what the fuck. Why you buying this overpriced crap?
    Beats is only successful due to the name of Dr. Dre, plus they spend more on marketing than anything else or almost, since they do that you'll see ads all over for beats which makes people think "oh they must be popular" which leads to a sale. I hardly see ads for a pair of Sony headphones, sometimes a pair of Bose, but when Beats was starting to get it's name out they were all over the god damn place. Beats overall worth is at least $100 or less, otherwise, Sony or Bose they both kick ass.

  • Exp Chan
    Exp Chan 19 часов назад

    d TRUE MUSIC b

  • Luis Mendoza
    Luis Mendoza 19 часов назад

    I am very intrigued about these “Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones” because the non BT ones are great. I wish you could test them some time.

  • CricketCrusher
    CricketCrusher 19 часов назад

    Video View Rank 666th

  • Michael Leahy
    Michael Leahy 19 часов назад

    i love my Boes Headset because good sound Quality