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Автор Rudy Mancuso ( назад)
Thank you for watching. Which musical is your favorite so far?

Автор Max Chia ( назад)
Does anyone know the original song from0.30 onwards and the song after it

Автор Max Chia ( назад)
whats the original song at 0.30

Автор Red Diamond ( назад)
This video is so funny make more like this

Автор Pascal, Marceline & voldi ( назад)
He should do musical therapist and musical police.

Автор Merel Boersma ( назад)
1933 but...

Автор Heaven Ghirmay ( назад)

Автор Denis Vega ( назад)
i like your videos

Автор georgio aicrag ( назад)
I love you Rudy your video is amazing you are too and lele pons

Автор Isabel Simikic ( назад)
You're literally a genius

Автор Eirik Dahle ( назад)
This is the best video ever!

Автор pedro araujo ( назад)
This one

Автор Benedict C Ownen-Smith ( назад)
So good

Автор They called me short I called them an ambulance ( назад)
School =






Its all true

Автор ShadowPlayz ( назад)
I can't wait for the next musical he should do library teacher or Angry neighbor

Автор Maria Jose Gonell ( назад)
i saw this video like 100000000000 times

Автор Jem Humfry ( назад)
rudy's hot :p

Автор Robotic_Eye ( назад)
He should have these songs on iTunes it would go on my playlist in a snap

Автор Camillla Hont ( назад)
2+2 is 4 and my ex-girlfriend is a hoe

Автор özge kılıç ( назад)
Hitler was a douche douche douche douche 🎶

Автор TardyTurtle Gaming ( назад)

Автор QualiTy OverCash ( назад)
I love this Video... Super Hilarious... My favorite part is from 0:00 - 1:14

Автор Adriana Figueroa ( назад)
this is my favorite musical i keep watching

Автор Hannah Ferrell ( назад)
I want a class like this in 7th cuze cuz I'm in 6th now

Автор Olivia Gilman ( назад)
Oh really Hitler was my anseter and I'm related to him!!!!!

Автор QueenDiamond 2028 ( назад)
I felt like I actually learned during this video 😂

Автор bonnie samich ( назад)
it wasn't 1932 it was 1943

Автор i love one direction ( назад)
I love Rudy mancuso

Автор Kent Martinez ( назад)
it was funny

Автор χΧDEATHBARONXx ( назад)
eisai san poustis

Автор Sammy Rod ( назад)
Rudy my favorite is musical doctor 👨‍⚕️

Автор Lucifer Spawnwrath ( назад)
What are the background musics used?

Автор Tahmeed Rahman ( назад)
damn! this is good!😅😅😁😁

Автор smusnus dushss ( назад)

Автор Kailie Myers ( назад)
oh wow they are learning the same thing as me in social studies (the hitler stuff)

Автор Taanees 1 ( назад)
lmfao i died when he said " 2 times 2 is four and my girlfriend is a whore " xD

Автор Mahmoud Nofal ( назад)
I like when the science teacher said I can make shit lit

Автор Hugo Isberg ( назад)

Автор דניאל יגנדורף ( назад)
second world war was in 1939 not 1932

Автор Sıla ( назад)

Автор Ebony Masters ( назад)
modern Hamilton 2k17

Автор azy dun ( назад)
i wish i could hv a cool teacher like that! 😂😂

Автор Xavier Walls ( назад)
the next schoolhouse rock and magic school bus

Автор melissa stradtman ( назад)
I LOVE this video so much. This song is actually stuck in my head. haha.

Автор jose andres barzuna ( назад)
did you notice that he didn't tequila

Автор WWe#1fanlover 101 ( назад)
So fucking funny!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

Автор PROGAMER4life #LL ( назад)
You should do funny musical president

Автор Lexie Lee ( назад)
Dang if this did t have cuss words I would show this to my teachers......... Screw it she can deal with it

Автор Laura-Sif Nora Andrésdóttir ( назад)
Can you please do a funny musical chasier😂

Автор Kacey Geraghty ( назад)
Wi else came from Instagram xxx

Автор Fattie Thao ( назад)
My part was when the teacher singed

Автор Kerem Copur ( назад)
who love rudy like

Автор Lila Raulston-Lappart ( назад)
Please do a musical cash register or musical store???

Автор Coop Lynx ( назад)
your super talented

Автор Revelation Edu-ma-cation ( назад)
I never get tired of this video. HA!

Автор Mario and Sonic Plush Bros ( назад)
Rudy can you  please comment back I have a friend called Rudy btw he looks up to you

Автор Christy Voong ( назад)
1934 was when Jane Goodall was born

Автор Amiya Tabor ( назад)
this is so funny

Автор MICHELE LINDSEY ( назад)
Yes sir it was I now more than you

Автор hera sulle ( назад)

Автор Jacob Hopkins ( назад)
5 times 1530000002796 is 50,250,000,013,965

Автор KyleGames !! ( назад)
this one

Автор Mariana ( назад)
rudy tu falas português ?

Автор Aryan Gupta ( назад)
awesome music and lyrics!!!!!!

Автор Ziv Wong ( назад)
So,what app do you use to make this video? EA? Or some others in the iPhone ? I wanna learn...

Автор Henry Gallardo ( назад)

Автор LumieLuminous ( назад)
Why tell him all of this if he isn't even a teacher?

Автор Awesome Girl ( назад)
i love these musical videos

Автор thesammyshow ( назад)

Автор Iris Araki ( назад)
If my teachers taught me like this, I would be smart rn. Why can't teachers sing, rap, and cuss in class?

Автор vallegomezn ( назад)
i love you Rudy Mancuso

Автор aya Guerch ( назад)
How long did it take u to write the song?🎶🎶

Автор Jessica Delgado ( назад)
mine is the one I'm watching/ funny musical teacher

Автор Ellie Mae Burton ( назад)
Just saying no hate but in my year five and six class we learning WW2 and the war started 1939

Автор MICHELE LINDSEY ( назад)
The nazi invasion was in world war 1

Автор Yara Libot ( назад)
2.2 is 4
And my ex- girlfriend is a whore

Автор Rocky Pop 101 ( назад)
"Math, English, Science, Spanish"
Um that's just a *MESS*

Автор Lizzet Veloz ( назад)
Make Hispanic soccer

Автор Bradley Scott ( назад)
the answer is 751483965

Автор Jakob Thusgaard Mortensen ( назад)
Good work

Автор ZaDe Trixx ( назад)
ww2 started in 1939 i think

Автор Delanie Dodo ( назад)
I would know and remember way more if school was like this😂😂😃😂😂😂😂

Автор Kupono Browne ( назад)
Wait... Hitler came into power in 1933 not 1932

Автор Sydnee Buckman ( назад)
Ur so funny lol

Автор Dashiell Pena ( назад)
hahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 fuck fuck yes 😅😅😅

Автор Zay Bieber ( назад)
You are very creative TBH!😇😜 who agrees? 😶

Автор Chelsea Brooks ( назад)
You should do more of these videos they are my favourite ❤❤

Автор Amsal Zia ( назад)
Rudy 😂😂 he's funny AFAF

Автор Sucky Johky ( назад)
is it just me or is it impressive how he explained the world war in less than 5 lines, where it takes teachers about a term/semester to do

Автор Annoying Narwal ( назад)
Musical Dancer

Автор Kitty CatXOXO ( назад)
A teacher, taxi driver and a doctor, dude, how much money does this guy make?

Автор Dustin vs munecraft ( назад)
hitler is asome

Автор Matt FC ( назад)
This may have only 3 million views, but those are all from me watching it again

Автор lionitist ( назад)
Hitler came into power in 1935 (not 1932) after Hindenburg died in 1934 of a "heart attack"

Автор james smookieriver ( назад)
wow how you actually do that

Автор MankDemes ( назад)
If Rudy Was On A Show I Would Be The First Person To See It Every Morning

Автор John Trolovinski ( назад)
Teacher Rudy: 10 - 7 is?
Student Rudy: 3
Teacher Rudy: And that was my age when my dad left me
Student Rudy: Ummm

Автор Iris Hurtado ( назад)

Автор Patrick Mwai ( назад)

Автор Graham Jones ( назад)
Me liking

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