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"Always Original"

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Длительность: 28:28
Комментарии: 354

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Автор skiizer meek ( назад)
"yu a lesbian for real ant yu......DDAAAMMMMNNN!!..if I was yo daddy ill beat yo ass"...Lmfao too funny

Автор KaDar Stephens ( назад)
damn I love you Mac man faever u gone be missed

Автор Devon Angell ( назад)
The white folks at this show are some ugly ass mother fuckers.

Автор J Alexander ( назад)
Stop telln dat F up story!

Hypothetically speaking you shud have $100,000 Realistically speaking you living wit two hoes...

Bernie Mack a legend (down to earth comedy)

Автор Cedric Washing it on the ( назад)
best comedian ever who thinks so?

Автор Racshel Paynter ( назад)
Gonna miss Mr. Bernie Mac

Автор TheProductionOf3 ( назад)

Автор ron doe ( назад)
if u love and miss Bernie Mac hit the like button let's see how much love we can show him 👍

Автор TheProductionOf3 ( назад)
Damn I've been sleepin on Bernie

Автор King Quon The God ( назад)
Damn who mutha TRYNA get hit!!!!

Автор Thomas O'Connor ( назад)
LMFAO "I'm wearing the patch." RIP Legend.

Автор Diane Arrington ( назад)
...2017 Yup!

Автор Ken Brewster ( назад)
Chicago cried when he passed; 'Don't be scared of them Muttafukkas' RIP Mac-mam

Автор Randy Watt ( назад)
True king!!

Автор HardWorkingNoGovHelpLowClass ( назад)
I'm making a copy of this before YouTube takes it down!!!

Автор Driff F,A Roc Eastwood ( назад)
Richard prior Red Foxx Eddie Murphy Bernie Mac Martin Lawrence are some of the best black comedians to ever live R.I.P Mac,Prior,Foxx thanks for the laughs

Автор Neighbour ( назад)
Elo here

Автор Christopher Lewis ( назад)
rip Bernie ...

Автор Azrael ( назад)
that girl ruined the whole vibe of the show. she was cute tho..


Автор Amjid Ali ( назад)

Автор S. Vernay ( назад)
I miss you Bernie Mac...Your funny touched my ❤...

Автор Melanie Wheatly ( назад)
I love Comedy, I believe it's a necessarily assets to cope with evolutions of life

Автор andrea leon ( назад)
now we'll never know if chuck was actin silly, doin it on purpose, or if it was part of his routine. either way frigging pure genius xoxo & miss Bernie mac.

Автор Sneaker Sneaky ( назад)
R.I.P Bernie!!!!!

Автор Bonani Luthuli ( назад)
"what type of shit is this here!!"

Автор Al Mcclain ( назад)
i love this guy. he's the best at what he does.

Автор Roberta Mathers ( назад)
pedo based commercial?

Автор Jae Barnes ( назад)
This is so funny! Wow so sad he's gone . RIP.

Автор Duell Stacks ( назад)
Can't belive how Fake Brothers kill him, cause he was so much better than them......and you know who you are COON ass fake ass brothers

Автор Rishan Riri ( назад)
mac looks like my uncle, he came to my dad's house in nairobi from Ethiopia back in the 1990s and went to America we never heard from him again then i saw the burni mac show I was like no this dude looks exactly like him but it not

Автор Derrick Larry ( назад)
he right Women think we always gotta give it to them but don't want to give it bacc my opinion we don't fucc then

Автор Ashgooner 910 ( назад)
"wipe yo ass"

Автор Marvin dildy ( назад)
Berine is crazy mother fucker😀😀😀

Автор Breavess McBride ( назад)
R.I.P., you were a fantastic comedian and you are missed....

Автор Branon Fontaine ( назад)
Can't believe this was recorded 17yrs ago....holy fuck gettin old sucks....

Автор King James Mayo ( назад)
Bernie mac kill this shit has soon it started Rip 2 the best

Автор ShonQ Renee ( назад)
How come I just realized he did the voice of Alex's dad in Madagascar 2?!

Автор Carol Petersen ( назад)
Bernie Mac THE GREATEST ever!!!

Автор Anne Simmons ( назад)
i so love this guy ! Bernie was the most favorite of comedian that i ever knew! you are forever missed
continue to S.I.P.

Автор Plug Industries ( назад)
my man's gums doe

Автор Joe Aleman ( назад)
It ain't Bernie if his eyes don't get large when he is serious! RIP!!

Автор alexandru Popescu ( назад)
Bernie is a legend..its No 1 world most Gratest Comediant.. its next to God 😢 R.I.P

Автор Nick Tramontanis ( назад)
Legends never die

Автор edward baez ( назад)
i also cant believe hes gone i watch his shows and movies as much as i can and never get tired the GOAT of comedy my opinion

Автор Tony Faleofa ( назад)

Автор Random Simplexity ( назад)
Love Mac Man... Rest in Paradise my dude... when ever i think of ChiTown I see Bernie... Real Playa

Автор black queen melanin ( назад)
Go outside and find something for me to whoop your ass. Go out and find the smallest switch only to find out, THOSE HURT THE MOST..😂😂😂

Автор Verlyn Joseph ( назад)
I miss him bad

Автор Juan López ( назад)
Los 215 dislikes deben de ser de gente muy amargada

Автор Nickolas carpenter ( назад)
what's the name of the song at the beginning

Автор Bobby Mcduff ( назад)
legend but edge up crooked

Автор Ife's Voice ( назад)
Watching this entertainment before I head out to class (college).

Автор Keith Hoover ( назад)
man fuck that gahh damn ball lmao

Автор IhateAlot718 ( назад)
@24:20 This is so true, my mother loves talking about people who died and how they died.

Автор Jacob Richardson ( назад)
RIP Bernie Mac my nigga

Автор Vito ( назад)
You suck dick??? ..... You do???? His face :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Автор andrea leon ( назад)
I'm the one that got my a** tore ALL THE WAY UP while my younger sis N.E.V.E.R. E.V.E.R. got that belt. I think my mom & dad were just tired by the time she came on the scene. she claims it's cause she's the baby. in my opinion that dog don't hunt. lol

Автор MELANIN GODDESS ( назад)
that white chic DID NOT look amused 1:40... lmfaoooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор OBFLife ( назад)
I like to think he smashed that girl after the show. RIP

Автор E. MAN ( назад)

Автор thebestfreethrowcoach ( назад)
I need to see what his cause of death was. Men who are young-looking for their age, and have a full head of dark hair, don't die young. It never happens!

Автор SaalimP Chicago97 ( назад)
Yall notice the people with the blank face? 🤔 Did they not hear the jokes or what?

Автор John H ( назад)
he funny man behind it all good message behind it all funny

Автор Arthur Duda ( назад)
realistically you live with two ho's.... LMAO

Автор Chocolatensexy72 ( назад)
2017 and this shit still funny!

Автор Michael kay ( назад)
Is the King of comedy

Автор Jay Thugga ( назад)
i was so nervous i dail 119 omg im dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👌👌

Автор Jay Thugga ( назад)
tooo funny @4:00 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Chonito Escalante ( назад)
the best straight foward man who said the truth!

Автор sugarsaint ( назад)
like wow !!

Автор Lena Allen ( назад)
cream of the crop.rip

Автор Tawanda Branch ( назад)
first time seeing this.

Автор One Love ( назад)
I miss you Bernie Mac Chicago Finest

Автор Joseph King ( назад)

Автор Malcolm Jones ( назад)
7:33 - 8:00
I was crying, LMBO.

Автор Malcolm Jones ( назад)
5:44 go outside and find me something to whoop yo ass wit.

Автор Fents ( назад)
Good thing he's dead now

Автор Curtis Kennedy ( назад)
was a funny person and a hell of man rip

Автор Johan Gonzalez ( назад)
#1 Bernie Mack..#2 Katt Williams

Автор Ryan Nugent ( назад)

Автор Lavida Roberson ( назад)

Автор 1theqtpie ( назад)
He said he lost two "CATS" an my grew up in the suburbs ass thought he was talking about pets🙈🙈😂

Автор rochelle jennings ( назад)
love you MAC RIP

Автор Judith Isles ( назад)
Bernie Mac a true King of comedy... May he rest in peace...

Автор Rashi Dunbar ( назад)
Best story teller of all time... #Chitown'sFinest!

Автор Otto Johnson ( назад)
Somebody tell me who the chick at 17:41 is? Lolol

Автор moses neves ( назад)
Uncle Bernie

Автор nappyhead99999 ( назад)

Автор Willem Hifikepunye ( назад)
laughed my lungs out Mac!!!

Автор Rachael Elizabeth ( назад)
Rest in piece Mr. Mac, you are well missed!!!

Автор Timothy Black ( назад)
lollol lollol hahaha haha 😱 😂😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂👉👺👣 wow. R.i.p gone too soon glory be to God the only God the invible god the lord will take care of you in Jesus name we pray amen

Автор Trinity Cummings ( назад)
the girl at 17:24 had me rolling, 'its 2000 i do suck dick' lmaooooooo bernie stupid im goin have to check you out

Автор tamara wallace ( назад)
rip mac man miss you so much

Автор DeShawn Granchamps ( назад)
Best comedian of all time in my opinion

Автор Jimmysblu ( назад)
hay Bernie too bad y isn't around youd love kds those little mothem fuckerrssss Id kid thre asss... love ya 💜💜💜🏳️‍🌈

Автор Texas Regiment ( назад)
Lol mane he said "I been black a long time"

Автор Sound Gardener ( назад)
If you ever get the chance to see BAD SANTA, check out Bernie Mac, especially his scenes with John Ritter—boy I haven't laughed so hard since Grandma caught her left tit in the mangle!

Автор E Smith ( назад)
Miss him

Автор Princess Shawn ( назад)

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