Joe Rogan Experience #1315 - Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
  • Bob Lazar is a physicist who worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, and also on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at a site called S-4 near the Area 51 Groom Lake operating location. Jeremy Corbell is a contemporary artist and documentary filmmaker. Watch the documentary "Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers" now streaming on Netflix.

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  • sallie6
    sallie6 33 minutes ago

    this is excellent! - isn't it amazing (just like in the movies) how 'they' try to eliminate any trace of you're existence ....birth certificate, you're education and work history! come on, that trick doesn't work this century and it's time the government stops their deception and the cruel behaviour they inflict on those who want the truth to be known.

  • pierce sherry
    pierce sherry 35 minutes ago

    If he’s so legit let’s stick him on a podcast with other scientists and maybe throw in Laurence kraus or something

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson 48 minutes ago

    Ah, to be known as the guy with the weird car at Area 51.

  • bo_bo_deluxe
    bo_bo_deluxe Hour ago

    1:36:00 "We are the sex organs of the machine world" - _Marshall McCluhan via Joe Rogan_

  • Billy Buttons
    Billy Buttons Hour ago

    This guy is full of shit.

  • TomTomTabombbomb
    TomTomTabombbomb Hour ago

    Thanks Bob for being brave :)

    RVCAXD 2 hours ago

    Area 52... okay I’m done

  • Keegan Penney
    Keegan Penney 2 hours ago

    This is the most valuable Joe Rogan cast ever

  • DaQuan Tyler
    DaQuan Tyler 2 hours ago

    When listening to stories like this it’s not what he’s saying that makes this sound true it’s what he continues to not know which complete stays consistent.

  • Shane Vincent
    Shane Vincent 2 hours ago

    I hope, and want all he says to be true, but there's no way he can be alive if what he's saying is true, governments kill people for less every day. If Epstein got suicided for politicians fiddling kids on his island what do you think happens to people who talk about Aliens the government are trying to hide?

  • Robert Dillahubris
    Robert Dillahubris 2 hours ago +1

    Bob the Weird Brothel Bandit Bizarre who can't produce certificates or any documentation of his "masters degrees". Total fraud, liar and sociopath.

  • Dr. Matt
    Dr. Matt 3 hours ago

    Now were going to Fucking kill you Bob!

  • David Oman
    David Oman 3 hours ago +1

    We should raid area 51 Mad Max style

  • Chris Draughn
    Chris Draughn 4 hours ago

    Bob isn’t credible in my opinion. Just in regards to his telling of the supposed events he experienced. His constant losing his train of thought makes me doubt him. The migraine sounds like an excuse to me.
    I think he probably worked at Area 51 on the B-2 Stealth Bomber Project for a short while, and that’s it.

    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris 46 minutes ago

      @Delight Kummari Because of illegal sale of substances. The guy is a sociopath and proven liar. You think that him doing something illegal and potentially harmful is out of the question?

    • Delight Kummari
      Delight Kummari 2 hours ago

      Then why did FBI raid him?

    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris 3 hours ago

      Lazar's story is complete horseshit.

  • Operation Paperclip
    Operation Paperclip 4 hours ago

    Problematic Bob being Catholic, due to his brothel commitments he only goes to confessional once a year. So 1989, (he’s in the box) Priest: “What did you lie about today?” Bob: “UFO’s and aliens.” Priest: “How many?” Bob: “Nine.” Priest: “That’s nine Hail Marys then.” Thirty years pass. Priest: “You should have said eight UFO’s and I might have fucking believed you myself.”

  • Jean Rosario
    Jean Rosario 4 hours ago

    There’s a reason why the governments of the world aren’t telling us the truth about these AAVs. Imo after years of listening to these stories especially Bob’s truth. I think It’s a race to see who can control this incredibly advanced technology and I think it’s boils down to two countries. I’m sure we can guess which two. That being said, theres a definite reason why trump just randomly blurted out the topic of a space force or saying that we have one. We have the edge over the opposing country. Id rather it be us then them.

    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris 49 minutes ago

      @Delight Kummari Except he isn't the reason, since people already knew that stuff was going on there before he came out with his story. and that the place was where classified aircraft were tested. The CIA only acknowledged that the place was a government facility YEARS after Lazar came out with his story. It's true that he helped publicize Area 51 at the time of his story being released and bringing the awareness of the facility to a wider audience, but he exposed nothing that was actually going on there. Indeed, he lied about "S4". The FBI raid doesn't mean shit. Lazar sometimes does illegal activities involving the sale of banned substances, and the FBI is well within their rights to investigate him for that. A criminal doesn't get a pass just because he has a bullshit story to tell and you want to believe it. They were investigating a murder linked to a substance he sold (no, they're not saying HE killed the person. They're saying he might have sold the substance to the person who did the murder - using an illegal substance). Lazar has a long association with illegal activities, from his brothel business dealings, to selling banned substances used to make illegal fireworks, to possibly this latest sale of a substance. The real travesty, though, is the scientific fraud he's committed, and regretfully, he's never been arrested for that. I'd say that he's gotten off pretty easy (from a moral rather than a legal point of view).

    • Delight Kummari
      Delight Kummari 2 hours ago

      @Robert Dillahubris FBI raid? And the fact that Bob is the reason why we know about area 51 today?

    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris 3 hours ago

      Lazar is a sociopathic liar and fraud. Challenge me on any aspect of his story.

  • Operation Paperclip
    Operation Paperclip 4 hours ago

    So Bob walks into S4 and on day one asks: “What happened to the previous janitor? And his boss replied: “He’s all over the walls, and it’s your job to clean him off.” So Bob says: “How come?”
    The boss replies: “You don’t think we’d ask an actual scientist to saw a nuclear reactor in half do you?”

  • Operation Paperclip
    Operation Paperclip 4 hours ago

    So the aliens according to Bob, genetically engineered us and it was very labor intensive and time-consuming. Long hours and very hot work in the Nevada dessert but after a week it was done. It was Saturday night and they all got drunk then one said: "I’ve got a piece of genetic shit stuck to my foot" and his pal said: “I know, let’s make a hipster”. The rest is history.

  • Keenan Adams
    Keenan Adams 4 hours ago +1

    Can someone edit this podcast without the beard guy in it.

    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris 2 hours ago

      Ah yes, the bearded guy who is the reason that you're even hearing about Lazar again and who is the only type of person who would promote Lazar. Actual scientists see Bob the Weird Brothel Bandit Bizarre as a joke.

  • Planet Clownfish Brain

    Fuckers are glowing in here. 👽

  • Frisbee Lost On Holiday

    I think Jeremy might have antigravity, all his shit is floating to the surface.

  • Old Wives' Tale
    Old Wives' Tale 5 hours ago

    If he had just said eight saucers I might have believed him, but NINE is just being silly.

  • Charlie Dallachie
    Charlie Dallachie 5 hours ago

    Well if he’s BSing...... he’s very dedicated ...28 years now? There’s nothing at S4 look on the maps... it’s just a mountain. There’s roads but that’s because the old nuclear test sites interconnect. Aliens if it’s true (kinda hope it is) use something against gravity. So when he says he goes in reactor this or that.... seems primitive from an 👽 standpoint. If anything it’s all psychic like in the Taken series that came out a decade or so ago which evolved beings 100k or a million years ahead of us could do.

    463,101 views 5 hours ago +1

    Physicist? pretty sure Bob Lazar can't even solve a fucking Integral, he's just a liar talking about Sci-Fi.

    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris 2 hours ago

      Ssssshhhhh, you'll upset the dumb-fucks who cling to his story so that they can feel superior to actual scientists.

  • Abducted By A Frisbee
    Abducted By A Frisbee 5 hours ago

    It's obvious those saucers were designed and made by the Chinese. Designed by them because they're the only people who can stand up in one, and definitely made by them because they keep crashing. 🤣

  • MainlyMusic
    MainlyMusic 6 hours ago +1

    What a bunch of nonsense. Not too difficult to spot a liar.

  • Jimbo Jones
    Jimbo Jones 7 hours ago

    Aliens are here already posing as humans . Reading you your news , controlling your lives

  • TwinLions777
    TwinLions777 7 hours ago

    Bob is great. The other guy is an idiot that likes to hear himself talk. Completely derailing the conversation.

    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris 2 hours ago

      The "other guy" is the only reason you're hearing about Bob the Brothel Bandit Bizarre. Both of them are total frauds.

  • SuperConnie
    SuperConnie 7 hours ago +1

    Where are his University degrees and published thesis?

      463,101 views 5 hours ago +1

      In the same place that Santa Claus, the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy.

    • Abducted By A Frisbee
      Abducted By A Frisbee 6 hours ago +1

      He used a variation of his school homework excuse: "aliens ate my thesis".

  • Gliding Graphite
    Gliding Graphite 8 hours ago

    "central park, then HUMAN shit"

  • Gliding Graphite
    Gliding Graphite 8 hours ago

    "hey catterpillar what are you doing? hey man im just doin my thing doing my job making a cucoon"

  • Joe Staehly
    Joe Staehly 8 hours ago +1

    Hey guys, me and some friends teamed up with an artist and made a film recreating some of the stories Bob Lazar tells about his life! Would love for you guys to check it out!

    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris 2 hours ago

      So long as you acknowledge that Lazar is a fraud, it's all good.

  • Raimonds Stokmanis
    Raimonds Stokmanis 9 hours ago +1

    Would be cool to see both Joe , and Bob talk about edward leedskalnin, who knew a lot about anti-gravity ,which is related to what's beeing discussed in this podcast.

  • Markell Keeling
    Markell Keeling 10 hours ago +1

    Lowkey look like Stephen king

  • merc731
    merc731 10 hours ago

    Zeta Reticuli for all the nerds like me

    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris 2 hours ago

      No evidence at all that aliens come from there. Betty Hill's "star map" was busted to shit. Lazar was just cashing in on the cult mentality of many UFO enthusiasts.

  • Michael De Jesus
    Michael De Jesus 10 hours ago

    The government speak to aliens through DMT. Why R we still discussing if they are real? They are real & ghost are real too! Anyway back to this reality where nothing exists. 😆

  • ogsoild
    ogsoild 11 hours ago +7

    Does anyone else think bob looks like Stephen king?

    THREE MESQUITES 11 hours ago

    a guy who is not getting a government retirement check.

  • merc731
    merc731 11 hours ago +1

    lazars shirt is a hidden message

  • Bill Steinback
    Bill Steinback 11 hours ago

    the story of prometheus is being played out.....

  • Anthony Crisci
    Anthony Crisci 11 hours ago

    there's no aliens omg

  • Prieuré de Sion
    Prieuré de Sion 12 hours ago

    *UFO’s and Perception Management: You Are the Target*
    On the battlefield even information warfare can be lethal when the target is deceived.
    The public has become the target of an insidious shadow government, a cancer on your society. You are being targeted by a super-secret elite government in the shadows that uses your own misdirected military to attack you with battlefield "non-lethal weapons". This attack includes the use of information warfare and perception management techniques on a regular and ongoing basis in the mainstream media.
    Question everything and think outside of the box - become the observer looking in!
    Here is what one of your military spokespersons had to say:
    *"We must learn to protect our information systems (ourselves) just as we protect our personal valuables.”*
    - Col. John Alexander

  • Silence Enthroned
    Silence Enthroned 12 hours ago

    Checkout Ananda bosman presentation from Montreal conference earlier in the year, advance understanding about this alot probably peak of Information about this subject, from my experience of over 20 years closest what I understand, I can go out have these"vehicles" appear within ten minutes any day any time, I don't flim I don't share, this first time I actually have said anything about that, I understand for myself what going on with this and me personally, it's very private and sacred to me I went through so complex initiations through years in my experience since I was young from typical "scary grey aliens " running around, to Invaders to it's secret breakaway group, Nazis what have you, it was crazy scary in earlier year's, I pushed through and what going on I can't talk about it like me trying to talk to some natives in jungle there know way understand what I'm trying to say so I leave it alone keep to myself I followed ufo/conspiracy culture 20 years it is a absolutely a crap shoot of loony bin, interesting but way off my only suggestion watch presentation. 💓 step strong. Dream well.

  • FreddieMercury
    FreddieMercury 12 hours ago +5

    Every time not-Bob speaks I’m like 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Larry Bridges
    Larry Bridges 12 hours ago

    Rogan think about it black panther the movie The power

  • Chris Briley
    Chris Briley 13 hours ago

    Bob said “I only got to go inside the craft 1 time” , then later Joe said “I can’t believe they only gave you 1 day to check this thing out” and Bob then replied “Oh No! There was way more than just one day” 🤔

  • Marcus Edwards
    Marcus Edwards 14 hours ago

    Flat earth an lizard people is were you lose me

  • Salvy
    Salvy 15 hours ago

    Why do interviewers have to have Jeremy involved every fuckin time? Is he Bobs Lawyer ? Christ allmighty it's annoying.

  • Robert Dillahubris
    Robert Dillahubris 17 hours ago +12

    I don't know why people are so dazzled with Lazar's gibberish talk about element 115. He didn't discover it, nor (contrary to the beliefs of many Lazar enthusiasts) was he the first to talk about

    it; it was already being discussed in the scientific literature BEFORE he came out with is story, and the things he's said about it have NOT been confirmed by science. Quite the opposite, actually. He claimed it was a stable element (his words from back in the day when he came out with his story: "Element 115 is a stable element"). The four isotopes that have so far been synthesized of it are all highly unstable. He refused to stand in front of a scientific committee to discuss 115, even though his contribution could have earned him a Nobel Prize in Chemistry and validated much of his story. Instead, he pretends that he "doesn't care what strangers think", even while he continues to make money off of Area 51 related merchandise on his company's website: Whenever one digs into Lazar's story, one finds vapid claims, recycled nonsense and borrowed bits and pieces from UFO lore.
    Scientific papers from actual scientists mentioning or discussing 115 (or "eka-bismuth" as it used to be known) way before Lazar came out with his fabricated story:

    Here's one from 1973 mentioning it multiple times:
    Seaborg, G. (1973). STATUS REPORT ON THE TRANSURANIUM ELEMENTS. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

    Here's one from 1974 specifically dealing with 115:
    Predicted properties of the superheavy elements. III. Element 115, Eka-bismuth
    O. L. Keller Jr., C. W. Nestor Jr., and Burkhard Fricke
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry 1974 78 (19), 1945-1949
    DOI: 10.1021/j100612a015

    One from 1975 with a section devoted to 115:
    Fricke B. (1975) Superheavy elements - a prediction of their chemical and physical properties.
    In: Recent Impact of Physics on Inorganic Chemistry. Structure and Bonding, vol 21. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg

    Here's an article discussing 115 (among other elements) from 1976:
    Fricke, B. & McMinn, J. Chemical and physical properties of superheavy elements
    Naturwissenschaften (1976) 63: 162.

    And one from 1978 mentioning it:
    Seaborg, G. (1978). SUPERHEAVY ELEMENTS - A CROSSROADS. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. LBNL Report #: LBL-7761.

    And one from 1979 mentioning it twice:
    Seaborg, G. (1979). THE PERIODIC TABLE TORTUOUS PATH TO MAN-MADE ELEMENTS. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
    Reprinted from CHEMICAL & ENGINEERING NEWS, Vol. 57, April 16, 1979, pp. 46-52.

    And one from 1981 mentioning it multiple times:
    Bonchev, Danail; Kamenska, Verginia (1981). "Predicting the Properties of the 113-120 Transactinide Elements". Journal of Physical Chemistry. American Chemical Society. 85 (9): 1177-1186.

    DOI: doi:10.1021/j150609a021.

    A Scientific American article also mentioning it and the "island of stability" that Lazar alludes to was published in 1989, weeks before Lazar came out with his story:
    Creating Superheavy Elements
    - Peter Armbruster and Gottfried Münzenberg
    Scientific American
    Vol. 260, No. 5 (MAY 1989), pp. 66-75
    Published by: Scientific American, a division of Nature America, Inc.

    (this Google drive contains all of these papers: )

    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris 3 hours ago

      @Prieuré de Sion "So, just suppose that an entirely stable version of Element 115 was actually donated to the US back in the 1950’s. The version that would generate a controlled matter-antimatter reaction to power a starship. Suppose that further research on this element took place in cooperation with those that donated it, and then eventually as you have rightly pointed out, some of the information about it has become public knowledge prior to Bob Lazar discussing it.
      Also suppose that there are many other things now publicly available whose origin has been kept hidden (at least for the time being).
      We are not trying to get you to change your mind about anything you feel strongly about, but only to present some further thoughts to add to your research.
      Once again, we acknowledge how much effort you have put into a search for the truth and this has not gone unnoticed."

      What's your point? Nothing Lazar has said couldn't have been fabricated. His story has contributed nothing to science, and he plagiarized the shit out of UFO and alien lore in order to make the story more appealing to people who were already primed to believe him. So what do we actually have left after all the bullshit, plagiarism and worthless claims are taken out? Absolutely nothing. Lazar would not survive a debate with an actual scientists. This is why he's so careful to only ever appear in front of people unwilling to thoroughly cross-examine him. He's a pathological liar and sociopath, as evidenced by his claims and by his personal history.

    • Prieuré de Sion
      Prieuré de Sion 13 hours ago

      We are impressed with how thorough you have researched this subject and have kept profanity out of it this time. Human nature being what it is allows people to believe what they wish and why some will cling to one belief or another is governed by many factors.
      For instance, it could be said that despite all of the research you have uncovered - which is publically available material - there is also a great body of information which has not yet been made available.
      It is not possible to be specific about certain details and events but we can hypothesize instead which will allow you to make considerations in accord with your high intelligence which you have demonstrated quite clearly in your comment.
      So, just suppose that an entirely stable version of Element 115 was actually *donated* to the US back in the 1950’s. The version that would generate a controlled matter-antimatter reaction to power a starship. Suppose that further research on this element took place in cooperation with those that donated it, and then eventually as you have rightly pointed out, some of the information about it has become public knowledge prior to Bob Lazar discussing it.
      Also suppose that there are many other things now publicly available whose origin has been kept hidden (at least for the time being).
      We are not trying to get you to change your mind about anything you feel strongly about, but only to present some further thoughts to add to your research.
      Once again, we acknowledge how much effort you have put into a search for the truth and this has not gone unnoticed.

  • Ainako Haha
    Ainako Haha 18 hours ago

    Jeremy keeps insisting that he is telling the truth before giving his information which makes him lying, poor guy, he just used bob's story to gain popularity

    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris 17 hours ago

      Bob's story is bullshit. No actual scientist takes him seriously, so yeah, get used to people like Corbell being the ones to promote Bob's story, because that's all you're going to get.

  • X-pert Knight
    X-pert Knight 18 hours ago

    Bob Lazar is The Zodiac

  • Cole Privett
    Cole Privett 19 hours ago +1

    Jet engine Honda. Now thats a sleeper lol

  • Nimo Kali
    Nimo Kali 19 hours ago +1

    I get it Jeremy has been helpful towards Bob. But man he needs to control his gears when he's on a podcast, it can get a bit annoying. Just get to the point when you talk, you cycle around it too much.

  • TC Kocher
    TC Kocher 19 hours ago +2

    Con artists of the highest order, I cant believe I actually gave Lazar credibility all these years.

    • TC Kocher
      TC Kocher 10 hours ago

      @Robert Dillahubris i used to be a dumb fuck. And i cant blame Joe for fanboying. Still as big as his podcast is he should have done a bit more objective research.

    • Robert Dillahubris
      Robert Dillahubris 17 hours ago +1

      Thank you. At least some people aren't dumb-fucks in this comment section saturated with Lazar's scrotum-danglers.

  • johnhunyadi
    johnhunyadi 19 hours ago

    I just think it's interesting that he has a "foggy" memory about some of the stuff he has seen. Before I have people come at me, if I had seen something as life-changing as an alien spacecraft, I wouldn't need to think for a few moments as he had multiple times in the interview.
    I don't know if his story is true or not, but as other posters have said if they discredited him at MIT, wouldn't he still have a hard copy of his diploma and his yearbook as proof? Also some things such as the hand scanner could have easily been shown to him in advance, as they stated in the interview that they had been out to dinner with him the previous night.
    If he really was a threat to the government as he claims, wouldn't they have "gotten to him" so to speak? The government has a habit of silencing people who speak out. I find it hard to believe someone even filming area 51 would just get a slap on the wrist and told to leave, much less still be able to be a part of the program. I want to believe his story but it seems like there's a lot of holes in it. Maybe it's like Joe said, some people purposely are out there to spread misinformation.
    Also, EDIT: If someone loses security clearance as he stated in the video, how was he able to go back to Los Alamos? Like I said I want to believe him. But it's hard to when every "source" won't go on record.

  • Mr.J
    Mr.J 19 hours ago

    Aliens with the ability to distort/manipulate time and gravity. But they haven’t wiped us out yet. They must be friendly... so why cant i go to sleep after watching this?!? ☹️

  • A Real Alien
    A Real Alien 19 hours ago +1

    What the hell happened I thought I was being rescued on the 20th?

  • Evan Tindall
    Evan Tindall 19 hours ago +1

    we need barry on an interview

  • Samantha Womer
    Samantha Womer 20 hours ago

    Iev looked into it as much as i possibly could be a 28 year old on his wifes account. Bob i beleive you. You were privileged enough to get a tiny peak at the vast truth. I beleive you man. I wish you the best an thanks to joe for not being a douche an just trying to pick him apart.

  • Atlas WalkedAway
    Atlas WalkedAway 20 hours ago

    Things that become funnier out of context.
    Joe: "I've been following you for decades"
    Man who suffers from paranoia: ........ no kidding.