Funny Musical Teacher | Rudy Mancuso

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  • Длительность: 3:42
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  • Rudy Mancuso
    Rudy Mancuso  6 месяцев назад +7501

    Thank you for watching. Which musical is your favorite so far?

  • Edgar Teran
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  • Kun Argel Azarragalsxpowoñlm
    Kun Argel Azarragalsxpowoñlm 6 часов назад

    really really bump bump bump really really Fucking fuck

  • Kazyah Davis
    Kazyah Davis 10 часов назад

    the doctor and barber solon😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Daija Anderson
    Daija Anderson 11 часов назад

    "Two plus two is four, and my ex girlfriend is a whore." 😂😂😂💀💀

  • Aj
    Aj 13 часов назад


  • Levin Loay
    Levin Loay 18 часов назад

    Hey I love your videos there so creative you are amazing keep the good work because I really enjoy watching you

  • Juan Castillo
    Juan Castillo 23 часа назад +1

    I think you're really cute and really good at singing

  • Payden Grimm
    Payden Grimm День назад

    This is making me want to go to school

  • JustinRocks at Gaming
    JustinRocks at Gaming День назад

    can you be my teacher you'l be fun

  • Rory Grace
    Rory Grace День назад

    All teachers should teach like this. We all would get A's lol

  • Jayla's World
    Jayla's World День назад

    Rudy actually make school fun no one else can do 👍👍 keep up the good work

  • javier montiel
    javier montiel День назад +1


  • Eqdam Sulaiman
    Eqdam Sulaiman День назад

    Rudy you are the best and funny musician! Like if you agree.

  • nibraas moe
    nibraas moe 2 дня назад

    fuck out

  • Kimmie Persaud
    Kimmie Persaud 2 дня назад

    hola rudy

  • Enrico Gabriel Francisco
    Enrico Gabriel Francisco 2 дня назад

    this is so funny becuse the dance lol

  • Jade Scarleth
    Jade Scarleth 2 дня назад

    all of em

  • Fabiola Wegmann
    Fabiola Wegmann 2 дня назад

    What was the song u used at 1:16

  • Vkook 4life
    Vkook 4life 2 дня назад +1

    You deserve 10 mill subscribers like if u agree

    CHRIS CABELLO 2 дня назад

    Nice vidoe

  • Sofi -Chan
    Sofi -Chan 3 дня назад +2

    I need the lyrics.

  • Master Doge
    Master Doge 3 дня назад

    that hitler part is really bad

  • FireDash TT
    FireDash TT 3 дня назад

    I wish my teachers where like this...

  • Jarney Lin
    Jarney Lin 4 дня назад

    I think hitler came back to life in trumps body...

  • Jada Jai
    Jada Jai 4 дня назад

    Will you be my teacher ..plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Christine Ann
    Christine Ann 4 дня назад

    I love these funny musicals 💖❤️👍

  • banana lolz
    banana lolz 4 дня назад


  • banana lolz
    banana lolz 4 дня назад


  • Dj Lit
    Dj Lit 4 дня назад

    Please make more of funny musicals

  • paola ordonez
    paola ordonez 5 дней назад

    If you put the subtitles some words come out wrong in english

  • Selin Senturk
    Selin Senturk 5 дней назад


  • Keganele Malikongwa
    Keganele Malikongwa 5 дней назад

    Rudys videos are the only vidos i watch every 30 times a day pleasr like me

  • Why_ Hellothere
    Why_ Hellothere 5 дней назад

    This is my favorite Rudy mancuso video. EVER!

  • Destiny Rose
    Destiny Rose 5 дней назад

    I love Rudy's musical videos

  • Blossy
    Blossy 6 дней назад

    How do you know the subjects I learn everyday!!!! What da fuq...
    Rudy ¿Puedo tomarme un poco de cerveza ahora mismo? ¿Cómo lo sabes?

  • Zoe Mills
    Zoe Mills 6 дней назад

    Rudy you should do a musical about a target checkout

  • Felia Felia
    Felia Felia 6 дней назад

    Please make another musically video like this one because i like it and i sud and turn on the nof and i like your videos :D

  • Lily Bertholf
    Lily Bertholf 6 дней назад

    Who's watching this in 2013???

  • keonna :P
    keonna :P 6 дней назад

    Sub: love god
    Ignore : love satan

  • CocoGames
    CocoGames 6 дней назад +1

    Rudy you have a great voice!!!!

  • Jessica Bloom
    Jessica Bloom 7 дней назад

    I'm a jew

  • saviyo ibr
    saviyo ibr 7 дней назад

    OMG the teacher looks exactly like rudy omd

  • Allie and Emily
    Allie and Emily 7 дней назад

    Who else is laying in their bed wishing that either they were Rudy's age OR that that they could colab with Rudy and be his friend cuz me being me, I am wishing both

  • Jason Dibble
    Jason Dibble 7 дней назад

    I thought he said meth instead of math

  • Shylin Simmons
    Shylin Simmons 7 дней назад

    I would love to have him as my teacher

  • fayeyong
    fayeyong 7 дней назад

    I actually learned more from Rudy then school

  • Mahwish _
    Mahwish _ 7 дней назад

    wish our teachers were like this😂🤘

  • GabeNormand
    GabeNormand 8 дней назад

    This was like my 5th grade year

  • taylor marine
    taylor marine 8 дней назад

    The best is the barber... lol haha

  • hubert, tobi and bella 123
    hubert, tobi and bella 123 8 дней назад

    Musical barista

  • Destiny Reyes
    Destiny Reyes 8 дней назад +2

    They should show this at school maybe i'll finally start listening.

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  • Linken Park
    Linken Park 8 дней назад +1

    Hey you shouldn't swear in school but fuck it

  • vienna Glynn
    vienna Glynn 9 дней назад

    Rudy stop swearing there is children watching

  • Riccardo Bini
    Riccardo Bini 9 дней назад

    Great video... WWII started on 1939 not 1932

  • II King Anønymøus II
    II King Anønymøus II 9 дней назад

    That rhymes were fire😈😈😈😈

  • Karen Nathaly
    Karen Nathaly 9 дней назад

    Cantas bien 👍

  • ana Logar
    ana Logar 9 дней назад

    1:21 doosh(Hitler)

  • ana Logar
    ana Logar 9 дней назад

    1:14 world war 2

  • ana Logar
    ana Logar 9 дней назад

    1:05 learning is fun

  • ana Logar
    ana Logar 9 дней назад

    0:56 pain in my ass

  • Neha Ravula
    Neha Ravula 9 дней назад

    Is no one is gonna acknowledge how good this musicals are, and what effort it must take to write/create them?

  • Beverly Moudoungou
    Beverly Moudoungou 9 дней назад

    The science one 😂😂😂

  • ana Logar
    ana Logar 9 дней назад

    Math is shipping and it's only all around you nomistacions and equations will astoumd you 2x2 is 4 and my ex girlfriend is a horse but it's cool

  • ana Logar
    ana Logar 9 дней назад

    Talk about world war 2 (1932)it was 1932 and hilter got the power and what happend he acted like a doosh doosh

  • ana Logar
    ana Logar 9 дней назад

    If you really wanna take my class then you have to song refrig pass ok man are you happy now (coward)somehow you made me sing

  • Crazypop Doodle
    Crazypop Doodle 10 дней назад +2

    I'm not even kidding my teachers showed our class this it was so funny (I'm in high school so it was ok with the swearing) the vid was supposed to make us like learning but instead the class wouldn't stop singing 😂

  • faze snow
    faze snow 10 дней назад

    Who else laughed when he said: if u take this tube of weird blue shit😂😂

  • XxLachlan GamingxX
    XxLachlan GamingxX 10 дней назад


  • vighnesh vicky
    vighnesh vicky 10 дней назад

    you are awesome bro

  • ana Logar
    ana Logar 10 дней назад

    Rudy please make a vid where you fight Freddy from nightmare on elm Street

  • Idekel 99
    Idekel 99 10 дней назад +1

    the year was 1932 when hitler got the power and he acted like a doosh

  • iiReckless Cookiez
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  • Scared Ear
    Scared Ear 11 дней назад

    wwii started in 1939 and ended in 1945

  • Kk Kool
    Kk Kool 11 дней назад +1

    You should make more like this😂like musical sports⚽🏀or something 😂😄😂

  • Frank Folie
    Frank Folie 11 дней назад +2

    "Fuck.. fuck.. yes! I'm the teacher and I know what's best" (enter awkward smile) xD Hahahahaha lmao

    • twin girlz
      twin girlz 10 дней назад

      Frank Folie 😂

  • Sofie Kilsholm
    Sofie Kilsholm 11 дней назад

    I Want a teacher like that! Rudy please Be My teacher!

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf 12 дней назад

    Is Rudy alcoholic?

  • Salma Hersi
    Salma Hersi 12 дней назад

    THIS WAS ON MY BIRTHDAYYYYYY😂😂👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💖💖💖💕🔥💙💛💝💜💘💓

  • Joshua Thompson
    Joshua Thompson 12 дней назад

    So funny

  • Savannah Martinson
    Savannah Martinson 12 дней назад

    I love the doctor one and this and haircut one and the taxi :)I love you Rudy:<3<3<3

  • Mariem TV
    Mariem TV 12 дней назад

    love u

  • AnD
    AnD 13 дней назад

    Funny how we are making the same mistakes ...

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  • Zeinabou Amadou
    Zeinabou Amadou 13 дней назад +4

    At 2:50 the answer is 751,483,965

  • Cecilia Estrada
    Cecilia Estrada 13 дней назад

    I would go to school everyday if rudy mancuso was my teacher

  • The Real Jesus
    The Real Jesus 13 дней назад +1

    Who else feels like teaching the class about this at school 😂

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    Gamer Tales 13 дней назад

    This is so racist

  • timi pollard
    timi pollard 13 дней назад

    Math is my fave 😆🤓😛😋😺😂😝🤑👻👽😈1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣4️⃣5️⃣6️⃣7️⃣8️⃣9️⃣0️⃣➖➕✖️➗☑️

  • timi pollard
    timi pollard 13 дней назад

    Math is my fave 😆😂😋🤑😛😝😜👻👽😈😺1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣4️⃣5️⃣6️⃣7️⃣8️⃣9️⃣0️⃣✖️➗➖➕☑️

  • Payraw Rauf
    Payraw Rauf 14 дней назад

    Fights r best

  • Bob jeff
    Bob jeff 14 дней назад +1

    I am surprised that no one rubbed there nipples!😂

  • Sadique Tahmid
    Sadique Tahmid 14 дней назад

    1:48 dush dush dushy dushy dush dush dushy dush dush and there was a dush dushy dush dush dushy dush :p

  • gaming withasia
    gaming withasia 14 дней назад +1

    Math was my favorite I was dead on that part

  • mrgeneturner
    mrgeneturner 14 дней назад

    I love this

  • Tomoya Okazaki
    Tomoya Okazaki 14 дней назад

    I wish I had a musical teacher

  • Geb_27 Clarke
    Geb_27 Clarke 15 дней назад

    This song rap thing is sooooooo catchy