Inside Neil Patrick Harris's Captivating Brownstone Home | Open Door

  • Today we take you uptown to the neighborhood of Harlem in Manhattan where we’re welcomed inside the brownstone home of Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka. The charming couple worked with Balsam Hill to decorate their home for the holidays and nearly every corner of the house has been decked out in the style of the season. Neil and David take us from room to room, sharing their sense of style, honing in on the artwork that resonates with them, and relating the stories behind their eclectic possessions - including an animatronic talking parrot!

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    Inside Neil Patrick Harris's Captivating Brownstone Home | Open Door

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  • Aşkın Gündüz
    Aşkın Gündüz 7 hours ago


  • Myonions Matter
    Myonions Matter 14 hours ago

    yeah im sure that hole in the wall was for art before AD arrived

  • Nick Mougros
    Nick Mougros 15 hours ago

    The monkey bar? Dats raycist!

  • Eniluap Ecrogal
    Eniluap Ecrogal 16 hours ago

    Barney and scooter

  • devilpupbear09
    devilpupbear09 21 hour ago

    Interior design by Ted Mosby

  • Diana Gamez
    Diana Gamez 23 hours ago

    They are so cool. Love love there house 💗

  • Anja hurwatic
    Anja hurwatic Day ago

    it's so disturbing that Barney married Scooter, that was Lilys stalker and Lily married Sandy Rivers that was Robins co-worker at WWN and Robin married Gary that was Barneys CO-Worker and while they build this thing up Marshall and Ted are still single?!😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anna Heart
    Anna Heart 2 days ago

    So, who gave birth to those children, Neil or David? Who's mommy? I try to figure out how it works...

  • LuaBloe
    LuaBloe 3 days ago

    2:45 I loooove that kind of miniature walled in art, amazing.

  • valerie jewell
    valerie jewell 3 days ago +1

    So What???

  • rose rafiei
    rose rafiei 3 days ago +1

    ,,this is kanye‘‘ i died 😂😂

  • rose rafiei
    rose rafiei 3 days ago

    i love them so much

  • rose rafiei
    rose rafiei 3 days ago

    so, barney has his own bar. ted must feel betrayed 😂😂 i‘m sorry, i had to

  • Dominic Wells
    Dominic Wells 4 days ago +5

    I would enjoy the quarantine in this house.

  • Phawked Up
    Phawked Up 4 days ago

    So many things going on in that house, it’s great to see a place that has so many little things to observe or notice

  • Emily L
    Emily L 4 days ago +2

    "It's Kanye" XD

  • G H
    G H 5 days ago
    I hope you watch this video, it may relax you more than your home

  • Benjamin Kröger
    Benjamin Kröger 5 days ago +1

    Every time when I see him i need to thing about how I met your mother

  • Marie
    Marie 6 days ago +1


  • Soheil E
    Soheil E 6 days ago

    So who are the men or women in this relationship? Or it doesn't work like that? I'm uneducated.

    • tomwarrr
      tomwarrr Day ago

      It doesn't work like that. There are two men. Huge part of being gay is to like the same gender, you know.

  • Climerboy
    Climerboy 6 days ago

    Thats a snazzy suit.

  • Momona Kokonose
    Momona Kokonose 7 days ago

    Is that loranzo von Matterhorn?

  • Connor
    Connor 7 days ago

    I wish this was more what people think of when "gay" is mentioned

  • green bear
    green bear 7 days ago

    No master or kids bedroom, bathroom or kitchen?

  • Samuel Kirk
    Samuel Kirk 7 days ago

    Omg so bad. lol 😂 wtf Chelsea Handlers home was way better and that Pussycat girl... what’s her Selsinger

  • Stephen Mason
    Stephen Mason 7 days ago

    The bar is absolutely beautiful!! I love it!

  • sad girl
    sad girl 7 days ago

    I tried to see him as Neil, but my brain goes almost instinctively to Barney

  • Ayushi Singh
    Ayushi Singh 8 days ago

    Intersting house

  • a b
    a b 10 days ago

    Barney is gay?????
    I never would hav guessed if I hadn't seen this video

  • Brian David
    Brian David 10 days ago

    I didn't know he was gay?

  • Akanksha Malhotra
    Akanksha Malhotra 10 days ago

    It’s Kanye.

  • Jacq Qulen
    Jacq Qulen 10 days ago

    'Crampedly pretty and warm' a place I would love to crash sometimes but definitely not to stay

  • originaler 31er
    originaler 31er 12 days ago +68

    This house screams: IM RICH AND DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY MONEY. and I f-ing Love it.

  • Mint animates
    Mint animates 13 days ago

    I absolutely love the family wall! The picture are beautiful!

  • Eleven
    Eleven 13 days ago

    Barney and Scooter....

  • Josh Carew
    Josh Carew 13 days ago

    cant believe Barney and Scooter ended up together

  • Neena K Thampy
    Neena K Thampy 13 days ago +1

    They need to declutter
    There's just tooo many things

  • 8gagee
    8gagee 13 days ago

    Wow, love your home and your family!

  • Regina Danielle
    Regina Danielle 14 days ago

    Scooter and barneyyyy!!!

  • anant 11
    anant 11 14 days ago

    Suit up!

  • ava booky
    ava booky 14 days ago

    I grew up with “a white tree “ downstairs for adults and a fun colorful tree upstairs for kids . Brought me back

  • Cat Videos yay!
    Cat Videos yay! 14 days ago

    Love the peep hole that is so awesome at first thought it was a glory hole tho .

  • Zeph
    Zeph 15 days ago

    They are TOO CUTE! 💕

  • Winchester _
    Winchester _ 15 days ago

    NPH reminds me of Will Schuester

  • Al Nor
    Al Nor 15 days ago

    Love the haunted mansion painting ❤️🙌🏼

  • Nick Ikeliani
    Nick Ikeliani 16 days ago

    Very telling how what they have on tap at the bar, is White wine and Rose lol

  • Love 13
    Love 13 16 days ago

    They have got pretty cool things in the 🏠. But I hate the fact that Neil is gay... He is so musculine handsome

  • Eunice Hannah Manzano
    Eunice Hannah Manzano 16 days ago +1

    I wanted to see where he placed the “booth”

  • J-Roc D
    J-Roc D 17 days ago

    This actually made me cry happy tears. Just beautiful.

  • Jaya Rahul
    Jaya Rahul 17 days ago

    Love their vibe man
    Sincerely awesome

  • Skylar Sanford
    Skylar Sanford 17 days ago

    Neil just laughing then shaking his head like he’s confused 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Flash 🇿🇦
    Flash 🇿🇦 17 days ago +4

    I was shocked that Barney is actually gay 😂

  • S T
    S T 18 days ago

    Love. This guy.

  • Greenbelt7
    Greenbelt7 18 days ago

    Great looking Brownstone Neil! BTW, you remember riding my Yamaha Jog motorized scooter 7th grade, Ruidoso Middle School? :)

  • vaskylark
    vaskylark 23 days ago +1

    I don't have anything nice to say about this tour, so better not to. Wow though, the taxidermy room? Yeah...

  • James Stone
    James Stone 23 days ago +2

    I want those plaid pants. But probably.... Definitely... Can't afford them.

  • simonpenum
    simonpenum 24 days ago

    I've been hate-watching all of these. These people are so obscenely rich yet they all spout their condescending, patronising political opinions adnauseum.
    Look at how disconnected and wealthy these dullards are. People need to stop paying for the propagandising rubbish- masquerading as entertainment- that Hollywood spues out

  • Emilija
    Emilija 24 days ago

    This is the coolest house ever

  • LeAnne Trevino
    LeAnne Trevino 25 days ago

    Oh-K!!! This house is super dope but did someone start there day off with a little Addie?

  • Shawn Lim
    Shawn Lim 26 days ago

    Sooooo.... That danger dynamite portraits the entrance to his magic office?

  • Mia W
    Mia W 28 days ago

    The monkey bar?! What about Puzzles?

  • Louise Schaap
    Louise Schaap 29 days ago

    Im sad nowhone is making barney kokes
    So ill guess ill do it

    The house is legen wait for it

    I know its lame but u think i care we need at least one barney reference

  • john me
    john me 29 days ago

    Also would you turn out gay if u have gay parents ?

  • john me
    john me 29 days ago

    How do they let gay people adopted kids ? If they wanted kids they should be straight

    • Drew Kalsto
      Drew Kalsto 27 days ago

      john me Take your bigotry somewhere else. That ideology belongs in the 1950s, and in the religion that 70% of the world doesn’t subscribe to. They’re most certainly excellent parents.

  • john me
    john me 29 days ago

    Why does he laugh like that

  • TheFinancer
    TheFinancer 29 days ago

    Is it possible to add even more stuff? This house is the opposite of "uncluttered."

  • PennyPie
    PennyPie 29 days ago

    They are so lovely 💕

  • Chama Produccion
    Chama Produccion Month ago

    How much? :D

  • Justin Kelly
    Justin Kelly Month ago +2

    They paid someone to draw their family like an elementary schooler would.
    It's unique but dumb at the same time.

  • Craig Mosdell
    Craig Mosdell Month ago

    Poor buggers don't have a kitchen

  • Donnie Moder
    Donnie Moder Month ago

    Thoroughly amused by all the really eccentric stuff they have and that they seem hopped up on coffee.

  • OGT Gaming
    OGT Gaming Month ago

    Rich and gay ^^

  • william nicholas
    william nicholas Month ago

    I wonder if they are gay?

    • Liberty
      Liberty Month ago

      william nicholas hmmmm? I wonder 🤔

  • Rakesh Acharya
    Rakesh Acharya Month ago

    Neil is waayyyy to sober and mellow, almost seems unnatural!

    SNIGDHA NAIR Month ago

    who's Michael s.? 8:20

  • davewreslt
    davewreslt Month ago

    6:22 they sure booze it up lol. I don't know why queens drink so much. Neil was definitely tipsy if not drunk LOL

  • Ed S
    Ed S Month ago

    Thought it was a glory hole.

  • nolann frank
    nolann frank Month ago


  • Jackson Tremaine
    Jackson Tremaine Month ago

    I hate how the titles of these videos always presuppose the "more" famous person for click bait, as if this isn't as much Burtka's house as it is Harris's. WTF A. Digest?

  • Khentii Altai
    Khentii Altai Month ago