"Most eliminations wins $1000"

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
  • FaZe Clans top Fortnite Players battle it out for a cash prize.
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Comments • 1 906

  • blake chiou
    blake chiou 2 months ago

    Yo Clipz had 4 kills in the first round. You only gave him 2

  • Koi XD
    Koi XD 2 months ago

    I got banned from his twitch chat

    FĪŁM BROTHERS-Jeff 2 months ago

    I rlly want merch but GEEEEEEZ THAT PRICES LORDY

  • Balbonso
    Balbonso 3 months ago

    Crazy how Replays went from a god at sniping to a god at fortnite

  • Misael Aguilera
    Misael Aguilera 3 months ago

    Tennpo took some of replays kills

  • rqre
    rqre 3 months ago


  • UwOnT Wavy
    UwOnT Wavy 3 months ago

    Whoever did the elim tracker probably got fiered

  • UwOnT Wavy
    UwOnT Wavy 3 months ago

    Tennpo only got 2 kills for the first game he should’ve got 4

  • Soul_thekiller
    Soul_thekiller 3 months ago

    I’m faze sway favorite fan tell him hi for me

  • Soul_thekiller
    Soul_thekiller 3 months ago

    Can you do tryouts tomorrow

  • Soul_thekiller
    Soul_thekiller 3 months ago

    Can I be. In your clan

  • Exotic Gamer
    Exotic Gamer 3 months ago

    If only tfue was here like if u agree

  • FizzyqL q
    FizzyqL q 3 months ago

    Hello everyone

  • Sòló YT
    Sòló YT 3 months ago +1

    “Why your kid so burnt” black ppl jokes ehh

  • Patrick Is Hungry
    Patrick Is Hungry 4 months ago

    10:52 all his guns are vaulted😢

  • Prodigy MattyVYT
    Prodigy MattyVYT 4 months ago

    Who ever edited was wrong with the kills.

  • AFL Ari Farsht Live
    AFL Ari Farsht Live 4 months ago +1

    Love to here it when pro players say they’re bad

  • 2mutchSHAPHOO
    2mutchSHAPHOO 4 months ago

    MrBeast: only 1k?

  • kevi TxT V lamaj.
    kevi TxT V lamaj. 4 months ago

    FaZe Up

  • byLaGuNn4 -_-
    byLaGuNn4 -_- 4 months ago +1

    In the first game FaZe ClipZ did 4 kills but they tracked wrong and they put 2 kills WtF

    TREVOR HALE 4 months ago

    Thumbnail tfue click bait

  • I npulses
    I npulses 4 months ago +1

    Only real ogs know ho is clipz

    BTW if u didn’t know he was one of the three original founders of faze

  • Mohamed Abdulah
    Mohamed Abdulah 4 months ago +1

    Yo how the fuck can teepo see? Like if u understand 😂😂

  • Miguel Flores
    Miguel Flores 4 months ago

    Sub to SynNike plz

  • Yuwaiku
    Yuwaiku 4 months ago

    Chronic kid got exposed at the end 🤣

  • Thijs Tencate
    Thijs Tencate 4 months ago

    Clipz had 4 kills in the bigin but on the elem bord was 2

  • hentai god
    hentai god 4 months ago

    Every kid in duos or squads instantly thirst it is so annoying

  • Channarith Nauk
    Channarith Nauk 4 months ago

    You’re crazy

  • Roberto S.
    Roberto S. 4 months ago

    2:40 lmao

  • Mettā FN
    Mettā FN 4 months ago

    I mean bitch

  • Mettā FN
    Mettā FN 4 months ago

    Tempo is a both for stealing kills

  • Ibrahim Al-tanak
    Ibrahim Al-tanak 4 months ago


  • Abdullah Shahid
    Abdullah Shahid 4 months ago

    Faze Replays the best in faze clan😍😍

  • Angled In
    Angled In 4 months ago

    Replays always has an excuse

  • Dacia Wash
    Dacia Wash 4 months ago

    Like if tennpo didn't talk

  • SilentShooter13 Fortnite

    Clipz has 3

    JORDAN ROJAS 4 months ago

    on the second round ten points got 1 elimination more then he had

  • ImUnGuardable
    ImUnGuardable 4 months ago

    This is how many times Replays said not like this

  • Toxic
    Toxic 4 months ago

    There so underrated

  • Top Guns 23
    Top Guns 23 4 months ago

    Well we kno who needed the money the most tempo was cracked

  • Nallikarin luonto-opas
    Nallikarin luonto-opas 4 months ago

    They werent adding ClipZ's kills

  • Darling Morales
    Darling Morales 4 months ago

    Hey guys what happend with tfue

  • Tbz Pro
    Tbz Pro 4 months ago

    He shot him for 222

  • Dominic Repice
    Dominic Repice 4 months ago

    What is tennpo doing lmao

  • Dlo Gamez
    Dlo Gamez 4 months ago

    Tempo the goat

  • GODZZ Chapo
    GODZZ Chapo 4 months ago

    Go subscribe to my RUclip channel I’m at 45 subscribers let hit 50 and I will do a giveaway plz do it if you want to win it

  • CapitalRap
    CapitalRap 5 months ago

    Heretics :v

  • Dylan Day
    Dylan Day 5 months ago

    Whoever edited this video can’t count

  • MidOfse
    MidOfse 5 months ago

    Clipz had 3!!!! Not 2

  • AsadA 999
    AsadA 999 5 months ago

    Not to be mean but I can’t stand tennpo

  • Flamestrike 370
    Flamestrike 370 5 months ago

    Tennpo is the best faze player

  • Marquese McCoy
    Marquese McCoy 5 months ago

    I meant bots

  • L Face
    L Face 5 months ago

    Why do they look like the are running so fast

  • RolesFN
    RolesFN 5 months ago

    Thats my fanboy

  • Jordan Hanson-Flores
    Jordan Hanson-Flores 5 months ago

    Replays lies everytime he dies 😂 " they both had gold pumps" when he clearly has a standard pump. "I had to reload" with 3 shots in his gun

  • Eggo Mighty
    Eggo Mighty 5 months ago

    Wait if clipz got 4 elims. Why does it say 2 bottom left??

  • Echaider
    Echaider 5 months ago

    How is Tennpo in Faze dude

  • Hayden 234
    Hayden 234 5 months ago

    Imagine highsky in this

  • Im a Random Person
    Im a Random Person 5 months ago

    I hate it Clipz had 4 kills and the chart said 2 kills, it frustrates me

  • LaPalmeraVoladora256
    LaPalmeraVoladora256 5 months ago +1

    Who else agree that Tfue is the only good player on Faze clan