• Published on Oct 2, 2019
  • Amazing hacks for your phone

    Sometimes it gets tiring having the same phone case on our smartphone all the time. So, why not have some fun and create something extreme for our beloved gadget? Well, that is exactly what I’m showing you in this video.
    - For those of you who love noodles, I show you how to create your own noodle phone case from scratch. Take a clear phone case. Then fill a syringe with yellow polymer clay and place it on your phone. Then add a mini polymer clay foods such as eggs and seasoning, let it dry and voila.
    - You can also add your own stress relief toy on your case using slime. Take any color case you want. Draw a circle on it using hot glue and let it dry. Fill a small balloon with slime, cut it and then place it on your phone case. Then, draw the glue with white acrylic paint and there you have. Your own squishy egg case.
    - An easier case you can create will be with your favourite drink label. You can crop the Coca-Cola label off your drink and stick it on the inside of a clear phone case.

    0:07 - Amazing DIY phone cases
    0:55 - DIY Starbucks coffee phone case
    2:54 - Awesome phone case hacks for your cell-phone
    4:13 - DIY Coca-Cola case
    5:20 - DIY wallet phone case
    6:51 - DIY marble phone case
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