What I Discovered After Reading the Owner's Manual

  • Published on May 8, 2019
  • After reading the owner's manual from beginning to end I was surprised to learn some new things about the car!
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  • Björn Spelter
    Björn Spelter 4 days ago

    Thank you Zefram Cochrane ;-)

  • Chad Keogh
    Chad Keogh 6 days ago +2

    Million dollar idea to get people to learn their owners manual: Have it as an audio file read by Morgan Freeman!

  • Chris Braid
    Chris Braid 6 days ago

    I wonder how many pages of the Tundra manual are not in English ....

  • Rafael Motta
    Rafael Motta 7 days ago

    you sound like a 70s safety video. good job.

  • Steve Foerter
    Steve Foerter 8 days ago

    Curious and sorta unrelated question. As I'm close to retiring and researching 55+ communities I was curious if Tesla would consider building a Tesla golf cart? I know the Yamaha gas cart is the only long distance cart with a 3 gallon gas tank. The battery carts cannot compete with range as of now. The gas carts are somewhat loud although they've made strides to lower noise level to around 64 decibels. I think it would be a huge market, as retirees would love a quiet, long range golf cart. I hope you can whisper into Elton's ear. thanks for your response.

  • Bill Hollis
    Bill Hollis 12 days ago

    2 questions: 1. How often is the owner manual updated after software updates? 2. How can I have fan on for only fresh air, no ac nor heat.

  • Nate Hill
    Nate Hill 12 days ago

    I always read the entire owners manuals! Well, except for the first 300 pages or so of "Do not operate the vehicle under water", "Do not stick your head out the window while rolling it up" and "Do not fill the tires with Uranium Hexaflouride" sort of stuff.

  • Ramon Cardona
    Ramon Cardona 13 days ago

    Well, the items covered are mostly convenience and comfort. The weight loads for trunk and frunk while important should not take priority over the car’s load capacity and distribution. Also in car manuals are safety and emergency references for many common situations to include driving on wet/snowy roads should not be done on cruise control. Icon information is quite important as well. Thanks

  • nipi tiri
    nipi tiri 15 days ago

    Cancle my Tesla order. Cant use it for kidnappings.

    • Doc DuMont
      Doc DuMont 13 days ago

      OK. Soon as I look up cancle I will cancle your order

  • Jetah
    Jetah 17 days ago

    the video content was great, the edits were great too, but the volume of the music was way too loud for me.

  • nomis lemmort
    nomis lemmort 20 days ago

    very nice

  • TheNyan
    TheNyan 20 days ago +1

    9:55 LOL you act like that is rocket science. my car from 2005 does that.

  • Dave Riley
    Dave Riley 22 days ago +3

    I read the owner's manual on my first Model S in the first few days of ownership. I had read online the entire owner's manual of my first Model 3 prior to delivery. I'm not some geek, but just someone who has always read the owner's manuals of cars I bought because the knowledge always turns out to be valuable. Perhaps it came from being a fighter pilot then airline pilot, where the importance of knowing the vehicle and its systems was a life or death matter.

    • Doc DuMont
      Doc DuMont 16 days ago

      @Dave Riley My point exactly. I forgot about single seaters and centerline seaters. Never flew one myself. I guess you could fly while the GIB read the manual to you and looked things up, but I wouldn't recommend it.

    • Dave Riley
      Dave Riley 16 days ago +1

      @Doc DuMont Hey Doc, It was still nicknamed the Dash One when I was flying for Uncle Sam, as in T.O. F-105-1-1. But left seat? I flew single-seat, single-engine fighters until I was shanghaied into flying the F-4D. It did have a backseat for the WSO. I flew left seat for airliners after getting the appropriate type rating. In no case did I fly an aircraft for the military or the airlines without studying the systems and passing the check ride.

    • Doc DuMont
      Doc DuMont 17 days ago

      Dave Riley - As a pilot, would you ever get in the left seat without taking a look at the DASH-1? (I guess they still call the manuals that??)

  • Mike Larsen
    Mike Larsen 23 days ago +1

    Great video, one recommendation is work on Sound leveling. Your voice was very quiet so I had to turn the volume up to hear you, then the transition music would almost blow my ears out, so I would turn it down, I had to repeat it over and over again. I almost quit watching out of frustration with it.

  • Keg
    Keg 24 days ago

    I don’t get it? You don’t call the back trunk, a back trunk...you just call it a trunk. So why do you call the one at the front the front trunk when it’s just another trunk.

  • Troy Silva
    Troy Silva 26 days ago

    excellent and informative....supposedly picking up my model 3 in a few days

  • Michael Keohane
    Michael Keohane 27 days ago


  • Maz Vlogs
    Maz Vlogs Month ago

    This was awesome, I subscribed

  • Arturo Palma
    Arturo Palma Month ago

    Thanks for the information. Is there a possibility that you can make a guide of buying used Tesla. I saw a lot of videos out there, but none covers about some used cars are not supercharge compatible.

  • Frank C
    Frank C Month ago

    Awesome video

  • V Nelson
    V Nelson Month ago

    Would a fully stocked beer/wine cooler in the frunk loaded with ice exceed 55 lbs? Not taking a cooler on a trip could save a lot of space, not to mention if you got pulled over, the last place they would look for booze would be what they thought was the engine compartment...just sayin...oh, and a drain hole for the melted ice? They would think that was your air conditioner dripping. Didn't see a section on stealth party mode in the owners manual.

  • Austin Pearce
    Austin Pearce Month ago +1

    You should lower the volume of your music, it's very loud in comparison to how loud you're speaking

  • Rick Paul
    Rick Paul Month ago

    Glad I watched! Haven’t gotten mine yet but was great to see about the stuck cable

  • Lóránt Farkas
    Lóránt Farkas Month ago +1

    Words of eternal wisdom.
    *Read the f*in manual!*

  • Lovejazz01
    Lovejazz01 Month ago

    Who reads the instructions when you buy anything these days lol :)! (Especially Tech RUcliprs lol)

  • 999 Subs Without Videos

    Now Im watching this but dont have a car...

  • Charlie Horse
    Charlie Horse Month ago +1

    I think FTG is a little more into "doing things the proper way" than most people.

  • firmly grasp it
    firmly grasp it 2 months ago

    I dont do reading
    All i read is RUclip one liners
    Fook knowledge, we have Google

    IGBO TIFOSI 2 months ago

    Easy entry¡

  • eric verlaet
    eric verlaet 2 months ago

    yes i print the manual off my model S the first day and i read the 200 pages
    i learn a lot

  • Beakerzor
    Beakerzor 2 months ago +1

    can you use the same key card on multiple teslas? tesli?

  • Glenn Phillips
    Glenn Phillips 2 months ago

    Towing, opening the car if it’s dead and jacking the vehicle should be read about because it’s not standard and you can do lots of damage to it when done improperly

  • Weeyins2
    Weeyins2 2 months ago

    Great video!!! I don't have a Model 3, but would love to get one in the future.

  • Noah Will
    Noah Will 2 months ago

    I would read a entire manual

  • ainsley ellis
    ainsley ellis 2 months ago

    Who else came for the glove box comments?

  • jersey jean
    jersey jean 2 months ago

    'Side Mirrors have Heat in them.' Excuses: AND what you didn't hear in the video!
    "Number one, I just don't use them" nor the Tundra!
    "And number two, i hadn't really heard about it" BECAUSE MY WIFE SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME!

  • nit kama
    nit kama 3 months ago

    really very helpful

  • Gato Gaming
    Gato Gaming 3 months ago +2

    thanks for all this useful information

  • Mike Bresler
    Mike Bresler 3 months ago +1

    A $50K-$90K car is frugal? Compared to a Model 3, a Honda Civic or even an Accord would be more frugal over the long run. And neither one looks like a frog from the front.

  • Ricky Jackson
    Ricky Jackson 3 months ago

    Looks like 2077 came early. Pretty cool idea and implementation.

  • angel13st
    angel13st 3 months ago

    I was wondering about the personal profile driver settings! Thanks for going over this.

  • Ivanslav1
    Ivanslav1 3 months ago

    great video!

  • Tesla Cam NZ
    Tesla Cam NZ 3 months ago

    I learnt so much from this video. Great work.

  • Kurtis Engle
    Kurtis Engle 3 months ago

    Please do not drive while wearing flip-flops.

  • Martin Trapper
    Martin Trapper 3 months ago +1

    Ive had batteries for over 50 years, one thing I have found is that people do not know how to make batteries job easier. Most think you run them all the way down before recharging. RUN THEM DOWN AT DIFFERENT AMOUNTS. The characteristics are different than the old batteries. Also don't charge fast all the time.

  • David Tooker
    David Tooker 3 months ago

    ruclip.com/video/_Cnifd78q3Y/video.html hidden tricks

  • Jake
    Jake 3 months ago +1

    What's funny is: not only could the light in the glove box of a Tesla stay on... they say one single charge of a Model 3 has enough juice for you to leave your cell phone plugged into the USB and charging for 34 years. (I don't think it would be an issue for that bitty LED.)

  • Peter Wheatley
    Peter Wheatley 3 months ago +1

    OMG, Thanks Frugal Tesla Guy for explaining Easy Entry. Love that feature! Now the question is whether you can teach me how to have the car recognize me or my wife with our respective keys. My knees are bruised from having them jammed into the dash as I reach over to tap my profile... aaarrrrghhh

  • Joe McMorrow
    Joe McMorrow 3 months ago

    Page 140 is a good one page summary for battery conditioning. ABC = Always Be Charging.

  • BIll Ligon
    BIll Ligon 3 months ago +1

    Can I super charge my car once a week to 96%? And should I wait until battery level drops to 20% or 25% to re-charge? Shall I charge my Model 3, 4WD to 96% and leave it sit for 3 months while I’m away? I live in San Diego. Got 2 years of free Super Charging with car purchase.

    • Joe McMorrow
      Joe McMorrow 3 months ago

      HI, there is nothing to stop you charging to 96% but the charging will tail off and slow down substantially after 80% charge is reached. There is no need to wait until you get to 20% but it's fine if that works for you and your schedule. NOTE that you are charged IDLE time if you are plugged in and NOT charging. This can be around $30 an hour at busy stations! I assume you wish to supercharge because you do not have access to home charging?
      I believe you can "power off" the vehicle in the driving / service section if it is going to remain stationery for extended periods - like airport parking. This will greatly reduce the battery "vampire drain". As a rule of thumb, it looks like 1% a day of the battery is used to maintain the car stationery and locked. Look on page 140 of the manual and it's all in there...!

  • Prof. Michael O. Zeee JCD ECS

    Whether you or any other person reads any manual is your business! All this "stuff" has to be written for legal purposes, to protect the company! As simple as that. Imagine there was no manual at all! This "review" is worthless for any owner of any TESLA!

  • Sphinx681
    Sphinx681 4 months ago

    I also don’t have easy entry

  • Sphinx681
    Sphinx681 4 months ago

    They don’t sell it at my store the fob that is

  • maxime caron
    maxime caron 4 months ago +95

    1:30 Load limits,
    2:25 Closing Frunk / Emergency release button,
    4:12 Keys,
    4:58 Easy Entry,
    7:37 Climate controls,
    8:54 Bonus discovery,
    9:54 Glove box,
    10:56 Dome lights,
    11:56 Keep climate on,
    12:33 Idle fees
    13:31 Charge cable stuck,
    16:38 Final thoughts.

  • Pyroman /
    Pyroman / 4 months ago

    So don't care bodys in the frunk

  • gardengirl1962
    gardengirl1962 4 months ago

    Are there any electric cars that are easy to get in and out of for older people? My husband is 65 and over weight. Tesla is my first want, because it's so safe and has a great navigation system but not sure he would be able to lower himself into the model 3 or their other models. Please let me know as I'm sure others will find this question of interest.

    • Joe McMorrow
      Joe McMorrow 3 months ago

      Most electric cars have a slightly elevated seating position as the batteries are beneath you, which can help people with limited mobility. High end Teslas have self opening doors (on the Model X) and the same model's rear gull wing doors provide practically unparalleled access. I guess the best thing is to physically go and test vehicles if easy access is a priority. The easy entry entry feature of the model 3 might make life easier if you husband is going to be the driver.

  • Sal C
    Sal C 4 months ago +6

    You have a certain kind of presence. You remind me a bit of James Cromwell. You oughta be in pictures.
    Also I drove one of those Teslas and how does that thing even exist?! Now every time I see an ICE car I shake my head in pity like a man from the old days who just test drove a Model T walking past the horse dealership.
    Anyone who doesn’t have or plan to have a Tesla has never driven one.

    • Doc DuMont
      Doc DuMont 13 days ago

      SAL C... "Horse Dealership" ... I like that!

  • Dennis van Tol
    Dennis van Tol 4 months ago

    You do know that most manuals have multiple languages, right?!

  • A Beautiful 2014 Toyota Corolla

    Are Teslas as reliable as Toyota?

    • Frugal Tesla Guy
      Frugal Tesla Guy  4 months ago +1

      A Beautiful 2014 Toyota Corolla as someone who has owned 4 Toyota trucks (2 Tundras and 2 Tacomas) the answer to your question without a doubt is a resounding yes.

  • Harry Marshall
    Harry Marshall 4 months ago +1

    You haven't aged one bit since starring in the movie Babe.