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"Always Original"

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Длительность: 28:28
Комментарии: 486

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Автор Amanda Martin ( назад)
A Legend Lives........Class Act until his death......You are forever in our laughs Bernie!!!!! RIP!

Автор Mr. Stephan Rolle ( назад)
R.I.P mr. mac

Автор ALEXANDRIA ALLY ( назад)
Bernie Mac can't check right now but believe he was a libra (non important fact) but this my mutha fucka damn the good die young

Автор JayDub And the Family ( назад)
Miss Bernie

Автор ellisyohn ( назад)
One of the best to ever do it. My favorite comdian.

Автор Andrew Ward ( назад)
beautiful exchange with the woman in the audience, she added more human to him....and he loves her up nice

Автор OssomC2 ( назад)
Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for the GOAT, Bernie Mac! We miss you!

Автор Brandon ringo ( назад)
True Chicagoan right here

Автор Maddygurl12304996 ( назад)
"26 years old, College degree, and a cock sucker" I fell out 😂😂😭😭😭

Автор iam iraknight ( назад)
man im over here crying laughing 😂😂😂😂 the funeral part got me lmao..much respect rip..he has is own day in Chicago

Автор King David ( назад)

Автор Kevin servHis ( назад)
"When your friend die, don't you get nervous?" Eery moment after the fact...especially considering only 7 years later, he wouldn't be with us anymore.

Автор G. Money ( назад)
Bernie had vocals!!!!


Автор Adams Akondor ( назад)
rip legend. u always in our hearts Bernie Mac

Автор Randy Brown ( назад)

Автор brandon oneal ( назад)
I still watch all his. Stand up even his first one he did

Автор bloodius22 ( назад)
That motherfucker gone too soon...

Автор Simone King ( назад)
Bernie is being real in this video about parent 😂🖒..

Автор Senior Adrian ( назад)
Walter got any more Bernie videos?

Автор Roblox Player ( назад)

Автор Sherrie Bush ( назад)
the lady in the front with her mouth open👌😁😂😂😅😁 too funny

Автор D'vawn Williams ( назад)
Pause! notice how one of Bernie jokes talked about his heart problems and then the age that he would be close to if he died... 1:57

Автор TheInvincibleViolet ( назад)
Rest In Peace, Bernie Mac :( xxxxxxxxxx Never forgotten x

Автор Benjamin Elias ( назад)
every so often you have to binge the mac man! RIP

Автор Kenshannon Jeter ( назад)
I miss Bernie............The real king of comedy.

Автор Mike bofa ( назад)
" I ain't scared of y'all madafuckaz!"

Автор jessica hoover ( назад)
9:35 that was my mom all day lol

Автор Keilani Mcroy ( назад)
what type of shit is this here 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Chris Merrells ( назад)
You will be forever missed!!!!!!

Автор Basketballandbodybuilding Basketballandbodybuilding ( назад)
Dam this is so sad considering he died soon after

Автор Phuti Rankapole ( назад)
he's been black for a long time and he tell it like it is...😂😂😂😂😂😂may his soul rest in peace....

Автор Funny or Not Here We Come ( назад)
Thanks for the comedy.

Автор B Davis ( назад)
Thanks for posting. I can feel that he's still here when I see him di his thang.

Автор Dane Youssef ( назад)
I miss this guy...

Автор Lynn Bowens ( назад)

Автор Charity Denise Pope ( назад)
Rest in Peace baby, You always kept a smile on my face and always will. You was a blessing to the world!

Автор ike freeney ( назад)
in loving memory (who yu with)

Автор Severus Chambers ( назад)
even this white boy got to recognize. rip

Автор James Champion ( назад)
watching reruns of your show everyday, you truly are a legend Mac man RIP ✔

Автор Lavarelle Gavins ( назад)
Damn one of the best can't believe he gone BM R.I.P

Автор marlo1987sh ( назад)
CHICAGO is the funniest city fuck what you heard

Автор Richard Chamberland ( назад)
What a loss

Автор AMIR SONGS ( назад)
he's a fucking legend
i always laugh so hard whit this guy

Автор Fudge Fantasy aka Fredbone ( назад)
That girl was on something

Автор DonnyD Chavez ( назад)
man I cnt believe I missed this 2k17 I'm missin u more fam rih mac man 😇

Автор Kelvin Lihle Dhlamini ( назад)
Still one of the greatest man who ever lived.

Автор Abbey Brown ( назад)
my lilman

Автор David Hines ( назад)
She was good people...hysterival

Автор C James ( назад)
I laughed so hard, like it was my first time seeing it.. I forgot how funny this was.. RIP MAC

Автор thepac12andbig10suck ( назад)
Parents today need to see 3:52

Автор thepac12andbig10suck ( назад)
Not 20 seconds in and I'm crying laughing. DANG!!!

Автор Monique39ify ( назад)

Автор Meeka B ( назад)
Would he just cheat on his wife openly...?? Like clue me in, I don't wanna be assumptuous :/ :(

Автор SARsnot ( назад)
thank god for Bernie!

Автор Vinnie K. ( назад)
hairline on point

Автор Greta Williams ( назад)
love this man, he will be forever missed, rip bernie

Автор andrea leon ( назад)
♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ rip Bernie............♡

Автор Dud512 ( назад)
"Man fuck that ball" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Gator Boy ( назад)
🐐 🐐 🐐

Автор dewey harris ( назад)
"If I was yo daddy, I'll beat yo ass" lmfaoooo 😂 RIP BERNIE

Автор Msbrowny05 Msbrowny05 ( назад)
what can I say about Bernie Mac he was and is undeniably the legend of comedy, they just don't make em like Bernie no more, He will never be forgotten may he rest in peace.

Автор Vee R ( назад)

Автор Truey Pryde ( назад)
ohh shitt thats the funniest shit i seen on stage during routine

Автор motly93 ( назад)
Damn dat bitch nasty, Bernie shoulda got dat head backstage.

Автор ALEXANDRIA ALLY ( назад)
Rip Mac man

Автор Nae Sias ( назад)
There will NEVER be another Bearnie Mac! A real great ... goat rest easy 💙

Автор Rubin Woods ( назад)
Bernie Mac was a goat😂😂😂😂

Автор Eastside Polo ( назад)
the king of comedy hands down R.I.P the greatest

Автор KANSCIOUS MUZIK ( назад)

Автор Bernadette Negila ( назад)
R.I.P Bernie Mac 👼

Автор jerik de jesus ( назад)

Автор skiizer meek ( назад)
"yu a lesbian for real ant yu......DDAAAMMMMNNN!!..if I was yo daddy ill beat yo ass"...Lmfao too funny

Автор KaDar Stephens ( назад)
damn I love you Mac man faever u gone be missed

Автор Devon Angell ( назад)
The white folks at this show are some ugly ass mother fuckers.

Автор J Alexander ( назад)
Stop telln dat F up story!

Hypothetically speaking you shud have $100,000 Realistically speaking you living wit two hoes...

Bernie Mack a legend (down to earth comedy)

Автор Cedric Washing it on the ( назад)
best comedian ever who thinks so?

Автор Racshel Paynter ( назад)
Gonna miss Mr. Bernie Mac

Автор TheProductionOf3 ( назад)

Автор ron doe ( назад)
if u love and miss Bernie Mac hit the like button let's see how much love we can show him 👍

Автор TheProductionOf3 ( назад)
Damn I've been sleepin on Bernie

Автор King Quon The God ( назад)
Damn who mutha TRYNA get hit!!!!

Автор Thomas O'Connor ( назад)
LMFAO "I'm wearing the patch." RIP Legend.

Автор Diane Arrington ( назад)
...2017 Yup!

Автор Ken Brewster ( назад)
Chicago cried when he passed; 'Don't be scared of them Muttafukkas' RIP Mac-mam

Автор Randy Watt ( назад)
True king!!

Автор HardWorkingNoGovHelpLowClass ( назад)
I'm making a copy of this before YouTube takes it down!!!

Автор Driff F,A Roc Eastwood ( назад)
Richard prior Red Foxx Eddie Murphy Bernie Mac Martin Lawrence are some of the best black comedians to ever live R.I.P Mac,Prior,Foxx thanks for the laughs

Автор Neighbour ( назад)
Elo here

Автор Christopher Lewis ( назад)
rip Bernie ...

Автор Amjid Ali ( назад)

Автор S. Vernay ( назад)
I miss you Bernie Mac...Your funny touched my ❤...

Автор Melanie Wheatly ( назад)
I love Comedy, I believe it's a necessarily assets to cope with evolutions of life

Автор andrea leon ( назад)
now we'll never know if chuck was actin silly, doin it on purpose, or if it was part of his routine. either way frigging pure genius xoxo & miss Bernie mac.

Автор Sneaker Sneaky ( назад)
R.I.P Bernie!!!!!

Автор Bonani Luthuli ( назад)
"what type of shit is this here!!"

Автор Al Mcclain ( назад)
i love this guy. he's the best at what he does.

Автор Roberta Mathers ( назад)
pedo based commercial?

Автор Jae Barnes ( назад)
This is so funny! Wow so sad he's gone . RIP.

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