My Story- Lindsey Stirling

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Автор Sapphire Heartfellia ( назад)

Автор tico juliani ( назад)
did you ever play weekly in delray bch fl

Автор Halle Fasoldt ( назад)
i love your story

Автор Mary Bell ( назад)
I'm only 11 and your enspiring me that don't listen to those American goy t talent people and move on with your life and get better and better

Автор Suriel Marquez ( назад)
What´s the song?

Автор Galya Polyakova ( назад)
you are suuuuper strong and awesomly positive. i love your art your videos and music. super cool thanks for all you do.

Автор Twins are awsome ( назад)
You are my life

Автор Isabella Peña Aguilar ( назад)
This are a beatifull video!!

Автор Lilly 6793 ( назад)
You inspire me so much. You are amazing. I hope that you keep following your dreams.

Автор Ariadna López Collado ( назад)

Автор Claudio PAC ( назад)
May God Continue to Bless You.

Автор Ken Block ( назад)
You are so sweet.

Автор abel copacaba ( назад)
que hermoso te amo linsey ¡¡ nunca cambies saludos de argentina

Автор Carmen Samaro ( назад)
This made me sad I almost cried that was amazing I wish I had your talent

Автор Kimberly Fierley ( назад)
lindsey is the best she gives us joy and love we need more people like her!

Автор Bloodyminer ( назад)
Hi Lindsey! i am not sure if you will read this message, but i just wanted to thank you for your inspiring music, and when i have seen this video i just realized that there are some people outside the shithole where i live now that are trying doing and succeseed in bringing something great in this world, with best wishes from Kazakhstan.

Автор Andreas Horlacher ( назад)
mom and daughter @ 1:15. A huge smile of secure, safe and happy.

Автор Sarah Henry ( назад)
now that's a story of my life video. lindsey did amazing.

Автор Максим Пирожков ( назад)
Lindsey Ты самая лучшая !!! ))) Продолжай в том же духе !!!

Автор Paulina Kuczwara ( назад)

Автор Linda Phillips ( назад)
She may of failed on Americas got talent which I quite enjoyed that tryout she clearly had talent and stuck it to um look at her now touring all over the world and living a good life FairPlay girl u showed everyone they were wrong and cute story keep up the good work hun all the best from 🇬🇧

Автор Linda Phillips ( назад)
This is interesting

Автор Fausto VIII ( назад)
TE AMO!!! Lindsey, nunca dejes de tocar el violín

Автор Saber Player G ( назад)
que fofinho dá vontade de apertar

Автор Julia Drew ( назад)
You are amazing Lindsey! I love you and your music soooo much! You're my inspiration!

Автор Little Lizzy ( назад)
I play violin too! but i am a beginner.🎵🎶♩🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻

Автор midoribishi ( назад)
You are simply amazing and such an inspiration!

Автор РЕАЛЬНЫЙ ГЕЙМЕР ( назад)
Big Lindsey also beautifull!

Автор РЕАЛЬНЫЙ ГЕЙМЕР ( назад)
This so beautifull is little Lindsey!

Автор Josue Jhosue ( назад)
simplemente grandiosa y talentosa <3

Автор Shield S. ( назад)
that music though...

Автор Maria Przychodzeń ( назад)
Nie wiem czemu gdy to oglądam płacze...

Автор saxyroxy736 ( назад)
this really bothers me. anyone would cry in that situation. to a lot of people this would have ruined their live, but you rose above,. you cried, you stood up, and you dusted yourself off while adjusting your crown. Dont' ever get bogged down by negativity! Keep being you!

Автор Coco Lolo ( назад)
Wow Lindsey you were so cute when you were little :D thank you for sharing it with us. You are one of the biggest example to never give up our dreams and always fight for ourselves no matter what. THANK YOU VERY MUCH LINDSEY ♡♡♡

Автор Jerry Richardson ( назад)
Reminds me of "inside out"

Автор Marlene Ansley ( назад)
Love ya, too!! Keep on keeping on!!  <3

Автор Marlene Ansley ( назад)
Was her dad in the air force? For some reason a LOT of her music reminds me of flying!!! I watch flying videos with her music playing!!!  :)

Автор CacheChase ( назад)
You're so incredible. I don't watch shows like AGT because while some of the acts they throw off aren't very good at all they miss amazing talent like yourself. You're an American dream story come true.

Автор Jory Halpert ( назад)

Автор Jean-Philippe Millard ( назад)
What a woman.

Автор Angela Thomas ( назад)
You are awesome Lindsey! Love watching your music videos and waiting for your new music to come out!!! It's such a blast and full of anticipation! You are a great artist, thank you for being "brave enough" to share your gifts and talents with us!!!

Автор hanona channel ( назад)
2:13 the name of the music plz.

Автор timothyfloogle ( назад)
only a little different? only okay? different is as different does and sometimes different makes the difference.

Автор timothyfloogle ( назад)
what song is this?

Автор KatlinEvergreen ( назад)
Why does this only have 1 million views?

Автор Melda Kitay ( назад)

Автор Seb MacTavish ( назад)
I almost cried at the end. I'll buy your book Lindsey, love you <3

Автор Tara Renner ( назад)
du warst ja süß .😍😘❤💓💋💕💗💖

Magnifique et plein de bonheur . Alain TUT

Автор Ashley Clarke ( назад)
It's okay to be different. Unique from everyone else...
I think we should all try to be something we want to be and not something those around us want.

Автор arek nowak ( назад)
you look EXACTLY the same as you did when you were younger how did you do that?!

Автор Podoko :3 ( назад)
Thank you Lindsey, love you too, really <3

Автор diamondcircuit ( назад)
Say you are

Автор diamondcircuit ( назад)
Lindsey I love your music and that inspired me to play violin in middle school and don't stop being amazing don't listen to those judges your better than you say they are

Автор M Khoirul Anwar ( назад)
THX for your Advice

(This Entire Word are Just Removed for a reason)

Автор Dealtoth ( назад)
Wish they had a Love Button Because I work nights and I listen to Lindsey All night while I drive driving Truck from stop to stop some drives are about 2 hours long. Her wonderful Music gets me going. Thank you Lindsey for not letting Americas Got Talent keep you from you're Dream.

Автор Country Kidd ( назад)
Lindsey Stirling, you are an amazing, talented, young individual. Don't EVER give up what you do best because I, personally, love you and your talented violin playing. You, just by looking at you, are such a kind person who loves everyone. You have so much talent, Lindsey. Please don't let that go to waste, I wanna hear so much more from you. That's how very talented you are. I give your music two thumbs up, 10/10, 5 stars!!! Keep up the wonderful work you do, Lindsey!!! <3 <3 <3

Автор Rebecca Atzenweiler ( назад)
I just saw you performe in Zurich and your music, your dancing, your presents completly blew me over! With your performance you touched my soul and I left the venue feeling so inspired, passionate and excited! Thank you for an unforgettable night! I will definitely come see you perform again! Lots of love ❤

Автор Armyn Castillo Tiznado ( назад)
cuando a chile!

Автор matthew hitchens ( назад)
Your my Hero Lindsey Sterling!

Автор Lia of Legends ( назад)
you are so amazing. I love you 😄

Автор Faten ( назад)
I loved every second of this video 💜💜💜💜💜🎶🎶🎶🎶

Автор Patrick Demot ( назад)
umm i wanna ask how do u play the violin like that? cause i also wanna play a violin and im gonna get a violin ( hopefully) on my b-day

Автор engin ( назад)
i don' speak english but i love you lindsey. you are perfect.

Автор Pagan Family ( назад)
Your music really helps me to draw my characters. I just love it. And this is my favorite out if the songs.😊

Автор ZELF THE ELF ( назад)
thus video is so adorable i love it 😢😄

Автор Ilona Gadics ( назад)
I think your family is proud of you. :)

Автор aaliyahVi ( назад)
I love you :) you are star,light in dark world

Автор Melike Baylan ( назад)
I am a real mess :(

Автор Astrade galaxie mega nova Cosmique callisa PRIME ( назад)

Автор Demonblade8000 ( назад)
This video is really inspirational :D

Автор Lily T ( назад)
I don't know why this made me want to cry

Автор Oscar Zheng ( назад)

Автор Сергей киров ( назад)
Самая Красивая Девушка В Мире!!! Райский Цветочек!!! Эталон Красоты!!!

Автор BONNIE GOW ( назад)
So rood judge, you didn't sound like that you sounded amazing. They need better judges on Americas got Talent.

Автор BONNIE GOW ( назад)
Every body SUBSCRIBE to Lindsey Stirling

Автор Rogério da Silva ( назад)
I loved your story, for sharing with us, kisses.

Автор Lolencjusz Malfoy ( назад)
I love your book💜💜💜

Автор Yenni Kim ( назад)
Lindsey was born blonde?!

Автор Lakisha Sharini ( назад)
I have 13 years old and when i have 18 years old i like drawing a new albums for you 😳

Автор Lakisha Sharini ( назад)
Oh you are soooooo cute lindsey!😉

Автор Malou ( назад)
merciiiii <3 <3 <3 :) pour tout. il y a beaucoup de gens qui t'aiment chez nous à Madagascar :)

Автор Anne Elena Huanuco Guerra ( назад)
Aunque no entienda mucho el ingles ...entiendo la pasión q l pones al tocar el violín y sobre todo la expresión de tu alma

Автор Shawn Grubb ( назад)
Good job Lindsey, you inspire the rest of us.

Автор ComparGame ( назад)

Автор Oscar Zheng ( назад)
such amazing masterpiece

Автор Abdul Shakoor ( назад)
It's Great to Be Different✌

Автор Aatif Ahmad ( назад)
I don't know why, but I feel so proud of you Lindsey! You're AMAZING!

Автор Gypsy Me ( назад)
did you take piano before you learned the violin, cause my parents say you should learn the piano first

Автор Gypsy Me ( назад)
did you take piano before you learned the violin, cause my parents say you should learn the piano first

Автор Inplay` z ( назад)
Now i want the Book.

Автор Lionheart and King ( назад)
was it just me who had this sudden calm when her world of surrealism started showing through the video... I mean, it's pure magic

Автор Les Sims De Liai ( назад)
Lindsey Stirling

You are the strongest violinist I know I adore you

Автор Brun Thomas ( назад)
1:12 i don't know why but this Scene has something Special... like happy and sad at the same time

Автор Seth In Space ( назад)
I love your story. I love your music. I can't wait for your book.

Автор Rocky Barraza ( назад)
Great Story Lindsey! Thank you

Автор Strider ( назад)
i really need to invent human cloning so i can marry lindsey

Автор KrazyK222 ( назад)
I'm surprised she didn't include a bit of her mission. That seems to be a big part of every LDS persons life!

Автор WCPhotographyStudios ( назад)
Ordered your book. Love your music.

Автор Jelly Rakesh ( назад)
Song please

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