Crushes Get Handcuffed For 24-Hours

  • Published on Nov 5, 2019
  • "Do you have a crush on each other?..."
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Comments • 3 977

  • BuzzFeedVideo
    BuzzFeedVideo  Month ago +2399

    Who should we handcuff together next? Let us know in the comments! 👀

  • JennHeartsYou92
    JennHeartsYou92 Hour ago

    That punch was awesome

  • Kavitha Jeyanantham
    Kavitha Jeyanantham 2 hours ago

    Merle and Aria ship name Meria

  • Xena Vola
    Xena Vola 3 hours ago


  • Xena Vola
    Xena Vola 3 hours ago


  • Hope Assen
    Hope Assen 3 hours ago +1

    He’s wearing her scrunchie...

  • Marian Delfin
    Marian Delfin 5 hours ago

    “I don’t know what they’re talking about”
    Commenters: ya right

  • Azhana Izzah
    Azhana Izzah 6 hours ago

    The scrunchie tho

  • Lily Fields
    Lily Fields 10 hours ago

    I want this to be a Leslie and Ben thing

  • Fatpotatotree :D
    Fatpotatotree :D 12 hours ago

    Crushes? I dont think i read that right...

  • Alif Munazila
    Alif Munazila 12 hours ago

    I don't know why. But i feel, this episode of handcuffed together is the most natural and pure. Look at them! They're caring each other. People would see there's something between them, not gonna lie 👐

  • ian lammy
    ian lammy 17 hours ago

    We have all been waiting for this video.

  • Double O7x
    Double O7x 17 hours ago

    They are the next Kelsey and Evan

  • mmmmmsup
    mmmmmsup 17 hours ago

    Aria is wearing her scrunchy on his wrist at the end of the video

  • Abdullah Nasereddin
    Abdullah Nasereddin 18 hours ago

    I bet they fucked

  • how to random
    how to random 18 hours ago

    they should have held hands in the plant shop to diquise it

  • Max Morley
    Max Morley 19 hours ago +1

    How did they change clothes 🤔

  • Elena Inocencio
    Elena Inocencio 19 hours ago


  • Grace Kim
    Grace Kim 19 hours ago +1

    anyone else wondering how they changed ^^

  • ian66182
    ian66182 22 hours ago

    Is it just me, or did Merle sound disappointed when she said "nothing happened" @11:37?

  • Demitra Brown
    Demitra Brown 22 hours ago

    Alexis has a way bigger crush on Merle than Aria does, this is ridiculous.

  • Dilshan Wahala
    Dilshan Wahala 22 hours ago

    Hey HR, do your thing already!

  • LazerCherg
    LazerCherg 23 hours ago

    Oh they ducking after this

  • THE COMIX daddlis
    THE COMIX daddlis 23 hours ago

    there so bad at hideing it

  • Estevan Pargas
    Estevan Pargas Day ago

    The scrunchy explains it all❌🧢

  • Allana Marie
    Allana Marie Day ago

    Can these guys be married for 24 hours

  • Michelle Ellechim

    More content with Aria please....who else is with me

    Don’t kill me he’s like the new Eugene of buzzfeed

  • Alena Whipple
    Alena Whipple Day ago

    I only watch videos with those two in it. I enjoy the way they like each other, but deny it!!! The best romances drama

  • Moose Milk
    Moose Milk Day ago

    Hydro flask

  • Moriah Casilao
    Moriah Casilao Day ago

    did u guys notice that merl was wearing a pink scrunchie but after aria was wearing it! omg! SHIP

  • Feige Katarina
    Feige Katarina Day ago

    That's like me slapping my friend. He literally begged me to.

  • Mimi Samat
    Mimi Samat Day ago +34

    Isn’t anyone gonna say anything about the scrunchie on aria’s wrist? Lol

  • Hayden Dodson
    Hayden Dodson Day ago +1

    they def cuddled

  • Potato Life
    Potato Life Day ago

    Just date already

  • TheMajesticHook
    TheMajesticHook Day ago

    They definitely fucked .

  • Saarah Maajid
    Saarah Maajid Day ago

    Jim and pam irl

  • Isaac S
    Isaac S Day ago

    “Nothing happened”

  • Nicole Nobre
    Nicole Nobre Day ago

    CRAP!!! When they were in the hardware store near the Christmas trees, they should've been under missile toe so they could have kissed.

  • Sabrina Marie
    Sabrina Marie Day ago

    anyone notice how she has a pink scrunchie on her wrist in bed and then he has it in the next shot 👀

  • lana ikhwan
    lana ikhwan Day ago

    did anyone else notice she was wearing her scrunchie in bed and then he was wearing it the next day

  • Chenggong Lee
    Chenggong Lee Day ago

    No lie yall so cute. Makes me wanna find someone too ☺️

  • Bryan Escanilla
    Bryan Escanilla Day ago +24

    Merle:WeRe OnLy FrEiNdS
    Buzzfeed staff: aight bet

    • sky blue
      sky blue 14 hours ago +1

      Bryan Escanilla I walked in bath and beyond and browsed around, we were done getting stuff, when I got in the car, this boy model walks in bed bath and beyond when we're driving home, I want to see him again!

  • Francisco
    Francisco Day ago

    Marriage material

  • We1rD We3b
    We1rD We3b Day ago


  • gacha friends
    gacha friends Day ago +21

    "Have we ever kissed? We have not kissed"
    Aria "unfortunately"

  • Sanjana !!
    Sanjana !! Day ago

    This is so stressful to watch. Where can I get video of these two making out

  • Genesis Fitzwater
    Genesis Fitzwater Day ago +21

    Stop it stop it stop it. He’s freakin wearing her heckin Scrunchie I cant even

  • Rachel Coffman
    Rachel Coffman Day ago +7

    She fell asleep on his shoulder from watching movies. He enjoys being around her. Just crushes? I think not.

  • Shy Joy
    Shy Joy Day ago

    She had a Scrunchie on when they woke up the next morning now and they’re talking about nothing happened he has a scrunchy on so what exactly did happen then

  • Tula Leonard
    Tula Leonard Day ago

    When I saw the scrunchie on his wrist the next day 😏

  • gisselle espino
    gisselle espino Day ago

    Is nobody going to mention the fact that he has her scrunchie on his rist.😻

  • EG_ Playz
    EG_ Playz Day ago

    Why does she look like marzia

  • Karol Kilian
    Karol Kilian Day ago

    How have you gone on WC????

  • penguin Gurung
    penguin Gurung 2 days ago

    Sooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee T^T

  • TedOfNod
    TedOfNod 2 days ago

    I LOVE Merle’s voice. ♥️

  • Maya Cristiana
    Maya Cristiana 2 days ago

    she kept friendzoning him

  • Carla Adon
    Carla Adon 2 days ago

    They look a ton alike!! 🤭

  • Sania Khawaja
    Sania Khawaja 2 days ago +190

    Them: “We didn’t cuddle”
    Me: they cuddled😂

    • M. Satria Jannatan
      M. Satria Jannatan 5 hours ago

      @sky blue not a great place to share stories but good luck

    • sky blue
      sky blue 15 hours ago +1

      Sania Khawaja I saw this cute guy the day before yesterday I went in the store, looked around, got in the car waiting for all of us to get in this boy walked in the same store I went in soon as we're driving off, I wanna know how to see a stranger again in person, I want to see him again!

  • Sania Khawaja
    Sania Khawaja 3 days ago +105

    “Do you have a crush on each other?”

    • sky blue
      sky blue 15 hours ago

      Sania Khawaja just asking, how do you run into a stranger you saw yesterday but Don't know anything about them? XD

  • Atlas Chyler
    Atlas Chyler 3 days ago +5

    ok picture this: man and women, spend the whole day together, first, they shop for plants for the apartment, then they go do chores (buying the fighting gear), then they go grocery shopping, then they cook dunner and desert together, watch a horror movie, she falls asleep on his shoulder, he gently wakes her up, then they proceed to go brush and floss their teeth and get ready for bed, he's struggling to floss so she shows him how, and then they sleep next to each other and go to work the next day. if i told you just that, youd swear i was talking about a long time couple or married couple xD