Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 3 Clip: Sansa and Bran (HBO)

  • Published on Jul 31, 2017
  • Watch a clip of Sansa and Bran's reunion in Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3. Game of Thrones airs on HBO on Sundays at 9
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  • Christian Hernandez
    Christian Hernandez 2 months ago +3

    *I can never be lord of anything*

  • Luise Naa
    Luise Naa 2 months ago

    0:48 the dialogue is awful omg :'D we're all Sansa in this situation

  • Victor Chen
    Victor Chen 2 months ago +1

    2017: "I could never be lord of anything. I'm the Three-Eyed Raven".
    2019: "Why did you think I came all this way?"

    • Barrack O’Bezzy
      Barrack O’Bezzy Month ago

      The Dead Night King you right I forgot it’s 6 stupid show

    • The Dead Night King
      The Dead Night King Month ago

      Barrack O’Bezzy god damn it why doesn’t anyone remember that bran is lord of 6 kingdoms not 7 because of the Nooorff.

    • Barrack O’Bezzy
      Barrack O’Bezzy 2 months ago

      2019: All hail Brann lord of the six kingdoms

  • Nishant Biswas
    Nishant Biswas 2 months ago +4

    "I can't be the lord of anything. I am the three eyed raven."
    "I said I can't be a lord . I never said I can't be a king"

    • The Dead Night King
      The Dead Night King Month ago

      Nishant Biswas he technically is lord of six kingdoms that’s what the council of lords yelled

  • Juanitolvidadizo
    Juanitolvidadizo 3 months ago +1

    You sure bran? you can never be lord of anything? Why must you turn winterfell into a house of LIES?

  • EastBurningRed
    EastBurningRed 3 months ago +6

    S7 Bran: "I can never be lord of anything"
    S8 Bran: "I guess I'll be king then"

  • Thebtx09
    Thebtx09 3 months ago +1

    Bran : "I need to learn to see better when the long night comes"
    *Long night comes*
    Bran : *does absolutely nothing*

    • The Dead Night King
      The Dead Night King Month ago

      Thebtx09 “I need to learn to see better when the long night comes”
      *Long night comes*
      *Bran sees in blur mode*
      Me: *Remembers when he warged into his direwolf and saw everything in HD*

    J.J. OSORIO McCORMICK 3 months ago +4

    When the long night comes again... I need to be ready
    HE DID NOTHING!!!!!!

  • Chipiliro Payesa
    Chipiliro Payesa 4 months ago

    This was definitely one of the emotional GOT moments

  • bennyjellyrun 2
    bennyjellyrun 2 4 months ago

    bran is like us if we had all the game of thrones spoilers

  • HTXPhoenix
    HTXPhoenix 4 months ago

    We don’t have time for all of this.

  • Heavy Metal Heretic
    Heavy Metal Heretic 4 months ago

    Brans so brilliant in this scene. It really shows he not entirely Bran anymore, he's not even Human really

  • G CS
    G CS 5 months ago +1

    Bran has turned into an emotionless android
    Deadened senses yet senses everything. The weight of the world, the knowledge of the past and the peril and danger of what is coming

  • The Lukester
    The Lukester 6 months ago +1

    Sansa's reaction here was reasonable, she thought he was dead for many years, then when Rickon was a prisoner thought he was dead again, and he's her little brother.
    Bran has had quite a nice time though.

  • itsTyson2
    itsTyson2 6 months ago

    That must be a potato cart he rides on.

  • MsLalaUsagi
    MsLalaUsagi 7 months ago

    I think Bran knows Sansa is going to die. He hugs Arya, but struggles to hug Sansa; it’s almost like he has already said goodbye to her. He’s careful about what to say to Arya and reminds her of her list of names, but chooses to remind Sansa of her wedding night. When he interacts with Arya, it’s with purpose; but with Sansa it’s almost like a nuisance to him.

  • malu sena
    malu sena 7 months ago

    sansa: i wish jon was here
    bran: yes. i need to speak to him

  • B. Stahl
    B. Stahl 10 months ago

    Thanks for the seizure you arsehole!

  • theplourde
    theplourde 10 months ago

    What an emotionless little shit.

  • Alicia Serre
    Alicia Serre 11 months ago

    Even though this scene will NEVER beat the reunion between Jon / Sansa, I admit having tears in my eyes. For Sansa, more than for Bran, of course.
    The last time she saw him, he was just a child and was in a coma. She just lost her youngest brother and there, she's reunite with the last little brother that she has. We see all her despair and happiness even if Bran has clearly give up human emotions.
    Personally, when Bran talks to her about her wedding, I had the impression that, awkwardly, he made her understand that he was really sorry for her, that he knew what she had gone through and she did not need to pretend in front of him.
    I found Bran quite convincing and moving when he told her he was sorry that it happened to her and in their house. But, of course, he has lost a lot of his soul and does not express himself properly. Especially since Sansa, even if she pretends to be all right, is still deeply marked by her wedding. And knowing that her little brother not just knows what happened to her but also seen it, it's more than she can bear.

  • Nisha Shirodkar
    Nisha Shirodkar 11 months ago

    I lost it when he said I'm the three eyed Raven now 😂 Am I the only one ?

  • Seyi Oyetade
    Seyi Oyetade Year ago

    Bran didn't hug sansa but he hugged arya

  • Seyi Oyetade
    Seyi Oyetade Year ago

    Bran can see the plot of season 8 lol

  • CazzSDMF
    CazzSDMF Year ago

    You people focus on the negative of this video. Brought me to tears when Sansa hugged her brother.

  • nikki salvatore northman

    People are either being sarcastic/funny or plain stupid an failing to see the changes Bran's character has undergone. Being the 3 Eyed Raven Bran has lost his identity completley. All Stark kids have gone through too much but he has seen so so much that instead of it drving him mad he has become emotionless. I think he is just brilliant - the scene he later shares with Arya and he says that he thought she was going to King's Landing.....the show is just dropping hints of what he is capable of and what is to come. And of course his exchanges with Littlefinger were just fantastic. Social skills or not...this Stark is goint to cause some serious 'what the ****' moments.

  • wakh
    wakh Year ago

    I was just thinking how hard it must be for him to see everything that happened but unable to do anything. We have seen characters talked about how they couldn't do "anything" to protect the ones they loved/wanted to protect and how terrible that feels, so just imagine Bran... who had to see all of it and really couldn't do anything.
    Though I do agree that it was a bit rude to talk about that "wedding dress" that would've automatically remind Sansa of what happened. I think he did that on purpose, not to offend her but a way of telling her to never forget. After Ramsay's death, Sansa was starting to act like everything is over now that they took Winterfell back, everything is back to normal and she can act like a lady again with more power than before. And despite everything that Jon did and though she started to treat Jon as her brother, deep inside her - he is still not their brother therefore he has no right for the Winterfell because he is not a legitimate son.
    She dislike acting on Jon's behalf because of that as well until Arya said everything right to her face and reminded her of everything that happened in the past and without Jon, she would still be living in hell.

    • God Emperor of Mankind 3.0
      God Emperor of Mankind 3.0 7 months ago

      uh why? without Jon, Sansa still would take back her home, but it would take longer.
      jon was the one whos been fucking everything up. big time.

  • alex thelizardking

    Everyone else: " *I AM THE KING!* "
    house Stark: "You are Lord of winterfell now. Nah, fam. I'm good."

  • Evan Zhou
    Evan Zhou Year ago

    Bran:"I had your porn."

  • Enid Rhee-Grimes
    Enid Rhee-Grimes Year ago

    D'awee, Sansa overwhelmed to see her baby brother again, and Bran is just like, "yeah, sorry you lost your v-card to a psycho."

  • VS
    VS Year ago

    You were so beautiful that night I fapped to it

  • nymphetide
    nymphetide Year ago +4

    I love how Sansa is always the first to run to her siblings in order to hug them, such a sweetheart, I love her so much

  • Eric Liu
    Eric Liu Year ago

    I believe deep down inside Bran still consider himself a Stark, although he keep saying that he is third eye raven now,
    because the North remembers
    Arya should stay in Braavos and become the nameless assassin, but she's a Stark, so she went back and killed house Frey
    Jon should stay in castle Black forever as a Night's watch, but he's a Stark, so he went back and killed Ramsay
    Sansa had a chance to become Littlefinger's wife, but she's a Stark, so she went back and killed Littlefinger
    now Bran has a chance to become third eye raven forever, but I believe he will come back as a Stark and defeat the Night King

  • Jo Kah
    Jo Kah Year ago

    Bran is becoming Jaime v.2.0

  • Team Sigurd
    Team Sigurd Year ago

    Le mec sans émotions 😂😂

  • Jesus Alarcon
    Jesus Alarcon Year ago

    What’s the song anyone knows?

  • J3AN P3T3R
    J3AN P3T3R Year ago

    But that wasn't the only time she got married and wore a wedding dress right ?

  • Brain rich
    Brain rich Year ago

    I was so happy that they finally are reunited.

  • Angel of Sarcasm
    Angel of Sarcasm Year ago

    Incest and rape...
    Bran has some interesting magical porn choices...

  • Traye76
    Traye76 Year ago

    The 3 eyed raven should have taught him tact.

  • Senpai Notice Me!

    I think what upset Sansa was the confirmation that he saw her rape. He wasn't just saying im sorry it happened to you. He literally pointed out that he literally SAW her wedding and what she wore, how she looked. If he saw that, he saw everything else and it made her feel exposed, embarrassed and disturbed that he saw everything, her little brother saw her very brutal, traumatizing rape and im sure not just the first one, all the other nights too. Thats humiliating.

  • Joe Kozma
    Joe Kozma Year ago

    I can imagine all the Starks are scared even to sit on the toilet. They are being watched

  • notthat shafiq
    notthat shafiq Year ago

    Fuck this show is the shit

  • Far Djerad
    Far Djerad Year ago

    This scene is more emotional than sansa and arya's reunion

  • TheDragiix3
    TheDragiix3 Year ago

    Sansa wearing a silverfox, they are so gorgeous, such soft and warm fur *_* Been looking for a winter coat with such a collar

  • coralin378
    coralin378 Year ago

    lmao bran is so casual like "oh how's it going sansa?" when he sees her and she's on the verge of crying when she sees him again

  • Long Night Moon
    Long Night Moon Year ago

    Way to trigger your sis's PTSD kid

  • Imants Kivlenieks

    bran isnt normal anymore

  • cereal addict
    cereal addict Year ago +1

    Can't wait for season 8 so Bran can finally tell us what happened the day Tyrion Lannister brought a jackass and a honeycomb into a brothel.

  • Lana D.
    Lana D. Year ago

    like duuude come on :D that's your sister don't dig THAT deep :D shiiiiiiessh

  • VC YT
    VC YT Year ago

    Sansa : So what does the future hold?
    Bran : an orange-walker called Donald Trump will come to build a 2nd wall, if Dorne pays for it.

  • Lorenzo Chambers
    Lorenzo Chambers 2 years ago

    Hello Sansa

  • Manafish !
    Manafish ! 2 years ago

    duh three eyed raven

  • WhiiZhei
    WhiiZhei 2 years ago


  • candypopxo1
    candypopxo1 2 years ago

    You looked hot when you were rapped ..,

  • Slicky Kid
    Slicky Kid 2 years ago

    I think Bran is damaged to be honest on why he's like so calm and not having any emotions. After what he saw in the past about his Starks family history and losing Hordor and the grand master of Winterfell.

  • Slicky Kid
    Slicky Kid 2 years ago

    Lol Bran is acting really strange in this season. Is he high or something.
    Bran is cool and I love his dark power when he possess a person.
    Sansa is like um I'm going inside you just creeped the hell out of me Bran lol.
    He's very useful when he used the Black Eyed Raven to spot White Wakers beyond the wall.

  • Itachi21x
    Itachi21x 2 years ago

    The rape Sanse, it was beautiful

  • dvalentino007
    dvalentino007 2 years ago

    Cant wait for Bran to meet Cersi. I saw you fucking against your sons coffin

  • mel on
    mel on 2 years ago

    I don't know why people are complaining about this scene bran telling that to Sansa is him telling her that he knows what she's been through and that he's sorry for her and how it's a tragedy that it happened here on her wedding day the day that he knows that she's been looking forward to for most of her life

  • harry malfoy
    harry malfoy 2 years ago

    bran is such a BITCH

  • Aria Antoinette ritcherson

    Bran saw too much incest pornography that he himself is thinking about doing it with sansa

  • Daniel
    Daniel 2 years ago +1

    "The Three Eyed Raven told me."
    "I thought you were the Three Eyed Raven?"
    "I am, but I only became the Three Eyed Raven after the previous Three Eyed Raven, who was an old man and literally ancient, was killed by the Night's King who's by the way really REALLY close so we might want to hurry up a bit with preparations for the Long Night."
    "Oh okay, that clarifies quite a lot actually."

    • Skulldetta
      Skulldetta 2 years ago

      ( ) Tell Sansa that Jon is actually the son of Rhaegar Targaryen.
      ( ) Tell Sansa that Littlefinger betrayed their father in King's Landing.
      ( ) Tell Sansa the Night King is coming and preparations should be made.
      (x) Tell Sansa she looked beautiful the night she was raped.
      Really need to get your priorities straight Bran.

  • amethyst
    amethyst 2 years ago

    Meeting Sansa with Bran was way more emotional than with Arya. However I like Bran and Arya less in this season. They turned into weirdos.

  • niteshmurti
    niteshmurti 2 years ago

    Bran is Skynet

  • Haylash
    Haylash 2 years ago

    Bran is such dick. His sister was so happy to meet him again, they were separated for so long time, he was growing thre. And now he seems just don't give a single fuck about his home and familly.

  • Gerri Wright Ingerson
    Gerri Wright Ingerson 2 years ago +1

    I don't think Sansa will die. Tyrion said that she would outlast them all. Plus the prophecy is that she will sit on the Iron Throne next to her husband. I think she and Jon will rule together. Also GRM said that 4 Starks would make it to the end. So that would be Arya, Bran, Jon (who is art Stark) and Sansa. I think the perfect poetic justice would be the great war that started over the never ending love of a handsome Targayen Prince for a beautiful Stark Princess would end for the same reason. Jon & Sansa together would be the perfect team to rule the 7 Kingdoms. John knows how to fight and inspire. Sansa is greatly skilled at the political intrigue and how to win and keep surviving and thriving in the complicated and dangerous GOT.

  • Ben Shrubshall
    Ben Shrubshall 2 years ago

    It isn't hard to explain that there was already a Three-Eyed Raven but he is the new one since the other died - and I could have written this in FEWER (Stannis ref.) words.

  • Maria Salvatore
    Maria Salvatore 2 years ago

    These 2 characters haven't been together in one scene for 7 years

  • Don Carnage
    Don Carnage 2 years ago

    House Ravenstark: We saw what you did there.

  • lostn65
    lostn65 2 years ago

    You have to feel sorry for the kid. He has access to unlimited porn, but is unable to get any. It's like reading a cookbook and salivating over the food but not being able to cook anything.
    It explains a lot about him.

  • Luna Rose
    Luna Rose 2 years ago

    What's the name of the song?? Is it "Winter Has Come" or "The North Remembers"?

  • September2004
    September2004 2 years ago

    When he left Winterfell, he had:
    - Hodor
    - Osha
    - Rickon
    - Summer
    - Shaggydog
    They're not all dead (and one or two might be undead).

  • MrHandss
    MrHandss 2 years ago

    bran to sam: FAT PINK MAST. bran to bronn: BAD POOSAY bran to theon: PORK SAUSAGE bran to jaimie: FINGER IN BUM
    Bran has been watching everyone fuck.

  • cure my insomnia tonight

    is meera's hair black and straight now?

  • عبدالاله اليمني

    He was apart of his home now he is access to his home